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Ohh I like these. The font looks blocky compared to the figures though. Still solid work on the pieces. Very readable and uniform.

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Get a freeware editing program, and practice. Think of a concept for the trailer before starting to record material. Make two or three trailers and choose the best one. I have never ever made a trailer ... yet.

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Senior citizen soccer game for two players.

Purple team is strong.

Yellow team is fast.

DOWNLOAD https://melerski.itch.io/senior-soccer

The chess game testing board, and more plant stuff.

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I never made an Android game, but I think you get an important number for you app which you must remember. I think it's called Application ID. Here read this: https://developer.android.com/studio/build/application-id.html

Ask the people from the aptoide Android market for the legal terms for their market. Legal terms can differ depending on which market you are uploading to.

I was too scared to make a comment but now I dare to ;)

Nice style! Simple and effective. The only part I didn't like was the moon with the face. The tree with the glowing blue face looked a bit inconsistent, I would have made it monochrome too like the rest (white glow instead of blue), but that's just nit picking.

The scenery looks bombastic!

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Campaign intro:

itch.io Community » General · Created a new topic You Loose Chess

A funny chess(-ish?) game with a campaign. I finished the game although I'm only a beginner at playing chess, and I loved every silly bit of it.



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Post your sketches, notes, drawings, and doodles of game development.

From top to bottom: Botanical Box, Navpoint Alpha, Catacomb Chess

Do you plan on adding a theme to the game, or are you keeping it abstract?

The  one on the right looks dope.

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Wow that's quite a lot of stuff you drew there! I would not buy it because for me the quality is not high enough. Don't forget the hand drawn style in games has a very personal feeling to it, and I think many developers using the hand-drawn style usually wish to express themselves by them self. Anyway you earned yourself some respect! I'm sure this alone leveled up your art skills and if you re-did it now it would look 2x as good. Maybe try ink?

Not sure about the 100% discount, but yes you can change if the game is free or paid anytime you like.

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I'm a big fan of diversity in games and enjoy experimenting. I added a flashing lights warning to the games page. Thanks for playing Fellowplayer and thank you for your feedback.

I have two games that could be of interest:

Flex Armstrong (Play as an iron-pumping hyper-hero)

Optical Ball (brick-breaker mashed up with other games)

The walk looks very busy, hasty. The little dude is getting the job done!

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I used to listen to it alot. But I feel there is too much negativity in the texts most of the time. Now I mainly listen to instrumentals/beats when I listen to hip-hop:

Graphics are top notch. So the flight physics are simulation-like? Cool, I'm interested.

I like the mechanic how war destroys the envirnonement because then the fighting feels more substantial.

Do you mean here at itch.io?

Do you have some examples? Because I don't think anyone will Email you without examples of your work.

FireAlpaca for comics.

Big list of game making software: https://www.neogaf.com/threads/indie-game-development-thread-3-indie-jones-and-t...

Looks fun and I really dig those backgrounds. I'll give this a go when I get home.

Been playing it on my Windows mobile phone. Solid fun game. I took a hit when I reached the green room. XD

I like it because it is so clean. I think the water could be a bit more green now that things look more realistic. Also the boarder of the UI on the right could be better (imo). I like that it's a rope but I'd put knots or loops in the corners. Pier could use more details like green alge or sth but I'm guessing you haven't gotten to that yet.

Sounds dope! I like Voyager the most.

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Exactly what LantanaGames said, except for that point pay system. I like clearly seeing how much stuff costs.

Envirobear 2000  -  Operation Hibernation


Old but gold. Unique gameplay, cool music, colourful artwork. I recommend this to anyone who hasn't played it! 

I think getting feedback is important especially when testing and learning.

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Graphics style depends on era and of course your abilities.

You added thieves? Cool! Screenshots?

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Silver!  I used the small grass patch to slow down at the end of the laps.

The excellent core gameplay and good looks left me feeling nice and creamy inside. 

Very nice! The curtains seem a bit weird to me though. I think it's the colour or the size.

This game rocks, so does itch.io. Good move.

When I type in the pilots name and press Enter I get an error: Visual C++ Runtime Libary Assertion failed! File: .\SWTri.cpp Line:650 Expression: "You need to call SWTri_AddDrawTriFunc or SWTri_AddAllDrawTriFuncs"==0

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11840 points! Good quick game.