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Developer Dre Reid

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You can use a name generator or just combine two different words together to create a new word for eg Frontier Studios and you can have a picture of a mountain as your logo.

Those people give really talented devs who work hard a bad name.

I don't believe so, most HTML 5 games are basic and boring.

So in other words people are getting more stupid???

Downward Boy

a horror survival game where mutated tapeworm hide in food and wait to be ingested where they shall feast on the hosts body until they mature where they shall rip through the butthole and hide in more food waiting to be ingested so they can repeat the cycle again.

why not try unity??

Huh?? Are you planning to use the answers you receive to create a game based on someone getting amnesia and goes on an adventure to become someone else???

blender, cakewalk, awesomebump, Google, and sketchbook just to name a few.