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Congratulations, congratulations!

Here is my latest release on bandcamp which i will share on this dead thread...

i would play it but i don't know how to use windows emulators yet haha. it looks awesome

its just easier to make

i likey

hey this is a cool idea 

your welcome

of course yo

you got mad skills, my lad

Those are vveerryy cool

Man that's no joke. Great work!

That's what I would call some pretty cool art


i like

Ima sandbox sort of guy

of course mate :)

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Cool, i like those

ok nevermind I can't play it on mac it seems?

Hey I'll play it and give feedback

notebook detective looks neat

Those peices sound really cool yo.  I could maybe make some music but I don't have any proof that I'm good at making music haha. I am gonna put my first album out on bandcamp soon though. I'm thinking kinda sorta ambient music that doesn't sound very spacey would work for a chess game. I can try making some for ya if you want. Maybe it would turn out halfway decent? I don't know?

That art is awesome!

those look awesome

That looks great!

It seems to be windows only and I don't have Boot Camp.

Beep Boop

Aw Yeah

wow that's amazing

that screenshot alone makes me wanna play. I'm gonna try the alpha demo asap

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Hey I like this. I thought of a similar thing like this a while back as well.  What other pieces are you adding and are you planning on having some music as well?

Yes I haven't been a member here for very long and this place does seem a little quiet. I also think some art and music challenges would be cool to help bring those people's work more into the spotlight.

not available for macOS :'(

Games like this make me wanna play them

That looks cool

Hey this looks really cool mate

The creativity section needs to be higher up on the community page so that more people will pay attention to stuff like this if you see what I mean.

Looks lika good list