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literally jesus

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all my meeple are dead

In the full game can there be a way to make renewable rock?

With this mod all your colonists are harry hills but i dont know how to attach files so im gonna post it

where are saves stored

hi I have a save with no boat at the start and is weird ill attach once i find out how

kinda miss the saving is still buggy but im working on it

if you leave your mining rod on it causes lag from all the items

please help

go to your colonys lost and found

someone dropped it

the folk should explode after eating too much

also its cool that your using ages, I really want a flintstones car

and scotlands in britain

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Image result for big brain meme

there's a giant arrow obstructing my view

it was a different save merging with yours this happen to me my grass disapeared

this may sound stupid but check your stock piles to see if you actually have the rescources to make them

is this in the demo

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oh ok thought thought pounds was only british


ok just checking didn't wart feelings

Autonauts community · Replied to Denki in Cost

never knew you were british

never mind don't worry that was my browser blocking

i can't download


hey so this is good but there is a vr game that thought of this already not saying you copied but just think you should know

i thought this was for racing

the notepad thing only says to buy the cooling pool and power plant and nothing else

oh ok thanks

until then what buttons do we use? thanks

what would be better is if you get to build it yourself and place mines and stuff

the screen is zoomed in to top right corner and if I press play it crashes i tried f but it didnt work.

it was a joke

you press x when you hit the ground

Very cool please update

I was joking incase you didn't know because the puzzle was hard

I've done it already i figured it out thanks anyway orcish inn is agreat game.

he could walk the path the customers walk and have a backpack

how do I delete my save