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Just checking if we can rebind controls...

Any way to rebind controls?

No, I meant you hardcoded WASD for movement and that's unplayable...

Looks wonderful! But I can't rebind wasd in the controls. :(

You can't move forward nor left... original...

Congrats on making this playable on an azerty layout keyboard!

Fun concept too! Death to work! Makes us zombies. :)


Yeah but how do I do that? I got it in the Ukraine Bundle and I can't download on the page either...

Hi! How do I download this? It doesn't seem to work in the itch client...

Well no actually. We use zqsd over here and harcoding wasd makes the game unpalyable.

It's in the ukrainian support bundle! ;)

WASD? Whyyyyyy? :'(

OK, well, I'll wait for the full game I guess. :P

No problem, I meant a way to rebind the keys (or hardcode another one), wasd is utterly unplayable on a non-qwerty keyboard. :)

Sorry, I don't understand your answer. :)

Any plan for key rebinds? :)

Oh ok, i'll try that. Thanks.

Hi, do you think it'd be possible to make it so that the dialog is activated by the click of the mouse? Maybe I'd like to stream this but as the game is English only it'd be hard to translate correctly on the fly.


Ooooh, OK, I got it mixed up for some reason, I thought I needed something else firrst.

Geez, I must be missing something: how do you get the recycled building materials to the rocket? If I deconstruct buildings, I don't have water anymore. :'(

Such a lovely idea, such an unworked one too! I'm fed up of killing and destroying. :)

There's an extension/plugin somewhere that allows for that (for the old input system I think), it's sold 15 dollars. :(

Well, that's... really dumb...

Thanks for the info though.

Oh ok, the game page, but I accessed it through the vote page, that's why. :P

I guessed, but how? :p

Intriguing and nice presentation, can't play it as controls are hardcoded. :(

Nice starting idea but it goes out way too fast and not being able to rebind keys kills it for me. :P

I started the first level, accelerated went through the finish line and fell off. :P

OK I couldn't get through it but nice first jam game! :)

I'm too old I manage to do almost NOTHING! XP

But very cool concept, love the colour palette you took from that falling game (probably), great sound effect and feedback!

Nice! First one I have so much fun with!

Simple, fine controls, good job!

I die within 5 seconds. :P

How do you bring back the last victim? Apparently it's too heavy.

I don't get it, where should I go?

Yea it won't let me copy the file anyway.

It's a pity it looked pretty cool. Can't rate it anyway now. :/

How do you access the key rebinds in a Unity game again?