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Did you go through the entire list?

Search results are probably NOT alphabetical, if that's what you mean. Usually most popular or most clicked search results show up first.

A while ago I suggested being able to create categories for different kinds of projects. They said they are planning sth but nothing has happend yet. :[

Hi! I did a quick search. Is this like what you are looking for?

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Because like you said it's basic work. It's a base. I think it's executed very well, but there is nothing really special about it yet. Needs a highlight, some flavor.

Having little joyful jumps or bobs could be the next stage of dog happiness. Then on it's back doing the belly scratch offering.

I can't imagine that a game only about petting would keep players interested for long. Important additional mechanic: Overfeeding, getting dog fat :]

Good stuff. Keep it comin'! Nice lil' intro comic too :]

Yo what's up! I just had a look at your background art. I'm really digging the reduced colours effect and think it works best with the urban environment. I'd love to see more of those. Especially the first two are really good!

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1. As much time as I feel I need (hobby dev)

2. For sure I get many ideas especially when outside. But ideas are cheap though and you don't get to test them during a break.

3. Best activity while taking a break is going jogging (and then showering). It's like the exact opposite of sitting at a desk und helps me feel balanced, and be productive, concentrated and focused. I think breaks certainly need to be without any form of electronics or they aren't good breaks. Best is going outside. At least open a window and let fresh air in. Closing your eyes for 15-20 min ("power nap") is also excellent to combat fatigue.

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Loved it.  Lots of stuff to discover. Also played it a few times to read everything. :]

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At the core I think adventure games are strategy. But I did almost gave it it's own category myself when I made the list.

Strategy would be by far fullest and could use more subdivision.

Luck category would be needed for a few games.

Card/dice category could be removed (strategy/luck)

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Analog games would sound cool. Also it's the opposite of digital.

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High level filters for physical games

Here's a list I made by going through the list at and distilling it down to 5.

Everything fits into:

Card/dice game

Love it! Fresh mechanics :D

Nice special FX and soundFX. Good music and art.

A custom made cursor would turn up the games atmosphere a notch.

Nice winter setting you have going on there. The art style of the dragons reminds me of the old cartoon movie A Land Before Time. :)

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Blender is the most popular free 3D-modeling  program

How to make 3D models in blender? Youtube is your best friend!  ;) (search:Blender tutorial)

It depends on how you define "different person".

Buy TV advertisement time during the halftime of the super bowl.

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Climbing physics are too big of a mountain for me to grasp as well. I hope you grab hold of a good tutorial soon and that the leaning curve isn't too steep.

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Defend the city with your plasma-powered mech.


- destructible buildings

- 4 enemy types [tank]  [heli]  [huge tank]  [space crab]

Developing this in my free time in between other projects. You can play this game from this version on, as it continues to get developed sometimes.

Press [2] in-game to initiate the space crab invasion.

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The setting in the cellular dimension is just so damn cool! Excellent art. Instead of music I would rather have heard background soundFX, but the music was good at fitting for a puzzle game. Seamless invisible tutorial too, well done.

lookin' good! maybe a few more different car types (truck,van,bus..)

Thanks for the comment. There will be racing, survival, and other cool victory conditions. No ship building planned. There will be local 2 player options with racing and survival. Game is developing well, a lot of work has gone into the Raum Drive since the last upload.

Amazing presentation/art. Love the scarf animation and how well you used the colour palette.

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the leaves are so nice and fluffy!

Nice game mechanics :]

Nice dot font on the numbers!

I'm really surprised how good the game-play is.

Maybe a "full" version with  a level for every letter in the alphabet? :)

I really liked how the heli controlled.

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No itch download :[

Sounds interesting. Can you preview a few pages?

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The excellent random world generation is one of the things that fascinate me the most in Minecraft. Nice project, I'll sure be watching this.

Can you blow yourself up if you hold the hand grenade too long?

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Raum Drive

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-  Only 1 screenshot per week allowed  [to keep quality and variety high]

-  No text!  Only the title of the game with a link is allowed  [and recommended]


For comments and discussion use the users thread/devlog/game-page.



I'm thankful for the time period I was born into. How my childhood was mainly computer free and how I got to witness the birth of 3D cards and the internet slowly becoming mainstream as a young man. Very interesting time we are living in right now, not just the computers but also other things like society, environment, population, technology...


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Hi Blis! You are welcome to make videos of any of my games if you are interested. I have quite a few games to choose from.

Very cute ghost game. Terrific presentation.

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I finally managed to set up GameMaker to export to Android (3rd times's a charm). I have a few games perfect for touch screen control. Here is the first one!


This game is perfect for mobile with it's 1-button tap controls. Go get your screen dirty as you demonstrate your reflex and estimation skills. You will also be defending the ball from the random occurrences.

Inspired by the lights of pinball machines that you can switch so that the ball activates a bonus.

google play

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Halloween Forever is the best Halloween game I've ever played. The music alone is worth it!