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Japanese Town Assets

A topic by GuttyKreum created Aug 17, 2019 Views: 229 Replies: 4
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I want to share some Japanese town assets I have created which are based on a real life location in Japan (Honmachi Asaichi Street, you can actually check out the location here using Google Street View) and also introduce myself. The pack is $2.50 and includes everything shown in the animated preview screenshot (update 8/27/19: I've added vertical street tiles now). I do have some free asset packs available to check out here in case you are not interested in a paid pack.

If you're interested in more Japanese themed assets matching my style, let me know as I am eager to make some more. You can also find my other pixel art on either Twitter or Tumblr.

Nice to meet you all! : )

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Cool, i like those



I'm happy to hear! I also have a new asset pack coming soon that fits in with this theme. : )

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I really liked the religious temples from the Sekiro game, you should make religious architecture like the temples, shrines, and gates.

I definitely want to expand out with a more rural Japanese tile set, which would have shrines + graveyards and temples.

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