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I think you'll also like this one - it's only the first part of a planned larger game which sadly ended up being cancelled, but it's a decent hour's adventuring in its own right:

Hi lugum!

Having a free day or two at some time in the future is definitely a possibility, but certainly not soon.  If you follow me on Itch you'll find out straight away about special offers and whatnot.

If you haven't already played it, don't forget there is a completely free Captain Disaster game available in addition to Stomping Boots -

Thanks for your interest in the game and I certainly can sympathise with the lack of money, but for now I am planning to leave the game at full price for a while. 

I love this idea!  Definitely going to give it a whirl sometime.  Thanks!

Congrats on releasing your first game!  Looks interesting, will  have a look later.

Will definitely give this a try when I have time - fascinating idea, will have to see if my R7 can cope with it though... (one of the better integrated GPUs but obviously still not as good as having a dedicated one...).

I've decided to go with an open beta for this game - essentially the complete game, minus polish and achievements.  This will help me greatly with testing and balancing.  Expecting to launch within a few weeks...

Definitely sounds like another game my kids would like - thanks for the heads up!

Very retro, very playable and very, very fun!  Take a trip back in time with this terrific tennis game.  I only wish it had 2-player mode but with 4 difficulty levels you should find the level that matches your skill.  Full controller support is a nice bonus here and most definitely you should make use if it, although the keyboard controls work well enough if you don't have a controller available.

Available at

As for myself. I think the highest difficulty level was a step too far...!

Glad to hear it!  More news soon :)

Sorry it's not ringing any bells, and a few searches have yielded nothing.  Was it an indie game?  (On Itch even?)  Hopefully someone will recognise it and be able to help you out!

Nice game!  A bit slower and easier than I remember the original being, but that's no bad thing as I was terrible at the original.  I liked the starfield - 4 layers of parallax?  Gave a really good feeling of depth.

I kind of missed being able to flip horizontal direction but it just made the game style slight different.  Will definitely keep tabs on this project!

Okay the puzzle with the owls is really doing my head in.  I can't find any logic to it.  Please help!

Not ringing a bell with me I'm afraid.  What type of game is it?  I'm sort of picturing an arcade-adventure from your description but narrowing it down to a genre would certainly help place it!

Haha I think my kids will enjoy this, will give it a try - thanks for the heads up!

Thought I needed to combine the fishing rod, hook and fish first.  Initiation puzzle is interesting, nice one!

Ah... that means I already have everything.  Thanks for getting back to me!

I can't believe I didn't think of Alt-Enter!  I've ruined your game by mumbling over it in this video (sorry! :-D)

This is a marvelous 16-bit arcade racer with upgradable cars,  a nice number of circuits and most importantly authentic gameplay that will make you think you're playing Lotus Esprit Turbo all over again!  I did a video in which I play it badly whilst mumbling incoherently.  If you loved playing Outrun, Vroom etc back in the 90s you'll feel right at home with this game.

You can get it here -

Okay I'm trying to find string / vine or something to complete my fishing rod (I have all the other components) - could you give me a hint as to where to look please?

Hi - firstly, great game!  I'm going to feature it in my new video series about indie games on Itch.

Two quick questions:

1 - is there any way to force it to run in a window instead of full screen?  (No problem if not but just checking)

2 - any chance of an update allowing 2 player games?

A game where the slime is the hero instead of the first monster you defeat?  I thoroughly approve of this concept! :-)  All the best with development.

Updated mission intro:

Space Tunneler Deluxe

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

An updated alpha gameplay test:

My girls are 7 and 4 and are fans of my games (which is nice! :-D) - though they more often watch than play themselves.  Some of my games are vey simple (because of my limited coding skills at the time) and / or child-friendly because made them for my kids initially.

Spot the Difference -

Daleks (my daughter did the SFX for this one) -

AGS Cycles - they might enjoy playing against each other - 2-player only)-

Captain Disaster in: The Dark Side of the Moon - - p&C

Just saw it... er, listened to it.  Quite entertaining!  I must do an updated version sometime with better SFX, clearer instructions and multiple difficulty levels.

If you're still seeking new games could I suggest another of mine?

It's a retro arcade game.

Cheers Tom!  Will take a look later.  :-)

It would be great if you could have a widget specifically for downloading a demo of the game, especially for commercial titles.  The "buy now" thing is useful but only really to those already intending to buy, it's possibly even a little off-putting for people who want to try it first and may not realise that there's a demo available - obviously that's down to us devs to advertise ourselves, but a specific widget to encourage downloading the demo would be a nice tool to have.

The discount has reached 38% but has scope to go up a little more.  3 days to go!

For myself I think if I was a customer I'd like having the option especially if, as my plan is, for the discount offered to be exclusive (at least for quite a while). As long as its a one - off I can't see it annoying anyone. 

As anyone who's ever bought anything online will know, the bombardment from some online retailers is pretty relentless!  I wouldn't want to be mailing several times about it like they do, that WOULD be annoying. 

Would emailing owners of a game to give them a  coupon code to get other titles at a discount be okay?  Obviously to some extent this could be seen as marketing but I'd also like to view is as a bit of a reward to people who have supported me by buying my game in the past.

I don't know if there are many legal ramifications to doing this, but I like the idea very much.

I've changed the targets as most look like they're not going to even start to be achieved, and I would like the discount to be a decent amount... with the refactoring the discount now stands at 24% but it could EASILY go up.

See the full details here -

Thanks!  Hope you enjoy it when it's finally released, hard to say how long that will be but I still hope to have it done before the end of the year.  (Famous last words!!)

Ah brilliant, thanks for getting back to me. and for all the hard work by you and the team!

Since I was an ST owner I'm legally obliged to scorn your Amiga work! :-p

Much love for the 16-bits of all types - and yes, was kind of jealous of the Amiga's sound capabilities back then... great to see games still being made for them and even the 8-bits.  Keep up the good work mate!

It's so long since I've seen a dev blog mentioning available floppy disk space! :-) 

  • If the number of ratings for Stomping Boots reaches 25 I'll add an extra 10$ discount
  • 23 Ratings = 8%
  • 21 Ratings = 6%
  • 19 Ratings = 4%
  • 17 Ratings = 2%

(There are currently 16 Ratings)

After a somewhat longer hiatus than intended I'm back working on this.  Alpha testing (still somewhat rough around the edges):