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FREE - "Lonely Fortress" - short first-person platformer (jam game)

A topic by Quantum Soup Studios created Oct 27, 2017 Views: 96 Replies: 2
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This is an old jam game that I've dusted off for posterity. It's simple and short, but got positive feedback from the Ludum Dare community, so I thought it'd be worth re-releasing (since Dropbox won't host exes any more!)

It was originally going to be a series of procedurally generated towers to climb, but I quickly had to cut the scope down to one...and hardwire the random generation so I was certain it could be solved. I recorded my own SFX and VO for it, so I was out in the garden scraping bricks together in the small hours of the morning :D

It was really fun to make - hope some of you enjoy playing it!


Looks interesting, perhaps you can add a gameplay video to your page?

Thanks! I'll try to find time to record one this weekend...great job on BTW :)