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Users who stupidly download PC games on Android/iOS Locked

A topic by Ofihombre created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 2,490 Replies: 50
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This is another great show of how serious is the technological illiteracy in gaming.

Smartphone users are becoming less and less aware than the usual, and now those who want to download outside of Google Play or the App Store, some go right here in free indie game sites (include, there are files for Android phones, but unfortunately, there are those who don't know that there are, and they start downloading the files for Windows, Mac & Linux without any kind of computing knowledge.

Although the profile says the platforms that are targeted, they don't know what means Windows or Linux, and not even the operating system of their phone (is Android & iPhone).

I leave some images in spanish with translated subtitles:

Picture when they start to download in the opposite direction

A terrible mistake happens on the Internet, and nobody notices. people downloading software from PC to mobile and vice versa.

Windows users who download programs for Android have a possibility, using with an emulator, while those on Android, they don't have any. The Windows emulators for Android, like Exagear or Wine for Android, are still very primitive, apart from that they need an x86 processor for the correct emulation, since most phones have an ARM processor, which brings too many problems.

Imagine showing the consequence of downloading a PC game on your phone

This software is not available for your device.

Why is this happening? very easy: Programs for Windows have an encoding of .exe, and the Android the .apk, that means that if you have an .exe program on an Android device, it just will not work because it isn't compatible.

In Google Play, App Store, Steam, Nintendo eShop, etc., they have a system of specific purchases and downloads for the determined devices, Internet however, there aren't exists such regulations, so it's easier to make mistakes and ignore the operating system requirements necessary for the optimal operation.

If you don't believe me, I've got evidence from the analytical downloads:

The users who downloaded in the Google App for Android, are the easiest to detect.

As you can see, those who use the Google app for Android, have downloaded it incorrectly without reading the profile in the section of available platforms, or to hurry up, besides, not even a DBolical account has been done before to put a comment to the author of the file because it doesn't work on his device. I don't know exactly, for example, they enter them from YouTube links, but some of them probably have done it incorrectly from the mobile version.

My conclusion

This seems to me to be dark times for computing and free PC gaming. As the "Post-PC" times progresses, this kind of erroneous actions will become more and more normal. The incompatibility of the programs for Windows, Mac & Linux in Android/iOS and the lack of devices with the same operating systems for computers, will be a problem even greater than the end of the net neutrality in United States.

Computer users are 1.2 billion, fronts to 2.3 billion phone/tablet users, and the gap continues to increase. It has been very fast, and developers of computer software emulation aren't giving them enough time to perfect it.

Apple after the launch of the iPad Pro, you should realize that updating your iOS system is also compatible with Mac software, it would be perfect for the product, and Microsoft, should stop making restricted versions of their Windows 10, such as the 10 S, the 10 Arm and the Polaris, and create ways to recover their well-deserved fame, such as the Windows icon, which is too simplified are with the blue, and put back its symbolic colors that made the Windows system memorable.

For now, the only way to play PC games on phones/tablets is through remote control and streaming, such as Liquid Sky, Remotr Streamer, Rainway & Cloud Gaming.

Remotr example

In the case of Remotr Streamer, it's, for the moment, the best and the most accessible way to play Windows PC games on Android/iOS devices.

Deleted 33 days ago

"PCs will eventually die and phones will take their place"

This is not the least bit true. Sure casual gamers are moving more and more to phones, but that's fine. The fact remains that no matter how fast or capable phones become, they will never be able to replace PCs, as a gaming platform or as a workstation. You just can't do any serious work (or do any serious gaming) on such a tiny screen with such a limited set of controls, and the size and controls of phones won't increase because that would make them unreasonably large.

So PCs aren't going anywhere. Sure the numbers of PC gamers will decrease, but those were just casual gamers anyway. The games they want to play are better suited to phones. Worst case, we eventually drop some day to only like 20% of people owning PCs, but that's actually more people than owned PCs in the late 80's, and PC games were still being made and sold and doing quite well in the 80's. PCs are not going away any time in our lifetime. And they are certainly never going away before something better than a phone comes along to replace them.

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First, the phones & tablets have already taken as for number, and second, the purpose of the above article isn’t to promote but to inform the community for that they don’t return or warn not to download the Windows/Mac software on Android/iOS devices (because this PC software doesn’t available in this devices) and it isn’t an exclusive problem of hacking, but mainly due to the lack of computing knowledge. 

If the PC die literally, it has several consequences, such as that the software development and update would disappear, because there would be no new apps to publish in the stores and the existing ones would remain, and the new professional films would be of poor quality by the video editors for mobile with limited special effects.

Ive actually seen this happen with not only our games but also with Game Jams, people complaining games wont run when they are trying to open a .exe on a Android Tablet OS.

I see the situation painful, to the jams I see that they need more information about the necessary operating system requirements, or that these people need a more updated computing education (I think it has cut much morale and education to create smartphones or something similar). By the way in what game jams this happens? give me some examples, please.

It just happened in our Slime Jam In our discord server. Most games are clearly marked.

I tried to find an answer about the wrong device download incident both in the jam and in the discord, but I couldn't. It will be that they don't even notice that the icon of squares means Windows, just like the green robot means easily Android.

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There are still users who download wrongly PC/Mac games on an mobile phone/tablet from Android/iOS and nobody cares, this is the last straw.

A part I made a video to those who download the wrong way from the links of the description of YouTube videos:

YouTube is one of the worst accumulators of wrong downloads of PC/Mac games on Android/iOS devices. Between 80-95% of the views of the gameplays and trailers of our projects in, come from phones and tablets of Android/iOS. There are some days that nobody has looked at it on a PC, and for many notices and recommendations that are put to know that it isn't a game for mobile/tablet, simply they ignore and equally enter the links in the description. And finally they have been misled by their ignorance, download a PC/Mac games on phone/tablet it's like downloading a NES game without a prepared emulator.

i really don't know the os of my file......

Well, I give you examples of OS belongs to a file: If a file is .exe, it means that it's for Windows, If a file is .apk, it means that it's for Android. What OS belong your file, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux or Android?

it is an asm file

.asm is not a OS file, is a language assembly file, but it can be opened in Vim, Notepad, .etc

well I used it to make an OS......

And the thing gets even uglier, It's even easily detected wrong downloads with Samsung phones & tablets.

Summer & Christmas are the worst seasons for software downloads for Windows/Mac, since they are where most Android/iOS phones and tablets are used. And the amount of wrong downloads of PC/Mac games on Android/iOS devices it's almost daily. 

The sessions where I have most lost faith in humanity because of this duopoly of mobile operating systems. (not to mention also the weekends)

this is mostly the fault of the developer, it should be clear to the player what each file is for them. i have a installer for windows games to help double check the correct placement like OS and files location. you cant them players for not understanding what .exe or .apk s for them because that is our job to understand.

Part of you will be right, there are many novice developers who forget to put the operating system or platform that is targeted the game (if it's for Windows, for Android, etc.). But it's also the fault of the user, that although the developer shows that platforms are targeted their games in more detailed way possible, he simply doesn't know how to read the recommendations, or doesn't care, or simply downloads it just because. And once downloaded to the wrong device, they no longer work because of their ignorance.  It seems that we need more technological education for this matter, more powerful emulators and also more convergent devices.

Luckily, the Android phones they can also be used as complete computers, thanks to bases like the Samsung Dex, which would be the best way to emulate the software from Windows, Mac & Linux, but unfortunately the PC emulators for Android are still very precarious, irrelevant and limited, which is still a problem, and that's why there are still users who download erroneously PC/Mac games on the phone/tablet, not only because there are less PCs, but also for lack of quality emulators like the classic videogame consoles. And the Samsung Dex should be taken as a reference to have the possibility to use and emulate Windows/Mac software in Android/iOS completely. 

For now, only part of the Windows software can be used in operating systems such as: Mac with Winebottler, Linux with Wine and ReactOS.

I finally have a proof of a user who has wrongly downloaded a Windows PC game on his Android phone! the user is called "The Benji Kawaii23", and he have wrongly downloaded on his android phone a PC game called "Sonic Boll", acknowledged the error he has made. The comment is Spanish.

that's true I thought it would work on mobile xd

The first PC Windows/Mac game downloaded in a wrong way on Android phone/tablet of 2019.  Damn! the most inept, casual and ignorant people still don't learn the valuable lesson that they don't have to download software from other operating systems that aren't compatible with their. It's clear that this year, these technological illiteracy practices they will become more stupidly frequent than in 2018 If the community doesn't take action quickly. I just can't do anything.

Usually, developers point devices and OS for which the game version is suitable. The problem is that users usually don't see that or don't WANT to see. Very stupid thing. 

Talking about PC vs phone, PC still have a huge plus - wide screen with better quality of picture. I prefer playing on PC. Phone is only for those places where using of computer is uncomfortable.

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Not only for not wanting to see, but also for not wanting to read and understand the requirements necessary to play that games, they even download the wrong way with the phone searching "PC game", without knowing what it really means a PC

One of the most affected games, are usually the free games of, gamejolt, indieDB, etc., because don't exists a regulation of downloads for specific devices (as in Steam, Google Play, App Store, etc.), and the fangames known for the casuals are like a magnet of wrong downloads with the phone/tablet (especially from the Youtube links, where visits are mostly from Android and iOS), as in this example of someone who accidentally downloaded Super Smash Land on Android:

(the game i see it cool, but I can't run it on my Android)

There is a lot of misinformation and waste in Windows emulation for Android, so the only way to play PC/Mac games in Android/iOS phones is through on Streaming, but you need a good Internet connection, and the worst thing is that you have to pay a monthly subscription and nothing title and the experiences aren't our property. 

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This is the last straw, users who download in the wrong way PC Windows/Mac games in phone/tablets of Android, searching "PC game" without knowing what really means a "PC".  

When will they learn these that a Smartphone doesn't work for everything? A Smartphone is not a PC without a basis for it to function as such, Android is not Windows, .exe programs aren't .apk & PC it means "Personal Computer", not "Phone Call". Every time less importance is taken on the appropriate use of technology for people who are increasingly casual, ignorant and technologically illiterate.


It's kinda funny, the idea of people downloading a PC game on a tablet. However, it would be cool if there was an emulator where you could play PC games on mobile.

Also is this a big thing? Are lots of people doing it?

Yes, It's some funny to see someone with an stupid face who download in a wrong way a PC game on his phone/tablet, it happens many times in simple games of free download, in which although they take a version for Android, it also have the version for Windows, and this people that was download the Windows version  in the wrong way on his Android phone/tablet, they will have confused it in an epic way to the Android version.

The big problem with Windows emulation in Android, is that there is a lot of fakes and misinformation about this theme (Wine for Android wasn't updated since January 2018), but there is another way to be able to play PC/Mac games on Android/iOS, the Streaming, but it's not worth it, because you need to pay a monthly subscription, a very good Internet signal and mandatory, the screen is filled with so many buttons that your fingers will cover almost everything, and nothing game will be your property.

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Android browser entries in game pages for Windows/Mac in itself, it could also be counted as possible wrong downloads of PC/Mac software in Android phone/tablet, if is reached a relevant number on the referrers.

Another great computing illiteracy, Arabian user who is looking for a game for Mac on his Android Smartphone without knowing what it means Mac, and get confused by mistake downloading the Windows version in the wrong way. 

The casual players & Android/iOS phones they are normalizing more and more this stupid practice of downloading software from other operating systems without first having a good emulator in conditions or by streaming.

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It's perfectly possible and even easy nowadays to detect which platform the browser is from. There's no point listing all the download options and it can even be quite embarassing, if like me you have different executables for 32 or 64 bits (leading to 5 different options for me). I have many users that download the wrong architecture, which is much more confusing for the average user.

So we could auto detect the platform and at least put the appropriate one bigger and in front. Is such a feature in progress from

First you say that listing all the options is a nonsense a embarassing and then you say you have users that use the wrong architecture to download? That is a double moral, if you have friends that wrongly download PC/Mac games on Android/iOS for example and it doesn't work, you should teach them in which devices with their respective platform works correctly for that software.

And yes, the analytics of in downloads should be updated and shown as in IndieDB / ModDB, because there are even people who look for a PC game without really knowing what is a "PC".

No, I'm just saying the best download option should be given to the user in function of their platform because it is possible to detect their platform. There's no reason trying to teach people, just make their life easier by giving them a single button that downloads the good thing automatically.

There is no bad in putting a one-button option to download an all-in-one gaming folder for various platforms, it's affordable, but that isn't the way to detect in which platform the game has been downloaded, it's detected from the analytics (as I showed you in the previous comment), and the best way to avoid wrong downloads from the wrong operating systems, is are using Google Play model platforms for Android, App Store for iOS or Steam for PC.

P.D: I don't know what you mean with 5 different options.

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No that's not what I'm saying. You can detect the platform of the user from the browser. From this you can already tell if it's a desktop, mobile or tablet and it even tells you the OS version. There's no need to bundle all of the options in a big zip file. Many website makes you automatically download the good thing when you click download, based on your OS and architecture.

The 5 different options I was talking about are Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Mac, Linux 64 bit and Linux 32 bit. If you add the mobile targets then you get to 7. Makes much more sense to have the website detect your platform from javascript and propose you the valid download automatically. That's all I'm saying.

Have told me before, You would have said from the beginning that there is a device detector instead of confusing me. but is it functional? do you use it in your profile?

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It is perfectly functional for any regular website. However that's not something we can just add to our page. It's a feature the devs of could enable for everyone. Perhaps its possible to detect mobiles and tablets from media queries in CSS, but that would only rely on the size of the screen which is way less reliable than this library. Another hacky way would be to integrate an iframe in the page to replace the download options by something external, which would integrate this script.

No I haven't try yet on but I use it on my regular website to warn mobile users that my game is only for PC.

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The wrong IndieDB download of arabian user downloading a windows program in Android phone confusing by a Mac version, has been repeated for the third time.

Why is this happening? Perhaps he hasn't come to understand that he can't play PC/Mac games on his phone? Or is it that a bot has entered that keeps him repeating the process once every day?

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Arabian wrong download PC game in Android phone in fourth time. This is already out of line, it seems that he refuses to learn the lesson that he can't play Windows/PC games if had downloaded it on Android phones like the Samsung, he doesn't even use the chrome translator to read. Instead, he go back and screw up every day with changing the words to look for the same thing.

The 5th arabian wrong download of PC game in android samsung phone, but he are confusing it with an arcade game without MAME in which he searching. This minority of middle east users they simply refuse to be aware that their samsung android phones it doesn't work for all softwares, they are always wrong in downloading the same game, but looking for it with different letter, .exe programs isn't for Android, & .apk programs is not for Windows PC without respective emulators, there are only two ways to play PC games in Android phone/tablet, emulation o streaming (Remotr or Rainway).

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6th arabian wrong download. The supposedly same user of his Samsung Android phone, That wrongly downloaded a Windows game mistaking a Mac game in Android, now a Mac game on Android is immediately downloaded by mistake with such blatant ignorance with searching a supposedly v9.0 , And there aren't even exists Mac emulators for Android. 

Who is that Arabic language user of the samsung mobile? Why is it always getting in the wrong way of downloading  the same game for Windows/Mac on his Android phone just by changing the words in the Google search engine?

You're making fun of people who tend to live in countries so repressive that they can literally be killed by their government for accessing/downloading certain material.

Technological illiteracy there tends to be the fault of the oppressive regime that severely limits access to new information at their whim.

You should focus on more productive endeavors.

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No, I'm just very frustrated and disappointed with these wrong download acts (ok, it's inevitable to exaggerate a bit), I don't say that all those people are like that, it's just a minority, I just wanted them to improve on computing knowledge so that they use the software on the respective platforms correctly (.exe in Windows, .apk in Android, not the other way around). 

Although if this technological illiteracy is maintained by the oppressive governments of those countries and by terrorism, is a terrible possibility that I couldn't take account at the beginning.

7th & 8th, double arabian wrong download. Never, but never again, they will learn the valuable lesson that you can't use software from another operating system without the means for emulation or streaming, and it didn't come alone, but also with another that was downloaded by mistake the same game, but with other letters to find it.

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There's a meme oft-posted and oft-repeated but I feel it is relevant now more than ever before:

Also this article:,39205.html

People can complain about new platforms or they can embrace the market and see it as an opportunity.  If you want casual gamers then throw your hat in the mobile ring.  If you want less competition then go for the console crowd.  If you want to make the best games possible as amazing works of art that will live on for decades to come, go with PC.  ^_^

I'm somewhat more concerned with the unregulated gambling that goes on with impunity in mobile, console, and PC games alike; whether free or paid doesn't seem to matter.  If that type of bullshit can be completely squashed (likely through regulatory means) then the market will naturally contract and things may calm down a bit.

Honestly I feel there's a certain niche that the market has yet to fill.  RPG games that take less than 4 hours to complete, are cross-platform on PC & mobile, and have no additional purchases beyond paying for it initially, and tell a full/complete story without any sequel-baiting bullshit or half-assed endings.

Respect the time of your target audience and you shall reap the bounties within.

So in other words people are getting more stupid???


Yes, how much more use their phones/tablets irresponsibly, there will continue to be more cases of people downloading software without really knowing the platform where it is available to use it, and don't make urgent advances in technology education.

9th & 10th wrong arabian downloads. Please, this problems of erroneous downloads of PC/Mac games on Android phone/tablets has become really serious (specially in the Middle east, where Android dominates), and it's stupidly becoming more normal and daily this  technological illiteracy acts. 

You have to convince the world what an operating system means, and you can't use software from another OS without emulation or remote desktop.


This is starting to become more of a racist thread against people you don't like, rather than a productive thread about educating consumers about proper downloads.  How about we be more productive instead?

Perhaps some wording changes on the download page itself regarding items meant only for Windows/Mac/Android or other Operating Systems.

To use a similar analogy, I doubt anyone in this thread knows how to take apart a car engine and put it back together or even how it works in explicit detail, yet we drive cars every single day.  Some people drive a car and just pay someone else to do basic maintenance.

There is such a thing as 'tethering' where someone uses/pretends to be using a mobile user-agent string in order to bypass supposed spying/restrictions on their home internet (or if they are unable to get home internet due to cost or other factors).  It would be foolish to immediately presume malicious intent without significantly more data.

If these downloads are bothering you, then edit your page to make it clear that the downloads are not meant for mobile operating systems.  If these same users are bothering you with support requests for when exe files don't work on mobile, you ignore them.  I feel that would be far more productive then this length 2+ page rant about it.

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if I complain about the wrong downloads that come from the Middle East, It isn’t because I am racist, I know that not everyone has a great lack of knowledge, is because more and more wrong downloads of PC games in Android that are coming from that region almost daily.

But nevertheless, from the second paragraph of your comment, you are telling me very interesting things worth admiring. The wording changes & warnings in download pages, is something that I had done before you told me, I have put them in the descriptions of Youtube gameplays, in my weebly page and here in, but no matter how detailed the warning it that saying "the game is intended for Windows and not for Android", always there will be the one who ignores such requirements to be able to play such a game before downloading them, and because of him it doesn’t work because he downloaded it in the wrong way by his fault.

In the case of the wrong arab downloads, all came from IndieDB, and they already said in their profile that the game was for Windows or Mac platforms, and they didn’t want to pay attention to this detail, and they committed the same error to download it wrongly on their Android phones again and again just by changing the words in the google search engine to find the same game.

In short, this type of technological illiteracy cases obviously can’t be controlled, nor is there an official institution on how to properly download the software for each operating system in an orderly manner (which would urgently need it), you can tell me to try to be more respectful and patient, but I don’t intend to ignore this type of case in case I'm interested in showing it.

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I'm not telling you to ignore it.  I'm telling you to be more productive in how you go about dealing with this issue.
Personally I don't know how/why such downloads are bothering you.  If those users are asking you for support then you just use an automated response that the game is meant for the Windows OS and there is no support for any other operating systems.

This may also be an opportunity for you to consider making a mobile (paid) version of your item and make some money off of it instead.  Turn an annoyance into a profitable venture.

But hey what do I know?  You'd rather sit here complaining about it instead of doing something more productive ;)

EDIT:  You're already using Unity and most of your games don't seem to have any gameplay that would exclude a (paid) mobile port.  Might also help to offer a (Google Translated) arabic version of your store page/blurb so that those visitors actually understand what you're saying.

I see that each once you are more sincere and that you understand me better my concern about the users that wrongly download the Windows /Mac games in Android/iOS phones.

The problem I have with this, is that now that the Smartphone already has greater dominance and popularity than the PC, the chances of a download a wrong way a Windows game to Android are very high. And  what most leaves me unanswered, is that almost no one has asked me why the game he downloaded doesn’t work on his phone or tablet, to be able to answer that the game works with Windows, or Mac, or Linux, etc. 

Even though I have Unity, I don’t make mobile games for 3 reasons:

1. I don’t know how to use Android SDK, and I don’t even think about doing it.

2. Excessive and automated advertising when it is free, but making payment, there is no problem.

3. The buttons on the screen, at first don’t affect your experience, but when it comes to games that require many buttons, your fingers can even cover half screen or almost all, this annoys and you can lose details easily. That is why it is better to choose to make compatible games with bluetooth connection commands for a better gaming experience.

To those who downloaded the game by wrong way in the Arab region or the rest of the world, they would have before thought about copying and translating the text they don’t  understand so that they avoid downloading the software version that is not what they were really finding for, but as always, there will be those who go ignore it.

I think with the game options, some quite fine. I downloaded it mobidescargar mobile Pubg pretty good

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