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It really grasped the old horror days when people denied the ones they praised and on person is set to make things right plus it has a great seeing setting not too much but not too little

You got the horror vibe! And it was good how he doesn't do the typical chase and kill. With more content and polish this could take off good job

Just started playing it and yes its already quite addicting! shooting is good and accurate, level design is low poly but massive and makes you look around, plus being able to use the items on ground PURE CLUTCH! Siris, you did a good job 

the game was fun to play. Continue that cartoony feel you have

Just played your demo it was great! simple concept with aggresive gameplay, had a good feeling whacking the ball back at the aliens. you guys had a trailer here you could put it in the game to add to the story otherwise the player would never know about it nor the dad lol. ill be putting up my recording of the gameplay tommorrow, Great job though

This is the guardian mode, adrenaline pumping, not being overpowered but having that feeling that you are. Playing this on my down time from now on

GUARDIAN MODE!!! coming tommorrow! and i gotta say, adrenaline pumping

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Love the pixel art and combat system. It's not spammy and simple to use level design is really attractive to the point that i wanted to know more about the story. Good join hype train!

Oh  I played a bit of it and it was nothing but awesomeness

Nice retro game with  some speed to add to it! had a great time going through the levels racking up points. the sound of the gun was very satisfying and the guardian mode (which ill have make another vid of) was fun to play. Well done!

The beginning gave me chills as I played through  the first part! It was apart of my 2 games one play and man!!! Spooky factor was also there. Love how the atmosphere changed from good to chaotic plus I died very quickly without cheats. Wonderful game

Played this as my 2 games one play and I looked the ambiance you built up it kept me on my toes all the way through, the heartbeating in one scene really hit me hard lol. It was really great to play

No dolphin can beat me! I put nitro in that shell lol

This was a lot of fun! Reminded me the old  racing games, boosters and the weapons were fun to use. Only thing is that there is walls that is passive and was that aren't other than that wonderful

Very relaxing gameplay, didn't even trip on getting too I did lol love to see improvements in the future

I like your concept and the environment a well. You could add a scene to grab the gamer's attention, some dialogue a story to let the player know how dangerous this place is. Monsters was cool too, they didn't do much but it it was funny. 

I played the demo (don't know if it reflects the full version) but you got the creepy factor and the begging jump-scares got me. Now it started to get less scary when the chase scene happened. Things were delayed like the grabbing, and lifting, plus the enemy the directions on what to do next was late to me so I died alot. You have a great start and I'll be following to see your improve. Nice job

this game reminds me of kirby dream land on nentindo! you could do alot more with it as well. hope to see future updates!

Boss battle at the end was great the animation is good too! Great job on your first game

This game was really great! It did a great job in leading me though since everything was in Spanish. The creepy factor was definitely there as well. My frames dropped in this first episode and The monster were simple to kill once I got behind them. For your first game this was really good! Expect second episode

I haven't played much of it but it's a really good recreation. Love the sound of the water splashing, it took me back to my old game boy days. Wonderful job

no problem idk if you did with a team or by your self but it was fun keep up the good work

Really cool and fast pace game! Remind me of time crossed where you only have move the ccrosshair shooting things. Sadly I couldn't get the number 1 spot lol great job

thanks for the reddit invite btw! For some reason youtube thought it was spam!

Figured it out thank you


have you sent the steam keys to thos that purchased here?

This is an amazing prologue to this game! so many questions and mystery as to why he's there and other things as well. Excited to see the improvements and the full game!

this was very cool! it kept me very focused in my objective (no trying to spoil things lol). The mechanic of losing and gaining time with each action had me on the edge of my seat as i was not trying to mess up and waste time which i did lol. I do wish there was a bit of a battle type situation or stressful quick decision making type scenario but i did enjoy what you did have. Great job


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i was a little confused on the story and what my placement is in the game. It didn't talk about why things were happening nor the people i knew. Now, that doesn't mean it's a bad thing cause the gameplay is smooth and creepy factor was there it kept me interested. It just needs more polishing cause you have a rough diamond right now. Great job. ps i will be playing the sequel as well

Very nice combat build! Blocking and sucking was smooth digging was easy can't wait for the game to come out. Also LOVE THE STORY ON GAME PAGE

Good Story driven game. not to strong on puzzles but this is just a demo but them graphics is nice!

Very Nice! I played on the keyboard and it wasn't as fluent as playing it on gamepad. The movement and action is really good and the scenery had my attention as well but the texture on the boss didn't show up so i was fighting an invisible character. Great game

It was a nice ending with a bunch of great mechanics (this is prt 2 btw i wanted to 100% the demo). Really enjoyed myself, well done

This one was definitely more forgiving with the items and map and it still kept the creepy factor! thanks for the recommendation!

Wonderful graphics and awesome combat system! it's definitely on my to play list for sure. The climbing was a little hard but with forced repetition i got the hang of it. Awesome job!


found this game on gamejolt then it went away after i downloaded it but it's really good! You got the creepy feeling down and the eerie factor as well plus i never expected where a monster was coming from. Great job!

very nice! Love games where my choice changes the outcome of the game. Plus grandpa crack me up lol i'm not done with the prologue yet so expect a second video!