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If you check your active tasks (from the Portal tab) there’s an option to copy the URL from there! 

Hello! We can be found at SuperstringLtd - and generally use Twitter as our primary studio channel. 

Will dig through this thread here and systematically follow every account that has been linked; feel free to say hi!

Marketing, baby!

^ Hopefully a helpful resource for you - $0 budget marketing strategies for indies. 

Oh good catch - thanks. Fixed!

Hi there - it's designed to mimic a phone UI, but it's actually only or PC right now. You can increase the screen resolution from the main menu by hitting Escape. 
Hope this helps!

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Hi Spencer - we'd love to submit Acolyte: Transcendent Edition to the bundle here. 

The game, released in the past few weeks, is a narrative puzzle/detective game with a big AI hook in the form of natural language input.

Please shout if any questions - happy to supply any additional materials you might need. 




As development of Acolyte continues, we wanted to put out a roadmap for the year ahead, which will let players know what to expect and when from now up until release.

The dates presented here are a best approximation at time of writing. Acolyte is developed by one person, so the timelines can shimmy about a fair bit quite easily. Will aim to update the roadmap on a monthly-or-so basis to keep things up to date. 

To everybody that's played the Prologue and shared their thoughts so far: big thanks! Your feedback is shaping the ongoing development, and genuinely making the game a better, tighter experience.

Any further comments, criticisms or questions, please reach out. 

More soon.  


Yeah, it probably will have done a little bit. 

Hi there! Saves from the Transcendent Edition will very likely not work with the full game (regardless of whether bought on Steam or Itch)

The Prologue is standalone, to some extent. The story will pick up after the end of the Prologue, but the plan is to work in player feedback and improvements that will likely change the codebase and game-flow too much to use existing saves. 

As for your extra content: the Aura background will be in your Wardrobe from the off, and the new Tasks (and wardrobe puzzesl/rewards) will kick in at the end of the main/free content (after the end screen). 

Hope that all makes sense, and thanks for picking up the game. Looking forward to hearing all your feedback! 

Trello is great! If you're looking for a one-stop-shop for to-do lists, project management, document archiving (maybe for GDDs or story docs), web clippings and more - all with the option to share collaboratively - I can't recommend Notion enough. 

I switched from Trello to Notion for project management and production bits, and it's been a game changer.

Hi all! Later this year, Superstring will be releasing a revised second edition of The Zero Budget Game Marketing Manual, with new topics, bolstered marketing strategies,  and an expanded Q&A section that brings in specific questions from the community around the PR and marketing of their games. 

Feedback from the book has raised several questions and areas for the second edition to focus,  but if you have specific questions about improving the awareness of your game, please use the comments section here to ask and they might be used in the book. The more specific/niche the question, the better, and no subject is off the table. I'll try and answer the more simple or quick-fix questions in this thread along the way, too. 

Thanks to everybody that has checked out the book so far, and all other feedback welcome as the book is revised for 2021. 

More news later in the year! 



Hi there. Continue from which point? The 'end screen' after the free demo ends? You just need to hit continue, and a new scene will start....

If you have any more details of the obstacle you're facing here I can try to help. 

You can use similar questions to your own Personality Test, but there are a whole bunch of questions that contribute towards this Task. Hope that helps!

Hello! As the full version of Acolyte is still in development, feedback from the Prologue will be rolled into production plans to create a full v1 of the game that caters to as many wants as possible.

Ignoring bugs (which are being fixed and rolled out in ongoing updates to the Prologue) please use this thread to request features, settings or optimisations that you feel would benefit the final game.


Hi there! Odd not an issue that's come up so far, but I'll look into the root of the problem here and roll out a fix with the next update. 

In the meantime, you can use the CLEAR DATA button from the main menu (Esc). Hope this helps! 

I'll keep an eye out for the emails - appreciate the feedback and notes here!

Any time!

Hello! Firstly huge thanks for playing through and sticking with things; apologies if any issues scuppered the end for you. 

I'm just trying to wrap my head around exactly what played out in your playthrough, so please email me at jamin[at]superstring[dot]studio and we save these boards the spoilers :) 

In short though: EULA screen should never appear a second time, so (assuming you didn't manually Clear Data from menu) something has gone awry. Rest assured this will be fixed and rolled out with next update however! 

Hi there! There's a quicker solution to your problem -- if you hit Escape to bring up the main menu in the game, you simply hit 'CLEAR DATA' to wipe your save. 

Hope that helps!

Hi Marko - thanks for the feedback here! Acolyte was always designed to have a light ARG component surrounding the game, and that can't exist without internet in some form. 

Renaming your Acolyte is very possible, however! If you ask "Can I change your name?" (and a handful of variants on this) you should get the option to choose your preferred new name. 

Ah, this is fantastic! Going to have a full watch shortly. Thanks for taking the time to play and providing feedback. Your final point is a biggy: the dictionary and range of inputs captured with triggers does need to be expanded, and will be over time. 

there is an ‘affinity’ system that didn’t make it into the demo which basically tracks how well you get on with your acolyte, but it’s a ways off being ready. Depending on appetite for such a feature, it can be fleshed more fully before release. 

We released a Zero-Budget Marketing Manual last year, which offers a host of strategies for branding and marketing your game without a budget. 

There's a free version available on, too :)

Hi all! Today we've released the first playable version of Acolyte; a narrative detective/puzzle game with natural language input. 

"Acolyte: Prologue is the first act in a dynamic narrative experience that gives you your own Acolyte; a digital assistant you can talk to freely without pre-defined dialogue options. Just like a real conversation. 

Become an employee of Nanomax, a well-funded tech start-up looking to change the face of consumer AI  with its upcoming Acolyte application.

As a remote QA tester for the company, you'll interact with its employees and absorb its culture. But unexplained firings, missing employees and a strange, highly-classified bug in the Acolyte code-base point to something being very wrong.  

As you work with your new Acolyte, who seems to be intrinsically caught up in the company’s problems, you’ll find yourself at the very heart of the conspiracy. 

With a narrative that spills out of the game and into the real world, you will become a direct part of the story."


What's more, you can play the prologue today for FREE! Acolyte is still in development, but the Prologue is available now to all:

Exclusive to, we also have the  'Transcendent Edition', with additional content, story and customisation options. This will also act as the page for the full version of the game, as we track towards  launch, with private builds of new content and behind the scenes updates. 

Thanks - looking forward to seeing what people think. 


Hi there! Somebody else had this issue and seems to be a problem itch side, where the discount isn't applied to full version. Please email me at: jamin[at]superstring[dot]studio and I will sort you out. 

Many thanks!


Hi Arks - have you tried from web? Does that solve the issue? If it's a problem that can't be solved through Itch, we can look to sort with a direct download link for you.

hit up if there are any issues!

Hi there - thanks for playing the game and taking time to feedback. Apologies you had a few bumps along the way, but glad you enjoyed the game!

Hullo - sorry to hear you've had an issue here. I do remember a bug similar to this, actually, but believed it to be fixed.

So when you try to exit the room, the screen fades to black, but the scene doesn't change back to the corridor? Can you still bring up menu? I remember fast-travel being a work-around fix to the old problem here....

Ah, I've not tested the game in ultrawide, so that doesn't surprise me actually. Apologies for this, but glad you sussed it!

Hullo! So assuming you're launching on Itch, definitely be sure to opt into the press program, which will allow pre-approved content creators to download and check out your game. If your game looks unique or interesting, this has the opportunity to create a wave of activity from very little effort your side. 

In addition to that, look into platforms like Keymailer, Woovit and Indieboost, which will allow you to blast out keys en masse to an existing database of influencers. 

There's a section on how to handle media and content creators in our book - The Zero Budget Game Marketing Manual, if that helps you further. There's a free version, too. 

In addition to what leaf mentioned, and the classic Google test, you can also use NameCheckr ( to quickly and efficiently see what domains/handles/usernames you’ll be able to land-grab with your chosen name.  

Trademarking definitely only worth exploring once you've shipped, and if the game becomes successful. This is not something you need to worry about or budget for at an indie/solo-developer level. 

It's up to creators whether their game pages have discussion boards, comments, or are disabled entirely. Depends on the game. 

Ping me at jamin[at]superstring[dot]studio

Hello! You're right in that the additional languages are only available in the Steam version right now. If you can reach out to us here, we can help you out on that front... 

The separate volume sliders should solve your volume issue -- you can drop the music vol as you need. 

Key-rebinding isn't an option though sadly. Wasn't within my scope to achieve this; apologies. One for next time! 

Thanks for including Headspun

Hullo @DiamondLabs -- if you're looking for some advice on marketing, promotion and getting more eyeballs on your game, we've got a free guide for exactly that here on

Hopefully a helpful resource for you.

Hi there! Thanks for checking out the book, and bigger thanks for catching those rogue typos for us - will collate for the next update. 

Have you got a link to your channel? How big is the audience right now?

Hey Dark Dimension. Firstly, congrats on getting the game out the door and live on - an impressive milestone in itself!

Some very quick notes from me on the page: 

- Find some time to create some core brand elements for your game: your store page should, at a minimum, take advantage of a logo for your game, and a piece of key art which can be used as the header. Match the rest of the page's theme (colour and font) to your brand elements, and you'll have a cohesive looking page which represents your game.

  • Sell the player fantasy. Your page opens with aim and objective of the game. This is great, but doesn't let me know the wider world or theme I'm buying into. Visitors to your page will be attracted to the player-fantasy you're offering first and foremost. What is the experience you're selling? What role do I assume as a player in your game? Am I hitman? Do I raid tombs? Do I explore post-apocalyptic wastelands? I can see from your game that I likely solve puzzles - which is great - but you need to package that up and sell it with a strong theme that gives the game an ownable identity. 
  • Spend some time to really nail the language that communicates what your game is all about. Create a sharp razor - a sentence description which sells the game in as few words as possible, and open with that. Don't force people to work to understand what you're selling; get to the point quickly, then build out from there and layer in the detail. Visuals are an obvious point of focus for store pages, but langauge is really powerful tool which can be overlooked.
  • User text headers to separate content - break your game down, and chunk your page into themed content. Open with an attention grabbing intro that sells the big picture and lays out the premise/player fantasy. Then you could have a header for features, and bullet out the game's key mechanics or points of differentiation. Divvy up your page to make things easier for the viewer on a quick scan. 
  • Let people know where to find out more! If somebody has found their way to your page, you have their attention. Use this moment to promote the game's website (if it has one), your social channels, and where they can find out more. Hustle! :) 

For more on store pages - and Itch-specific advice - there's a section in my book, The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual (and there's a free version, too!)

Hope this helps somewhat!