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THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC! I really really hope that the developers are planning to expand it. Even just an infinite arcade mode where I can stay playing against random waves of enemies it is so satisfying. It also seems like it would work excellently as a phone game? It is so so promising please make more of it. Either way I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your art

I realised the issue. One more problem with the desktop app. It wouldn't link me to the website to play, but tried to get me to download it instead. All working now! Hopefully it helps somebody else to know that you have to open it in your browser! 

I installed the game from this page, and when I click launch I get a green screen saying: "Hey there!

Thanks for the interest in our game! If you're seeing this, our game was reuploaded here without our permission.

Support the devs by trying the game on"

And a link which reroutes me to THIS page..? Very confusing. I really love how your game looks and want to play it though. Somebody help..? ':D

Any ideas of how long this would take to play? I've offered to DM a one-shot tomorrow but I only have around 2 hours, would it work?

Any update on this? I really love your game and I would LOVE to play the full thing but even having uninstalled and reinstalled the "full game" several times I still only end up with the demo. It's a real shame since the game is so ingenious and well-designed

If you can help me see the full thing at all that would be fantastic

..... that's muchos investigating

Played through this co-op with myself on keyboard and a friend on game-pad. The game feels so so smooth, its surprising its made by a small team! We were so disappointed when itt ended and  we realised there were no more levels.

The only feedback I would have is to make "Medium" difficulty easier as there is currently a MASSIVE jump between easy and medium. Also maybe more variety in the upgrades for the shop.

We eagerly await your next update!!

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Same, actually came to this page to search for the "full game" and realised I already have it installed and I'm having the same problem.  Says demo, only 3 islands, and also my progress doesn't save. Hopefully it can be fixed because this game is FANTASTIC