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Oops, slow response, sorry. Must see if I can subscribe for notifications to the entire community.

Geoff Crammond is in the Special Thanks section, but I deliberately tried to avoid using his name or The Sentinel brand to promote the game, as that would be trademark violation - but I've acknowledged the debt in interviews. Game designs can't be copyrighted, fortunately - otherwise we wouldn't have the concept of "genres" and id would be the only company allowed to make an FPS :)

Apologies everyone for the tectonically slow response to this. It's been a year.
This is finally fixed now.

Apologies, this was raised months ago but fell off my radar because 2020. Fixed now!

Eep. Should be the full game, sorry.  I will investigate...

No problem :)
I'm sure loads of people quietly felt the same, thanks for calling it out!

I've published a quick update adding an "Aim smoothing" toggle so you can turn this off if you prefer.

Thank you so much! It's particularly gratifying when Sentinel players like it  :D

Ah, that's a personal preference that I should have made optional, sorry about that.
I like it because I find raw mouse position looks really staccato and I tend to home in on a target gently with the cursor, but I appreciate that if you have high FPS skills you want to be able to twitch the mouse to the precise point you expect it to land. Give me a day or two and I'll add a toggle!

Please add Annwn, and thank you!

oh no
Nice exploit :D

The best reference for Celtic myth is probably the Mabinogion, although the stories it collects were most likely written down by Christian monks. I mostly google and explore as many different sources as possible because they all have slightly different takes on the material, so I couldn't recommend a single authoritative source. It's always nice to find an obscure retelling that includes some juicy new detail...

Thanks! I love a lot of pagan symbolism and those primordial myths. Annwn is just skimming the surface for a few visual motifs really...

Well done!  :D
Yeah, sorry about the Y-invert. That's my preference and it wasn't high on my list for a 48h jam...

Couldn't spare the money or time this year, unfortunately.
On the final push to launch Annwn: The Otherworld now...

Yeah, I set my very low-poly game to run at 4K and the volumetric fog alone killed the framerate... :)

This looks beautiful! The voxelisation of the bird and high density of the landscape voxels makes me wonder if you're raycasting on the GPU? It's got a really distinctive look...

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Ah, sorry for the confusion. No - you can only move by creating another totem to travel to. I must get the tutorial messages in the next update.
In the meantime,  Cryptic Hybrid's playthrough is a great introduction!
Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'll try to find time to record one this weekend...great job on BTW :)

This is an old jam game that I've dusted off for posterity. It's simple and short, but got positive feedback from the Ludum Dare community, so I thought it'd be worth re-releasing (since Dropbox won't host exes any more!)

It was originally going to be a series of procedurally generated towers to climb, but I quickly had to cut the scope down to one...and hardwire the random generation so I was certain it could be solved. I recorded my own SFX and VO for it, so I was out in the garden scraping bricks together in the small hours of the morning :D

It was really fun to make - hope some of you enjoy playing it!