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Cool game. It's both extremely cute and immensely frustrating!

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Updated at >90% completion- and with a snazzy new gif :D Also, I need to post a smaller version of the trailer gif somewhere for Lemmasoft. Here will do...

Our next game isn't out til October but, I've seen you play VNs, so would be delighted if you'd check out Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My). Here's Twitch stream of the game if you want a preview:

This was pretty fun, and I enjoyed the Resident Evil "master of unlocking" reference! There are two main improvements I'd suggest:

1) Be careful of infodumping- have you ever played the first Deus Ex game? If not, play it now! It's a prime example of a plot that unravels naturally through the player's interactions with other characters, news bulletins etc. that we should all aspire to.

2) Pick a less common font than Arial. Just taking a few minutes to choose a font that reflects the tone of your game will instantly make it 41.3% better (estimated figures!)

My only game's a visual novel, which would probably be a bit of a headache to be constantly translating to French- but bonne chance with your stream anyway!

Oh, wow, this sounds urgent! If you're up for a quirky fantasy choose-your-own-adventure then please try Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My).  Nice that you're English too (as I learnt from a quick internet stalking and following ;) ). I've linked the last Twitchers to play the game below just in case you want to know what you're getting into... :)

Ok, you've probably got enough already ;) But if you ever feel like a quirky fantasy choose-your-own-adventure, then please check out Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My). I always love to see how people play this game.

Here's Youtuber Adventures Go Left's playthrough if you want a preview:

Thanks! This started out life on Deviant Art, and the images are dA stock models (linked to in the credits) which I then edited with Gimp and G'Mic to give all the different photos a similar style.

Ok, done. Do I win anything? ;)

Heh, I will not go against the blob's wishes! I'll also have to give this a mention on Twitter as this could be a fun contest :)

Cool idea! Can I submit Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) for the Story category?

It's a choose-your-own-adventure/ visual novel: SFW, free, browser based and very much a long-term project.

Now let's try and get our hands on the prestigious blobby trophy!

Here's a Youtuber's Let's Play if you want a quick feel for it:

Wow, what do you eat before you go to bed because i need some.

Last weird one i can remember was walking in the countryside and finding a vending machine in the middle of a field. I tried to get it work but couldn't, until some friendly pigs came over and told me how to use it. If anyone wants to try and interpret that, be my guest...

Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)

A quirky, fantasy-based choose your own adventure.

Witches... began life as an ebook where it was nominated for a Big Al's Books and Pals Reader's Choice Award (Fantasy section). Spurred on by this, I thought it might be a good idea to convert it into a game and, three years later, a coder friend and I released it as an all-singing, all-dancing video game. A lot of love, hard-work and hair-shredding frustration went into making this, so please check it out- any feedback is gratefully received.

For a quick preview, check out Youtuber Tom Cheshire's Let's-play below:

Something that's won't get buried in a Google search,

Something that gives a pleasing mental picture,

Something that has a bit of a story behind it- so when people ask you how you got your name,  you'll have something interesting to say.

Something that reflects the games you'll be releasing (e.g. if you see 'software' in the studio's name, you'd expect something a bit retro)

Newgrounds, Kong and Gamejolt. Mobile too.

You're probably better off checking out the newest games on Kong or Newgrounds- at least half will be guaranteed total shite. Games on Itch tend to be a bit more polished. 


Do you have a Youtube channel as well?

If you're willing to try out a quirky choose-your-own-adventure then please give Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) a shot.

Here's a video of someone else playing it if you want to know what you're getting into!

Good point. It now feels like some games are made almost entirely for streamers- like Goat Simulator. A lot of other modern indie games seem to be trying too hard to be weird for the sake of getting attention (but, then again, pretty much the only streamer I watch is Vinny Vinesauce, so I do see my share of crap games).

Since I only tend to work on graphic novel games, it's much more of a niche market (in terms of writing them, it's sometimes a balancing act between having a coherent story and an open world), but there are still variety streamers out there willing to give them a go...

Thanks! That's all really helpful :)


So, we put out our first game, Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) on here a while back. One Youtuber- Tom Cheshire- streamed it (below) but had to spend a bit of time messing about with his computer settings to make it bigger. A couple of other streamers also said they enjoyed it, but that they didn't want to stream an online 640 X 400 game (or 600x 400, I forget).

We're working on the next one now and want to make it a bit more streamer friendly, so my question is, very simply: what's the best way of doing this?  Is there an optimal resolution? should the game be downloadable? Should it be windowed or full screen? etc. it's a graphic novel, choose-your-own-adventure game which will put some people off (a lot of reading!), but I suppose everyone likes different genres.

And if you are a Youtuber who doesn't mind reading a lot with a 640 x 400 game, feel free to give Witches... a play!

Hi Jannik,

I'd be delighted if you'd be willing to compose a two to three minute background piece for a bizarro horror visual novel for us- or a simple piano loop for for the main menu. Our game, The Bunny Hill Horror is almost done but... no music yet! You can see our last one- Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)- if you want an example of the gameplay. Your Soundcloud's very good, and I particularly liked Follow Your Dream.

Sadly, it is a free game but we can credit you and promote your site as much possible- and we're looking to go into paid games for the future. Also, below is a (slightly larger than expected) first draft of the main menu if you want a very quick example of tone!



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Thanks for your comment! Backgrounds are photos I took at Tamworth Castle and Bunny Hill in Stoke and the characters are Deviant Art stock models. Editing done using G'mic for Gimp.

Updates with early screenshots 20-02-2019.

Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)

This is the game I never knew I needed! Enjoyable, funny and surreal...

Hi Blis,

Hope the channel goes well- I've subscribed! You've only got a couple of games up so I'm not too sure what you're into, but if you enjoy playful choose-your-own-adventure style visual novels then it would be great if you'd give 'Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)' a go, and let me know your thoughts.

Here's another Youtuber playing it so you know what to expect. He described it as 'much more fun than I thought it would be'.

Great! Any comments/ criticisms you have will be well received too.

Would be delighted if you gave Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) a go. It's a playful fantasy choose-your-own-adventure written by me and a friend. It's also free and browser playable :)

Strengthening the ties between existing Itch devs, and making it more rewarding for people to be part of Itch would be good ideas but difficult to do. All game developers want critique and publicity but rarely have time/ motivation to help others with these, which is why the 'Get Feedback' forum is so unresponsive.

Perhaps making it easier to exchange reviews and feedback would be a good idea or promoting users who give back to the community like this. Personally, I enjoy critiquing other people's games, but there doesn't seem to be too much reward for doing this, especially when developing takes up so much of your spare time.

There was an attempt a few months ago to get a group to pick a game from the group every week and give feedback on it. This was moderately succesful (and I reviewed one or two), but the OP stopped and no-one took over- the threads also had to be shoehorned fairly awkwardly into the forums. It would be good if some kind of similar system could be incorporated into Itch.

Or maybe list the top reviewers every month (based on some combination of quantity, positive reactions to their reviews, and subjective assessment) and hope people's competitiveness helps improve the Itch community.


Just saw your video of Woodsmoke's games and it was pretty entertaining, so I hope you don't mind if I just shovel another game onto the pile!

Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) is a playful interactive novel game based on exploration, and a lot of oddness. Youtuber Tom Cheshire gave it a play here if you want a quick preview- he described it as "a lot more fun than I thought it would be". I hope that wasn't just due to low expectations...



Good luck with your channel :) If you don't mind Graphic Novel Games (non-linear), then Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) might be worth a go. It was streamed previously by a Youtuber called Tom Cheshire here who described it as "a lot more fun than I thought it would be".

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[Updated 8th September (last update was January) with release date gif and oodles and oodles of progress. The game is so close, I can practically taste it!]

"You have a problem: you're out of work, and the government is threatening to cut off your benefits. Don't worry- Oswald Mandias will help you. He'll help everybody. Once his dreams of resurrecting an ancient kingdom are realised, nobody will be spared his benevolence.

In this free, adventure-choosing graphic novel game, you must outwit drugged-up zombies, genetically modified monstrosities, seductive sisters and one very sadistic secretary, in order to prevent a dark and terrifying future for mankind. Oh, and get to the pub quiz in time because your mate Dave won't stop nagging you about it." 

From the creators of Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My):

[Adventures Go Left Let's Play below]

Please note, I’m the writer/ creative guy, so these features below will be from a design rather than a technical viewpoint, as Coder Mike sorts that out. A lot of the desired features are based on improvements from our first game. Please follow us if this sounds like your cup of tea. The best way to tell if you’ll like it is to give our first game a run out, or watch a streamer play it if you're really lazy...


NSFW and SFW versions

Browser and Download Version (Witches... just had a small, windowed mode which made it difficult to stream amongst other things)

Better menu/ item system. More dynamic

Game now written specifically as a video game, not just an adapted ebook.

Game to be in 2 parts. This is essentially a way of breaking the game down into chunks to stop me getting overwhelmed.

Some kind of save system. Mike and I aren’t big fans of putting save points everywhere, but a lot of player comments on Kongregate requested this, so we might have to give in.

  Completed/ Ongoing/ To Do

Plotting, puzzles and locations- 100% complete

Very schlocky poster(!)- 100% complete

Blurb- 100% complete

Write Story- 100% complete

Finding/ begging permission/ taking photos for cool images to use- 90% complete

Finding/ begging permission/ taking recordings for cool music/ ambience/ sound effects to use- 50% complete

Graphics editing with Gimp- 80%

Sound editing with Audacity- to do

Opening menu- 50%

Proofreading/ bug testing- To do

Come up with some kind of publicity plan to get people actually playing it- ongoing

Probably several dozen other things that will only spring to mind in the future. I’ll try to record them on here as I think of them.

If this looks like your cup of tea, please follow us for updates. We're also here on Twitter for more progress reports  :)


I started your survey (possibly as I work in medical research and was intrigued) but stopped on the first question:

"All of us have times of – perhaps ongoing – personal difficulty. Please think of a stressful, confusing, troubled, or discouraging time in your life, during which you play(ed) video games. Please describe this difficult time in your life. What did you experience as stressful, confusing, troubling, or discouraging?". 

I felt that a) it was getting a bit too personal a bit too quickly (like I'd be writing a blank cheque about any struggles I've had before I knew the whole picture) and b) since I've been playing video games since my dad let me shoot with the space bar while he played the ZX Spectrum game Zythum, games have always been a constant in my life (along with music, books, films and other stuff you do to deal with difficult situations or while away the hours), so I can't particularly say that video games were a reaction to difficulties- but went alongside them.

I appreciate that you put in the effort of giving a pop up  with links for people who may need help, but this survey wasn't really for me.

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I work in a hospital and do my writing/ designing when I can. The coder also works full time, so it's just a question of determination and how much time can be spared. If we got lucky and started making some money, I might try to switch to part time hours, but I'd struggle with such as isolated job as development.

Well, it's definitely Asteroids! The strongest point was the presentation- and it would be quite at home on an arcade machine, and the gameplay's fairly solid too. Although I didn't test it with controller support, I always like when devs give this option. Personally, I'd have preferred a slightly more original twist on the game, as I've played things like this so often before. Even something quite gimicky would help to make this more memorable. Also, I got some pretty bad problems with lag at various points. So, overall, decent, but needs something more to help it stand out, for me.

I'm intrigued...  Sure, if you want to give Witches and Bandits and Swords a try, I'd be happy. It's a playful choose your own adventure game. and can be played for free in the browser. Let me know how the website goes :)

Ah, no- it's always going to be portrait orientation- that was just a way of making it a bit bigger! Glad you enjoyed it though.

Hi, I'd have to ask Coder Mike and it could take a while, sadly. Another youtuber on Itch, Tom Cheshire had a play of this and I think he just zoomed in on his screen (f11 outside the window, then ctrl + +). If you don't like how this looks then, no worries, I won't be offended. Thanks for checking it out.


I've checked out your channel and would be very happy if you'd give WItches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) a run out and let me know your thoughts. It's a playful choose-your-own-adventure based on exploration. A lot of work went into sound and graphics so hopefully should stream well!