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Annwn: the Otherworld

Dark first-person stealth strategy game across a surreal archipelago. · By Quantum Soup Studios

thank you for exploring the pagan lore

A topic by ErrArachnica created Apr 03, 2019 Views: 368 Replies: 3
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touching on this topic means a lot to some people.


Thanks! I love a lot of pagan symbolism and those primordial myths. Annwn is just skimming the surface for a few visual motifs really...

ive tried to do the same thing but my area is mostly norse, not celtic. are there any really good lore sources you've been able to find?


The best reference for Celtic myth is probably the Mabinogion, although the stories it collects were most likely written down by Christian monks. I mostly google and explore as many different sources as possible because they all have slightly different takes on the material, so I couldn't recommend a single authoritative source. It's always nice to find an obscure retelling that includes some juicy new detail...