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itch app creating an empty folder called "downloads" every time I download a game

A topic by GCTuba created 19 days ago Views: 85 Replies: 4
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So I have the itch app configured to install my games in C:/Users/*My Username*/Desktop/Games. Every time I download something on the app, besides making a folder for the game itself, it creates a second folder called downloads that's just empty. I can delete the folder just fine with no issue, but if I downloaded another game, the empty downloads folder comes back. Since it's not taking up any space, it's only annoying aesthetically but still annoying nonetheless. Is there a way to set up the app to not create this empty folder every time? Or maybe put the folder somewhere I can't see it? I didn't see anything in the preferences.

Why do you think the folder is empty? Maybe it is used while downloading.

Also, why do you put installation in a folder named Desktop? Is your Username Desktop? Did you ommit the /username/  in the posting? But that would mean you install exe on your actual Desktop folder. That is not to be done. Desktop is designated area for shortcuts and not for actual installation stuff. This is almost as bad as itch putting exe in data folder.

You should consider c:/games as a folder

Normal would be c:/progam files/, but that is restricted folder, so another folder is prudent.

Sorry, yes, I omitted my username from the filepath. It is C:/Users/*My Username*/Desktop/Games. I've updated my post to clarify. I think the folder is empty because it is empty. I'm sure the itch app creates that folder while it is downloading something, but I imagine it would be good practice to remove that folder when the download is complete instead of leaving there not doing anything. I've never had an issue installing programs directly on the desktop but I can try moving them to C:/Games and see if that makes a difference.

That will not make a difference.   You told itch that it's folder to use is Games and this usage obviously includes creating a download folder. Unless there is a config option, that folder will stay. Maybe make it hidden, if it bothers you.

I can see hidden folders so that wouldn't change anything. Does nobody else have an empty downloads folder in the game installation folder specified by the itch app? Or do they just not care?