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No, it's still an alpha, and I hope to update it to beta until end of May. The final is planned only for the end of the year.

Thank you for answer!

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I want to check one thing. My game is not free. Should I attach a demo (which is already available) or send a free key to reviewer? In this case, will I be allowed to make a link to full game? That's why I joined in the first place.

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I want to check one thing again. My game is not free. Should I attach a demo (which is already available) or send a free key to reviewer? In this case, will I be allowed to make a link to full game? That's why I joined in the first place.

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Hello, everyone,

You know what I am missing for quite long time? Good real time strategies. You can say, that there are many of them on market. However, from what I see, the absolute majority of RTS of the last years, if they have storyline at all, are more about protagonists adventure, then war itself.

I mean games like Warcraft 1 and 2, or older Command and Conquer games. There were protagonists sometimes, but games were actually about full scale conflicts. The opposite of it, like Warcraft 3 is all about heroes adventures. Starcraft, both 1 and 2 are somewhere in the middle, but closer to heroes adventures.

Does anybody know of good RTS, about war, and not adventures, but with storyline, that was released in the last few years? Or, since it's forum for developers, have you heard of anyone trying to make such a game?

There are many games about wars without storylines at all, like Total War, or some from Warhammer series, but that's not what I mean.

Does anybody know of good RTS, about war, and not adventures, but with storyline, that was released in the last few years? Or, since it's forum for developers, have you heard of anyone trying to make such a game?

I think the last RTS that I played, and which has a storyline, but not heroes adventure was Supreme Commander.

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I am not sure I'll be able to finish everything by deadline.

Yes, I do hope to finish basic sanity checks, and make sure that game is playable (with all Beta content), but can't guarantee that all minor bugs will be fixed. Also, I can't guarantee I'll have enough time to make all possible resolutions by then. Will just one working resolution suffice, for the jam? Of course, I won't put it on sale until I optimize everything, but maybe the jam can get a limited version?

Almost forgot: There are 4 game rooms remaining to be added, and again, one month might not suffice to finish all images. Can some of rooms use placeholders?

This is my first game jam, but I earlier participated in literature contests. I don't know if people usually do this on game jams, but I have a proposition. Let's write reviews for each other, right here, on forum.
Let everyone write something on all other games from this jam. And, of course, make suggestions about how to improve!

No need, I managed to finish it already.

I sacrificed my whole day-off, but finished my game. And uploaded it.

Thank you! I hope others won't object too!

I am overloaded on regular job, and might not finish by set deadline. :((

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I really hope I'll be able to submit the game before jam's end. Doing my best.

I made a small app to transfer all the dialogue text to code, but even this takes time.

Very Bad choice

What a nonsense! The judge even refused to check this version. He decided, that constables should continue the investigation without you. *********************************************** agreed with him. But by now, the trace has gone way too cold, and there is a little chance, that the true villain will be caught. What a failure! Your reputation suffered a heavy hit. It will take a long time, and many successful cases to improve it back. Shame on you!

Just Bad choice

The judge was doubting, but you managed to convince him by presenting proof to your theory. After the trial, the said person was found guilty and sent to the gallows. While you did receive your pay, and that case was accepted as successful, you sometimes think, if you didn’t do a mistake, and didn’t sent an innocent to death.

Good choice

Incredible! This case would be found as impossible to solve by the majority of constables and many other private detectives, and you managed to solve it correctly, and find the true villain. It was almost impossible to connect him to evidence and the crime scene, but your efforts and thoroughness did their job. The villain will now hang, and you will receive a nice reward from *******************************. People will talk about your wits and deduction skills for years to come, and your reputation is now much greater that it was before. What a success!

What do you mean by platform? PC, Windows, downloadable and not browser, if I understood correctly.

As for the game endings, if you get the right criminal, you do get the relevant message. If you don't, you'll get another message, but NOT the solution.

Sorry, but I can't understand games of this style, and so can't actually say if it is good or bad. Anyway, congratulations for submitting it for the jam. Good luck, maybe other players will like it!

I have finished writing dialogues and all the text, now will transfer it to actual code.

So, there is no real case to solve? :(

I also don't understand the mystery. What's to do in this game? Does choices have any influence? Or when I see chaotic text, I must find some kind of code?


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Nevermind my old post, I deleted it, because I already understood, more or less, how this application works. I will try to take part in the jam, but can't promise anything.

Yes, I remember I asked if it is required, and got answer that it isn't. But maybe someone does want to share his\her code or script or whatever? I myself consider doing so. After all, the goal of this jam is to learn something new, maybe we can help each other. What do you think, fellow developers?

The game I am making is text adventure, with little graphics, but good descriptions and thorough dialogues. To do this, I am using a part of my own engine, specifically the part I am using for conversations. I haven't prepared any graphics yet for the jam game, but can show a screenshot of main game conversation, because it will look more or less the same.

What are the features of my detective game, and what makes is unique? The game won't solve the case for you, you are on your own! If you find a clue, you must decide how to use it - there won't be a situation, where the game says that if you found "x", then "Y" is the criminal. You have to make deductions yourself, outside of game, using just your own head!

And in the end, the criminal won't be marked for you - you will have to choose from the list of suspects. And if you are wrong, the game won't say it directly, because every suspect has motive and means, and there will be a chance to accuse everyone of them. And if you choose the wrong suspect, you won't get the correct answer, so you'll have to start again.

There is nothing random or procedural in this game, the case is heavy scripted.


I have a suggestion.  For now,  on evidence screen,  you have two variants:  "yes" and "no".  I think better to add "unknown".  Let all suspects start with "unknown",  and the "x" mark should mean "obviously not",  for cases  like when suspect is allergic to chitin and there are traces of chitin on victim. 

Well, if someone needs my idea for the detective case, I can share. Not much time left, but if someone has code ready and just need the main idea, write me on Skype.

Edreyn or evgenie.tivaniuk@cellint

I'll be a little busy for a few days, but will return to this discussion as soon as I can.

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Sometime ago I wrote two detective stories, and now trying to turn one of them to text game.  Maybe someone can make a full scale game with graphics and sound, based on the second story? If someone wants it, it can be discussed.

P.S.: Are there private messages on this site\forum? I didn't find it, but if someone wants a team, we will need one.

Created a new topic Questions

Is using external tools allowed? For example using this for making comics:


Thank you, I'll have a look!

I do the coding, but need someone to make images.

Yeah, I also really liked the theme. Let's see what people will deliver!


Anybody knows where one can find free images of Victorian men, women and houses? I am trying to google, but those I found so far, do require registration and monthly payment. Since I don't think anyone would pay for my game, I absolutely don't want to spend anything on it.

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Yes, thank you for replying!

For the jam, I will use the code from another game I am now making, that'll be easier then rewriting everything.

And I guess there isn't much point in selling one for money.

Then I am in!

Hello all,

For one local game jams, I want to make a text adventure. Yes, the idea of text adventures is anything, but new, such games existed from times when computers were with the size of the room. 

No, what I want to ask your opinion about, is a game engine specifically suited for creating such games.

I know that there are a few such engines, and wonder if I should bother to make another one. I know, for example, about engine called "Instead". It's quite good, but does require knowledge of some programming skills. I don't know much about other such engines, but guess that at least a few exist. 

I want to make an engine, where the user will only have to enter text, images and variables, and get a text game out of it. Also, with some skills, it can be used to write conversations for other games.

There can even be two variations: free\cheap version for just making text games, and one with a little higher price for adding them to other games.

What do you think, will someone want such engine?

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I have questions about this jam.

1)  Are pre-written stories allowed? I have two detective stories that I wrote for a literature contest, and don't think there are many people that read them.

2) Can I use existing code? For the jam, I want to make a text-based adventure, like those from "Space Rangers", or similar to those made on "Instead" engine, but with my own code, that has a ready template. Is this okay?

3) Can I submit more then one story?

4) Can I make text-based adventure at all?

5) Will it be a must to share the code?

Replied to PlanetKiller in Questions

If you want, there are a free demo and a cheap alpha already available.

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People from the web keep telling me, that C# WPF isn't suited for making games. So I guess we really have a new use of engine here. :)

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Sorry, I wanted to answer earlier, but kept forgetting.

If engine I am using is allowed, I am happy to participate.

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Please, we need a reply!

Created a new topic Questions

1) What is "New engine"? If I am making my game purely from scratch, using Visual Studio, can it be treated as self made engine? or maybe new use of old engine of Visual Studio?

2) Does the game must be new\free\small\final version? I am now developing a game, hope to finish beta by your deadline. It's alpha is even being sold on Steam. Can it be submitted? Of course, I'll provide a free copy(ies) to reviewer(s).