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Cool concept and execution! :)

If you find another hosting solution, I'll check it.

But in any case, being allowed to change the default keys is a must have for videogames: we don't have the same keyboard layouts (qwerty <> azerty).


Unfortunately, the demo requires the creation of a mega account, and honestly I'd rather not. :(

I'll wait for now, but good luck with the rest of the dev. :)

Sorry, I wasn't clear: I CAN not install the demo, I get a message along the lines of "This title is hosted on an incompatible third party website"... install button is grayed out.

I wanted to download the demo to see if you implemented key rebindings, but the demo won't install... :/

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Not a fan of the laughing when we die. :P

But good job on the dev, it's really shaping up nicely! :)

Thanks for insisting on this point. I finished it (well the ending where we watch that thing getting stabbed by us indefinitely). Really intriguing. :)

I was merely questionning your choice of technology used if that implied complicated modifications, certainly not your competency or willingness. Glad you managed, I'll finally check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

Wow, ok. It seemed like a small thing to me but whatever.

The UI is buggy:

1 Press esc

2 go to system

3 go back in game

4 press esc again

5 You are stuck on that screen because the mouse moves the camera and not the pointer

Will try again once that's fixed.

Actually, the player can rebind keys on the launcher and it works. :)

"W, A, S and D to Move"


Oh gosh, you got something there. I should go and finish Fran Bow before you finish this one. ;)

Checked it, a couple remakrs:

When I change the command for A to bind it to Q, it prompted me saying Q was already assigned, but it doesn't look so.

Also, adding a link in the main menu to key rebinds (and even options) would be cool.

Oh and also a "Resume Game" option in the pause menu so that we don't have to press Escape.

Haven't played much but interesting work you've done. I'll come back to it later. :)

Cool, so anyone can play with a keyboard and mouse now?

OK, thanks. I'll come back then.

Hey hi! Do you allow for rebindable controls?

Tiens, comment on joue dans le navigateur?

Sympa! Feels good! :D


Very nice game you got there: simple and efficient! :)

First crash I got!

  OS : Windows 10 (Pre-release)
  RAM: 16717656 KB (15.94 GB)
  CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
  GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, driver v.
filename: diceydungeons
package: com.terrycavanaghgames.diceydungeons
version: 0.12.1
sess. ID: dicey_dungeons_2018-10-03_11'10'00
started: 2018-10-03 11:10:00
crashed: 2018-10-03 11:30:35
duration: 00:20:35
error: ERROR in callscenemethod(Combat,update) static : Cannot resize to sizes other than 2 right now., stack = 
Called from elements.Equipment.resize (elements/Equipment.hx line 369)
Called from elements.Equipment.copy (elements/Equipment.hx line 1115)
Called from elements.Equipment.unweaken (elements/Equipment.hx line 1075)
Called from elements.Fighter.startturn (elements/Fighter.hx line 309)
Called from elements.CombatCommand.execute (elements/CombatCommand.hx line 542)
Called from states.Combat.update (states/Combat.hx line 139)
Called from Reflect.callMethod (C:\coding\haxe\haxe\std/cpp/_std/Reflect.hx line 55)
haxegon.Scene.callscenemethod (haxegon/Scene.hx line 90)
haxegon.Scene.update (haxegon/Scene.hx line 53)
haxegon.Core.doupdate (haxegon/Core.hx line 252)
haxegon.Core.onEnterFrame (haxegon/Core.hx line 173) (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 184) (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 144)
starling.display.DisplayObject.dispatchEvent (starling/display/DisplayObject.hx line 778)
starling.display.DisplayObjectContainer.broadcastEvent (starling/display/DisplayObjectContainer.hx line 449)
starling.display.Stage.advanceTime (starling/display/Stage.hx line 108)
starling.core.Starling.advanceTime (starling/core/Starling.hx line 469)
starling.core.Starling.nextFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 455)
starling.core.Starling.onEnterFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 682) (openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 443)
openfl.display.DisplayObject.__dispatch (openfl/display/DisplayObject.hx line 1236)

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I need to try this!

I'll probably use a gamepad but have you implemented key rebindings for those without pads?

edit: ok I just tried it: it's indeed way too hard, the character doesn't have enough different moves for it to be fair, what about a roll or dash with invulnerability frames?

I like the hectic rythm though, that's pretty cool (and stressful ahah).

Good job!

Good work! :)

Interesting... a couple of non-spoilery information fo those wanting to try it:

What this tech demo lacks in gameplay (there's literally nothing else than waiting and moving a bit between the two same rooms), it delivers in mood. It's like a really nice short film that totally delivers on the advertised time! :D

The VHS effect is well done and I like the touch with the 4/3 ratio.

Sound is well done for such a small experience too.

It doesn't have much narration either but this is definitely an interesting piece to put in a portfolio.

Curious to see more stuff from you, sir/madam.

Also, how much time did you take to make this, have you used existing assets/scripts, that kind of stuff?

Fantastic! I'll give it a try then!

Hello! Curious about this one. Got a question first tough:

Can we rebind keys? Because wasd for movement will be unplayable, I hate that.

OK, there are two main BIG issues with your game, one of which entirely prevents me from playing it:

- No mouse control on menus

- Broken key rebindings: movement with wasd keys is like movement with eibl keys, unplayable. You should implement an option screen with key rebindings in-game. And bindings are missing in the launcher, why??

I'll gladly try it again... once I'm allowed to play it.


I'm quite pleased for you.

Nah, it doesn't, I mean I launch it then it gets stuck during loading.

Thanks for your prompt answer.

For fullscreen it's strange, sometimes it works, sometimes not (using Firefox btw), yesterday evening I had to resize the window then the button would work.

(2 edits)

Hi! Just got this and a couple questions:

1) no standalone? I find it annoying to launch the browser. :P Besides it gives me a 404 when I click on play game in the client

2) no fullscreen? The pre alpha was playable full screen on the browser. Icon does nothing.

edit: OK, found the way to launch it throuigh client and... it doesn't launch, it gets stuck at a third of the loading... :/

edit1: ok I can get full screen in browser now, by launching the htm file in local.

Oh sure that I can get behind, don't get me wrong but I would have liked some way to get a subset of those for slightly cheaper.

A bit expensive :(

Sure, that'd be cool! Don't hesitate to implement some form of key rebindings, even if it's just through the edition of some config file! ;)

Well I use an azerty layout, so hardcoding qwerty controls isn't the richest idea. :P

wasd for movement? That's unplayable. Can we rebind?

Being in Belgium, is it possible to pay via paypal with no credit card linked to it but just a bank account?

It wouldn't let me with just a bank account.

And in any case, the game ends up being more expensive than on Steam so I'll wait for a release elsewhere.

But I'm still curious about the question andd its answer.


Well, maybe my post wasn't clear, because the point is to NOT get it on Steam. :P

OK, just decided to buy it here and I can't. Some mumbo jumbo with paypal. What gives? :(