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Catacomb Chess

Wow looks very pretty O.O

I enjoyed the funny text at the start. Sometimes it was hard to understand where the path goes because the road wasn't dark at some places. I play a lot of difficult car games, so I got a hang of the driving physics quickly. I think a having the car explode when you hit a wall could spice up the game. The physics would work really well in a winter setting because it feels like driving on ice.

Fun! Love the game-play and the squishy death and laser animation looks cool.

Cool setting, music and art. It would be cool to have sth to avoid.

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Jesus Christ! This looks and sounds professional.

Do you plan on continuing development after the jam?

Very cool. Top entry I've looked at so far. I really like the clean art style and the lighting.

Immersion and bullet effects are very good. Ow sound sounds silly.

Excellent graphics, especially the menu mech. Sound was good. Game-play was okay. I like slower mech action, but that's just my taste.

As I thought the newborn didn't leave me enough time to make a worthy entry.

But I'm checking out some of the entries and leaving some ratings and comments now.

I barely won. Very cool looking mech and environment. Gameplay wasn't engaging and very short. Would be a good base for a more fleshed out game.

Doggynet Down

MechJam II community · Created a new topic Yay!

I regretted not taking part in the last jam as I'm a big Mechwarrior fan. I'll try to take part this time, but it will be hard because I just became a father a few days ago. My entry will be a small sequel to my mech game Navpoint Alpha, which is inspired by Mechwarrior 2's satellite view.

Oh and I just saw that I also made another mech game before too: Plasma Guardian. But it is very arcade-y, I like simulators more.

Those pesky UFOs are sucking up all the internetz again. The anti-UFO laser is offline, so keep it aimed manually. HTML5.

Made for the OperaGX Jam for that browsers "no internet" page.

Doggynet Down

Yee haww! Bless your heart. 

Could use a underwater look. Everything looks dry and sunny. No bubbles :(

Doggynet Down (work in progress)

Nice art and colour palette! 

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GENIUS! Works especially well with small sprite sizes like 8x8.

Edit: Oh I see cellular automata makes the 16px and up nice too. Wow!

lovely <3

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Very fun. The block feels nice and heavy. Excellent work on the SFX too!

Wow, who would have thaugt one could demake Hotline Miami so well!? Amazing!

Hehe, super cool, so many potions, nice art.

Took a bit to get a grip of the mechanics, then the fun held on as I kept reaching for the next level.

That's a cool collection of monkeys. Friendly monkey is my favorite, looks so funny! <3

Added an Android port today.

One touch controls are perfect for mobile.

Also it's a small game which makes it feel even more at home on phones.

Ah, I remember putting the items behind the grave, that could be the reason.

Boots so that there is no slime trail everywhere does seem like a good idea when I think about it. XD

I think I'll try that out. I always resisted that idea to keep it a one-button game, which is perfect for mobile too. I don't think it's so bad switching between all 3 states, either no tap, one tap or double tap.  But I've gotten the comment before so it's probably a good idea. 

Thanks for the feedback about the difficulty. It's hard to tell how hard a game is as a developer who has played it endlessly. 

(1 edit) [5MB download for Windows PC]

Switch the walls, SMASH the insects!

This is a more fleshed-out version of an old game (Vector Sector) which has a pretty nifty mechanic. Switch the walls to save your balls! Now with insects!

After figuring out what to do with the downloaded file (unpacked in 7zip) I tried your game. I found it too hard and shooting the enemy didn't seem to have an effect on the enemy. Maybe I am missing something because of the language barrier. The graphics looked inconsistent, too many clashing styles. The patterns of the shooting enemies looked pretty cool, I can see you did your math. :)

Tried to give the harvest ghost the corn, but didn't know how. I lit the candle and I think I gave it to the pink ghost, but could understand what it was saying.

Okay the yellow alien came and gave me a book. I tried to bring it to the ghost looking for a book but didn't know how to give it to him. I tried dropping it at his grave but nothing changed and it seems I have lost the book.

The graphics are pretty good so far. The main character looks like a snail, so I thought it was wierd that it has feet. I'd have made a slime trail instead. Could be easier to animate too.

Oh I just read it's a ghost (medium) too, maybe give it a special effect too like transparency or floating movement.

Hope my feedback helps.

Very cool graphics and good sound. Gameplay felt a bit lacking though. I guess it's pretty hard doing a game in 64x64. The levels felt too short, half of the time I was jumping from one sector to another without any feeling of accomplishment. Still excellent work on the menus and win-screen.

I really like all those different biomes with different trees. The colour of the sea water is maybe a bit too saturated compared to the rest. Or maybe its just the big difference of the two colours on that tile that make it look too "loud".  The large amount of different tiles make the map very interesting to look at.

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Phew! Just finished the last insect (centipede). Also finished the win screen and polished my itch page.

This is what I love about game jams; They push me to get stuff done!

Go for it!. I love atlases or is it atlantes, whatever. Especially old ones. Are the graphics style be inspired an atlas?

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Hi! I made a game called Vector Sector a long time ago based on the 3 pinball lights you switch before the ball falls through. I kept it minimal as possible and still like the game a lot, but now I'd like to make a more fleshed-out version with cool enemies and levels.

Goal: Make at least 3 levels with different enemys, replace all the SFX, music and art so that there are no traces left of the old game. Also: Rip-off the Rekindle Jam color-palette!! X]