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I've already done that tutorial.

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I was thinking today about how hard it is to get playtesters for games. It gave me the idea for a feature called "Game Exchange" where two developers would be paired off at random. Each developer could play the other's game and leave a comment and review on it.

It seems like it would be a good way to get playtest feedback on games that are early in development. It would probably also be a fun way to discover new games.

EDIT: I actually just thought an easy way to do this without any complicated feature development would just be to make a section in the forums for it.

Created a new topic AI Changes

So I'm planning some changes to how the AI in game works. The main change I'm thinking of making is making the nurses more aggressive with how they heal other zombies.

Currently they'll only heal a zombie under pretty ideal circumstances which tend to not happen in early game.

Does anyone have any feedback on the current AI systems?

Created a new topic Combo Coins

So one of the major new changes in the latest update are combo coins. I didn't make any major changes to how combo coins work but you can now see your active combo coins in your fort at any given time.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this new UI change?

Great game. Made me feel inspired to do some work. I managed to get up to 98% approval rating after a few playthroughs. I had everything maxed out though. I wonder how to get to 100%

I'm taking a stab at cellular automata procedural level generation for a new title I'm working on.

This is my first time doing this method of procedural generation for a long time. I did a toy example a while ago based off of a unity tutorial.

I was wondering if anyone had done it recently and had some projects they wanted to show off and any advice they had to share.

Would like to see what the finished version winds up looking like. At the moment the core gameplay is good but not interesting enough to hold interest.


I was wondering what advice long time veterans had for getting people to play your games.

For the longest time my philosophy has just been to focus on making good games but that honestly didn't work that well. I tried blogging and youtubing my games which has led to a slight uptick but nothing substantial.

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Feed the snake is my first experiment with Gaming Minimalism and I believe it to be some of my best work. Input is simple just click anywhere on the screen to drop a candy at that position. Your snake will quickly zip to that position and eat the candy. The objective is to maneuver your snake to keep the zombies as far away from the giant brain as possible.

I look forward to hearing everyone's option on this game.

What do you mean by upgrades? That might be the next step.

Heres a thought. Are you using the webcam for your videos in addition to the game. I think that interferes with it.


I made this game yesterday in a few hours:


I was wondering what people thought some good next steps for the project would be. I really like the core mechanics of the game but I don't want to over complicate it.

I considered adding audio as well as upgrades but I'm worried both would detract from the experience.

That's really weird. What version of the game were you playing? (MAC, PC, or PC Classic)

The older and mac versions of the game sometimes have issues detecting webcams but the newer PC one never does.

Can't wait to see it.

It's on the shorter side. One playthrough takes like 15 minutes.

Looks like this doesn't work in the itch app. Might want to fix that.


I have three games that would be good for your channel:


I have three games that would be good for your channel:


So I'm making the first major patch for my game Keyboard Kommander. The biggest issue with the game at the moment is the severe problems with how the camera behaves. The original intention behind the camera was to convey a sense of anxiety. With no control over the camera the player is at the mercy of the game to see when zombies are attacking them.

However users have reported that the current system makes it impossible to tell what's going on and takes away a lot of player agency by making it hard for them to see the zombies they want to attack.

Any suggestions for how to manage this camera would be appreciated.

It's been almost a year since the release of my game SYNC the first of it's kind. SYNC is a visual novel which you play by making various faces at your computer screen. The writing of the game hopes to make a statement through it's sense of character.

I worked really hard to produce this patch for my game SYNC. The following are the main improvements:

  1. The new User Interface has been streamlined into a series of icons which appear in the lower center of the screen instead of the top left.
  2. The game now prompts the player for an emotion after every single line of dialog.
  3. The petal on the first level now moves more naturally.
  4. The tutorial system was simplified and the calibration system was streamlined out.
  5. A number of bugs and usability issues were steamlined out.

Please tell me what you think:


Here's my portfolio:


I'm looking for an interesting project to work on. I can work full time until March and can work part time after that.

I'm particularly interested in Pure Data integration into Unity with Heavy.

I'd be willing to give it a proper review in exchange for a review of one of my games.

Lately I've been dusting off my old games and looking for ways to improve them.

The following are the games that I'm most interested in improving:

If anyone has time I would greatly appreciate people taking a look at these titles and providing me with feedback on any of these. I would be more than happy to provide credit where it's due for extensive feedback on my titles.

How did you do audio synthesis in browser? Is this heavy?


If you review my game SYNC I can send a link to Affectiva who will promote the video. I myself will share any videos you do on my games.

I have three games that would be good for your channel:

Interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing where you take it.


I have three games that would be good for your channel:


I have three games that would be good for your channel:


You're not going to find another game like this.

Here is my game soundcraft:


It's my first experiment using Audiovisual integration with Heavy and Pure data. I think it came out well and tested positively among my friends.

Hey, I sent you an email. Hope to hear back.

So my game SYNC is a college student indie game. It's won two awards and you play it by making faces into your webcam. Please review it:


So I'm trying out something a little bit weird for my next small project. Basically I want to make a positive feedback heavy game that relies on audio queues generated with procedural audio.

I want the fun of the game result from watching your civilization grow as you make decisions about which nodes in your civilization to consume at each step. I want reading audio queues to feed into the decision making process by having sound that gets more audible and has a faster beat when your near a node that will produce more workers when consumed.

What I have at the moment is a game where you can expand a growing civilization by hanging out in areas that produce the fastest beats with the highest volume. The game is divided into rounds at the end of which the node you are nearby detonate into particles. There are three types of particles:

Miners - which boost the productivity of existing nodes.

Settlers - which produce new nodes.

Defenders - which attack invaders which can destroy your civilization.

Nodes will also passively generate particles over time to. There are three types of nodes:

Town Centers - Which produce settlers.

Armories - Which produce defenders.

Mines - Which produce miners.

I don't know how I'm going to execute this and make it work. And I would really appreciate some advice on how to make this work. I've included a link to the latest build of the game if you want to see what I have so far.


I would really appreciate it if you could try out my game SYNC:


It's won two awards and it's a game you play with your face. If you did a review with the webcam set up so you can see your facial expressions I'm sure it would be a hit.

So I actually found out there was a little more to this.

1: My profile can't be searched.

2: My feed activity, which previously included all of my recent uploads is also empty.

What did you do to resolve this. Making sure I had zips for all my projects hasn't made them more visible.

I had a similar problem with all of my games which just started happening. Not sure what's up with it.

I tried searching for my games on another computer and was unable to find any of them.

Previously my title SYNC: Since You Never Came could be found as the 18th result when you search for dating simulators. Now even if you search by name nothing comes up.

I've been uploading game jam games lately so maybe itch thinks I'm spamming low quality games?

How do I fix this so people can find my games.

I agree. It kind of ruined the game for me.