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2for1 GAMERS - Contact us and we will showcase your game :)

A topic by 2for1 GAMERS created Aug 31, 2018 Views: 2,279 Replies: 69
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Hey there devs, Goz and Dan here from 2for1GAMERS.

We would love to feature your game on our YouTube channel! Please reach out and respond with a comment!

We have already featured a couple games from itch with more to come. 

Let’s support eachother :)

2for1 GAMERS - check out our YouTube channel!

here are a few games we have showcased from itch


Damn that level of detail is incredible! Stay in the car you fool!! XD

Goz is left with no choice but to complete 3 grueling test in order to join an exclusive club... for toast?


If you guys are interested in 2D games I wouldn't mind getting showcased. Have a look at my games to see if there is something for you. I recommend Optical Ball and Catacomb Chess.

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Hey mate, thanks for reaching out.

Goz and Dan will check out your games :)

We may even bundle a few into one vid.

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Hey woodsmoke, we have bundled up 4 of your games for our next video!

Subscribe here! and tune in, your showcase is due to drop on Wednesday the 3rd October!

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2for1Gamers are supporting indie developers on by showcasing their work!

SUB here for more! You won’t regret it!

Today we play 4 games form a developer called "woodsmoke"

woodsmoke on itch


0.22 - Flex Armstrong

7.25 - Ice Cream Air Balloon

9.30 - Navpoint Alpha

14.25 - Digital Firewood


Let me know if you would be interested in our game - CAGE, a 3D adventure puzzle game, featuring the old Hong Kong and the disappeared area - the Kowloon Walled City, which had also been covered several times by the local press media. 

Our game page:

Our FB : @scaffoldstudio

Our official website:

Looking forward to hearing from you!! 

Best regards, 

Poki from Scaffold Studio

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Hey mate, thanks for reaching out.

This game looks really interesting. Goz loves puzzle games.

We will check it out soon. :)

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Let us know if you have any updates!!! 😆

Heads up buddy, I had a bit of trouble installing it through the app.

I had to install and extract through the browser instead.


Hey mate, 

Subscribe here! and tune in, your showcase is due to drop on Wednesday the 17th October!

Goz explores the streets of Hong Kong's Walled City "Kowloon".

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We recently released a demo for our game (entitled IMMURE) which features around an hour of gameplay. If you are interested then you can grab it here on itch:


Mate this game looks awesome. Can't wait to play it.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me....Goz finds out that this saying is not so true after all.

Subscribe here to catch part 2 :)

Part 2:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me....Goz finds out that the first part of this saying is definitely true.

More here :)


Hey mate, just a heads up I should be giving immure a go this week, so you can most likely expect a vid next week sometime, can’t wait!


Sounds good! Thanks for giving it a go!

Might have to be in 2 parts. The little girl managed to kill me with her words :P tune in tomorrow to see what I mean.

Sub here to catch tomorrow’s showcase :)



I have made this hilarious parody game called the story of maple which I have added to this site. This game is a visual novel game about a evil cat who was summoned from the underground by two nerd's sent out to kill. This game is really funny and also really good at making fun of fan bases. If you decide to play this game I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks!

hey buddy, I should be geting around to playing this week. You can most likely expect a vid next week :)



Hey mate your vid is due to drop tomorrow. 

Sub here so you don’t miss it :) and to support what we do


all ready subbed! So excited!

I’ll post it here anyways so people can find it :)


If your interested in Interactive Fiction I've just released Terminal Sickness, I added a Release Announcement too :)

You play a female protagonist in a non-linear, text based adventure. The world is detailed, interactive and very dark.

My aim was to create a text adventure game with extremely intuitive controls and a very rich story; less about killing goblins and more about discovering the world around you. 


Hey mate keen to play this. The screenshots remind me of the old hacker flash games.

Got a couple games we promised to play from paxAUS aswell so it’ll be mix between those and this itch request list for a bit. but we will get to this one soon!


If I can  entices you more, Terminal Sickness is nice and dark, full of Easter eggs, and is much more complex than first appears :)


Hey mate. Just finished up a play through :)

I like it nice job man! Didn’t realise I had been playing almost an hour haha.

Stay tuned, gotta edit it up, the vid should be up in a couple weeks (after dans week of vids next week)  :)

Don’t miss it here!


That's amazing :) Think you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. I'll look forward to the video :D

Hey buddy check out your showcase in the next couple of days :)

Don’t miss it here!


Already subscribed and waiting :)


Goz goes old school in this text based adventure in a apocalyptic world!

Check out more vids like this here!


Awesome, thanks for taking the time to play and make the video! 


Just so as you know, I linked the video in a reddit post:

I will likely post it again to other related sites over the next few days

Thanks again!

Looks like we have a bit of a backlog of games to play :) but don’t stress we will be looking into the above suggestions soon. THANKS for reaching out!


I too would like to join the backlog if you don't mind :D

I'm making a fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter that is about getting that High-score. It's primarily inspired by SuperCrateBox. There's plenty of action going on so it might be something that's suitable for your channel :)

Game page:

It can get real hectic:


Hey there mate. You can expect your video this week possibly even tomorrow!

Subscribe here so you don’t miss it!


Hey thanks!  I'll look forward to it :)


Can you manage to defeat the "GUN KID KING!" known as DAN?

Check out more like this here!


Thanks for playing! :D


Hello, I hope you like, a puzzle game. It was done by one person from and to. Do not judge strictly!

Game page:

Hey mate! Love puzzle games, love the setting, looks interesting! We will be looking at your game soon :)

Goz is trapped, feeling very claustrophobic and is running out of air! how will he escape this one?

Sub here!



Just saw your video of Woodsmoke's games and it was pretty entertaining, so I hope you don't mind if I just shovel another game onto the pile!

Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) is a playful interactive novel game based on exploration, and a lot of oddness. Youtuber Tom Cheshire gave it a play here if you want a quick preview- he described it as "a lot more fun than I thought it would be". I hope that wasn't just due to low expectations...




I would really like to see what you guys make of my latest release if you have time:

It's a retro arcade game with an emphasis more on planning your moves than just having fast reflexes.

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If you guys are into visual novels it'd be cool to play my lite psychological horror VN 


if you like jokish rpg games


Retro Dev, a game about "Game Dev Struggles".

Retro Dev is a platformer, rage, adventure game. Each level has a different sound track and each level represents a struggle or other parts of Game Dev.

There is a charismatic "Narrator Guy" who helps you in your journey, he is your tutor, critic and your friend :)

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Parallel Universe


Hey, TheOtherGuy here, try my fps horror roguelite. Its still in early access, but will be getting updates each month.

Hey devs! Thanks for showing so much interest in our ability to showcase your games.

We still have a fair few on this list to get through but don’t stress we get to all of your awesome games  :)

We do however have a couple games we promised to play from paxAUS aswell so it’ll be a mix between those and this itch request list for a bit.

Again thanks for reaching out!

Please support us by subbing so we can continue to help indie devs with these let’s plays. We are currently doing it as a hobby but we would love for this to one day grow into a full time thing :)

Subscribe.. thanks :)


We just released our halloween update.

The game is still in development.




I'm always looking for any kind of feedback so if you're interested in trying out a village sim:

Hi, I just released my first game Miko's Adventures a couple of days ago right here :

Hope you enjoy playing it :)


If you want to review a brick-breaker game  created with DX-ball 2 in mind you can take a look at MadCowBalls. Im making a sequel and criticism would be great.

mine is a 1980s style pc game with the battle system of underatle

and thanks!

Hi there! That would be great!! Anything you require from us? :) We will gladly retweet and share your channel! :)

how about mine, its an old style undertale-like, the name is "key of truth" ?

Hey guys,  I am brand new around here and just started working on my own game. Its something I have always wanted to do. But I am struggling to get my game noticed in the sea of games that are made!. I make my own music and do everything myself except the sprites for the visual novel I am currently making. If you have a chance to check out my page and download it here : - There is also a trailer on the page too.

I have a Youtube channel as well and not long started again after my first channel was a failure. I will be recording again after this week as I have spent all my spare time on this game, and probably will in the future too. I got big plans for this series! I hope you enjoy it as much as I love making it. Thanks for your time!. Good luck with your projects and games that you play! 



Thanks you guys all! There are lots of in this thread that i've looked for months on mobidescargar. Now, i can enjoy them. Thanks you so much!

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Would love to be featured, here is a demo for my game Raider Bots. It is a Futuristic Real-Time strategy game for Windows

This is my first 3d game. Hope you enjoy.

Can you show my game: Reality Incognita?

It's paid, but I will send you free key, if you tell me where to send.

Give ours a go if you have some room on your list.

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