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I don't know if there are many legal ramifications to doing this, but I like the idea very much.

I've changed the targets as most look like they're not going to even start to be achieved, and I would like the discount to be a decent amount... with the refactoring the discount now stands at 24% but it could EASILY go up.

See the full details here -

Thanks!  Hope you enjoy it when it's finally released, hard to say how long that will be but I still hope to have it done before the end of the year.  (Famous last words!!)

Ah brilliant, thanks for getting back to me. and for all the hard work by you and the team!

Since I was an ST owner I'm legally obliged to scorn your Amiga work! :-p

Much love for the 16-bits of all types - and yes, was kind of jealous of the Amiga's sound capabilities back then... great to see games still being made for them and even the 8-bits.  Keep up the good work mate!

It's so long since I've seen a dev blog mentioning available floppy disk space! :-) 

  • If the number of ratings for Stomping Boots reaches 25 I'll add an extra 10$ discount
  • 23 Ratings = 8%
  • 21 Ratings = 6%
  • 19 Ratings = 4%
  • 17 Ratings = 2%

(There are currently 16 Ratings)

After a somewhat longer hiatus than intended I'm back working on this.  Alpha testing (still somewhat rough around the edges):

10% will come off if I hit a 1,000 downloads for all of my games 

  • 8% will come off if I hit 950 downloads
  • 6% will come off if I hit 900 downloads
  • 4% will come off if I hit 850 downloads
  • 2% will come off if I hit 800 downloads

For both Followers on Itch and Demo Downloads of Stomping Boots, if they reach 100, it will represent 10% off the price when the sale is on.  However I am now adding stages towards that target:

  • 80 = 2%
  • 85 = 4%
  • 90 = 6% 
  • 95 = 8% 
  • 100 = 10%

Up to: 

  • 80 demo downloads
  • 766 total downloads
  • 16 ratings
(1 edit)

10-60% off, depending on whether I hit certain targets:

  • I'll take 10% off the price anyway, because I'm nice
  • I'll take another 10% off if I hit 100 Followers on Itch (currently 77 Followers)
  • I'll take a further 10% off if downloads of the Demo for Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots reaches 100 (currently 78)
  • Yet another 10% will come off if I hit a 1,000 downloads for all of my games (combined total - currently 762)
  • If I pass 10,000 Views in Itch (currently 6,320) then... you guessed it, another 10%
  • Finally, if the number of ratings for Stomping Boots reaches 25 (currently 15) then... well, you know.

Posted on the dev blog -

If you'd like to get the game at a heavy discount, it's only a case of following, download a free game or whatever... hoping the game will be a full 60% off because that means I'll have hit all my targets! :-)

What Chris means is that every so often I suggest that making the full game would be a really good idea and he either ignores me or laughs (and then ignores me) :-D

I did actually come up with a reasonably detailed plot synopsis but as Chris says, it's a case of everyone having time, and that hasn't happened yet.

Still, never say never... 

I feel bad about not answering this sooner but... after much deliberating, we won't be releasing this particular game on Steam.  Various reasons not worth going into but we are happy that it has a good home on Itch (other places too, but mainly here on Itch).

Some good thoughts there! 

I particularly like your first point. That's something any dev can easily do straight away - but it's not always something we THINK of doing. 

Nice little game, hope to see either this game or this game world (or both!) expanded in the future.

I recently made an audio-only version of Minesweeper for a game jam, games (that you don't die in!) generally take only a couple of minutes, so it should fit the bill okay (but be aware there are NO graphics :-D):

Hehe fun game.  Couldn't get it to work in Chrome (didn't seem to recognise any keyboard commands so couldn't get past the menu screen) - but worked fine in Edge (first time I've used that browser in... well, ever!)  Really reminiscent of the old 8-bit footie games, nice one.

I do like this idea but sadly every system like this is open to manipulation to some extent.  It would be difficult to verify the quality of someone's ratings / reviews.  The idea is most definitely something worth exploring though - especially the badges idea.

GameJolt have an XP type system where you "level up" when you have enough, earned by various actions.  Badges for specific things like "entered 5 game jams", "released 10 games", "rated 5 games" or something like that would be better to me.  I'm just not quite sure about earning actual $ to spend in store though - I guess a lot depends on where these $ come from.  Itch itself?  A fund donated to by devs perhaps (a donation to make their games eligible to buy in this fashion perhaps?).

I quite like this idea.  I think thinking "outside the box" is necessary as it's no good for Itch to be seen only to be copying ideas from other sites, it needs to innovate - saying that it's already been innovating for quite some time of course! :-)

Also it's not just about growing a user base, it's about ensuring retention of those already using it, and I think it would be nice if we could build a real sense of community here (there may already be one, I have to admit that I haven't been interacting much with the Itch community at large until quite recently).

Ugh that sucks, hope you can still achieve what you wanted to despite the setback.

@beggigames - whether this is useful to you or not I don't know, but I just tried a search for "hyperactive" - your game was 2nd in the list -  and "soccer" - your game was 19th.  Not surprisingly it was the first game that came up when I searched for "hyperactive soccer" specifically.  

I'll give your game a try when I can, I like the idea of these quick manic matches! :-)

Glad you're continuing to work on this mate, and congrats on 6th place, that's not bad at all! :-)

Very true. What I'm hoping for is something very similar to what it is already, but with a bigger market share while avoiding the toxicity that can be found on Steam at times. I know, I'm not asking for much! :-) I certainly wouldn't want it to be mini-Steam. 

Nice ideas!

As someone who did a lot of reviews years ago (much more so than today), I feel there is definite merit in exploring the "Top Reviewer" idea.  It would be a good way to get players more involved in the community as well.   I have noticed that I've only ever seen 4 or 5 start ratings, I wonder if it's because people only rate the games they really like or don't want to be discouraging to other devs by giving them a bad rating.  More visible reviews / ratings is definitely something I'd like to see on Itch.

I think we'd all agree that we would love to see Itch get more popular - which would of course have knock-on bonuses for we devs.  It got me to wondering what we could do to help Itch get bigger... aside from the obvious ways, any ideas?

Obvious ones;

  • Release games on Itch
  • Promote our own games on social media etc
  • Promote others' games on Itch
  • Encourage devs to release their games on Itch

One idea I have been cogitating is to make certain games exclusive to Itch.  This is a tough one though as anyone making a free game will want as many people as possible to play it, and anyone trying to make a living selling games is hardly going to deliberately not release on sites covering 99% of the market (though obviously there may be other factors coming into play for that idea).

Anyway, basically I'm just throwing this out there to see what people can come up with.  I don't know if the day will ever come when it's viable to actually release a commercial game only on Itch and be able to earn a living from it, but wouldn't it be a glorious day if it did ever come?!

A 5-star review of the game posted here on Itch said "If you enjoy retro point and click adventures with funny dialogues and all kind of crazy scfi characters... this is definitely your game. Our hero may look more like the anti-hero himself, but he is bold and determined trying to find his way in chaos to do the right thing. I join the Captain D fanclub! :-D"

The Reticule rated the game as "On Target" and said "As a nod to classic Sierra adventures and celebration of science fiction, D:HBTAMSDCI performs remarkably well. .. As a light-hearted comedy adventure with a few head-scratching puzzles, any fans of Space Quest or Zac McKracken will find plenty here to enjoy."

They define On target as "Above average game, certain aspects or niggles making the game not for everyone but a stand out example of the genre."

You can add am updated build but it has to be clearly delineated from the version for judging - at least this is what I've seen others do.  Afraid I'm honour-bound to judge the version completed before the deadline, but no reason why other players can't enjoy the updated edition! :-)

The Rat Pack is a a text-based, turn-based strategy game in which you control a colony of rats.  As you prove your worth to King Rat, you will be given tougher and more rewarding assignments - your first colony will be in a pig sty, but before you know it you'll be heading to the big city!

The Rat Pack started as a game jam entry (which is available here) but I always had the idea of expanding it.  The game will feature a simple interface with all actions and information available on a single screen, but with enough complexity to allow for different challenges each level and for distinct playing styles to be developed.  The example below is not final (adding 3 more options in place of the Music/SFX/Save buttons, which will be accessible from a different menu by pressing escape).

The screen above also shows you one of the random elements that you can come across - these will change depending on your location, and are carefully balanced to add variety and challenge to the game without cropping up so often that they become annoying.  (Also, some random events actually help you so I guess you won't be annoyed by them!)

The game will be split into 3 scenarios, with each one containing 5 chapters.  As you progress through the game more options will be open to you - such as building the Rat Lab and improving your standing with King Rat, who can come to your aid when requested if you have a high enough rank.

I've got a bit sidetracked from this by real-life and entering / judging game jams, but I really want to get back to working on this game.    Hoping for a release before the end of 2018.

I'm doing the coding and SFX, music will be procedurally generated using JukeDeck (an example piece can be found here), graphics by the impossibly talented Antoni Langen, whom I have worked with on several games and one children's book so far.


So shiny! :-)

I've seen a few games attempt the mix of SHMUP and RPG, and to me it seems like an incredibly difficult balancing act to perform - however from what I can see in the trailer, it looks like you might just have nailed it.  All the best with development!

Minesweeper, but redesigned as an audiogame for #audiogamejam3:

Just checking before I rate - I don't have any sound, is this by design / left out because you ran out of time?

Fun game and very challenging - also, freaked me out a little the first time rocks fell from the sky! :-D

Oh wow I definitely need to check this out!

Congrats! :-)

Oh wow... this actually has the potential to be a horribly addictive game!  Well done!!

Cool!  I've always liked this style of game so will definitely check back. :-)

Hehe fun while it lasted but sometimes I wouldn't recast.  I love the idea of a story-driven Arkanoid clone!  A little jerky but probably because of the multiple large animations going on concurrently in a browser.  Anyway nice work, hope you plan to update this a little or maybe use this as a basis for another game sometime! ;-)

Well in that case here are three free games to be going on with! :-)


Retro arcade:

Turn-based strategy:

Thanks for the opportunity! :-)