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Depends on the game you want to make. Even then it's hard to say what's best. 2D or 3D?

PICO-8 for example is quite fun and cozy but has many restrictions (which can be good though).

Looking at the screenshots, I love the atmoshere. This ones going on my to play list! :)

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I have a job and kids too. Last jam I (solo dev) was working late into every night (3AM) except one, where I fell asleep early from being extremley tired. I think the jam was 5 days long and at the end I was messed up from the lack of sleep. Jams get me so pumped up I can't stop gamedeving and forget time and sleep. I'm 40 now and it hits hard on my body especially when you need to be a good family member and worker by day. Still jams are alot of fun to me. I always make a game I'm proud of in a tiny time-frame. Also you gain a good load of XP. Deadlines are double-edged swords.

Just join one. What's the worst that can happen? You don't have to submit, when real life gets in the way. Everyone is different, own experience is gives you the best answer.

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Good on ya! 1h is quick. I also like looking back at my old creations.

Hey these look nice! But the vertical cars have a top down perspective and the hoizontal cars have an isometric perspective, which doesnt fit together. One is 2D, the other 3D. I bet it's a lot of work to make 3D "up" and "down" sprites for every car, but I'm sure you'd learn and improve yor skills a good bit by doing so.

Also I think a diagonal sprite would be needed too, so that when the car turns the animation is less jerky.

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Botanical Box

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PICO-8 has a library of it's games on their site. (click on Carts/Cartridges)

You mean like that?

NOICE! I love the setting, love the graphics, and love simulation games. Sailwind is cool, but I'd rather explore and build up a colony or other various different tasks. You plans for this game are making me excited.

Jawohl!! Aber meine ganze Kindheit in Australien verbracht.

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My game is the bestest of all timez. Why haven't you played it, you look silly now.

Optical Ball

Thankfully I have a reliable income from my day job (chemical lab worker) and can do gamedev when and how I want.

I've removed all payment options. Too much paperwork for a few $.

If a game gains traction in a big way then I'll reconsider.

I would hide the jam games, and put them all into a collection that is visible at the bottom of your page titled "game-jam games".

It's (normal water soluble) ink applied with a fountain pen, and them smeared with a wet paint brush. The ink creeps into the water, just like with water color.


You created 3 seperate GameJams that all go from 28.09.2023 to 12.11.2023 ?

Feels a bit spam-y to me.

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Hi, have you tried Google?:

To prepare your RPG Maker MV project for Android you must export it from the File menu, selecting the Deployment... option. In the Deployment window that appears, make sure the Android / iOS Platform is selected.

I have never had that error. Sry I don't know.

I haven't implemented any rules here in code.

Ah nice to see this thread rise up again!



Thaks that's exactly the feedback I was looking for. Enter keys have so many different forms, I think mine is european. I'll be removing the hand and re-doing the enter key.

Nice work and I adore the soft colour palette.

Oh yeah I forgot about the AI training part. Thanks for reminding me. There are loads of scam-y practices going on there. If trained using only art with permission then I wouldn't find it unethical. But we know that's not going to happen and is practically impossible to inspect.

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Here are 2 (huge) (touch-screen) buttons. They are supposed to say that they are the select/click/enter button. The hand is supposed to be like the one in your browser when you click a link, only that it's an astonaut hand because it's a space game. Is the hand recognizeable? Which one is more recognizable? Or should I just do 3 Enter keys?

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I'm not a fan of AI-art either, but "a spit to the face to actual artists" is a bit harsh. I think both can co-exist. And even if AI gets better than us at art -which it never 100% will IMHO- then that's just how it is. Are cars a spit in the face to coachman with their horse carriage?

@TrulyMalicious Some of the pieces have blue lighting and some don't. Also the ones with blue lighting have the light coming from different angles. But this is really good quality and it's free! <3

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I was kind of lost at first when the 1-bit theme was announced because it's more of an art-style than a theme (for me). So I thought 1-bit is something very minimal. I played around to see with how small of a resolution I could make sth interesting. 4x4pixels is too small. Then I did some 5x5pixel experiments and reticles (that aim thingy for shooting games) started appearing, so I went with it. If any1 needs reticles for a chunky pixelart shooter, this is for them! And I also went back and tried to make some 4x4 pixel reticles too.

 4x4px reticles:

5x5 pixel reticules for 25 different guns:


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Okay so I thought 1-bit is minimalistic. I played around to see how small of a resolution I could make sth interesting. 4x4pixels is too small. Did sime 5x5pixel experimenting and am now making reticles.

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Nooo! I was hoping for a more "substancial" theme with a direction. Simply 1-bit has too much room for me. And -even though it's not allowed- anyone can submit their old 1-bit asset pack.

Well I could make a 1-bit computer themed asset pack, but other than a 1-bit chip and 1-bit CRT screen, I dunno.

so cute! :D

Raum Drive

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Your art reminds me of flickgame games (because of your screen resolution and colour amount).

Maybe have a look at It's probably the most simple game engine out there. Also free, exports to HTML5, and runs in your browser. I had some fun with it a while ago:

dwarven fort

gross up

camp fire

Sorry Hop, I didn't make it far (08). You will be missed, you cute little fella.

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I think the lights and shadow in general are spot on, except for the shadow under the neck, I don't think you need that when there is so much light comming from the back. Also the shadows on the arms and fingers with the different colour also aren't needed because everything is in the shadow already.

If anything the light should he coming from below because the light from outside is mainly hitting the floor inside, then reflecting up, and lighting the lady from below a little bit.

And the "Terminator" eye is too bright, but I'm not sure if that was a stylised choice.

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Nice work!

Have you ever tried the (standard, not extended) PICO-8 colour palette? It's pretty cool.

Which ones do you like/dislike?

(I'm planning on expanding my Digital Aquarium toy)

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world peas <3world peas <3

Hehe, pretty funny :)

Digital Ember

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I think Wednesday is the best day of the week.

Time is hard because different countries like different types of games. Germans like simulation for example. Americans Nintendo-likes. I'd shoot for 11AM just before lunch break.