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After Apocalypse

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Currently on Kickstarter ;)

Update #1 - Behind the drawing board

We have a Q&A with our artist Cryofluid, where we get to know who is behind the nickname, source of inspiration and about the process of developing his style! Check it out!

Excuse me! Video added!! :)

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Good Day everyone!

We are excited to announce that we have started Kickstarter campaign for our game The Swamp! :)

This will allow us the funds, if successful to finish this game and give us the faith to continue build upon our post apocalyptic world :) 

Besides a wall of text and loads of images including a lot of what we want to do there is also a video where we talk about the game, please check it out and tell us what you think!

Hello, we didnt communicate that much lately, but a new version will be released for sure, stay tuned :)

Hey ! We're glad you enjoyed it :)
Stay tuned!

Hello Nicholas Davis! Thank you!

Yes we are working on the game :) Stay tuned!

Hello, not sure to understand your question ? If you mean ingame, it depends on the engine you are using.

Thank you for trying out our game, it's kttdestroyer here (siema!) and I am the writer, though I didn't wrote the original setting (this I wrote afterwards) , I have written the rest and I assure you it will be most interesting and suspensional! ;) Again thank you very much for your review and we do listen to your comments, especially from a fellow fonline 2238 player that I have interacted with personally :)

Hello, yes this game is made with GDevelop 5.

Thank you!

Thank you :) we're glad you loved it!

Thank you :)

Hello Gamejjine Games, thanks for your enthousiasm :) We will probably look for translators for the final release.

Thanks also for the bug report, we will look after it ! But you know.. The Swamp is full of bugs :)

Hello Noob Gamer, the only date we can give is fall 2020, so stay tuned :)

Hello Sierra Wolf Girl, and thank you :) Stay tuned,

Fallout 2 got to be the one. Enjoy it on so many levels of perception.


The Swamp

Please play our demo! :)

Our game! We have only a demo but I hope it's ok for a short video? :)

Hi there! That would be great!! Anything you require from us? :) We will gladly retweet and share your channel! :)

We have some news to share! We are working on French version which will be out any day, and also we are working on Polish and Swedish meatballs! Obs I mean version!



It sounds very interesting! Thank you for trying out our game and thank you for feedback!

We have been working on it like 8 months, 3 people :)

Your event sounds very interesting and we look forward to participate! :)



Hi everyone! We have just released our demo few days ago after almost one year of work, we are very excited about the reception, yet so far we lack of feedback. Hence I post here! I hope you can try it out and share your thoughts with us here.

Grab your demo here

And return to this thread to drop us some feedback on where we should evolve (so we don't evolve into bugs!).

It's a Gamebook/visualnovel adventure with battles set in post apocalyptic world. The humanity is almost extinct and civilization is collapsed. Will you survive? Is this the end of the world?

Answers in full version! :)

We hope you enjoy!



Hey wobblyfootgamer, thanks for video, we hope you enjoyed the demo !

We'll probably add some tips about the gameplay : left mouse button is for interacting, and right mouse button for inspecting, i've seen you probably didn't noticed it until the end of the demo.

Big thanks for this video <3