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Hmm... must get round to playing this one.  There are just so many MAGS games!

Actually... we should probably team up and make an entry before this year is out, maybe with Antoni again...

Thanks!  Sorry I didn't reply, been trying to get the first episode revised (done) and recorded (trying to get some quiet time to do it).  More news soon! :-)

NekoJonez's Gaming Blog (70/100) "It’s impressive that most of this game is created by two developers and it got this result. It clearly shows that this game has been created as a labor of love."

I've been pondering doing this for a long time, and now after a little proof of concept experimentation and a decision to revise some of my older stories to make them work better as audiobooks, and be more consistent in CD's characterisation, a new project is on the horizon... only added a very basic page initially but will update as I go along...

The universe is about to get a little bigger, will soon be releasing a new ebook short story "The Wilder Gene", plus at long last I have begun work on the novelisation of Stomping Boots.  I hope to have more to tell you fairly soon... we shall see.

Yes but that only made it even more retro! :D

I remember playing this ages ago, will give it another try now you've updated it! :-)

Definitely going to check this out - I'm sure my kids will love it!  Congrats on the release. :-)

Thanks SIP :) 

Got our first gloriously rodentia-filled  preview from Wraithkal:

It makes me wonder if the game is a little (or a lot) harder than I'd realised... since I know all the ins and outs of the game so well, I had been worried it might be too easy (at least in Easy Mode).

Just a quick note on this - I'm not expecting a full set of stats. Even if you only have stats for one or two missions, that's great. :) 

Just a little more information as it might not be completely obvious, especially as in the OBT you can access any level from the start whereas in the full game you will progress through the levels sequentially:

On the first Mission your options are very limited.  More options open up as you get further into the game.  The first mission is very restricted in options and all you really have to do is keep your rats alive and build up your colony - then you'll be able to Scavenge for Treasure, then build the Rat Lab which lets you increase your skills, then later on raiding opens up, then giving tribute to and seeking aid from King Rat.  

Every option is available from the same screen and your stats will update after each one as they all end the turn.  Options are greyed out when they are not available yet until later Missions, due to prerequisites not being met (for instance, not having enough Treasure to buy a Skill Upgrade), to because they are only available every x number of turns (for instance Raiding). 

Although it's still a placeholder graphic, on the Chapter Selection screen you can click on the Tutorial bit at the top right of the screen to be taken to a screen where, if you click on any option, you will get a description of that action.

Thanks Durq!

Do you remember where the "1 rats die" occurred - was it the results of a random event?

In this text-based, turn-based strategy game you command a colony of rats.  It's not easy, but as you complete the 15 missions you will eventually be able to become a trust adviser to King Rat!  (You can't become King Rat yourself in this game, but... maybe in the sequel ;))

This is essentially the full game but without a lot of the polish that will go into the full version, so there will be missing / placeholder graphics / voicing / SFX, achievements haven't been built in yet and there is no autosave (but in this test version you can access any level).

Details of the open beta and where to leave your feedback  can be found in this post:

The open beta phase has started!

Let me know the Mission number and Difficulty level, and how many turns it took you to complete.

Ah, the best type of problem.  Unlike bugs for which you have to locate the problem first and work out what's causing it, then try to fix it, then test to see if you've actually managed... typos are so straightforward!  Simply find the offending text and correct.  End of story.

This is for just niggly things that go wrong, for instance something occurs when it shouldn't (prerequisites don't appear to be met), text goes out of range of the GUI range, etc.  Things that don't stop you playing the game or completing the missions, but that just... well, you know, BUG you.

This is for major issues such as game crashes and problems that make a Mission impossible to complete.

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The open beta phase is now active.  I would be grateful if issues and stats could be posted in the appropriate thread:

Major Bugs - game crashes, impossible to complete missions, etc.

Minor Bugs - niggly issues, small problems that irk you but don't stop you playing the game or completing issues

Typos - spotted a typo?  Let me know!

Mission completion stats - for balancing purposes I would like to know how many turns it takes people to complete each mission.  


On the main screen and each chapter screen, you can press "a" on the keyboard to open up all chapter / missions.

On the Chapter screens, you can press "t" on the keyboard to get your game session totals for rat babies born and turns taken. 

You can press Escape to exit any mission at any time, but you will not be able to return to that point if you do, only start a new mission afresh.

Other than that, everything is controlled with the mouse.

Most campaign intros are currently missing graphics / speech / both.

Random events are missing graphics and some are missing SFX.

Achievements have not yet been built into the game.

There is currently no autosave.

The plot is pure genius! :D

Doesn't look like it, but you could ask in a comment on the game page and hopefully the dev will be back to you and let you know if it's likely to ever happen.

Thanks John, this looks very cool!  Added some images below.  I really should make some animated gifs of my own games... :-D

This is a very niche type of game - it's an educational maths puzzle game with some simple point and click elements.  It's designed for (approximately) 6-8 year-old children and I originally made it for my young daughter.   I kind of had in mind to do a series of such games, though I'm not sure how likely that is to happen.  

I've tried to approximate the Mr Men style of graphics and the narration style is similar to Danger Mouse.  Adults might enjoy the silly jokes and bad singing, but this is very much aimed at children.

I think you'll also like this one - it's only the first part of a planned larger game which sadly ended up being cancelled, but it's a decent hour's adventuring in its own right:

Hi lugum!

Having a free day or two at some time in the future is definitely a possibility, but certainly not soon.  If you follow me on Itch you'll find out straight away about special offers and whatnot.

If you haven't already played it, don't forget there is a completely free Captain Disaster game available in addition to Stomping Boots -

Thanks for your interest in the game and I certainly can sympathise with the lack of money, but for now I am planning to leave the game at full price for a while. 

I love this idea!  Definitely going to give it a whirl sometime.  Thanks!

Congrats on releasing your first game!  Looks interesting, will  have a look later.

Will definitely give this a try when I have time - fascinating idea, will have to see if my R7 can cope with it though... (one of the better integrated GPUs but obviously still not as good as having a dedicated one...).

I've decided to go with an open beta for this game - essentially the complete game, minus polish and achievements.  This will help me greatly with testing and balancing.  Expecting to launch within a few weeks...

Definitely sounds like another game my kids would like - thanks for the heads up!

Very retro, very playable and very, very fun!  Take a trip back in time with this terrific tennis game.  I only wish it had 2-player mode but with 4 difficulty levels you should find the level that matches your skill.  Full controller support is a nice bonus here and most definitely you should make use if it, although the keyboard controls work well enough if you don't have a controller available.

Available at

As for myself. I think the highest difficulty level was a step too far...!

Glad to hear it!  More news soon :)

Sorry it's not ringing any bells, and a few searches have yielded nothing.  Was it an indie game?  (On Itch even?)  Hopefully someone will recognise it and be able to help you out!

Nice game!  A bit slower and easier than I remember the original being, but that's no bad thing as I was terrible at the original.  I liked the starfield - 4 layers of parallax?  Gave a really good feeling of depth.

I kind of missed being able to flip horizontal direction but it just made the game style slight different.  Will definitely keep tabs on this project!

Okay the puzzle with the owls is really doing my head in.  I can't find any logic to it.  Please help!

Not ringing a bell with me I'm afraid.  What type of game is it?  I'm sort of picturing an arcade-adventure from your description but narrowing it down to a genre would certainly help place it!

Haha I think my kids will enjoy this, will give it a try - thanks for the heads up!

Thought I needed to combine the fishing rod, hook and fish first.  Initiation puzzle is interesting, nice one!

Ah... that means I already have everything.  Thanks for getting back to me!