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Tiens, comment on joue dans le navigateur?

Sympa! Feels good! :D


Very nice game you got there: simple and efficient! :)

First crash I got!

  OS : Windows 10 (Pre-release)
  RAM: 16717656 KB (15.94 GB)
  CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
  GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, driver v.
filename: diceydungeons
package: com.terrycavanaghgames.diceydungeons
version: 0.12.1
sess. ID: dicey_dungeons_2018-10-03_11'10'00
started: 2018-10-03 11:10:00
crashed: 2018-10-03 11:30:35
duration: 00:20:35
error: ERROR in callscenemethod(Combat,update) static : Cannot resize to sizes other than 2 right now., stack = 
Called from elements.Equipment.resize (elements/Equipment.hx line 369)
Called from elements.Equipment.copy (elements/Equipment.hx line 1115)
Called from elements.Equipment.unweaken (elements/Equipment.hx line 1075)
Called from elements.Fighter.startturn (elements/Fighter.hx line 309)
Called from elements.CombatCommand.execute (elements/CombatCommand.hx line 542)
Called from states.Combat.update (states/Combat.hx line 139)
Called from Reflect.callMethod (C:\coding\haxe\haxe\std/cpp/_std/Reflect.hx line 55)
haxegon.Scene.callscenemethod (haxegon/Scene.hx line 90)
haxegon.Scene.update (haxegon/Scene.hx line 53)
haxegon.Core.doupdate (haxegon/Core.hx line 252)
haxegon.Core.onEnterFrame (haxegon/Core.hx line 173) (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 184) (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 144)
starling.display.DisplayObject.dispatchEvent (starling/display/DisplayObject.hx line 778)
starling.display.DisplayObjectContainer.broadcastEvent (starling/display/DisplayObjectContainer.hx line 449)
starling.display.Stage.advanceTime (starling/display/Stage.hx line 108)
starling.core.Starling.advanceTime (starling/core/Starling.hx line 469)
starling.core.Starling.nextFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 455)
starling.core.Starling.onEnterFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 682) (openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 443)
openfl.display.DisplayObject.__dispatch (openfl/display/DisplayObject.hx line 1236)

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I need to try this!

I'll probably use a gamepad but have you implemented key rebindings for those without pads?

edit: ok I just tried it: it's indeed way too hard, the character doesn't have enough different moves for it to be fair, what about a roll or dash with invulnerability frames?

I like the hectic rythm though, that's pretty cool (and stressful ahah).

Good job!

Good work! :)

Interesting... a couple of non-spoilery information fo those wanting to try it:

What this tech demo lacks in gameplay (there's literally nothing else than waiting and moving a bit between the two same rooms), it delivers in mood. It's like a really nice short film that totally delivers on the advertised time! :D

The VHS effect is well done and I like the touch with the 4/3 ratio.

Sound is well done for such a small experience too.

It doesn't have much narration either but this is definitely an interesting piece to put in a portfolio.

Curious to see more stuff from you, sir/madam.

Also, how much time did you take to make this, have you used existing assets/scripts, that kind of stuff?

Fantastic! I'll give it a try then!

Hello! Curious about this one. Got a question first tough:

Can we rebind keys? Because wasd for movement will be unplayable, I hate that.

OK, there are two main BIG issues with your game, one of which entirely prevents me from playing it:

- No mouse control on menus

- Broken key rebindings: movement with wasd keys is like movement with eibl keys, unplayable. You should implement an option screen with key rebindings in-game. And bindings are missing in the launcher, why??

I'll gladly try it again... once I'm allowed to play it.


I'm quite pleased for you.

Nah, it doesn't, I mean I launch it then it gets stuck during loading.

Thanks for your prompt answer.

For fullscreen it's strange, sometimes it works, sometimes not (using Firefox btw), yesterday evening I had to resize the window then the button would work.

(2 edits)

Hi! Just got this and a couple questions:

1) no standalone? I find it annoying to launch the browser. :P Besides it gives me a 404 when I click on play game in the client

2) no fullscreen? The pre alpha was playable full screen on the browser. Icon does nothing.

edit: OK, found the way to launch it throuigh client and... it doesn't launch, it gets stuck at a third of the loading... :/

edit1: ok I can get full screen in browser now, by launching the htm file in local.

Oh sure that I can get behind, don't get me wrong but I would have liked some way to get a subset of those for slightly cheaper.

A bit expensive :(

Sure, that'd be cool! Don't hesitate to implement some form of key rebindings, even if it's just through the edition of some config file! ;)

Well I use an azerty layout, so hardcoding qwerty controls isn't the richest idea. :P

wasd for movement? That's unplayable. Can we rebind?

Being in Belgium, is it possible to pay via paypal with no credit card linked to it but just a bank account?

It wouldn't let me with just a bank account.

And in any case, the game ends up being more expensive than on Steam so I'll wait for a release elsewhere.

But I'm still curious about the question andd its answer.


Well, maybe my post wasn't clear, because the point is to NOT get it on Steam. :P

OK, just decided to buy it here and I can't. Some mumbo jumbo with paypal. What gives? :(

Hello, just wanted to know if you were planningg to release your game on other stores? I'm interested in GOG personally.

Congrats for the release and good luck in the future!