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Names for a Game Studio.

A topic by lucasananin created 36 days ago Views: 218 Replies: 14
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Good morning, I and a group of colleagues set up a group to develop games, we still have not decided a name for the team, I need suggestions. We do not want "Games" in the title, we are thinking of something like "From Software", "Naughty Dog" or "Nintendo". Thank you for your attention and have a good day.


Stay away from names that are copyrighted, like Nintendo.

 Think of it this way, if you have a very generic name like From Software or Naughty Dog and people search for those terms - your site is going to be number 10 000 of 10 000+ pages and they won't find you.  If you have a very unique name - and people search for that specific name - you'll be on page 1.

Use your names or surnames or part of them to form a word. Do a search for that word - if it's not already taken - then go with it.


Name it after some majestic creature, or a beast from mythology. Like I did.


Most big game studios don't have any rhyme or reason to their names. As long as the name isn't super long or hard to remember it should be fine. If anyone in your group has a strong feeling about a name, just let them use it. Otherwise, pick some random words and go from there.

For instance, I went over to a random word generator and pressed the button a few time to get:

  • Bush
  • Jacket
  • Psychology

So... Bush Jacket. Your studio shall henceforth be called Bush Jacket. Can't wait to see Bush Jacket's first release.

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how about  "(insert user name here) co"?

that's a pretty genius idea i can't lie

your welcome


"you'll remember this" is a gud name mebbe.... 

You can use a name generator or just combine two different words together to create a new word for eg Frontier Studios and you can have a picture of a mountain as your logo.


My only tip would be don't put 'Pixel' anywhere in your studio title. Tired, generic, and terrible for SEO - find something you can own. 

I put together a little article on studio branding a little while back - possibly of interest to you :)


Make sure the name is fun though because that will make more people want to play your games

Something that's won't get buried in a Google search,

Something that gives a pleasing mental picture,

Something that has a bit of a story behind it- so when people ask you how you got your name,  you'll have something interesting to say.

Something that reflects the games you'll be releasing (e.g. if you see 'software' in the studio's name, you'd expect something a bit retro)

Maybe something that describes you? I've also heard of taking various parts of your life and combining them. Put a little thought into it, but I think eventually the name will grow on you and your fans. Perhaps the "Naughty Dog"s and "Nintendo"s sounded weird or not perfect initially, but now their household names because of the quality and legacy of their content.

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