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On server side? Apparantly not. On client side, you can use custom styles. Resizing the page can also help. If you zoom into the page, the element gets flattened to a top bar.

I use Stylus to activate this on demand. But zooming in will do the trick as well.

@-moz-document domain("") {
    .user_tools {
        position: static;

And on developer side, a banner over a web game can help.

So. Uhm. I made the thing. The feature was of course coded by Leafo, but if there is a doodad to activate it besides typing or copy pasting it, I have missed it so far. 

It is an unpacked chrome extension and adds a button and a box to use the feature. You still have to type the tag, but it will stay there until you clear it.

They are sometimes called featured or suggested tags. I think suggested tags might be the "offical" name.

You will find non suggested tags with quite a lot of items. Uhem, nsfw has like 5000 items. The adult tag is better though, to use as a tag, since it is suggested and you can only have 10+1 tags.

As I mentioned in my post from what I can test it's because tags used on a number below 200-300 games will not be autocompleted.

That has nothing to do with this. The list is arbitrary. It is neither the number of games having that tag, nor if the tag has a description. It is just a list that has tags in it and is managed by itch in whatever fashion they deem usefull.

There is of course a correlation. Popular tags tend to have a description and be on the list. The new autocompletion feature is built regularly with a digest of the popular games. I do not know how they include the tags in there, but I would assume it is the same mechanism that would give a tag as a search result.

You cannot search for any tags. To "find" the tag boxing, you have to type it in verbatim in the tag box.

Based on your finding with the short description, I assume the search might populate the results with titles that have relevance in the short description, if there are not enough other results. Or they would appear but are truncated due to not having title matches, and too little relevance. I would assume with fishing that there would be titles that have fishin in description, but not in title. But there are so many exact title matches and enough partial title matches, that description matches are drowned out.

From my observation the search has two kinds of results. It does title matching. Then title matching by "relevance". Like boxing will also match box. But it does not match any game that has no "box" in the title.

Let's try fishing. That is also a tag. The new box will suggest fishing as a tag. Note, boxing was not suggested as a tag. It will suggest boring.

The search result will also display fishing as a tag and then all the games it deems currently relevant for fishing, and those are only titles with fish somewhere.

So why was the tag boxing not shown as a search result? Because it is not in the list of featured tags. Or suggested tags. Whatever you want to call them.

But from my testing, it's not only the title, it's also the short description/tagline

I believe that people think this, but can you give an example, where the title has not resemblance to a word, yet you can find it in search? Fishing and Boxing were both negative.

Spamming the title with seo terms is a problem. If I were to implement search algorithms, I would activly punish such titles's relevance, since they are obviously spreading out their relevance.

So. Are you still working on this? Any obstacles to overcome? Maybe I can help, as I tackled quite a few of those. It works frighteningly well so far. Though I have no buttons. Not sure how to make use of the extension popup. I activate the stuff with context menu.

I do not know if that will re-queue you or bypass checks that made you qualify for manual inspection. Too many changes might even bump you back for suspicous activity or screw up your ... place in the queue. They are very closemouthed about this, because of all the bad actors uploading fake stuff and developers trying to be clever and gaming the system.

I am rather certain that adding payment to an existing project usually triggers manual inspection. Search for you creator name, some time after you made changes, if you make some. Your creator name can be found. If it shows 0 projects, the project is currently not indexed. But there might be nighly builds of index files, so I would not bet on any time accuracy. As I said, they do not tell how it works intentionally.

We shall see, if there is any improvments, when the new search features roll out. At least there were hints, that they are working on some things. The suggestions in the search box were the beginning.

Always funny, when people complain about the lewd stuff. Is there not a check box, they had to click to see that stuff in the first place? ;-) (It is funny, because there are several identical complain threads for the mature content - content people clicked they wanted to see and forgot they did so)

There is the old method of adding a single exclude to the search. Hence that thread about multiple exclusions. Single exclusions are possible, but not very user friendly.

For a more client side and manual approach, there might be something coming up, for Chrome users. I am nearly ready to release an unofficial extension, where you can filter out stuff. But it does not work on tags, but you can use it to have a similar effect.

Basically you would navigate to the tag you do not want to see and click through the first few pages on browse to collect the most popular games. A few hundred will be enough, so maybe 10 page scrolls. Rinse repeat for all you do not want. And then add the stuff you already have in your collections. For new popular games you can add them one at a time.

I believe a better approach would be to just add all the stuff you do not want to see one by one, if you did search for something you like. Especially the popular tags like horror and visual novels are often added for things that barely qualify. So blanket ignoring those tags might not what you actually want to do.

People finding content by topic will be using tags.

Not when new to the platform. It could be made a little more clear for new users. Also, that there is a second search box. One can write in the tag box, even though it implies otherwise.

The search box says "Search for games or creators". Obviously, creators can't be searched for by their attributes, only by name. But searching for games is undefined. What does it mean? Search for games by title, topics, tags, descriptions or other criteria? Or rather, what will a new user think it means? Or what is the expectation a new user might have from a search box.

The tag box says "Select a tag" and presents a drop down box of tags that will match as suggestions when typing and act otherwise similar as those boxes that have a fixed set of items. Only, this is not so. One can write any tag freely and filter with it. It took me months to learn that by accident.

You have payments active and this is your first release. 

Give them time. And double check if your tax interview and all those things cleared out. They do take longer for first time payment projects to index. The waiting queue can be a month at times, if your project needs staff interaction.

There are many threads about this issue.

I think I can confirm that. Coincidentally there is a handy other game on top of popular right now with a ' in the title that might not have an alias yet, since it is only 10 days old.

If I begin typing, the new search feature will display it. Title is "PLANKTON'S PLAN - SpongeBob game"

This is what happened as I typed:

p l a n

game appeared as suggestion with the n

k t o n s

game dissapeared from suggestion with the s

" " p l a n

game appeared again. I do not think it matches the first word again, since it will not appear when typing otherword plan.

Then I mistyped, but the game stayed in suggestion and when doing the actual search it appeared in the middle of the results. But seeing the search string, this is because it is firstword+plan+secondword and the game will appear because of "plan". It will appear for literal search of firstword+plan+secondword

For that matter, the op game will appear in suggestion and search for "classic" alone.

This special case of spelling error is hard to diagnose, since that very grammar implies that the title will always be two or more words and the game will match for the second word, so the user and developer will not notice that it did not match the first word.

Of course I do not know how regular search engines handle this, but since they will find "Baldur's Gate" with "baldurs gate" without the spelling suggeston message, I assume they just match it similar to how they match cApItAliSaTiOn.

From some other trys, it seems search puts relevance on the word if it matches part of the word. So planktons as a single word will also find plankton's. Or arbys will match arby's and arbiter.

Anywas, tl;dr, if you want to avoid abuse of giving developers the ability to put forth aliases, just do some automatic matching of search terms or generate those type of aliases automatically, if it can only be done with aliases. Maybe only do that for games that would qualify for the new search feature. To my understanding it is not aliases. bg3 is an alias, and yes, Steam will show Baldur's Gate 3 for bg3, I guess they created an alias for that game.

I believe many people would not even consider it to be an alias, but just a spelling thing in combination with how the internet works. If you do not include stuff like ' in mapping, like you do with Capital letters, but need aliases, maybe just create automatic aliases for common spelling oddities like that almost whitespace character.

Or asked differently, how many people enter ' correctly in a search box? Propably as many or little as would search for Baldur's Gate, instead of baldurs gate, to cite another popular game with that problem.

There currently obviously is no search term adaption taking spelling into acccount. Like general purpose search engines do. You need to enclouse it in " to only find sites with  the wrong spelled  name "baldis basics plus". If you search baldis basics plus it will not even ask if you misspelled the name and just search for baldi's basics plus, unlike balds basics plus, where it will search for the correct one too, but remind you that there might be a spelling error.

While there might not be a fuzzy approach be needed, ignoring the peculierites of some letters and concatenations should be mapped for the database searching. The url name of the game had to excluce the ', did it not?

I wonder how it is for names containing letters like these: â é Ø and so on. Or whitespace. I know there is even a bug with _ appearing in names, or at least tags. It maps to -, even though it is an allowed character.

I am currently stuck at how to save info in such a way that extension could use it.

Yeah. Certain items cannot be saved directly. Would be too easy. I do it with JSON.stringify(Array.from(xxx))

Current headache inducer is event listeners and url filter for me. And why it does not work on new tabs. 

Maybe have a good game that people want do download first, and fuss about ways to minimize piracy later.

How many unknown indie games did you buy recently? Did you buy them, because they had drm? The thing with drm is, it will not give you any additional users. To the contrary. You will lose not only the incompetent pirates, but also legit users in many instances. There are people not touching drm games with a ten foot pole. Especially from indie developers. You are an amateur, doubly so for drm. Whatever you cook up is bound to make problems for legitimate users. For that matter, the professional solutions do so as well.

It isn't that piracy is good, but that drm is bad. And we are talking about indie games here. Most games will have a sales volume so low that any hoped for effect of reduced piracy will be consumed and surpased by the concrete loss in time and ressources to implement the drm. 

And the actual effect is of course debateable, but this is an old disussion. Let us just say, you will compete against legitimatly free games and there is a reason why pay what you want is so popular on itch.

The sad truth is, all the people that did get infected and hacked did not recognise those scams. Obviously.

I don't blame them. Itch is a legit site. One would not expect malware here.

I do not know what can be done about it. On the cheap, that is. But I would start with better account protection, like detecting the hijack.

On client side, people can be more careful and mistrusting. But for that they have to be aware of certain facts. Really aware. Like people being too lazy to report scams and scammers being able to upload them, because developers are not verified and automated scans can only detect so much.

So my best advice is the title of this thread. Do not download things. If you are aware, you will be more sceptical about any gifted horses, there might be trojans hiding inside.

One could read your statement in three ways.  ;-)

1. You do not recognise the scams.

2. Where you look, there are no scams.

3. You look where used to be scams but are not any longer.

My list grew by 7 reports since your posting. Some were obvious malware, but sadly the scanner on my system would not have detected it. virustotal also only had a few that saw through the obfuscation. It is a variant of a known trojan. The sandbox method might have protected at least the data of the user. But I am not sure about that, because the infection method seems to exploit the update mechanism of Chrome to infect your system the next time you start. So you will not be immediatly hacked and may be not sure what infected you, afterwards.

To clarify: there is uploaded malware daily on itch. Malware that is indexed. Developers are not verified. And the scammers work very hard to overcome any obstacles like automated scans. They have a very short feedback cycle. It is trivial if you think about it. Upload malware, see if it is indexed or at least not banned. Yes, continue. No, try a different approach to hide the payload of the malware.

Itch is a honey pot for them. Lots of people trying out executeables from unknown developers. Some of the legit developers even telling the users about false positive warnings of antivirus apps. It is a minefield for users. And the scammers do experiement with AI on occasion. As long as it pays off, they will continue.

Since I doubt that itch will introduce a paywall for developers anytime soon, it might only dry out, if there are too little scam victims to justify the effort.

They kinda did dry out a certain method of scams that involved fake download buttons. Never saw one of those, after itch introduced special markings for external links (but the three reasons above apply here too ;-)

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I am still dumbfounded about all that extension stuff and js.  It got a litte better. But I managed to fumble together a more elegant selector an extension. Currently ironing the wrinkles out. In the meantime, the script below should work for doing it manually if you use a user style extension.

Copy and paste this to the console of an itch page containing game cells. Those are the 
thingies containing the image and link to a game. Use inspect page feature from browswer and there the console. Select one style by adjusting the comments. Or write your own. Save the generated file and use in your user style extension. Do not forget to encapsule the css or put a scope into your Style extension, like this example @-moz-document url-prefix("") { content of the saved css(s) here. copy css*.txt cssall.txt in cmd if you want to concatenate files } */ {     let game_cell_style = '{opacity:0.07 !important}';     //let game_cell_style = '{outline:auto purple !important}';     //let game_cell_style = '{display:none !important}';     let css = '';     let list_of_links = '';     let itch_cell_css_start = 'div.game_cell[data-game_id="';     let itch_cell_css_trail = '"]';     let link_re = '^https:\/\/[\\w-]+\.\itch\.io\/[\\w+-]+';     let games_on_page = document.getElementsByClassName("game_cell");     let temp_link_ar;     let temp_game_id;     for (let i = 0; i < games_on_page.length; i += 1) {         temp_game_id = games_on_page[i].getAttribute('data-game_id');         if (temp_game_id) {             temp_link_ar = games_on_page[i].querySelector('.title').href.match(link_re);             if (temp_link_ar) {                 css += itch_cell_css_start + temp_game_id + itch_cell_css_trail + game_cell_style + '\n';                 list_of_links += temp_link_ar[0] + '\n';             }         }     }     // you can copy from console too, if you like     console.log(list_of_links);     console.log(css);     // you can use the line below to export a list of gamelinks instead     // let blob = new Blob([list_of_links], { type: 'text/plain' });     let blob = new Blob([css], { type: 'text/plain' });     let filename = 'css.txt';     let a = document.createElement('a'); = filename;     a.href = URL.createObjectURL(blob);     a.addEventListener('click', () => {         setTimeout(() => URL.revokeObjectURL(a.href), 300 * 1000);     });; }

Scroll down to see the link. There you have year numbers. If you click the oldest year, you will see games from that year for starters. But sorting from oldest to newest is tricky. It does not consider updates. And unless you use a very specific tag set, you will only scrape at the bottom. Literally. What do you wanna do? Browse 800000 games in reverse order?

A button to reverse order in a collection would be nice though.

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I am serious. The amount of fake projects is scandalous. I am talking about indexed projects that are unchallenged for months. And even reported projects stay unquarantined and sometimes indexed for weeks.

Most of those things are uploaded on obviously hacked accounts. The problem is not something simple as a try my game on discord scam, where you get a password for a rar archive. It is the let's browse shiny new games on itch minefield. The malware will take away your itch credentials (cookie theft) and not even 2fa will protect your account. And who knows what else they do.

Since some of those hacked accounts have had payment options, some of those scams have pay what you want active, sometimes even paid only. They have fake ratings sometimes and sometimes are not reported, so you can encounter a scam that is half a year old or older.

Fortunate for many players, the scammers most often target adult games. But I have also seen regular indie games, that were released on Steam.

So if you are unsure about a game, trust your scepticism. And if you are sure it is a scam, report it. I saw games with comments about it being a scam, but apparantly the users did not bother to click the report button. The scammers are experimenting with all sorts of variations in their publications. And this sometimes includes impersonating the original creator by linking sites of the original creator.

Oh the games might be real, but at the very least they are pirated, and at the worst you get infected with malware and as a bonus your itch account is used to spread more malware.

General tipps:

If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn't. Seeing a finished game here for free that is paid on Steam? Obvious fake.

Use the itch app sandbox mode. Or create your own sandbox mode (use the internet to find out how. It involves creating a new user on windows that has a password and starting the not yet trusted app as this different user. This way at least most of your stuff should be safe-ish.)

One method of detection avoidance is to not have the malware in the downloadabe, but prompt the user to download additional stuff.  So be very suspicous, if you have to download other things

While some legit games do provoke a warning message from antivirus, guess what a scammer would tell you about that message. Right. Never trust an unknown person on the internet that tells you to shut off your protection. Triple check, why the message appears. On hopefully rare occasions even legit devs could have their development computer hacked and they unknowingly uploaded malware.

There are many red flags and some green flags for games. I shall not talk about them in detail, lest the scammers upgrade their schemes. But if you regularly browse new games, you will notice patterns. Be careful. They do also appear in new&popular. And in popular if you select tags with few hundred games.

But the best green flag is a game that is alive. Not old and undeleted, not having a dozen fake ratings, not being posted on an old hacked account that still has followers and even payment possible, not having several games posted in a few days, not having links to patreon and twitter, but alive in the sense of having an active community and surroundings. 


For any admin reading this. I collect them in a private collection. Accounts get hacked right and left. Please do something, anything to protect the users of this site. Whatever you are doing now is not working good enough.

Interesting. Taxes are a beast. Especially if you operate world wide. Well, itch is not actually, but the developers and customers are.

After looking at their site, I have three guesses.

Your mail server is blocked by their mail server, because it is on a blacklist.

It is a temporary issue.

The mail adress is outdated.

And furthermore, I think itch did not answer you because they do not do this type of tax stuff on that support mail.

You might contact support about not being able to send to that mail adress they provided, so they verify if it is up to date and maybe contact the company about those issues if it is up to date yet unreachable.

You might also contact the company, they have a toll free number, if it is urgent.

And if I paid you $ 9, I would not be charged $ 9, but $ 9 plus vat. And if Itch had a business presence in other countries, they would have to have localised shop system that would tell customers the vat adjusted price of things. Consumer laws are different around the world. As are tax laws and rates.

I guess you have to deal with irs separatly to tell them your income and deal with vat, if applicable.

The payment is donation so there should not be any VAT or other tax

Why would there be no vat or taxes? Are you a charity organisation? Also, the tax benefit is something the giver has, not the receiver. Can I reduce my taxable income for making donations to you?!

While they are called donations, they are in fact not. They are tips. You sell something and people overpay. That your sale price is 0 does not change this. You are generating income. If I "donate" to you on our project, I get access to that project, even if you later put a minimum price on it. 

You sure your income was not taxed by income tax? There was a tax interview, was there not? If those "donations" were personal gifts, that would not be necessery, now would it.

This sounds like low level blacklisting of servers. I doubt very much that itch support can help you there.

Either you have your mail account on secureserver or the recipient has. And one of those servers denies the other. Maybe because it is malformed mail, or because from perspective of one, the other is on a blacklist. From what I remember, a mail server can land on such a list, if it is not properly configured and thus allows to be misused for spam sending.

Or do you suspect the mail adress you were sending to is outdated? If it is something specific to your country, maybe you can google the current contact info.

But you should not have gotten an access denied, if the mail adress merely does not exist (anymore).

Maybe this is a coincidence, but both pages have links to sites that do not work properly. One does not exist anymore and the other is linked via http instead of https.

Maybe the wording is no coincidence. They did not write if you want to sell copies of your game.

There are currently about 16k games on itch that claim to be made with gamemaker. So I would say, it is fairly certain, that you are not limited to the gx site.

I am not sure how donations are considered in view of licenses. In my opinion, there is no such thing as non commercial money collection. Donations are income, you have to pay taxes and are using the the software commercially, whether you demand money for a game or only accept donations. But that is my opinion and the reality might be different for each country, what is considered commercially.

"this email could not be delivered,"

Where did you get that error message? In your own mail client, or from a website? If it was an automatic response from your isp or the other isp, then something was wrong that itch has no control over. Like you having a typo in the adress or a temporary failure of some kind. You should read the error again for further details. Because usually the systems will tell you exactly why something could not be delivered. Maybe your isp is on a blackhole list or some other crap.

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I do not know what a brick mania is, but your game looks a bit like the principle of breakout, a game from 1976.

Will you have millions of players? Probably not. Platformers are not really popular and still contribute 130k games of the 900k games on itch. Breakout style games are maybe 1k to 10k games here, as not all tag breakout.

As for generation preference, especially the older players might not be interested in such games.  They did play them when younger and moved on since. Younger players might be new to the concept and find it interesting. In the essence it is an arcade game. You play it for less than an hour and it has little to no story and requires manual dexterity and reflexes. There are people that like that type of games, others do not. Though I can not tell, if there is any preference due to age. Back in the day there just was no diversity in games. People played what was available. Now you have to compete against all those new game concepts and a plethora of retro games.

I guess it might be more popular on mobile than on desktop platform.

There is no streaming play service on itch.

Either you make a web game without download option or you make your download options cost money. Then you can have demo versions for free. And if you have pay what you want option, downloads that paid 0 will not be able to "claim" your game, should you increase the price later.

It depends on your issue. They do respond. (Read this as: I did get a response on some issue. But not on others.)

Maybe your question is answered in the faq below, or they are not qualified to answer your specific question and do not want to commit to any answer. And maybe reread the tos or look if you can see the issue at work at some projects and deduce the answer from there.

It might as well be that the answer is undefined.

that nobody told me that i had to use the app instead the web for me to actually to be able to use the option of the c: user data app etc

Are you trying to tell us, that you have a renpy game that has a different save game location depending on wether you use the itch app to install it, or installing it manually?

Because that would be quite curious. Renpy games have two save locations, and one of them is the installation folder and the other is the user folder mentioned above. And that user folder is not dependant on the install location.

Did you maybe use the sandbox mode of the itch app? That creates a new user to run the games for safety reasons. That new users has it's own Appdata folder.

it should load up the appdata folder, where you'll find the RenPy one with all the saves to delete. You might need to delete the ones saved locally alongside the actual game files too, since I believe they copy over.

afaik they do. And sometimes the folder in the renpy folder is not named like the game.

 ... \AppData\Roaming\RenPy has a folder for each game

and as a backup the local copy within the installed game folder.

... \game\saves

Though the saves should be deleteable from within the game, but not necessarily the overal status of the game and maybe not the autosaves. It saves stuff like which page was visited already for skipping and other things, like achievements the developer put into the game. That would be the "persistent" file in the save folders.

(1 edit)

Uhm. Not exactly. It does not matter if you follow an account. That does not give you special access to their activites. You just have them filtered into my-feed and get a notification.

The setting in the account is, what matters.

( ) Make my public activity on visible to my followers and other users of the site

Reviews appear in the global feed

The wording of the setting is redundant. The latter category already includes the former. And the explanation below is not exhaustivly, so users with privacy concerns might be worried what else is considered "public activity".

(1 edit)

I also do not remember reading a clarification.

Public reviews do appear in the feed though. But that is just that. A feed. You can feel the "pulse" of what is popular and maybe get suggestions for collections to look at. But those ratings/reviews are not searchable by game.

Remove screenshots that potentially show private information about you. Like your merchant id.

Did you register a merchant account?

If so, visit it, and look if it demands any updates from you. But do not use the links provided in the mail, unless you can read urls and can spot malicious urls.

Uhm. Code can be art, of course. But just because it is code, does not make it art.

The same is true for things commonly called art. Just because something is a painting on canvas does not make it art. And just because something has a deeper meaning does not make it art.

A display of great skill is art. Doing a craft and excelling at it. To stay with paintings, people forgot that this was a craft, like any else. People got paid to paint (other, more rich people usually). But some of those artisans had such a great skill, what with the light effects and colors and perspective used, they just stood out among all the others. Evoking emotions and hiding meaning in a painting are also skills.

Oh, and yeah, operating an ai system is also a skill, so there will be a variance in results and people that can do it just so much better than others. It is just, that those systems are beginner friendly for lack of another word. You have early results with minimum effort. Just like any "amateur" can take a snapshot with their smartphone, yet there are still highly paid photograph aparatus operators.

Interesting thought. Obvously, it depends on the jam's rules.

But do people in general understand "no ai generated content" to include the code?

At first glance, one might think, yes, of course, that code is ai generated, how can you even doubt that it should not be included.

But how does coding with help of ai actually look? If it is writing in a high level language (like english), so the computer does what you want it to do, than, no, that might be called ai coding, but it is not. It is exactly what I just said. Using a high level language. Instead of coding in assembler, you use a compiler to use human understandable words. And instead of doing everything yourself you rely on the works of others that did it before and include their work with a library. The use of ai ist just a compiler that translates your language into a "lower" language , that in turn can get translated to machine code. And that "ai compiler" also uses a "library of previoius works" to do so.

Using a game engine is similar, in that you do not have to do the actual coding yourself very much.

Of course, if there is a jam with a theme of "doing it by hand" they should specify which tools are not allowed. After all, there were computer games before the spread of engines like Unity, Godot and all those here

For art (read: images), the best analogy I came up with so far, is canvas painters and photographers. The photographers do not create the image the same way painters would. They chose the motive, they operate technical tools, they have influence over the composition and ultimatly do very many pics and select the best ones. And they cheat with makeup, lighting and in recent decades with digital enhancements.

But for computer code, using ai generated code is just a continuation of the language models, a higher level of abstraction, making pseudo code the actual code.

(1 edit)

Uhm. Huh? How so? Do you plan on giving the same key to different people? There is an option for that, I believe it is used for promotion, to give out games to testers or some such.

A download key’s URL is unique and should not be shared. If a download key is linked to an account then it can only be viewed by the owner when they are logged into their account.

There is written more info on that page. But claiming is only mentioned for 100% off sales, where you can deactivate claiming.

Edit: Maybe it means that the key you give out can be put into an account. Which would be bad, if you want to give that key to multiple people.