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Orcish Inn (Pre-Alpha Only!)

Free pre-alpha version of the orc tavern simulation game Orcish Inn. This free offer doesn't include the final game! · By Steven Colling

A load of suggestions

A topic by little0100 created Feb 12, 2017 Views: 670 Replies: 6
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I hope you get what i mean since my english are terrify. Anyway, This game bring me back a lot of good memory from harvest moon. I love this game so much. Shut up and take my money!

I spend more than 30 hours so far. Finally reached social rank 4 and unlock all 5 clan to visit my inn.Here is some of my suggestion.


The compost box - should be added to the tutorial (Book of challenge) since it produce fertilizer, one of the most foundation item in farming.I find it out at the very late of my game. Also, most of the people playing your game on youtube didn't notice that too.

The fertilizer - Currently you can create land or increase the eutrophy of the land. Firstly, to simplify the game, it would be great that if "prepared land" don't required fertilizer. So that fertilizer can focus on manipulate the eutrophy of land. Because when i reached social rank 3, i can plant wheat that required maximum eutrophy of the land.

I explore the map, but i can't find any ground that provide full eutrophy. thus i have to manually put fertilizer to my 5x5 field everyday, and the fertilizer ran out fast! I currently have 12 compost box running plus the fertilizer i bought from hawker(6 per day) can barely fulfill the needs for my wheat field.

That's why i suggest "prepared land" work just like "neutralized floor". in this way, player can store up the valuable fertilizer. In additionally, "Land" will decreased the movement speed by 20%. I don't see why player would benefit from it by massively creating the "Land" since seeds required money and plant took time to take care.

Plant density - I believe you already know that the edge of the field will not get full density. Right now, i leave a border of my oat field and wrap it up using the grass seeds(free from the map). I suggest that if the field is big enough let say 4x4. the density of the plant on edge will automatically fill up.

Main seasons - the main seasons penalty is too heavy, make the farming part of the game less fun. Even if i provide all the condition the plant needs, I can only get a 5 star crop. On the contrary, as long as the plant in the "almost right" position. For exmaple, 82% for wetness, 82% eutrophy etc... i can still get a 5 star crop under the "main season penalty". Then, why should i pay extra effort to take care them? My suggestion is to increase the penalty of not fully satisfy the plant needs. But you can still get a 6 stars crop in the wrong seasons if you reach 100% of everything (wet, eutrophy, windbreak, density) they need.

The seeds - I'm not sure if you're do it on purpose, the supply of seeds are always running short. Hawker only sell me the main seasons seeds and not more than 6 bags per day. This limitation of seasons setting is similar to the old system of harvest moon. But the problems is, in most of time, the crop in harvest moon are for sell only. of coz, sometimes you may want to store different kind of crop for cooking. Now, your game push it to a different level, farming is only a small part of the game. Good crop > Good beer > Higher social rank. but its really frustrating that there is nothing you can do but to close the inn because you can't get enough raw material for brewing (even if you got money for the seeds).


Wort - In case you didn't notice, selling wort alone to hawker make Hugh profit. For money sake, its even better than selling beer to the visitor. Since beer production take extra material (yeast and hop). Usually, i will pick up the decayed oat wort (4 stars or below) and sell it to hawker. I suggest you should tune the price down a bit.
Flavor - I restart the game a few times, i'm pretty sure that their requirements of satisfaction show in the clan book are completely random. That's fine, but some of the flavor of beer are impossible to fulfill. For Example, the Mogrim's Herd clan want (Some sort of fish look like a snake). I know where i can get that, but this is not possible to set up a stable supply chain for brewing. I know flavor is not a MUST. But still, its fun to fulfilling a requirement as long as the requirements are achievable.
My suggestion is to add a second or even third flavor with a big question mark icon on it, Player have to put different kind of flavor to tried it out. When the player get the right flavor, the icon will reveal. So that if i got bad luck (fish or resin as first flavor), i can always look for a alternative flavor to satisfy them.

Yeast - the problem is similar to the seeds. I read it somewhere else that peoples suggest we can produce Yeast. I want that too. Currently, I can only get 6 Yeast from hawker per day. I have to ignore the visitor needs of alcoholic strength by set it all down to 1 to keep my inn open.(5 for brewing beer for different clan, 1 for bread).


Tavern room - I suggest add another requirement " favorite color " beside of the tavern comfort. I know right now we can only color on few thing. But it would be great that if i can paint on the wall.

Dorm room - Not sure if i am doing it wrong, but the visitor never get satisfied. One of the clan required a 20+ bed count room (I know it is random). But currently there are only about 9 visitor from that clan come to my inn. Even if i fulfill all their requirements like dorm comfort and bed comfort (in this case, they want 0% bed comfort). Only few of them want to stay.

Connection Points - this feature is brilliant i love it a lot. But i have a idea about the inventory that is related to the Connection Points. Let say i got a sawmill in the middle and wrap it up with wood yards. Right now, i have to do a lot of left click and right click to open > collect > close. I need to do it 8 times to different wood yards to collect what i need. it would be great that if i can only click on the sawmill and it will show all the connected units in one inventory page. I know that it might kind of ruined the basic mechanism. Because you always need empty space for unit like sawmill, Furnace to function. For that, i think a toggle button will solve the problem. Before you click the button, it will only show what items in that wood yards just like the game it is now. By clicking the button, it will show all the items of 9 units in one inventory page(1 sawmill and 8 wood yard).

Entertainment Satisfaction

Music - My current game process is year 2 winter, so far i only got 2 discs from hawker. I know it is daily limit item. But this is so random. I suggest player can use the mail system to get the disc. just like how we get the blueprint from mailing the coupon. When you put the prepared letter into the mailbox, a alert window will show up to ask you pay certain amount of money for the disc you're buying.
Slot machine - i just noticed the slot machine will cause the lighten event which will damage my inn. I am up for challenge, but this is just annoying. I got 5 slot machines in 5 different tavern rooms. And the lighten just keep hitting my inn everyday (even twice a day). I spent a lot of time to rebuild the wall. Otherwise, all my indoor facilities will not function. This is the main reason why I stop playing for a while. Now, I remove all my slot machine, because the overall satisfaction is minimal, its just not worth it. I don't mine this random weather/lighten event damage my inn, its just make the game more realistic. But it should not be related to the slot machine.

Misc. & Wishlist

dye pool - it don't work like other facilities. i have to manually select the item i want to produce. is that a bug??

Amber - At first, i just want to build a mirror for my dorm room. After a bit of exploration, I found out that Amber is a very rare item. So, I just carefully click on that and repair the amber when it is low on hp. By repeating this step. I am able to build my mirror without destroy the amber. Then, I accidentally find out that if i sell it to hawker its worth $375 for 1 piece.... Well, you know what i will do next lol.

Winter - similar to harvest moon, no farming. Actually it is a good time to expand the inn or clearing the path, gathering resources. But the food are always running short, I end up killing all my pigeons (how cruel lol) and baking 0 quality bread(food poison) to survival. I heard that in previous version you can buy food from hawker, I hope this feature will come back. Alternatively, I hope you can create more baking options for Furnace. it don't need to be fancy, something like baked potato, baked tomato is fine, as long as it restore amount of energy.

Reputation point - I want some end game blueprint can be purchased by great amount of reputation point (let say 3000 pts). Blueprint like Sprinklers, a upgraded silo which decrease the chance of decay, a bigger size of chest, a double track sawmill which speed up the production....etc


Wow! Big thanks for all the feedback. I made my notes and when I'm going to prepare the next update, I will have a closer look at it! Really appreciated! :)

(poor pigeons...)

I really like your game but could you please add multiple save slots (for different games)?

Also, is there the possibility of a switch port, i know we are getting one for stardew valley


Yes, a proper save game management within the game is on my list. Right now, you could move the save game files out of the save game folder so a new file is created on the game's start. Here's some info on where to find the save game folder. :)

Regarding a switch port: no idea. Porting is a lot of work and I want to get the game done first before deciding something like that.



I also get a harvest moon vibe. Really like the game. I'd like to see another trader that uses ground movement. Comes every few days sell resources like ore and amber along with seeds maybe. Overall really good game would recommend. Might record a few for a series.

he could walk the path the customers walk and have a backpack