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Thank you!

How odd!!! Cool game by the way!

Thanks! And yea - it's a clicker / idle game so they tend to be all about grind :)

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Yea they're on the unity asset store - lots of games use them

GarageBand is super powerful these days. Live loops is an incredible feature. It’s like being a DJ and you mix various stuff together in the mixer interface shown above. I use it almost exclusively for game jams (have tried them all and used to love Figure and FL Studio)

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Thanks! Yea the balance is a bit off I agree. That’s usually how it goes in these game jams.  I’d swap around the order of a few in retrospect but I wanted the gumball machine one to be second to last to reinforce the candy machine name. The last was always going to be the git gud one. Regarding music - 100% garage band on iOS. Here is a screenshot of the project 

Edit: one other thing about the sound. I purposefully made the candy collision sound like a snare drum. You will notice it if you play around on level 1 or 2. It fits in with the music so some people don’t even notice but it’s the candy sound :)


I think the balance is perfect for a game jam game although I would recommend escalating more quickly because once you figure out the basics there's a period where it feels too easy

Brutally hard from the first 30 seconds like jumping into a round of Ninja Gaiden or Contra on the NES but with its own mechanics and strategies. This is really well designed and there are several things which add to the complexity like selectively using your teleporter to keep you away from the edges but not so much that you can't see what is coming up and fall in a pit. Realyl well done!

I really enjoyed this clever little puzzle game. I actually restarted the game because I thought the last level was glitched but I just didn't pay enough attention to the whitespace mechanic.


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. About to take a look at your submission!

Nice take on the theme! The one thing I'm not a fan of is the scoring mechanism - it seems like it's just a matter of a timer - if you can survive longer, you get a higher score which means basically just moving your apple to one corner, waiting for snake, move to next corner, repeat. I didn't really see any difference between hard and easy, maybe the snake grows more quickly but i couldn't tell. Great job submitting !

I had a hard time with this one, I wasn't even able to kill the first enemy. I got his health bar down to the very bottom but the last bit wouldn't come off. I feel like I must be missing something here. Kinda like playing tank with whales at the beach :)

Great music - but at least on my PC the arrow keys did not hit the boxes in time with the music so I found it very hard to get into the rhythm. I wasn't sure if I should be timing them with when they hit the box or when they hit the beat but I couldn't get my score very high. Love the dancing !

Wow thank you so much! 

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it



Really great audio work on this one! I unlocked red trophy but didn't have the patience to grind for the yellow and green ones! Good work!

Really really good. Loved the star bouncing back up to the top of the platforms, the pit falls coming out in the sky, the way mushrooms/flowers changed enemies, all of it, really great job

Docked a point due to lack of corpses ;)

250... surely you mean 25. Wow this is hard but addictive.

Music sounded like a dark souls boss battle - nice work!

I really liked the art style and gameplay on this one. Nice vector graphics with some fx gives it a cool retro vibe. Nice work!

Really really good puzzle game. Level 8 felt a tiny bit unfair because unless I was missing something you needed to have very fast reflexes, but that was the only time I felt like it was unfair. Great job!

Wow I think I am losing my old school point and click king's quest skills because I really struggled with this one! Great job and thanks for submitting this!

Haha this one got a chuckle out of me. Great concept - very difficult for me to get past a score of around 500!

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much! The last level is a bitch but I promise it can be done.

Thanks! Yea I noticed that during play testing and you can change the sensitivity by pressing the 1-9 keys

Thanks again!!

Yes sir, if you have experience using GarageBand (iPad) and their live loops feature, it's not very difficult at all. Basically you pick your "beat box" and then you play around with the timing of the various loops. GarageBand is insanely powerful.

And thanks!

Very interesting take on the theme - I wish there were more levels with the gun because the spike mechanic was a little too easy. The final level was really well designed. One thing that I would change - take out that timer at the start of a level - very frustrating when you just want to play :) Nice work

Wow this is hard - really hard - like the dark souls of animal petting games. I would very much like to see arrow keys implemented because for some reason movement with WASD and Shift is difficult. Great job on submitting!

Thanks very much!

Thank you so much! 

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Hi everyone - I hope you enjoy Candy Machine!

Thanks! I agree, I was in a rush due to starting the game late Sunday morning so just threw that in there when I saw during testing that it didn't always capture input.