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I sent a friend request. You included the game in the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds so anyone who tries to play the game through that bundle will run into the same issue.

Any updates?

Any updates on this?

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There appears to be a bug after defeating the first boss (Gran Chico). I kill him and he spawns this doll that says "This is a very long sentence that I am saying" and there's nothing I can do to make it go away and complete the level. I'm just stuck in the arena with no way forward. I press space like the message says to do but nothing happens.

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I'm stuck on chapter 3. I've defeated the first person and I have four pocket mirrors in my inventory. I see there's something shiny on top of a bookcase but I can't reach it. I've interacted with everything I can and nothing happens so I don't know what to do next.

I agree with other people that say late submissions should be accepted. The other large bundles added games after they went live and there are a lot of developers wanting to contribute to this. I'm sure if you reached out for help curating, people would gladly volunteer.

I was stuck there too. Once you get to the pile of boxes, go right until just before you get to the storage room. There is a vent below you that you can go through to get to that area.

Of course the only Eloin I've managed to recruit so far was the secret one (Pazuzu). I'll follow your guide and see if I can't find the others. I'm struggling to find medicinal herbs (I have no idea where bizarre fruit is) or where to go to complete Hunter's Guild bounties to satisfy Nyla's quest.

Hello, I'm nearing the end of the game I think and I'm trying to recruit Eloins but I'm having issues. I have no idea where to look because there's no labeled map or markers showing where to go. People sometimes mention waypoints in relation to towns but I have no idea where they are. I followed the river to the hidden temple in the swamp and fought all the way to the top (or so I thought) only to find dragon scales and no Eloin. The enemy encounter rate is way too high which has me dreading going back in to try to find them again. Did I miss something? I also haven't found the crowbar or sledgehammer and I did come across a pile of rocks in the temple. Are they hiding in there? I did try to start the last encounter with only one recruit (the one you give an offering to in the cave to the northwest) but they didn't show up for the battle. Is there a way to summon them or something? I get absolutely destroyed and my team is like level 65.

I didn't really do anything special. I opened up the little hatch, dropped down, and the guy had his monologue before running into the room where the boss fight takes place. I know escape works in the previous area because that's the maze where hitting escape takes you back to the beginning and that's fine. As soon as I leave the maze, escape no longer works.

Cool game. Unfortunately, right before the boss fight with the engineer when you drop out of the pipes, the escape key stops working so it's impossible to save. I made it all the way to the place in the sky where you dodge bullets and lasers when I died and had to go all the way back. Will have to call it there :/

Fun for a time. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing where on the island in the top-right corner the treasure would be. I blew up the rocks on the top of the mountain and it only revealed gold pieces inside.

I'm not a game developer so idk if this works but here are a couple links with info that sounds similar to my problem:

Hey, wanted to let you know your game suffers from the same problem as many other RPG Maker games where the game will just freeze but you can tell it's still running because you can the hear the music and footsteps when moving around. It's bad here too because there are no manual saves so if it's been 10 minutes with no save and it happens, you have to play the whole section over again. Very frustrating.

I'm happy with that.

Aw, that was sad :(


So I came across a weird temple in Chapter 6 that talked about needing 5 orbs to open. I found one at the academy but couldn't find any more. Does this lead anywhere and I somehow missed the rest of them?

Fun game, thanks for making it!

I've been sailing southeast towards Sagittarius to reach Snowpeak for several in game days and nothing seems to be happening. Am I missing something?

As soon as the boulder hit the elevator, a weird noise played and my character disappeared. 

Game soft-locked during the puzzle on floor 8 when I pushed the boulder towards the elevator. No option but to start over.

Hey, I would love to try this game out but the video keeps freezing. I can still hear sounds and my character walking around and stuff so input still works but I get 0 FPS. This happens every couple minutes which makes playing impossible since I have to keep restarting. I have an i7-6700K, RTX 3080, and 16GB of RAM. I've tried running as administrator and disabling antivirus to no avail. Is there anything else I can do?

Hey, I'm not able to play this game. I install it (Windows 10) and it asks for a username. I put one in and hit enter then it just stays on a gray screen with music playing. Holding escape brings up a "Quitting" progress bar so I know it sees my input. What could the problem be?

I didn't even realize there were HP and AP bars, I just played the whole game using the sound effect for low health as the indicator :P

Just wanna say I experienced a game breaking bug where the sulphur disappeared out of my inventory so I was unable to make the gunpowder and complete the game.

Glad it's not just me.

Hello, I purchased this as part of the Racial Justice Bundle but when I download and run the file called "annwn-full", it shows as demo and only gives me 3 islands to play. Am I doing something wrong or did the bundle only come with the demo and not the full game?