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Raum Drive

game-play screenshot would be nice

Raum Drive

Some people quickly create the "worst possible" finished version of their game first. Then they go about improving it, bit by bit.  That way they can abandon the game anytime and  then at least it is kind of finished.

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unnamed experimental project

Today I made a random lightning bolt generator.
Run it online via HTML5, or download the Windows version.

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(Or any other game from my portfolio!)

Catacomb Chess

When the navpoint turns blue (all enemies destroyed) walking into it takes you into the next level. (In the old version you had to stop your mech.)

Ammo reload truck is only present when on some missions. Sometimes the mech config doesn't use ammo. 

The ammo truck button switches between follow at distance (default), and deploy for ammo reload.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

Excellent smol gaim. Mechanics feel juicy, polished look, good music.

Yeah check out opengameart (dot) org.

And also of course.

Gameplay and the physics feel very good!

Art is a bit too minimal for my taste (especially the solid white bits could use some highlights/3d effect). I missed music a lot although I often turn it off in games. I'm a big fan of Pinball Dreams and Fantasies, so maybe I'm expecting too much when it comes to presentation.

I liked the little back table behind the glass although gameplay-wise it felt a bit bland back there. And at first I didn't recognize what it was until the ball was in there. Maybe add a reflection "effect" onto the window.

Also, most people don't use their monitor vertically, so I wouldn't make it standard, and please add moar blinkenlights!

Anyways the core of the game is very good which is the most important. Hope my feedback helps you a bit, thanks for making this. I also want to make a 2D pinball game one day :]

YES MOAR! Planning do doing sequels in the future. With better everything. Too many game ideas and too little gamedev time :|

Thanks for playing Sk1tz! (not just my game but also everyone else's from the DOS game-jam)

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"Name your own price" sounds like there is a price especially for visitors new to

It would be cool if there was a soft alternative text. Such as "Free, donate if you like".

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This is my tribute to Mechwarrior 2.

Do you remember that cool satellite view that the game had? ;D


Pilot a 190-ton mech through an interplanetary war.

Lasers, autocannons, rockets, heat-system, damage zones, ammo reload truck.

Spread damage by twisting your torso. Stomp on infantry and tanks to save ammo. Mechs cool down best when standing or walking. Running produces heat, but can help to evade enemy fire.

Holy s**t dude, all your 3D pico8 games are awe-inspiring.

Be thankful for what you have. Just the fact that you are alive should make you feel grateful. 

Noice! Very chill colour palette.

no page yet

I love games/sims with damage zones. The graphics are a bit too simple for my taste though. It would be easier for new players if the components looked different. The games does have mech generation though which my mech sim (Navpoint Alpha) does not.

I like the simplicity in the graphics and the gameplay. I recognized the art and understood the mechanics instantly. Like many others I think this game would work very well on mobile because of this simplicity and the vertical view field. All the interesting pickups make me want to just keep playing.

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Alright.. I'll just jump-start this thread by giving general feedback to a random game, the HTML game Rogue to Ruin:

I like the simplicity in the graphics and the gameplay. I recognized the art and understood the mechanics instantly. Like many others I think this game would work very well on mobile because of this simplicity and the vertical view field. All the interesting pickups make me want to just keep playing. I should have picked a game that easier to criticize, I don't really have anything constructive to add.

I could use some feedback on my finished game Catacomb Chess (ZIP-File unpack and play). Mainly on if the gameplay mechanic is enjoyable. And maybe what you liked and disliked the most about the game. Would it be worth $1,80 or $2,22 in your opinion, or should it remain free?

It works like this:

1. Post the words "feedback in progress" so that only one person is giving feedback.
2. Play and then give feedback to the last persons project/game. 50 words minimum.
3. Link a playable project/game (finished or unfinished) and write what you want feedback on.


Game must be playable on Windows PC
Game must be playable without installation
Game projects should be advanced enough to have enough to write about

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If the game is fun, then the crude animations won't bother me at all. Also it's obvious that you put time and effort into the art, don't worry about it. Maybe polish later in development if you feel the need.

Things are slowly starting to come together. Still a long way to go though.

Level screen with names. Some are temporary names.

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Ha! I'm also making a kind of similar survival stone age game and was having problems with the colour palette too. I tried the DB32 palette, but then went back to my own palette, because it feels more like my game and I could learn sth.

I like the colours on your screenshots alot, and also the sprites. Top down view art can be really hard sometimes. Keep doing what you are doing! :)

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The 1st and the 2nd image have just a bit of a lack of contrast with the colours. The red could be a bit brighter in the first image, and the darker white could be a bit more darker in the 2nd image.

3rd image: add some grey on the bottom of the clouds for more volume. And use the dark brown earth colour to do the same to the bottom of the land islands but with a rougher transition to give the earth a rough texture compared to the smooth colour transition of the cloud.

Hope I helped somehow.

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Raum Drive

Obedient Cat


google "crash course unity" and 3 videos should show up at the top.

try them out to see which one suits you.

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a wilderness survival game early in development, yet to be named

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Fixed, thanx xicx

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Yo! This sounds gooood. I'm in!