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Dwarven Fort



I like to propose improvements, but I can't think of any. 

How does the scoring work? Longer words, higher multiplyer?

I need to start typing faster to survive 5 mins and more. I wish it gave me a bit more time back when I find a word.

My longest word used to be pervert but now I got an eight:

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Point & click you way around a dwarven fort. This is a fan-game/love-letter to Dwarf Fortress.

Made with, so there are 16 screens to find.

Play Dwarven Fort [HTML5]

Good SFX. The bit-by-bit undo function massively convenient!

I recommend the (very) simple game-engine

You don't need any programming skills, perfect for children. You just link colors to other pictures.

It's pretty fun, especially for those who just want to make interactive art.

Dwarven Fort

Hi DimaLink,

I think it's nice that you comment so much. But please use the games game-page for comments as stated in the rules on the first post. It keeps the look here cleaner. It's all about images here, not text. Thanks in advance!

Yeah I need to move away from Gamemaker1 in the long run because I don't like the direction GM2 is heading. I've just gotten so used to GM1.

The Bball bomb idea is a blast! I also need to try out Godot soon.

JuicY, I like it.

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That one rock in the background here looks like a phallus with bushy green balls D: Just sayin'

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Ah, a strong and determined vision, excellent.

nice colour palette

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As the self-proclaimed god of virtual fires (see my project page!!), I deem your pixel campfire worthy, even though there is room for improvement. In my not so humble opinion, the easiest improvement would be to remove the red pixels.

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Ah... a fellow chess noob who has made a chess game. Welcome to the club! As you are not good at chess you might enjoy the game You Loose Chess or my game Catacomb Chess.

I just wanted to say that I think the menu colours are too bright and saturated, and there is no contrast between them.

Personaly I like the wood version the best. But I would really have liked to see your own chess piece art, even if it is freaky pixel programmer art. Your own art just gives a project so much more personality, and creative freedom in case you want to create a new chess piece that the world has never seen before.

Nice art and idea with the loop

Its supposed to be a maggot coming out of a food stain. But it looks like an earthworm. I need to fix that. Thanks for checking this out! :D

This zine rocks!

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Gross Up  (HTML5)

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Today I heard about the game engine

I love to draw so it's an excellent fit for me. I made my first flickgame game from start to finish in a few hours.

Play Gross Up (HTML5)

You simply zoom in and out to see "gross-ups" (made famous by Ren & Stimpy, Spongebob)

You can often zoom in twice, for example with the mouth/teeth:

From all of us here, I'd like to wish you happy game making, and God bless, my friend.

woah cool transition effect

oh no my present is in the fire! XD

double-digit, pretty good!!

Digital Ember

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How about we narrow it down a bit first.

Do you want to make 2d or 3d games?

PICO-8 is pretty cool too!

I went from having a some $1-4 games to making them all free with no option to give me money. Gamedev is a (big) hobby for me and I don't want the extra stress of founding a company, doing all the tax stuff and checking updates on new laws.

I did make a few bucks but it wasn't worth the hassle. If one of my games goes big and boat-loads of people download it I might consider quitting my normie job and going the professional gamedev route though.

nice cape texture <3

Please follow the rules. A screenshot is an in-game image.

Richtig schöne 1-bit Farbpalette!

Way more pixels than my toy Digital Aquarium, and more to do!

Cool game, unique. Has a bit of Frogger in it!

quite nice, I need to look into Godot soon

sneaking in features during work hours is when i make $$$ from my gamez

like that you made a "Flash" version XD

Seems it would be perfect for mobile. I'd be heavily interested.

I happen to have made Digital Aquarium. Enjoy!

 I got an error: UnityPlayer.dll can't be found (Windows version)

I was wondering how the file size (69kB) can be so small.

noice lines!

I don't understand. You can play music with your computer in the background. Do you mean special fireplace music in the program itself?