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My screenshots are indeed back.

Thank you.

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The majority of my screenshots across all my projects are showing broken links only - and no screenshot.

Is this something you guys are working on or did something go wrong?

Do I need to re-upload them?  (That would be a lot of work!)

I refilled the tax interview - it triggered this time.

I also checked the calculations and saw that actually neither of the 2 calculations are correct - the actual payout should be $8.58 - I could figure out that the $8.64 was rounding down the decimals instead of just rounding them and that accounts for the discrepancy there - but the other calculation I differ from 1c to 4c on each total.  If that's an internal calculation then that's okay, you'll score the 10c, but if that is being given to you by the payment provider, well then they're doing something funny.

Thank you for the explanation.  I assumed that the fee was for paying me the money, but in fact it’s for receiving the money from the buyer.  I’ve never dealt with that side of it as it’s always covered by the fixed commission that I pay at other stores.

So, as I understand it, if someone buys my game for $1.00 using PayPal then there’s a fee of 32cents from PayPal on that and you’re deducting that from my account and giving me 68cents.  (PayPal has a new API where that fee would be 25cents).  Thereafter You would deduct whatever commission I gave you and the rest is mine without any fees.  For a $1.00 receipt I’d get 48 cents (using 20% commission.)  And you would transfer the 48 cents to me without any additional fee.  

I did see that Paypal has a fee for micropayments that are less than $10 which works out to 5% + 5c but I don’t know if these are available to businesses.


The Payment provider fee in my summary is 16c more than the payment provider fee in the transactions. (They should agree.)

I had completed the tax interview and got to a final page that said this is now complete you can press a button or close your browser – I did this on the day I received the email introducing this procedure.  In my account it is not showing that I completed it – it’s showing the option to do the tax interview. Does this mean I'll have to redo it?  And can you then double-check that it is saving them once complete - with Firefox browser?

Thank you.

This is what the summary says:

Sales                                             14.24

Payment Provider Fee *      2.92   (20.51%)

Itch.io cut                                     2.84  (20%)

Owed to you:                          $ 8.48   (59.55%)

*There is a discrepancy between your summary and the detail list - they show different values for the payment provider fee.

The detail list shows:

Sales                                                14.24

Payment Provider Fee*           2.76  (19.38%)  

Itch.io cut                                         2.84          (20%)

Owed to you:                              $8.64    (60.67%)

Initially I wasn't requesting payouts because I thought on a higher amount that % cost of Payment provider fee would be less - but then you started deducting it per sale and so it didn't matter whether you requested a payment on a large or small amount - you'd be losing that % regardless.  

PayPal isn't going to charge you $2.92 or even $2.76 to pay me $8.48 I therefore assume there is a fee built into that.

In fact they charge 4 - 6% depending on the value of the transaction.  On a 10 euro payment I received from a client the PayPal fee was 0.74 Euro.  This is ad-hoc single business transactions.  Once you're doing bulk payments that fee is dramatically reduced.


Paypal has different fees depending on whether it's bulk payments or not.

The 30cents I mentioned was the company's fee - it could also be an admin fee that they charge and that they're absorbing the rest of the fee in their commission structure. They are using PayPal. 

Humble Store charges s a 2% fee, up to $1 maximum per payment, when using PayPal. 

In contrast your Payout fees are 19.5%

Smashwords did for ebooks what you've done for games - only a few steps further as they also distribute them to major stores  - I've received small payments from them -  but how the 1c minimum works I don't know.  However, they also have a minimum purchase amount of 99cents - so after commission they probably never have a balance go less than 60 cents.  But any fees are absorbed in their commission so it has to be quite low.


$1.99 book price

$0.59 retailer commission (Apple Store)
$0.19 Smashwords commission
$1.21 what I got paid - from Smashwords via PayPal.

I read your new changes but I'm not happy about it.  Other companies have regular schedules - they pay what's due on the 1st of the 15th of the month automatically - people don't have to request payouts.

You're now forcing us to request a payout on very small amounts so that we don't forfeit it; and your payout fees are very high compared to other companies.

 Smashwords for example pays out automatically via PayPal every amount in excess of 1c.  They have a fixed commission but they charge no fee for paying via PayPal.  Another company I sell through pays twice a month and their payment fee is $0.30.   But every company I sell though outside of itch.io have an automated system - if your reach their minimum then you're automatically paid at the end of the month.  

Can you please consider an automated system where you automatically pay what is due once a month or once every 3 months or on reaching a minimum thresh hold instead of implementing a system of fees and forfeits?  

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I've noticed that people will put their items on sale down to a few cents. Of course nobody can buy it for a few cents because you have a minimum purchase amount - which I believe is now $1.  I'd recommend that you don't allow a single product to be put on sale for less than a dollar if nobody can actually buy it for less than a dollar.  It creates an imbalance there - people will be forced to donate the difference so it's not a real sales price and it's manipulating the system.

And also then if you put a group of items on sale it won't place any of them at below that minimum since you can't currently set individual sales prices if you select multiple items. (Other than putting them on sale one-by-one but that's tedious.)

(Also you need a search feature in the forums so that I can see if this topic was posted before, before duplicating it, but I'm not about to browse several hundred pages to check.)

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Catch the falling pizzas, don't let them touch the floor! Avoid the obstacles but do catch the potions. Earn coins to unlock new levels and characters.

Agarra las pizzas que caen, no dejes que toquen el suelo! Evita los obstáculos pero debes agarrar las pociones. Junta monedas para desbloquear nuevos niveles y personajes.

Pizzantropia from Evolutionary Games on Vimeo.

This game is based on the comic strip, My son is a Dog by José Sepi and like the comic strip is in English and Spanish.

Este juego está basado en la tira cómica "Mi Hijo es un Perro" por José Sepi, y, al igual que en la tira cómica, está en Inglés y en Español.

Play the Free Demo now!

Juega el demo gratuito ya!

Full game on sale now.

How do I select more than one file for download on the app?

Currently I have a demo and full price version (in draft). The app gives me a choice but it doesn't allow me to select both and / or I don't know how to select both. Then after installing the one there is no way I can get back to a place where I can select the other again - I have to uninstall whichever one I chose to be given the choice again.

Since my demo is different to my main game I foresee people will want both - the demo is a 1 hour game in itself. And I want to tell them how to do that in my download instructions, but I can't figure out if that's possible or how to do that myself. Is it possible?

Yes I think a blog on itch.io would be a great place to start. If you could set something up for me there - or tell me how to do it myself that would be great.

If it could be set up under "Casual Game Reviews" or "Reviews by Janette5" as opposed to the name I write my games under.

Once I've posted the review in the blog then where people allow comments I can also copy & paste the reviews there so that it is by their games as well.

I'd still need this thread or a different thread where people can tell me if their games match my criteria - to keep the blog from becoming cluttered - and then hopefully other people can do the same thing for the other types of games that I don't play.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page - and right at the bottom there are links: Twitter - Facebook .... Blog ...Contact Us.

I have no desire to become a game reviewer. I have a desire to make casual games on itch.io discoverable – writing reviews was to me the best way of achieving that. It would be an island that someone lost in a sea of over 50 000 games could go to in order to get a lifeline of where to start looking. If we could make finding a great game a little less impossible then perhaps a lot more game players as opposed to game developers would visit itch.io and we'd all benefit from that.

But thank you for the suggestions.

Actually I was busy with other mundane stuff like trying to earn a living so haven't pursued this topic much further.

Thanks for the replies so far.

But I still have no real solution as to where to post the reviews that they'll be seen - ideally by people who play games rather than people who create games.

There's no forum here for it - the share forum is excluded if I allow people to request a review - but I'm not going to automatically find all the games by myself so that feature is important -

And so far there's 3 of us who will read them on social media ... we probably want a few more people :-)

I've noticed a few things on itch.io

  • There are a lot of new game releases – too many for you to find a new game unless the planets line up and it's released within a few minutes of you browsing that section.
  • There isn't a very active game review community.
  • This site could do with some game reviews.

I'm playing with the idea of writing reviews for games. I used to write game reviews at the larger casual games websites, where you're generally writing a review to let others know what the game is about and what features you might like or not like about it – so it was more an objective assessment of the game rather than a personal opinion.This is text based.

Now I can have a look at the games and write the reviews on the share community – which has almost no views…

But I would also like people to be able to request a review – if their game meets certain criteria. In this regard I would not give a negative review – if I really don't like the game and can't find anything good to say about it, I would simply not post a review.

I would concentrate on the type of games I like to play and leave the games I'd never play to other people to review.

So my question is:

  1. Any interest in this?
  2. Where should I post this, on the forums here somewhere, on twitter, on Facebook, on my website, on a blog, in the comments section of the relevant game – all of the above?

I have no followers on social media as I've kept away from it - so if I start doing this on social media it will take a while before I get followers there, so this is why I'm asking if there's interest from the community here as there is very little point in my writing reviews that nobody will read.

My criteria would be:Casual or arcade game, at least 30 minutes long or has at least 10 levels, must have at least 1 promo image or screenshot that I can post with the review and it must be downloadable or purchasable from itch.io and preferably for PC. I might consider Android but I have no apple devices.