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it was a responsibility I was had to take lol

PURE AMAZING!!! You were able to put horror in a simple game and it's not fully completed! I love all the nostalgia here and the really aspect as well, had an absolute blast. I would say give us a map lol I got lost so quickly lol.

This was pretty fun and for it to be in alpha leave a massive amount mechanics and possibilities! Driving and firing wasn't to difficult, enemies were a bit challenging and boss fights!  Excited to see an updated version, great job!

i'me sill looking into it and learning it with the little time i have but you've added to my reason to learn it more thanks

Love the metal gear references and it wasn't too much either. Hope you continue to work on this, it has a lot of potential. (I did a two game vid and yours second) 

Never seen the Netflix series but since everyone is talking about it decided to try the game out. Remind me of the maze or other competitive type movies but animation was cool and the doll freaked me out a bit especially at the end of your game(I played two and you're first). It was fun and ready to play the other challenges

Never seen the Netflix series but since everyone is talking about it decided to try the game out. Remind me of the maze or other competitive type movies but animation was cool and the doll freaked me out a bit especially at the end of your game(I played two and you're first). It was fun and ready to play the other challenges

This was so much fun to play and learn! i only messed around with some of the characters but the feeling, the animation and inputs was spot on! 

the a.i is supremely op if the difficulty is maxed but thats still the fun. AMAZING!!!

Love the fluid controller motion, never felt janky or weird. A very calm and peaceful game as well with a small twist(this corporation is up to something lol) but characters have emotions and story is very interesting as well. I had a fun time playing it and will finish this demo and full game when it comes out. Awesome job

So Far i'm seeing the small improvments! i played a small chunk cause i started at night but enemies die faster (including myself) they don't respond multiple times which was a problem at first, game runs smoothly. I didn't experience any lag there was a bit on obs but i need to tweak the setting on that. There were a some misspelled words and some youi didn't need proof read through you dialogue again is the only thing i can think of. 

Questing, HUGE IMPROVEMENT! i know where to go and there even a quest complete window and more which helps alot i can stay focused in the game i know im on the right track and i don't have to recheck. each spot is populated with characters now so the game is getting livelier plus the lore is involving the main protagonist's. Horse ran into a wall lol which is just funny had to type it in. I have to watch the character now cause of his hunger, overuse of the campfire it was boggling my mind, I know im going to die in the next episode.....or lose my mind lol 

I'm definitely playing more and hopefully explore everything there is  Fantastic buddy!

Games like these are hard to come by

Very cool mechanic you have, making the game more challenging with more enemies. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the fighting is well animated. Definitely getting the full game!

This was nice, a bit short with little enemies but the driving mechanic have me a good laugh. The driving wasn't bad but the turning was a too sensitive and I spin out of control a couple times. I do see potential in this if you add more down the road. Good job

wonderful arcade game! best part about was getting used to steering the tank, once i got the hang of it I died less lol, it was only a endless wave of pple but diff types of mobs came out too which made it exciting. You can definitely have a mini boss and other maps to bring more attention to this. Awesome job

this was pretty good for a pixel graphic game. I do feel that improving the animation (fighting animation, charge sucks etc ) and graphics on done characters (fleshing him out instead of him being a stick figure)  will make better than what it already is. Love the breaking the 4th wall mechanic you have. It made me okay it again and read the story combat was good too, stamina breaks, fairing and all. I'm waiting for the full release

Okay for an alpha build, pretty freaking sweet! Combat is amazing and very hard which I expect. It actually reminds me of for honor battle mechanics, nice open world though not much going on did make me feel like I was in a fantasy world and of course graphics are great, sound and animation can be worked on but the lore is coming together. Great job especially as a one man developer.

Thanks for the response! I got myself lost looking at the house icon lol 

i'm currently playing the campaign open mode and  im stuck at trying to find the mine south west of the castle ruins. i can't open the map either so if you can help me out i would appreciate it

happy you enjoyed it.....i plan on beating the game on my own time as well lol

Really got into it thought it would a simple gameplay and it took me me by surprise. It didn't overexert the creepy factor but escalated what was already there and made worse (in a good way) awesome job

I was hoping for the game to come out on Saturday but it must have been delayed. SO I just jammed out the rest of the arcade mix.... INDIE MMASTERPIEC!!!

This is just amazing! i couldn't keep my two fingers off of it! definitely getting this tommorrow AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE BEAT!!!

This is a very good arcade style game that challenges how weak you can use the simple configuration. I said it on my vid and I'll say it again wonderful mobile potential! Background is really pleasing to look at with fluid animation and easy to follow maps..... Though I've died on all my runs lol. Definitely waiting for the full version!

NICE definitely gonna play till the end

Like the game! The dialogue I feel is a bit long but had done good comedy, fighting is nice and fluid plus the build mechanic was nice. Didn't finish the whole game but I'm still playing the demo.

This got me frustrated lol I had limited bullets and I couldn't find them in time to stop the monster. Good job with the atmosphere and story telling. Your the first of two

Thanks for letting me know maybe I synced it incorrectly. Glad you liked the gameplay

Nice classic feel to it, love how each level is different and the freaking allies attend dumb lol wonderful game! 

This is a promising alpha. Aside from no music the sound effects makes up for it crafting is also solid. I'm interested in it, can't wait to see future updates.

Okay, this man is angry lmao! Love everything about this game, animation was on point, characters had only one thing in mind which was to kill me, they even danced when I died lol. Wonderful

I love the colors, cartoon aspect and the mechanic of the tadpole turning into an adult through lives. It puts the danger and feedings on a different level. Enemies ain't no joke either. Loved it

MAN! I went through the game three times and had a blast. The ai are so sharp and accurate you need absolute focus or else you'll end up like me in my hand okay lol. This is awesome, I'm waiting for the full release

This set me back to mega man battle network vibes with big differences! The combat, deck building and strategy kept me interested in the game. Gonna play this all the way through when it's released for sure 

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This had a great feel to it, animations were fast and i knew what i had to do all the way! LOVED the transition from title screen to the game, text filled story just "YOUR IN". Going further i would like to see a cinematic of how she came to be, maybe more witch like powers etc. Very well done! Plus love the mechanics you had in here 

the concept is very cool, gives off a tron vibe as well i was digging the being weak and building yourself up feeling. I know this is a demo so i'm just sharing my thoughts and opinion, I would like the enemies to be aggressive plus different based on there  area, upgrading mech i love just should be more of it like we should customize where it goes and the robot itself. This is a really good start though! btw you game starts 9 min after a.d.a.c.a

it was a fun thrill. Can't wait to play the full game of it so I'll be following indeed

Had a great time playing it, animation and shooting was very smooth. Monsters could be more aggressive to show how dangerous they are plus show people doing to amp up the suspense. Great demo

Did I shoot...... YES!!!! LOL alot, I loved the feel of the game it had the creepy factor, the action button tripped me up when it sent me to my inventory but I figured that out. Story of what the guy did was fun to read and though it was short still had a good time over all

Played your game for my 2 games one play video, liked how it switched from normal to evil. Ollie himself didn't really do much butThe area was a bit creepy. Excited to see the full game when it's out