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There's an extension/plugin somewhere that allows for that (for the old input system I think), it's sold 15 dollars. :(

Well, that's... really dumb...

Thanks for the info though.

Oh ok, the game page, but I accessed it through the vote page, that's why. :P

I guessed, but how? :p

Intriguing and nice presentation, can't play it as controls are hardcoded. :(

Nice starting idea but it goes out way too fast and not being able to rebind keys kills it for me. :P

I started the first level, accelerated went through the finish line and fell off. :P

OK I couldn't get through it but nice first jam game! :)

I'm too old I manage to do almost NOTHING! XP

But very cool concept, love the colour palette you took from that falling game (probably), great sound effect and feedback!

Nice! First one I have so much fun with!

Simple, fine controls, good job!

I die within 5 seconds. :P

How do you bring back the last victim? Apparently it's too heavy.

I don't get it, where should I go?

Yea it won't let me copy the file anyway.

It's a pity it looked pretty cool. Can't rate it anyway now. :/

How do you access the key rebinds in a Unity game again?

exe detected as virus threat.

You deserve to win just for implementing key rebinds! :D

Love when the bombs explode, very silly. :P

Oh thanks for the heads up! :)

Thanks for the advice.

But please think of all the players next time. ;)

Myy nth scobx pad died (a button) so I'm trying my best, I only have my switch pad now. :P

And to play with two I only have the arrows because wasd is unplyable. :(

Maybe I'll check back later when I have more compatible pads.

Looks fun! Would it be possible to offer key rebinds in an update?

It is utterly cryptic indeed...

"I use a qwertz keyboard and even I use wasd"

Imagine having to use zqsd on your keyboard, what would you say then?

My point is made.

Hardcoded mandatory wasd controls + non working Switch Pro controller = sadface. :(

Arrows for movement and space to jump and e to pick up is strange, would love to use zqsd for movement. :P

Also, would love more hints. Couldn't find more than 2 symbols in the first room. :/

Anyone who doesn't use qwerty keyboards, for starters.

Can play as second player with arrows and ctrl though.

Still, annoying how devs disregard such a basic feature. :/

Utterly unplayable due to hardcoded wasd control. :(

Nice try on the I support azerty but despite selecting it you still have to use wasd to move around the menu. :P

I have no need for a piece of software doing the job of a dev.

Yeah you click install and you get redirected to the store page to buy it. :/

... makes the game unplayable. A pity. It looked intriguing. :(

(1 edit)

Another game whose controls are hardcoded to wasd and un rebindable. :(

Unfortunately unplayable.

Controls are utterly broken, key rebinds don't work. :(

OK it doesn't work through the luncher you have to execute the application file in order to install the game.

WASD keys are hardcoded though, making the game unplayable. :(

Game doesn't launch. :(

Can't move neither up or left. :(

I changed the key bindings ioin the launcher though.