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I'm not gonna lie, that cabin looks chill, I'd rent it out for like 500 a month if I was a rich indie and it had internet but it would need a bathroom and a laundromat.

Thanks for the video, I wasn't able to run it.

Thanks a lot! Maybe one day we can jam together!

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Hey man! 

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As a pixel artist, I originally wanted to make games solo. It took me so many years just to find the spark to make my first game. The crazy thing was that the game only took me 1 week to create but like 4 years just to get the kick to create it. As soon as I joined a jam team for the first time, game development was much more fun and we ended up making several little games nonstop. I'd say that if you want to go solo, you should still experience working in teams for a while so that you are more familiar with the game dev process and learn with each other as you go since your teammates have different strengths. Even if you are going solo, it's better to ask your fellow game devs for feedback anyway.

Aw so no soccer and sorcery submission? Dang it. It was a worthy concept.

Haha, if you want. I'd like to see you try. Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Sorcery Jam
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I set up another jam here This one's goal is create a game using spells (or status effects like poison, slow movement, dizzy controls, super strength, those all count too!) If you are a fan of games such as Dark souls, Diablo, or other games that have cool spells, maybe this jam can serve as motivation to complete your next project! 


Some bullet hell assets drawn for a recent game jam. Play it in browser here

Alright thanks a lot!👍

Me and my coder have different deadlines. I have 5 hours on  my screen and he has 13. What is the actual deadline?

Oh I see.

Any coders have a need for a pixel artist? My discord account is imonk#8030.

Good luck, have fun! Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Turret Jam

I hosted a turret jam if anyone's interested. The jam is a little over 1 week long and is already taking place. the idea is basically to include a turret in-game. I have a discord server set up where developers can partner up, share content, and get feedback, etc., so here's the link to the jam page.

I'm a pixel artist, looking for a jam team or project.

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Viking pixel art asset is out for $5 over here Any purchases would really help me out. Happy game dev!

A pixel art bird... hmm, it's kind of tough because pixel art birds are generally so small anyway so I'd say it looks good but if you want to add more details, you'd have to bump up the resolution to 32 maybe. Also this is a style choice but the egg lighting looks flat, maybe you should shade it.

 I figured I'd upload the completed image here.

For me it's several reasons. It's easier to create lines because I don't have to worry about them being too straight since it's pixel art. I don't have to worry about huge index of colors. Also pixel art requires less use of the fill tool in general. Those are some reasons.

Ha, the title announcer reminds me of the title announcer for "BIOHAZARD". Cool beats though.


Yeah thanks!


Abductinator is a game where you play as an alien pilot operating a flying saucer to abduct cows to feed to the mother. Ironically, the aliens believe they are somehow saving the cows while tanks are firing at them.  

Link to the game:

"Demon Slain", the boss reminds me off this boss.

Cool, some reason I die out of nowhere "no food/water"...

I make a lot of heavy rock, but sometimes I make lofi beats.

Pretty interesting mechanics. The whole concept makes sense as a game as well. I just wish the concept was something that the player could relate to more besides a cell. Don't take it personal though, keep making stuff no matter what.

Sakura bull from Sekiro

Idle - His waist isn't shifting up and down, and I'm not sure why his left arm is sticking out.

Run - His core (center) is moving left and right, which is generally supposed to be the programming that does the job. Also I think his head is bobbing way too much.

Punch - Lacking anticipation/ wind-up.

I'll demonstrate it later.

Ref Material: Dark Souls

Paid, some reason discord won't go through.

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As much as I enjoy being a pixel artist, when it's client work I will be charging a small fee per asset. You might want to consider that first. I usually charge around 10-20  for most simple sprites but it also depends on how much animation there is. Larger tasks such as environments have to be negotiated and broken down into smaller steps before I set a price. Just letting you know ahead of time. I'm always willing to cooperate with the artwork if it needs revision though so you will get what you ask for. 

On the other hand, If you're just wanting to learn to do your own art for your games though, I highly encourage that and can try to teach you.

Discord imonk#8030 I have a team now however.

NoJam community · Created a new topic [LFP] [Pixel Artist]

Artist looking for team.

I'm an artist but I'll collab if we get a full team.

Artist looking for jam.

Artist looking for a jam.