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Played it with another game and my goodness! it was so intense!!! loved every moment of it Great job!

played the game with another cause i thought i couldn't do anything else! till i markipliers vid. gonna play it again Very nice!

Fast, difficult and pleasing to the eyes, though for some reason it was alittle blurry when i recorded it (might be me). Overall very good game

oh awesome! ill have to follow so i can see the improvements

it was a nice game! got lost sadly and wondered around killing things lol. my invnetory bugged out but most of the animations was solid hope you finish it

had me jumping at some spots. The pistol sound effects was funny as even i though it did no good towards the monster. good job

game was good though i didn't know the story and it was made in 10 days! to me that's amazing keep that determination on fire!

this is an awesome game! taming animals and taking care of them,haveing to grow your own food! I'm not even done with the game yet and i give it my full support Awesome job!

Definitely love! the fast pace combined with the pixle art made it really enjoyable. i did feel a lot of dark souls in this with the wondering finding your destination. Great job!

it was a fun game i only played the survival mode so my review is on that. It was simple the magicians didn't really cause me too much trouble (maybe cause i got lucky with the gambling) which made me not use the upgrading system as well for the defenses. the mini game was cool plus to the game, the there was a lot of space which is good incase i needed room. It's a great start and you have a chance to expand on alot of things like a story, mini challenges, weapon and boss challenges play around with the environment and let your ideas flourish as well you have something good that will get better 

I played this with another game and this one was a really cool game! very calming and it had me expecting more. hopefully you push forward with this or keep up the game creating grind.

the game was short but enjoyable. you had a good story and simple mechanics. i don't know if this is your first game but keep it up. also in one level there is a jump that is too far lol had to take a hit

it's a really cool top down game! love the style and easy to play. 

was a cool game. i think you can really build on it : the story, character mechanics and etc. Liked the puzzle though is was easy since there wasn't any real danger (except me being silly lol). it was good 

oh thanks maybe now i can progress further than before lol Thanks for the follow up

very good game! i don't play alot of point and click games this had me going! still trying to beat the demo lol

played it and i gotta say though i didn't understand what i was doing cause of the language barrier, i still love it! i felt like i was really headed somewhere.

here is my gameplay, would appreciate it if you can tell what i did wrong on the skill tree if i did something wrong

it is a very cute game and the nostalgia of kirby and other nintendo classics are very rich in this game well done!!!

played the game and as funny as it was trying to use different control schemes i did have fun playing it! heres my vid i just put up

all i can say about this game is mind blowing!!! this is so good from the music to the fighting and the story had me going as well. you have a supporter and my video on this will be coming out on monday. VERY WELL DONE

it was good

the game is pretty neat. the animation, sound and the scenery could use some more polish. Game controls very well and there was a bit of humor in it. it's a  good start so keep at it 


it was really good! playing solo made the game very hard as i was trying to collect defend and upgrade by myself, would recommend a story, was interested in why i was out there and monsters attacking me. have some sort of side quests and/or reach a village (didn't reach the end so i don't really know if there is a village, still playing it) buy better weapons, change environments things like to further build the game. Really good start though my vid on it is coming out today! here 

the game is really cool! and it keeps me on constant alert of what i need and how prepared i am. hope you expand on the game some more also my video is coming out on monday

really enjoyed it
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just played the first 2 bosses and i'm really enjoying the game! the animation seems ok, there was a delay in the jump attacks  when i was playing i'll put a video of it on wednesday but really great game.

Definitely getting the full game 

there were some other issues i said in the video too

Good game! love the movement and the story though some of the dialogue needs to be fixed. graphics is there too which made it enjoyable hope you expand the game even further

Had a great time watching it again

this was a really fun game it made me think of the lore and history of dungeons! really great job video will be up tommorrow but ima look up some dungeon lore

this was a very awesome game short and sweet! jut wonderful 

interesting! im commenting before i make a video so you'll see two comments from me

love the rush and the mechanics aren't too bad as well. The jittering of the guns makes it more difficult  to shoot the head of targets great job. expect a video on friday!

i played the full game i gotta say first off LOVE THE ANIMATION!!! it's so well polished and the smoothed (except for the climbing but you said it'll be worked on). the story of was pretty good too it made want to see more  plus the little dialog you gave the character gave him emotions very well done!

here's my video of it and i can't wait to see more

had to get used to the mechanics but here it is

this game looks pretty good gonna post a gameplay of this tommorrow on my channel

everything about this game right now scream success in my eyes very well done glad i recorded it cant wait for the full release

here's the video of the errors ocurring

sure ill send an un edited clip of it it but from what i seen it seemed to have only happened from the turrets in chapter 1