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Annwn: the Otherworld

Dark first-person stealth strategy game across a surreal archipelago. · By Quantum Soup Studios

It's a beautiful update of an old classic

A topic by palecur created Jun 29, 2021 Views: 214 Replies: 1
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It's a lovely successor to Sentinel/Sentinel Returns, but I must say I'm a little taken aback that no mention of those predecessors is in the credits or devlog, particularly given how closely the design matches.


Oops, slow response, sorry. Must see if I can subscribe for notifications to the entire community.

Geoff Crammond is in the Special Thanks section, but I deliberately tried to avoid using his name or The Sentinel brand to promote the game, as that would be trademark violation - but I've acknowledged the debt in interviews. Game designs can't be copyrighted, fortunately - otherwise we wouldn't have the concept of "genres" and id would be the only company allowed to make an FPS :)