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The more options you give - the wider the appeal of your game.

Also it can appeal to different age groups - so that a younger or inexperienced player might be able to pass on an easier level.  They might play it through on "easy" and then try it again on a "harder" setting.

There again people also have different equipment - and a person with a non-gaming mouse / keyboard will not have the same experience as someone with it.

We all use different programming languages here - I found from your profile that you use Unity - so I guess you're asking how to do this in Unity.  

Unfortunately, I don't use Unity, so can't help you, but for technical questions asking in their forums will probably get you an answer faster than asking here.

However, a quick search showed me these results - they're old so the code might have to be modified to newer versions - but it would point you in the right direction:

And more:

There are several -  here's 2:

I looked at the rules to see who the competition was open to (which countries) - but they don't state that in the rules.  However, they do state that if you are chosen as a finalist it  does require you to attend the conference and showcase your game - at your own expense - and as far as I can tell that is in San Francisco, California, USA.  You can send someone in your place (assuming you know someone who lives nearby that would volunteer that much time) - they pay a stipend to the finalists $1 000 - but that is not going to cover the costs for anyone travelling internationally.    They also state that if you don't attend, you will forfeit being a finalist and it will be given to someone who can attend.

Since you have nothing to download - there is nothing to sell - that is why it is showing free.

Once you add a package and set the operating system, then the price will show up.

In addition, while you can have pages with nothing to sell on them, they won't show up in search results until there is a downloadable package on the page.

So if you're creating a page to show other people - that's cool - you can send them a link and they can use that to look at your page.

But if you're creating a page for people here to find when they're searching for games - they're not going to find it right now.

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I'm not staff - but I can answer you - 

Payment Processor Fees are the fees that Paypal / Stripe or credit card companies charge to process the payment and this happens when  someone buys your game / asset with paypal.  Itch.ios receive the money and are charged those fees  - all of which are forwarded to your account.

Payout Fees are when you withdraw the money into Paypal and Paypal charges a fee for this.  Initially were covering these fees -  but that wasn't viable for them so they started charging those fees to our accounts as well.  This may be why it's reflected under "adjustments" and doesn't yet have its own category.

Adjustments can further be where sales were cancelled or refunded after they were paid.

I don't think you'll have a problem using those assets.   His social media pages still point to and that would indicate that you got legitimate assets with legitimate usage rights.

If you were granted commercial rights, and the person granting them had created the assets, you don't have a problem.  Do you have a readme file in the download or do you remember the artist's name?  You could see if he has other assets on and get his contact details from there.

If you're concerned that they were deleted due to copyright infringement i.e. the person uploading them had no rights to distribute them - you'd have to contact support with the details to see if they can help you - but you would need to know the name / package name or something that would help them identify it.

You could also do a reverse lookup:

This will let you know if there is a source to the images you're using or where else they can be found on the internet.

No it's not.   You should listen to different people!

But if you insist on listening to those voices you hear:

Unity includes the basic tutorials you need.  When you download Unity then they give you links to the starter tutorials and send you emails asking what your progress is and what you need etc.  and then tailor their offerings accordingly.  To get started you don't need anything more than that (well except for software that's a bit easier to use and learn).

If a person bought from you - you automatically have their email address under payments.  

You could generate some keys and email everyone a key with a cover note that the key is to give to their friends ...  I would recommend that you force the key to be claimed so that only 1 person can claim it.

I downloaded this from Google Play for my mother last week - she loves Sudoku. 

Your game worked well and looked good.

In the absence of instructions I had to play around with it and figure out what to do first and then teach my mother.   We missed having an eraser - even though you made it easy to replace the colours or drag them out - my mother doesn't have the control over her hands to drag the block out and sometimes you want to clear it without replacing it right that minute.

Because you're just playing the same level over and over again, even though it is randomly generated - there was no progression for her - no reward, goal or achievement.   Even though you time how long it takes, we didn't see that afterwards - i.e. there wasn't a table with best times. It's not really necessary, but it is something that people like - so might be an idea.

Also because she daily plays sudoku games with 9 squares, playing with only 6 squares wasn't very challenging for her.

I'd also suggest you submit the game to the "designed for families" section in Google Play - since it's something that would appeal to the families.  It then gets a badge that says it's family friendly.  (It's an option you tick somewhere under Store Presence ).!?zippy_activeEl=d...   It's a fun game for younger children and you'll get more exposure in that section. 

Right below the text Community - there are 4 tabls - the 2nd one is Recent Posts - if you click on that it gives you the recent activity of the community.

If you're looking for something simple - then try Construct and GameSalad- they basically use drag and drop to build a game - no coding required.

Clickteam Fusion has a free starter edition - you don't need to learn code for it.  It's a bit more involved than Construct / Game Salad - but also a lot more flexible - they also have some included tutorials.

GameMaker's beginner tutorials are very good - or used to be - I haven't looked at them in years, but I started learning with GameMaker and it gave me more knowledge than just programming - they also covered good game design etc.   However, you will have to learn some code to use GameMaker - but they teach you that in their tutorials / documentation to some extent.

(1 edit)

1. Here.  You can create a project page, upload your sprites, set them as a game asset - and set a price for them - then people can buy them. (Assuming you're old enough to qualify.)

2. $1     But you'll only receive a few cents from that - because you have to pay the credit card / paypal charges etc.

We definitely need something like this because some people don't know how to install apps directly themselves or how to unlock their phones to install 3rd party apps - but you'd have to find a way to get your app around that too.  Also the new Google Play Security feature blocks apps where they don't recognise the keystore file - so that again is something that people will have to turn off or know how to skip - or you'd have to make the app available on Google Play as well and I don't know how many hoops you have to jump through to release such an app in their store - or if they will still allow it.

Problems I foresee:

My views for Android games here, at are pretty much non-existent, so I don't know what the market is like.

The one or two games I did download from here for Android were very disappointing - they were the type of games where the developer is trying to maximise their earnings at the cost of having a playable game - i.e. you only can play for about 5 minutes before you must watch a full video ad or buy something, one of them also had major bugs in it.  It's put me off from trying the Android games here. doesn't force people to tell you if there is advertising or in-app purchase and then after you download it you get a nasty surprise when that's pretty much all the "game" is about.  With the results that, as a developer, I'd love such an app, as someone who plays games, I wouldn't use it - I'd go to Google or Amazon where I know upfront if there's advertising or in-app purchase in the game. 

I receive emails at a address - so I don't think it's your .nz address that's the issue.  I've had problems with authorisation emails not coming through from a variety of places but it's because the spam filters in hosted emails are removing those emails as spam, not because the sites aren't sending them.

You can try whitelisting * on your server  (anything from the address


You create a free email from yahoo or gmail and use that  to create your account and just set those emails to forward to your normal address and then ask to change your email address afterwards.

If you manage to make such a sentient crawler - you won't need to bother with research or games - you can just sell the crawler!

Realistically, the first few minutes of my games are logo screen, instructions, menu screen, awards screen - then the game.  Your crawler would have to press the right button to navigate across that.  It would need to read the instructions to know what to do.  Only then can it "play" the game - and only if someone programs those instructions into them.  I don't think you're going to be able to do that with a bot.

You might be more successful by just gathering the various screenshots and / or videos and getting your data from those instead.

Stay away from names that are copyrighted, like Nintendo.

 Think of it this way, if you have a very generic name like From Software or Naughty Dog and people search for those terms - your site is going to be number 10 000 of 10 000+ pages and they won't find you.  If you have a very unique name - and people search for that specific name - you'll be on page 1.

Use your names or surnames or part of them to form a word. Do a search for that word - if it's not already taken - then go with it.

There are more games on the illegal file sharing sites from Steam than there are from - but they exist from both.  So going the Steam route won't protect you.  

Large sites like Reddit allow the illegal file sharing sites to promote their business and they refuse to take down the links.   Those web owners likely make more money from the games than the individual developers.  These sites would not get as much traffic if they weren't allowed to actively advertise their websites on Reddit.  And yet, Reddit bans self-promotion.  So the person who steals my game can freely advertise it and I can't.   I refuse to visit / support Reddit, that's all I can do - I'm pretty sure nobody at Reddit cares.

When I was making 3D graphics I was selling on average 6 to 10 copies - and approximately 60 people were downloading them from an illegal file share site.  I didn't make enough money to make it viable and quit making graphics.  Now I have the same situation with games - it's not viable for me to make games - and I don't have the time or power to fight all the sites that illegally have my games on them.  

So a lot of people have the impression - well at least someone is playing your game - or enough people buy it to make it viable - it doesn't matter if we steal if - but that isn't true -and it has a ripple effect - the developers don't make money, then the software developers stop making money,  places like Steam and make less money...  Would you go to a  supermarket and steal a candy bar and eat it and tell the owner - well at least someone likes your candy?  Why is stealing my game any different?  I also have overheads, I also had to buy the ingredients, in my case the game development software, I also had to wrap it and package it ...

But my only advice is - shrug it off.  It's going to happen and there isn't anything we can do about it, right now, every industry struggles with it.

You can also just put the instructions on your game page:

When the box pop-ups - just click:

No thanks, just take me to the download

That way people can still donate if they want to, but they also know that they can bypass that.

We always put that in when posting in a non-English language so people know what to click to get to the download.

Thank you.  It's a nice selection of tracks - lots of variety.

There will be as many ways of going about it as there are people … My first piece of advice is always play a lot of games of the type you're going to write and make a note of things you love about them and things you hate about them - then you know what to include / exclude in your game.  Read the reviews on the type of game you're going to make - people are very vocal about things they like / hate in games - for example if you're writing for the casual market - DO NOT shake the screen.  (Not the reviews on itch. io  - go read them on sites where the reviewers are anonymous or websites that are trying to make a living out of reviews.)

Consider these questions first because you have to plan for them:

  • What screen size are you aiming for – Windows 10 would be 1920x1080 – I have no Idea what Mac screen sizes are.  Are you going to allow user to switch between full screen and window mode?  Do you foresee porting it to mobile in the future – in which case you’d make it smaller or you’ll have to remake it. 
  • Will there be music and sounds and the option to switch them off if the player doesn’t want them on?
  • Are you going to have different skill levels?  Casual vs Expert?
  • Will there be hints?  How often, do they recharge?
  • What’s going to make the game fun to play?  What’s going to keep the person playing it interested?
  • What’s your hook or angle?  What’s going to attract people to your game? 
  • Will there be a story?  When is it going to appear?  Can they skip it? 
  • Will there be an option to restart a level / scene?
  • Is the game timed / not timed / will the player have an option to choose?
  • How long should each level last?  This is the difference between giving a player 10 items to find or 30 etc.
  • If they struggle with a particular puzzle what will they do?  Can they skip it?  Will they be stuck there forever?  Will the hints show them?  If they skip it, can they still continue the game?
  • Will there be awards or achievements?

My first step after that is to create mock layouts in a graphics programme so that I can get the size ratio right.  Once I have that I can create my graphics and export them in the right sizes and set them up in the game development software.  It's up to you what your game looks like - but take the time to play - try different things - see what looks good to you.

I plan my levels in Excel and the coding blocks or sections I’ll need – in this case you’d have to plan every scene / puzzle etc. I also create a sheet with TO DO NEXT – and I make notes there as I go along, as I discover things I want extra, to change, to check etc.  I'll also list all the variables I'll need etc.

If I have a story in my game, I write that in Word (or if I’m lucky someone else writes that in Word), plan the story screens, when they will appear – if they restart the level will you suppress the story or must they read it again? Is it something someone will want to read?  Can they skip it?

I plan my game in blocks so that I know – Monday I’ll do this, Tuesday I’ll do that etc.  It helps keep me focused so that when I open the game I don’t have to wonder – what should I do today…I don't beat myself up about it though, if Monday's work takes two days instead of 1 then I just adjust the schedule.  It's just so that I know what needs to be done next.

If I’m not sure the game will be “fun” I’ll create a level with make-shift graphics and test it first.  This allows you to pick up problems, for example if it’s going to be too easy, too difficult, too boring etc.  That’s a good time to think of ideas to improve it or rethink the concept if necessary.

Once I have a “template” level of what will work I concentrate on getting the final graphics / sounds etc. ready and then create the levels using that template level to complete the game.


Other factors:

Have a look at the forums of the software you’re going to use.  If you get stuck with coding parts of it – that’s going to be where you’ll need to go for help, so is there a community there that can help you?  Do they have resources, tutorials?  If there’s nothing there, then are you sure you want to use that software?  If there’s support there, then go ahead.


Test things as you go along – got a background?  Great - test it:  Does it look as nice in your game?  How much does it increase the size of your game?  Should you split it - export it in 2 parts or 4 parts or is it okay if you have it as 1 solid graphic?

Don't rush it - take your time, if something doesn't work, change it.   It's going to be okay if you release it next week or next month or next year...   

Subsequent to this post I've flagged a thumbnail of a naked person almost at a rate of 1 a day that was showing up for me.  Today there are 3 - 2 are silhouettes in the new releases and I don't know if you're okay with those or not - but I'm tired of having to flag things because I have to first open the game and you don't have a tick box for it either.

My games are for all ages but are family-friendly and mostly would appeal to children / teens.  This site is no longer child-friendly and I'm linking from my website to here and I can't redirect a child safely here because the chance of them seeing unwanted material is almost 100% now.  Because when browsing your site almost 100% of the time, despite my settings, I see material I don't want to see.

If this keeps up you will lose your legitimate users and become only a porn site - because we don't co-exist happily together.  You're going to have to pick one or the other or build a wall between them or hire more 'police' to monitor what is being posted.  I really don't know what to do - eventually I will have no choice but to remove my games because I need a child-friendly site.

Is picking up a lot of  game jam submissions at this time.  I don't know if the glitch is the people wrongly submitting their games or you are not filtering them correctly but there's no getting rid of all the submissions - specifically ludum dare.

No, but once you launch your game here, you can immediately create the discount -  there's an option to start a discount from NOW until when you want it to end.  

There are 2 taxes applicable to games -

VAT (value added tax) or GST (General Sales Tax) - this is country specific.

If you're a vendor for VAT or GST you have to charge that to your customers and remit the amount to your tax authority., if I'm correct, automatically collects that for the EU and pays it over so that the EU vendors don't have to register for that themselves.  In general, most developers earn too little to have to worry about this, as most countries have a threshold - you only have to register if you earn more than a fixed amount per year.   Often the tax authorities have bypassed the individual sellers and gone to the stores for example Google will charge VAT to the buyers from certain countries / states etc. and remit that to the relevant tax authorities themselves, so that the individual sellers don't have to.  In this case you have a setting in the Google Play store that allows you to choose your price to be inclusive of this tax or exclude it.  This is a tax that the buyer pays.  

 Income tax is registered in the USA and is required by law to withhold taxes on the earnings of the developers selling through and pay that over to the USA revenue authorities.  However, certain countries have a double taxation agreement with the USA.  This is where they say, the people will pay tax on these earnings in the country they live so it's not fair that they also pay tax on it again in the USA - they would end up paying double tax.  Where such an agreement is in place then doesn't have to withhold tax from our earnings.  That is why has implemented the tax certificate requirement that vendors must fill in.  This will determine whether or not must withhold tax from your earning.  This is a tax that only the sellers / developers would pay.

Hello Asymmetric

I’m sorry that you don’t get to see your son.  I do hope you’re able to patch things up with his mother so that you can be part of his life growing up – mostly because it will mean a lot to him. 

Why don’t you tell your story – in the form of a game?  Like an adventure story or an interactive visual novel or a roll playing game?  You can ask the audience to decide what you should have done / said and imagine various outcomes.  Start by elaborating on the piece you told us here and illustrate parts of it and so on.

There’s software out there that is easier and simpler to use than Unity.  They have free starter editions that won’t cost you anything - look for something that makes you excited about writing games.  If you just browse these forums or the games that fill in the metadata, you’ll see a lot of gaming software.  They all have basic tutorials – work through one and if it seems like “hard work” skip it and go to the next one until you find one that is “fun” to figure out and work in.

Popularity?  Don’t worry about that – life is random.  Do something you love, for yourself and don’t be afraid to put it out there.  If people reject it at first, just remember it’s not personal – there are 100 000 games – 99% of the people here aren’t going to see your project – the other 1% are looking at approximately 100 games, they need a good reason to choose yours (or mine) and it might have more to do with the mood they’re in, than the game. 

What got me into writing games was my love of playing games and wanting to also write games like the ones I was playing.  When I’m unhappy about getting nowhere in developing games, I take time off and just play games other people have written – or ones I wrote myself – and that rekindles my love for the genre.  Don’t worry if playing games seems like wasting time in the moment, you can’t write a good game if you haven’t played a lot of games like it – because you’ll miss all the tricks that make the game fun.  Playing games is part of the learning process – it’s the easy and fun part.

If you’re feeling depressed though – as opposed to just having a bad day - please get some real help – search online for charities that can help you, there’s medicine you can take, please don’t just ignore it. 

Best of luck.

Generally this means the person's anti-virus has deleted the first copy and they are downloading it again - this could happen a few times until they figure out how to tell their anti-virus not to do that.  (Not because your game has a virus in it - just because some of the free anti-virus software does that by default to anything they don't know.)

Or if they don't have stable internet, it might result in multiple download attempts. 

Sometimes people don't find where they download stuff and then just download it again... has a very fast time-out on their uploads - unless you have fibre optic or a fast connection you'll get that message.

The way to get around that is to first upload it to Dropbox and then use the Dropbox option to transfer it to  

It's a nice piece (but I prefer happy songs).

If you want to make money from music you could try submitting it to a site like

I'd buy a single song. I would love to see some stats on how many people still listen to game music.  I never do - but I still include a tune or two in my games for those that want it.

I wouldn't buy an album if the songs on it were repetitive or variations of the same - I'd rather then buy a single song.

I wouldn't buy something if I couldn't listen to a preview first - normally I need to see if the tempo can fit with the tempo of my game.

But if you put a sample up like you have now, anyone can just record it and use it without paying you or crediting you.  You need to put beeps or noise inside the sample tracks so that people can't steal it - and then take them out only once they've paid.

If you upload your work for free you don't get paid.

If you upload your work for sale - and somebody buys it - you might get paid - you might not if the amount for the tax clearance etc. exceeds the amount you were paid or the amount you received is below's minimum payout amount... 

If nobody buys your work - you won't get paid.

I did report one with a fully nude figure this morning.  I can no longer see it - I just browsed the new releases quickly but of course they've changed because I was looking about 11 hours ago.  

I'm not happy seeing games that state  "You're a drug dealer" or "find the drugs".   I'd not be happy with a child seeing a game like that either.

There was also a game directly linking to adult content - even though the game on here wasn't pornographic - but I think if there's a direct link posted it should also be marked as adult content.  There's no way I'd find it again, I don't remember the picture or the name, it was just a random game I clicked on this morning.

That's the problem with time-zones.  Someone posts something and the moderators are only going to get to work 8 hours later - and in the meantime it's there for everyone to see.   You need some kind of automatic filter if you want to keep the site family-friendly.

Thanks for the reply.  I checked my settings and the block - show adult content - isn't ticked. 

However, I was just browsing the new games this morning and came across 3 - one fully nude, 1 sex themed, 1 drug themed, so clearly those developers hadn't ticked the appropriate box themselves.

There needs to be a better system than relying on developers to tick a box - because that's not a reliable system.

Perhaps something like a keyword filter, if your game has keywords nude, drugs, sex in it that it automatically marks it as adult content.

On your front page search - could you give the option to select multiple items?

For example with session length:  If I want to see games that are 1 hour or longer, I can't, because I can only pick 1 option there. 

I'd also like the option to exclude games that involve nudity, sex or drugs i.e. tick a box so that they don't appear for me.

Responses to videos by the general public are generally non-existent / minimal - don't be put off by that.

You could use it as part of a larger game - for example take care of your dog - so you'd need to feed it, walk it, pet it etc.

Or pet the dog to calm it down - for example a person walks by and you can just lightly pet it and it will stay - if a cat walks by the person has to furiously pet the dog to make him stay etc.

Or offer it as a stress-relief app - pet the dog until you feel calm again.  Have a calm-o-meter on the side ...

I think it's a cool concept - just needs to be fleshed out.

Just looking at the picture it looks great.  

Looking closer I did notice this:

Your light sources vs shadows don't  quite align. 

The dwarf is holding the book balanced on his forearm - rather than on his thumb - and the book lacks any kind of real support to keep it there - it's too high for it to be resting on the crook of his arm, and too low for it to be resting on his thumb.  It seems a bit awkward.  He's not quite looking at it either - which might be by design.  

The objects on the top 2 shelves of the bookshelf appear to be floating.  You need a fine line between the floor of the shelf and the back of the shelf to create the shelf effect so that the objects don't float.

Love the beard!

Very nice glow effect on the bricks - but your light source is too small to reach all across the wall.

The room is very bright for your small light source.  If you want to accentuate the light source place a semi-transparent black square over the picture with a fully transparent / gradient circle in the middle and positioned over the light source - this darkens the corners and areas away from the light. 

A time management game for Android devices - free until 25 March on Google Play  (on sale @ 100% off).

Create the matching orders by finding the monsters from the ones in the middle of the screen.  Look carefully, they change all the time.    

If you're more into graphics than coding you could start by joining a team as the graphic artist - there's some postings now and again for people looking to be part of a team.

I learnt to program in Game Maker (a few versions before Studio) and their tutorials gave me a very good basic understanding of gaming as they were detailed and instructive and gave you a lot of insight into game development in general - not just the use of Game Maker.  I would  recommend working through a few of their beginner tutorials as a good start.   

Then if you're not big on coding look at engines like Game Salad* or Construct that give you basic tools to work with and no coding.  Clickteam Fusion that also has no coding - they also have a free starter version you can play with - and is more flexible than those other 2, but is a bit harder to learn. 

*Game Salad:  at the time I looked at it, their terms of service gave them too many rights, it put me off.

I noticed one of my games have been released on an illegal site where they give the game away to people to play for free (so nobody buys it from me anymore ...)  And I can see from my analytics there are a lot of click-troughs from that site to my store listing of that game here.

Would it be possible to block those links from your server?  To block links from known illegal and cracked sites?  They could still get here doing a search - but at least block the direct links from Reddit Cracked and the file share sites? 

 It really doesn't matter what it looks like - people want the functions.   If you read reviews, people don't comment on the startup screens if the functions are there - they do start complaining very quickly when there's a lack of settings like not being able to turn the music off, or to customize keys like playing with arrow keys instead of ASD and vice versa.  Just make it easy to use and clear.   Players will only spend a few seconds looking at it anyway.

Your screenshot would confuse me - because it looks like I have to press the little guy to get to the settings menu but the block in the corner looks like it could be a volume control or something.  I'm not clear on what's going on there.  The only thing that really stands out is the close button - and be careful - if that is the only thing that stands out and is clear to me - it's probably going to be the thing I press first.