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Annwn: the Otherworld

Dark first-person stealth strategy game across a surreal archipelago. · By Quantum Soup Studios

Full Game Says Demo

A topic by GCTuba created Jul 21, 2020 Views: 406 Replies: 8
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Hello, I purchased this as part of the Racial Justice Bundle but when I download and run the file called "annwn-full", it shows as demo and only gives me 3 islands to play. Am I doing something wrong or did the bundle only come with the demo and not the full game?


Eep. Should be the full game, sorry.  I will investigate...

Hey, you uhh.. Still investigating, because it's still there.

..... that's muchos investigating

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Same, actually came to this page to search for the "full game" and realised I already have it installed and I'm having the same problem.  Says demo, only 3 islands, and also my progress doesn't save. Hopefully it can be fixed because this game is FANTASTIC

Glad it's not just me.

i confirm you.

in the same case, braught the bundle, and when i install, i get the demo version

The game is nice, do you have a parteon.? it bring me lot of souvenir of my spectrum time

Any update on this? I really love your game and I would LOVE to play the full thing but even having uninstalled and reinstalled the "full game" several times I still only end up with the demo. It's a real shame since the game is so ingenious and well-designed

If you can help me see the full thing at all that would be fantastic


Apologies everyone for the tectonically slow response to this. It's been a year.
This is finally fixed now.