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Annwn: the Otherworld

Dark first-person stealth strategy game across a surreal archipelago. · By Quantum Soup Studios

Full version of the game still appear as a demo

A topic by Franoi created Jan 30, 2021 Views: 198 Replies: 2
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I wonder if you posted the wrong version. the file that we are dowloading is 105 mo big and basically for me the full verion is the similar version of the demo. Is it a strategy to push usres from itch to steam?

just wondering if there is an followup for the nice game.

many thanks in advance


Apologies, this was raised months ago but fell off my radar because 2020. Fixed now!

Many thanks, just loved the slekness of the game, and really happy to find vr... many thanks. 

I totally understand for 2020... we look like be in the same ship :-P

thanks again