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Hey that was really good! I just stumbled upon this after checking out bitsy for the first time. Clever use of the color palettes switching to indicate someone watching. Good story telling with limited tools! There were a few missed wall tiles in some of the early scenes allowing you to wander down. I felt the music was unnecessary and a bit distracting. I didn't feel like it needed any to be honest, but maybe something more ambient would have been more immersive? Good work. =D

Oh I know! But I do appreciate you bringing it to my attention. I always want to know what's out there, both for ensuring originality and also for inspiration!

Thank you! Let me know what you think. A big update should be coming out soon.

It totally has a similar concept! I've never played Crash Bash, but I think every game developer's greatest fear is that they accidentally copied another game. But as you can clearly see, there are no bandicoots in Triduel. o_o Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I've been working on a big update for the past month that adds a lot of polish and a new king of the hill game mode. I really want to push the update as soon as possible, so come check it out when it's up

Just posted Alpha v0.1. Please let me know what you think, and enjoy!

Awesome! I'm working on a more robust input manager at the moment. I want to make sure keyboard input is integrated seamlessly. Should be done in the next couple of days. I'll post updates here when they're ready!

Thanks for all the downloads everyone! Please let me know if you're having any issues and I'll do my best to resolve it quickly. - Michael