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Got to admit, I had no idea there were books on itchio until you pointed it out but, yeah, 9,310 of them in that section.

I suppose it just depends on whether you think maybe a couple of hours of your time to upload the pdf/ mobi/ thumbnail (or whatever) is worth it- and you've done most of this already.

As someone who's done both, I find promoting books even harder than video games, so I'd say it's worth doing anything you can- even if itchio is unlikely to be anyone's first choice as a book website.

It looks quite nicely presented and appealling. It might just be that very few people are seeing it in the first place. You might need to do publicity elsewhere- like the social media stuff that everyone hates. A browser build might help you get more plays. If you do this, consider releasing on Newgrounds too.

Sorry to hear this, was looking forward to it! Plus side, you've got the code and experience to do something similar, and lots more people waiting to see what you're doing next :)

I hope there's a part for Truffles...

Well done ;)

Wish you luck for your future, man. I wouldn't slash and burn everything though, life can change very quickly and in unexpected ways.

Most simple bit af advice I can give is: think about how you'd respond if the exact same game came out, but made by someone else. Would you be aware of it? If not, why not, and what can you do about this? Once you were aware of this, would you want to investigate it further? If not, why not, and what can you do about this? Once you investigated it further, would you want to buy it? If not... you get the idea ;)

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Three chunks of advice:

1) Upload a demo so they can play it. If it's good enough, the publishers will often come to you.

2) Create a trailer so they can see it (downloading VSDC and OBS will help) and encourage people to play your demo.

3) Pick a better username than "f4cksh7t"

And then you get paranoid in case the collection's called "Absolute Garbage" or something XD

Cool game. I liked the way you introduced the new abilties and the palettes made for a good reward. Nice touch of humour too!

There are endless articles on marketing advice you can google, but your game is unique to you, and that should be your starting point.

My best tip would be to ask yourself: if the game came out tomorrow put out by somebody else, would you know about it, and would you buy it? If not, why not, and what can you do about that? If so, great, expand on that.

Get a demo out, and then the full game. It's taken us three years so far and I feel like I'm going more insane every day we don't do this!

Game broke when I tried to mix crazy lady her third drink (it stayed on the mixing screen). Enjoyed the game though, sounds like a good course!

Happy Christmas all! And any other celebrations you might have.

This was recommended by someone on RPG Codex. Not quite sure what I just played, but I really enjoyed it XD

I'm struggling to think of many games that switch genres at all, tbh. I applaud any devs who make the effort though.

Great concept- very different to other itchio horror games. Looking forward to the full game, and finding out where I can use the screwdriver! I got all 3 endings without needing it.

That's probably right. We could do with a more exciting word though!

I also like "whatchamacallits"!

haha, I like the idea of loot- certainly more than a shitstorm!

If writers get royalties, and actors get residuals, what do game devs get?

Is there even a word for is and- if not- can someone make one up?

I always think sites like itchio are missing a trick when they don't do more to accommodate streamers and Youtubers who enjoy indie games.

Granted, it's hard to know the best way of doing this (maybe they could put this question out on the forum?), but, as you say, small streamers do a lot to help indie devs and we should really all be helping each other.

Sure, it's redrum110 at gmail dot com

Probably the second one- or maybe some streamer drew attention to it.

I've definitely seen some games get a big boost long after they were released. Could be they're boosted after a period of interest.

Ah, go on then. 2 down, 8 to go...

Hi, if you still want to help on a project, please  let me know how I can contact you.

"I was not expecting some crazy random storylines."

What's that, you want more crazy, random storylines ;)

Well, of course, Greggg's nemesis is her detective husband Bacon who's investigating her alleged death. Naturally, his police superiors will not allow an investigation without evidence, so he has to investigate in his own time. As his wife's debts have been passed on to him- and his remaining money goes on McDonald's breakfasts- his car's been taken away by the bailiffs.*

*Do other countries have bailiffs? In Britain they're legal debt enforcers. For that matter, what country are Bacon, Greggg and Cheese actually from?

Aaaanyway, Greggg has to continue his investigation on public transport and a child's pink scooter he stole. This is sure to culminate in an intense game of cat and mouse with his wife, who is currently blissfully unaware of the fact, and safe for now, as he has no means of getting across the water. ( and he obviously can't leave his kid alone in the house for too long- sure his parents will babysit now and again- but he doesn't want to stretch their goodwill).

Yes! I think we are getting somewhere here people XD

Or is that just what she wanted people to think, with her loveless marriage and crippling gambling debts???

One detective thinks there's more to this car crash than meets the eye...

Her body can be 4, her skin 1 and her trait is rudeness.

Can I ask questions about Greggg too?

What is her favourite book, film and sports team?

How many brothers and sisters does she have?

What do her parents do for a living?

Hi Haziq,

I had pretty much the same decision and went with game dev. As your main priority is people reading/ playing your stuff, I'd say this makes more sense. Either way, your success will rely a lot on marketing but you seem to be good at this judging by your Youtube viewer and sub numbers (yes, I went on your page and stalked a little bit!). You've also got experience in commissioning and putting a team together from your first game, which is a big plus. If you haven't got the hang of Unity you still have options for a VN (Ren'Py for instance). 

Minuses for game dev are the added time and cost of a project, commissioning and working with people knowing that your whole project can be derailed if this goes wrong, the strange and unexpected challenges you're likely to face (altho if you're resourceful, you should be fine) and, of course, culture snobs won't value your work as highly.

Pluses for game dev are that you're not so dependent on clueless publishers (don't forget Stephen King, JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien all got rejection letters), you can actually see people play your game on Twitch and Youtube rather than just hear their thoughts afterwards, you've got tools to work with in terms of sound and graphics, and the better you get, the more ambitious your projects can be. Also, the odds are you can make more money in the long run. Possibly. Don't quote me on that.

He was the bassist in the Sex Pistols. There just aren't enough swing/ punk crossover records for my liking...

As I have tickets to see her, I'm listening to a lot of PJ Harvey at the moment. altho I find classical or jazz good for gamedev work when you want to focus on something complex without getting distracted by the song (currently Bitches Brew by Miles Davis, or those Youtube video compilations with 6 hours of Bach or whoever...).

I never really got into Frank Sinatra or the whole swing movement. Did you hear the Sid Vicious cover of My Way? It's certainly different...

Is a horror themed game ok if it's not too scary? Probably not, right? Good luck with your channel anyway! :)

Also, you might want to check out the Spooktober Visual Novel jam. This is last year's page but the next one's starting in September if you fancy submitting your own.

"waves hand in air*

We've got a couple of choose your own adventures that you might like!