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News about Reality incognita!

Hello all those who follow me, who played Alpha, and who wishlisted my game!

I finally transfered all the content and the engine to Unity.

A professional beta tester is now checking Beta build for possible bugs.
And my artist is now making last remaining cutscenes.

So, I will dare to say, that the Beta is almost ready!

It will still not have all game content, but it has way much more then Alpha, about a half of a full game. It is no longer divided to non-connected chapters, but plays as an adventure game should play, from the beginning to it's end.

As soon as beta is released, the price will go up to 5$, so if you want to buy it cheaper, you still have a chance

Thank you, good luck to you too!

Thank you, I am happy that you liked it!

Thank you for reply. I am not sure I'll participate, but good to know.

Yes, I think that's bug with the tree, no other way then to restart. And thank you for saying that prototype is good.

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I just checked. Looking for enemy (skeleton) might take time, but he is on the map. Try force change the world by pressing "z". After a few attempts, the randomness will place him where you can find him. Once enemy is visible, arrows and magic should work.

In the worst case, try restarting your game.

Apologies, but this is just a prototype to test changing world map.

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For the long time I had an idea about the game that isn't constant, and that changes during playing. For one of local jams, I made a prototype of it.

The game's world map changes, but absolutely not with fully randomness. It has some constant parts that change their location, but fully, and also some pieces that a random, but still following a specific algorithm.

In this game you need to find an enemy in this chaotic place, and defeat him. Both your and enemy's stats are randomized in each game, but they don't change while playing. Once in a while the world changes. Yours and enemy's positions change together with the world, it's not the case that you are moved to another place in the same world. Actually, you move together with the piece of land you stand on. But sometimes this piece of land can also turn into something new.

What do you think of it? The game is free and can be played in browser.

May I submit a map editor, for a future potential game, but without option to actually play, or even just save the map?

Must the game be made with RPG Maker?

That's as I understand title, but you also say that 3d graphics is allowed. RPG Maker doesn't have 3d graphics.

So, will you allow other engines?

I am hiring a girl from fiverr from my game.

She charges somewhat high, but delivers work fast and of good quality.

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Are you sure there won't be legal problems? The company closed, by the owners still retain trademarks. At least I think so.

I also think that they had an official contract with those who originally invented the game world. You know that it's based on comics? So, I think you also need Vertigo authorization.

And about RenPy - you think this engine will be good enough to make a game of good quality?

For some time, I also considered making an interactive movie game, though based on another novel. I decided that I am not ready for such risk: if the company that INVENTED this genre failed, I am not ready to risk money.

And to you, I just wish you luck. If you will be allowed to make sequel, and it will finished and released, I'll be happy to try it.

I made a prototype of such game for a jam:

It is small and with free assets, so I am showing it just to give an example of constantly changing world.

@Tedcombobulate I uploaded the game I was talking about.

In that case, you should probably update your competition rules. I highly doubt I am the only one that understands them that way.

Also, your link to revenue sharing agreement doesn't open.

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Something is not right here...

From your rules:

 3. Melon Gaming reserves the right to publish all games made by participants to the Facebook Instant Games platform and the platform chosen by Melon Gaming.

 5. All uploads (code, assets, executables, etc.) are licensed under Melon gaming.

 8. You must share any codes or assets used for creating the game, that you’re legally owned without breaking any other legal agreement.

 9. The games must not feature any brand names or trade mark other than sponsor’s trademark.

So, as I understand it:

You want participants to make games for you, games that you'll use commercially, without paying them, except a few winners. And you obviously hope to get much more then prizes cost. And as I understand, you will publish ALL games, not only winners. And participants probably will have to pay for artists or something like that with their own money. You also grab all codes and other intellectual work for yourself, though you don't do anything to make them. Maybe a participant will invent some new approach and won't want to give it away just for a thank you?  None of other known engine developers have such demands. And you even forbid participants to place their own trademarks or names, to show it were them who did it. 

No right for the game made my me, no right to advertise myself in game made by me, no guaranteed pay, no part of revenue, no royalties, nothing. 

Question arises - if someone can make a game that will bring profit, why he or she would ever bother with agreement like yours?

Can I submit the game if it participates in another jam too?

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Interesting. I wonder how the voting will go.

I actually have a proposition. I don't know if the host can change the voting system, but that's what I saw on one literature contest.

People do vote for each other, but everyone must put ALL possible grades.

Like, there are 6 of us for now, so each votes for 5 games. So, he or she must put ALL grades between 1 and 5.

This way the host can be sure that no one will put all 1 or all 5 grades.

Who will choose the winner? I guess it's jam host, or the magazine owners? Or we vote for each other? Since there is a money prize, I doubt it's a good idea to let participants vote for each other.

Something like was in Wizardry 8, where each turn game was to pause, you placed orders, and then you and enemy both moved in the same time? I am not admin or jam host, just curious.

Nice! I am already trying something.

Welcome to and the jam! Sure, write something good, and I'll be happy to read it!

Will you accept a game of older Dungeon Crawling style?

I mean, the game with first-person look, with world divided to squares, and where each transition between squares is actually a turn. I don't know if I'll manage to add a fight in this too, but fights in this genre are also usually turn-based.

Or it must be something like X-COM\Heroes\Jagged Alliance?

Published my text-adventure. Based on one of my old stories, Hope it's funny!

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Will humor stories be accepted? Somewhat crude humor, but without sex or violence.

Or, as alternative, will parody on famous book be accepted? Is there a difference between fan-fiction and parody?

Can @subQmag or @proseninja answer, please?

Zero interest, as I see. Well, I'll leave this thread open just in case someone has something to say.

I am already thinking about next potential game I'll develop. After some research, and calculation possible prices, I think about staying with usual, non Action, Adventure genre.

But there are many good adventure games, with many possible topics. I also have many ideas, so want to check other people interest, to see which idea is better to continue.

There are only topics I would enjoy making, so no option to add more variants.
With all examples, I mean story and topic and not graphics!

1) Dystopian sci-fi, with some dark humor elements (Technobabylon)

2) Suspense with light horror elements (Alien Virus, also the game I am doing now Reality Incognita)

3) Rude humor (no example, thought about game of dwarves with drinking and fighting)

4) Fairy tale or light fantasy (King's Quest series)

Hello everyone,

Some time ago, I posted an interest check thread.

I only got reply from just one man, and I am still not sure he understood me fully and correctly.

I want to share my idea with you again, but with more information and detail.

My idea, is to show chaotic world, that changes during gameplay.

I'll try to give an organized list of how I see it, maybe that way you'll understand me better.

1) Visually, I think of style that's called Dungeon Crawlers, a first person perspective RPG, where the world is built of squares of terrain, usually with turning by 90 degrees. Like older games of Might and Magic series (not Heroes), or Wizardry series, or Legend of Grimrock.

2) I want to make a special role-play ruleset, where the "chaos level" of character or place will have a huge impact on all actions. I am not sure how I will do it yet, so can't explain better.

3) The game world will be of a number of "panels", each such panel will be a separate world, surrounded by impassable terrain (let's call it "void" for now). To travel between panels heroes will need to use "boats" of NPCs (like any other travel services in games), or learn special skills or magic.

4) Each panel will have it's level of "chaoticness". The interior geography of stable panels won't change, and the geography of chaotic panels will change all the time.

Quote from older thread:


1) Cities are permanent from inside, but change their locations to each other. For example, first time to get from City A to City B you must go north, and next time, you have to go southwest.

2) Terrain itself changes, with -irregular- time intervals (the world is chaotic, don't forget). Mountains turn to swamps, river becomes lava and so on.


Of course, there will be more then just two options, between most stable and most unstable, there will be additional variants.

5) The chaos level will also have impact on monsters. For example stable worlds will have wolves and bears, and chaotic worlds will get Cthulhu like abominations, and those in between will get orcs and dragons.

6) Of course the chaos of the world will have impact on the story.

Well, that's what I thought of, for now. 

What do you think?



Will games that were started before the jam be allowed? I am now deep into the development of one big, full-scale game, that I started long ago. There is already an alpha, and I hope to make a beta by jam deadline. Also, it's paid. Will you allow such game?

Current one? I don't need external help with it. Or for the jam? I honestly can't do anything except writing the story script. :(

I am really busy with my current game, so can't code anything else. But maybe I can try writing a story, if someone else codes.


@Yazza, who are you looking for, exactly? Someone that can offer a good story? Or someone to make audio? or something else?

Nice game, I enjoyed playing it, and even sent you a small donation. :)

I hope you will make a full-scale, long to play game from it.

Okay, no problem. Good luck!


Can I submit the game of large scale, that I am currently developing? It is first-person adventure, and is all about trying to find out the truth. It is now available as Alpha, and now I am struggling to finish Beta, with much more content. Hope to finish it by your jam deadline, and hope to finish even faster.

So, can i submit my game if:

1) I started before jam announcements

2) Game is paid (I can send a key or two for jam organizers)

3) It will be a Beta and not full version

June 18, 2018:

Since the last update, I was working hard with code optimization. I changed the code almost for everything, and reduced the RAM usage to between 200 and 300. I also fully changed the code for conversation - the earlier way was too hard for myself to check thoroughly. Now, it is optimized together with everything else. Now, I can say, that the optimization is finished, and I can finally go back to checking rooms. I expect, that when I finish sanity tests, I can start actually play through the game, to find other bugs, not detected with first check.

June 4, 2018: For a few last days, I've working a lot with the code. I wanted to reduce memory usage, and also I encountered quite a painful bug with sounds. It took quite an effort, but now I am happy to say, that I fixed all major critical bugs, and also greatly reduced RAM consumption. How much? I lowered it from about 1.5GB RAM to just about 400 RAM. I continue searching for ways to reduce it even more, but I think that what I did is a nice result on it's own. Want to know what I did exactly? Remember, last time I said, that I barely knew anything, when I started. So, by then, I made the majority of changes with images and buttons manually, each element on it's own. I used excel to copy-paste same values, but still each element was being called manually. Now, I found a way to reduce all this code to just a few "foreach" loops. The result is great - not only it reduced RAM usage, but it also no longer requires hard and monotonous work from my side! I keep searching to improve even more.

What else can be said? Freelancers I hire do their best to finish the last images and videos. I hope to finish soon.

May 24, 2018: For a last few days, I've been doing Sanity Tests for remaining rooms. The majority of game rooms is ready, their objects work as due, so does saving and loading. I was a little surprised, that for some specific parts I didn't have code made in advance. So, I also had to write some more code, for a few rooms. Now, the majority work as due. Only a few rooms remain, those which don't have images ready yet.

Also, I am trying to improve the code itself, to make the game consume less RAM. I think I have a few good solutions, and will try to check my ideas in coming days. You will probably be surprised, that I had little knowledge of C# when I started the development of Reality Incognita. But since then, I learned a lot, and am trying to optimize the old code whenever I can.

May 12, 2018: Today I was working mostly with sounds and voiceover files. It took some effort, but now the majority of those files are attached to the source code, and play in the correct situation. It required changing some parts of the existing code, and some voice lines were found missing, but the majority of sounds and voiceovers are finished. I plan to finalize remaining sounds in this week. Also, I am now adjusting the size and positions of all inventory items to all available resolutions. I hope to finish it in this week as well.

And a few images that were finished lately: