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Good morning, I and a group of colleagues set up a group to develop games, we still have not decided a name for the team, I need suggestions. We do not want "Games" in the title, we are thinking of something like "From Software", "Naughty Dog" or "Nintendo". Thank you for your attention and have a good day.

White pillar is game develop by me alone and Projeto Oron with a group of friends from school. Both are very short, no more than  10/20 min. Thanks and have a good day.

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You are a space blob that has landed on earth, the army wants you dead, collect its pieces and release terror on humanity.

I made this game in three days for a school project, I hope you enjoy. Thanks for the support and have a good day.


Edit: Playable on the browser now!

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White Pillar is a game about a fairy using his magic abilities to protect a magic tree. It is my first game made after I started to learn C Sharp on unity. 

Take a look at the credits session, leave your feedback on the comments session or send a message to my email ( Thank you for your support and have a good day.

Edit: Playable on the browser now!