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No itch download :[

Sounds interesting. Can you preview a few pages?

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The excellent random world generation is one of the things that fascinate me the most in Minecraft. Nice project, I'll sure be watching this.

Can you blow yourself up if you hold the hand grenade too long?

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Raum Drive

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-  Only 1 screenshot per week allowed  [to keep quality and variety high]

-  No text!  Only the title of the game with a link is allowed  [and recommended]


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I'm thankful for the time period I was born into. How my childhood was mainly computer free and how I got to witness the birth of 3D cards and the internet slowly becoming mainstream as a young man. Very interesting time we are living in right now, not just the computers but also other things like society, environment, population, technology...


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Hi Blis! You are welcome to make videos of any of my games if you are interested. I have quite a few games to choose from.

Very cute ghost game. Terrific presentation.

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I finally managed to set up GameMaker to export to Android (3rd times's a charm). I have a few games perfect for touch screen control. Here is the first one!


This game is perfect for mobile with it's 1-button tap controls. Go get your screen dirty as you demonstrate your reflex and estimation skills. You will also be defending the ball from the random occurrences.

Inspired by the lights of pinball machines that you can switch so that the ball activates a bonus.

google play

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Hi Guillotine

I highly  recommend deviantart for your art. I'm there too.

Deviantart is now 18 years old and I'm sure that your art style is very welcome there.

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Halloween Forever is the best Halloween game I've ever played. The music alone is worth it!

That slam dunk in the middle! XD

Unique game idea. Never seen this before!

Construct, Clickteam Fusion, Löve, Godot, Pico8.

What restrictions are you running into in Gamemaker?

Yeah I should make a part 2. It's my most liked games, which is funny because it was created carelessly with very rough art.

Thanks for the support. Maybe I should add more instructions in text form to my games. I never read manuals and always found things out slowly by exploring the game, so that's how I tend to design my games.

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Oh nice 2for1 GAMERS made it through Flex Armstrong! It ain't easy. You guys got some respectable gaming skills.

Nice retro home computer game experience with silly physics-based gameplay. Includes all the flags.

Controls feel excellent, maybe a bit too sensitive. Main character could use some flavor. Really good art otherwise.

Excellent colours.

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Cool I've never played anything like this before. Good aquarium game with nice colourful graphics.

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Strange, worked for me without an app. (Win10)

I really like the background art. I'll try this out when I find the time.

Mesmerizing water drops relax your soul before you crash some rocks and boulders into the water to hinder it's flow.

 The sun turns water to vapor. The vapor rises and forms clouds. The clouds carry water to the mountain, where it flows down, and the cycle begins anew. Setting the sun low reduces the evaporation rate.

I used the GM1s physics engine for the first time here and I'm quite happy with the results. Waterfall Mountain was my first game jam game. (Simulation Jam hosted by Unique Games)

Damn that level of detail is incredible! Stay in the car you fool!! XD

Hi leafo and friends!

When viewing games on a users profile the 315x250px cover images are minimaly resized down to 306x243 causing image degradation. Could this be fixed so the images are nice and crisp? It seems just a few pixels away from perfection and irks me a bit.




What I've always wished for (no gamedev forum has this) would be an image for each devlog instead of (or next to) the user avatar.  Maybe not as many devlogs could be seen at once but scrolling is so easy. With a good sized image I would find it easier to recognize projects than only seeing the title name.

(Another possibility would be the devlog as it is now, but the large image appears when you hover over it. I do prefer the first solution though because the eyes are multitudes faster than the hand+CPU, and the page may be less complicated and less CPU intensive.)

I prefer the message board devlogs.

I'd like to add music/sounds to my game. Can we use 3rd party assets (for example from or do we need to create sound and music by our self?

Also is 3rd party art (sprites images) allowed? (I'm doing art by myself, but could be interesting to others.)

If you guys are interested in 2D games I wouldn't mind getting showcased. Have a look at my games to see if there is something for you. I recommend Optical Ball and Catacomb Chess.

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Nice to hear that other people are participating.

My game isn't getting along so well, it's kind of a weather simulation with clouds, rain and physics. Keeping it simple while I test out the Gamemaker physics engine for the first time.

Just played it for an hour. So good.

All team members combined are to be no bigger than 3,00 meters. Just kidding, I'm not the creator of this game jam. Unique Games made this game jam and is not responding.

I'll be leaving this game jam if Unique Games doesn't respond to questions before the jam starts.

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Good question.

Would a 2D flight sim be acceptable?

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Hi I'm woodsmoke and I love playing and making simulation games. Big sim games I like to play include "Aerofly FS", Live for Speed, Mechwarrior series (MWLL is the bomb), VRC Pro, and many more.

I've already made a few small simulation games (see my itch page), so it's going to be hard to think of something new that interests me. I'll be using Gamemaker Studio 1.4, and maybe bfxr. This is my first game jam ever. Usually I'm more of the lone ranger type of gamedev.

Looking forward to what y'all come up with and maybe getting to know other fans of the simulation genre.

What simulation games do you like? What will you be using to make your game?

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Oowwwh nice art!

Lookin' good.

Good music choice at sketchfab. XD

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I didn't understand what happened at the end. The zoom mechanic was so good. The art was highly effective and atmospheric.

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Made it to level two!

Can't get the cool music out of my head! XD