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HTML should be working now

There were problems with the built version of the game. I'm fixing them right now.

Yeah sorry, it was just supposed to be a demo of Pure Data with Unity integration. Sorry it's unpleasant. You should try my other games though.

Man this game is a lot worse than I remember.

It turned out really well. Be sure to play on the lowest graphics setting.

Have you tried in the latest build. I made it so you can only regenerate after hitting a zombie.

Posted in Combo Coins

I nerfed combo coins a bit. They were overpowered. I'm not sure if I'll be changing these again.

Created a new topic Who's excited.

Can't wait for this jam.

I'm a programmer and will be looking for a team.

Does anyone know if I need to come with a team, or can I make one there?


I'm looking for artists and sound designers for my game Keyboard Kommander. I need someone to make assets for additional buttons including the high score screen. I'm also looking for someone to make a soundtrack for the game and help design the sound effects.

Here is my game:


We could add a jail cell for storing zombies in between levels. Then they could level up too.

This is mechanically similar to one of my games. I like it though. Good job.

How about some download instructions.

I'm sorry this game is terrible. I took it down once but build a nuke number one fab asked me to put it back up. He's someone I know from school qnd repeatedly asked me in person. This game has been the bane of my existence since making it. Despite being terrible it still gets an absurd amount of downloads. I'm very sorry you had to play this terrible game.

Jupiter thanks for checking it out. I look forward to watching your video when I get the chance.

yeah feel free to show it off

the one not listed as old

I made a mistake. This was made in over an hour. I hope you enjoy playing my game anyway.

How I used the theming - three components to the game (Green purple and blue) competing for map control.

I've already done that tutorial.

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I was thinking today about how hard it is to get playtesters for games. It gave me the idea for a feature called "Game Exchange" where two developers would be paired off at random. Each developer could play the other's game and leave a comment and review on it.

It seems like it would be a good way to get playtest feedback on games that are early in development. It would probably also be a fun way to discover new games.

EDIT: I actually just thought an easy way to do this without any complicated feature development would just be to make a section in the forums for it.

Created a new topic AI Changes

So I'm planning some changes to how the AI in game works. The main change I'm thinking of making is making the nurses more aggressive with how they heal other zombies.

Currently they'll only heal a zombie under pretty ideal circumstances which tend to not happen in early game.

Does anyone have any feedback on the current AI systems?

Created a new topic Combo Coins

So one of the major new changes in the latest update are combo coins. I didn't make any major changes to how combo coins work but you can now see your active combo coins in your fort at any given time.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this new UI change?

Great game. Made me feel inspired to do some work. I managed to get up to 98% approval rating after a few playthroughs. I had everything maxed out though. I wonder how to get to 100%

I'm taking a stab at cellular automata procedural level generation for a new title I'm working on.

This is my first time doing this method of procedural generation for a long time. I did a toy example a while ago based off of a unity tutorial.

I was wondering if anyone had done it recently and had some projects they wanted to show off and any advice they had to share.

Would like to see what the finished version winds up looking like. At the moment the core gameplay is good but not interesting enough to hold interest.


I was wondering what advice long time veterans had for getting people to play your games.

For the longest time my philosophy has just been to focus on making good games but that honestly didn't work that well. I tried blogging and youtubing my games which has led to a slight uptick but nothing substantial.

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Feed the snake is my first experiment with Gaming Minimalism and I believe it to be some of my best work. Input is simple just click anywhere on the screen to drop a candy at that position. Your snake will quickly zip to that position and eat the candy. The objective is to maneuver your snake to keep the zombies as far away from the giant brain as possible.

I look forward to hearing everyone's option on this game.

What do you mean by upgrades? That might be the next step.

Heres a thought. Are you using the webcam for your videos in addition to the game. I think that interferes with it.


I made this game yesterday in a few hours:


I was wondering what people thought some good next steps for the project would be. I really like the core mechanics of the game but I don't want to over complicate it.

I considered adding audio as well as upgrades but I'm worried both would detract from the experience.

That's really weird. What version of the game were you playing? (MAC, PC, or PC Classic)

The older and mac versions of the game sometimes have issues detecting webcams but the newer PC one never does.

Can't wait to see it.

It's on the shorter side. One playthrough takes like 15 minutes.

Looks like this doesn't work in the itch app. Might want to fix that.


I have three games that would be good for your channel:


I have three games that would be good for your channel:


So I'm making the first major patch for my game Keyboard Kommander. The biggest issue with the game at the moment is the severe problems with how the camera behaves. The original intention behind the camera was to convey a sense of anxiety. With no control over the camera the player is at the mercy of the game to see when zombies are attacking them.

However users have reported that the current system makes it impossible to tell what's going on and takes away a lot of player agency by making it hard for them to see the zombies they want to attack.

Any suggestions for how to manage this camera would be appreciated.

It's been almost a year since the release of my game SYNC the first of it's kind. SYNC is a visual novel which you play by making various faces at your computer screen. The writing of the game hopes to make a statement through it's sense of character.

I worked really hard to produce this patch for my game SYNC. The following are the main improvements:

  1. The new User Interface has been streamlined into a series of icons which appear in the lower center of the screen instead of the top left.
  2. The game now prompts the player for an emotion after every single line of dialog.
  3. The petal on the first level now moves more naturally.
  4. The tutorial system was simplified and the calibration system was streamlined out.
  5. A number of bugs and usability issues were steamlined out.

Please tell me what you think: