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Posted in Let's Play

A very special day - the first Let's Play of the game is now 100 days old!!

Yikes that's quite a list!!  I'll see what I can do... :-)

Yay!  So glad you got it to work!  I'm sure it was 99% down to your brilliant use of the computer! ;-)

I'll ask my co-dev if he can think of anything - no-one else has ever had this problem that I know of.

Could I ask what your system details are?  Windows version / CPU / GPU etc, anything that might give us a clue as to what's causing this.  Thanks.

The game manual outlines what you can do with the config tool ("Game Settings" in the Start Bar menu) but let's try to find out what the problem is to hopefully give the most useful suggestions.

Clearly you have been able to download and install the game.  

1 - When it runs, do you have any sound?  If the game starts and you don't get any kind of error message then a video error seems unlikely.  

2 - Do you get any error message at all?  

3 - Does the "Team Disaster" logo zoom at out at you or just simply appear?

4 - I assume that after the logo appears you have waited a few seconds for the game to start before you exit?

Sorry to hear that.  :-( 

Strange... have you tried changing options in Configuration to see if that helps. Will it not run properly in either Full Screen or Windowed mode?

I can definitely put Neufeud somewhere, the game will be set entirely in a *massive) rubbish dump though so think a Blade runner style projection onto a skyscraper might not be possible!!

I think I might try to find room for a robot called "Carbon Karl" too :-)

Captain Disaster in: The Trouble With Screeching Sapper Serpents is now in production.  If there is anything you would particularly like to see in the game - whether reference to a specific sci-fi show, a detail in the background graphics, or anything else you can think of - please post it here!  I can't make any promises (and obviously some requests will be easier to include than others), but I will look at everything and if we can, we will include it somewhere in the new game.

Posted in Reviews

Thanks for the review Cindy, we really appreciate it! :-)

Hehe love the idea,

Posted in Reviews

Sorry I've been remiss in keeping this updated...

2 more reviews:

Gameboomers - http://www.gameboomers.com/reviews/Cc/CaptainD/CaptainD.htm - they sort of liked it but it's not really the reviewers preferred style of game, enjoyed it because of (and despite) its silliness.

AdventureGamers - https://adventuregamers.com/articles/view/34350 - they liked aspects of it, but found other parts disappointing.  Most of the criticisms were fair to be honest, but some felt a little harsh!  (Anyway overall they enjoyed it which is the main thing.)

Created a new topic It's a Stomping Sale!

The game will be available for 25% off the regular price (making it $6.74) from 12:00 (BST) on Wednesday 7th March 2018 until a second to midnight on Friday 9th March 2018.

The analytics page for each game is already great and gives a lot of useful information - however if possible, when you select a range (30 / 90 days, a particular month, etc) it would be really helpful to have a Total for Views, Downloads and Purchases, and also if possible average Views per Download and Views per Purchase.   I'd be grateful if you could consider adding this at some stage.

I really can't narrow it down to just one but for sheer hours sunk into it in my youth, I guess I'd have to go for Pirates! (not the more recent "Sid Meier's Prates!", although that was good too).  Spend so long and it never felt old somehow, with the different time frames, diverse challenges depending on your nationality, reenacting famous voyages, all within a dynamic game world.  So yeah, there are about 20-30 games that could be my "favourite ever" depending on my mood at the time, but I'm going to go with the original Pirates! on the Atari ST.

Looks interesting - retro and modern at the same time! :-)

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

I really hope you enjoyed those 9-10 hours (well, perhaps taking out the stuck times :--D)

Has anyone made a crypto called the Flanian Pobble Bead yet? :-D

CaptianD originally stood for CaptainDisaster, my comedy sci-fi character, but your version could be true at times too.  (When looking at my bank balance for instance!)

I can understand that people will have different views on this but I very much appreciate it, as I'm sure many others will.  Thanks!

It's a perfectly legitimate way of creating your own crypto, with the unfortunate side-effect that they can only be exchanged for other Zachybucks.

Posted in AGS Awards 2017

Voting is now open!  Closes 7th March 2018.


Sadly Captain Disaster didn't get a nomination in the staff-voted AGGIE Awards, but hopefully we'll get one or two noms in the Reader's Choice.  Voting open for one week from today - GO!


Ridiculously happy to find that AGS Cycles has been nominated for Best Non-Adventure Game Made With AGS at the AGS Awards 2017 :-)

Posted in AGS Awards 2017

The nominations have been announced, and Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots has been nominated in 7 (seven) categories! :-)

Best Game Created with AGS

Best Writing

Best Character (Captain Disaster)

Best Gameplay

Best Puzzles

Best Music & Sound

Best Voice Work

Will post again when the actual voting begins!

Haha well it seems that I can get everything to work on this controller - apart from throwing a snowball!! 

(It's a very generic, very cheap thing made by "Ucom".)

What little I managed to see looked fun anyway :-)

I'll try to find a few minutes to give it a go!

My controller is extremely cheap and generic, but I'll see if it works at all. :-)

This looks cool!  (Well, COLD... but you know what I mean!)

Will give this a try when I can.  Does it work with other controllers too or only Xbox 360 controllers?

Great, thanks for the update.

itch.io Community » itch.io · Created a new topic Reviews

It's great that players can leave reviews on your games, but other than the dev and the person writing the review, who actually sees them?  I may have missed something but I have never seen a review of another game on here, and only seen reviews of my own game via the dashboard.  Ratings are almost invisible but at least can be found by clicking the More Information tab. 

Am I missing something?  Fellow devs I've spoken to seem similarly befuddled.

It would be great if ratings and reviews were more visible to potential purchasers / downloaders of games on Itch.  (I  apologise if this topic has already been done to death btw!)  It's a shame that this is currently missing given that the experience of creating and managing your games' pages here works very well indeed.  I appreciate that it also could be something planned for future development, but anyway I guess it can't hurt to ask!

Replied to CaptainD in Reviews

Whoa these things are like busses, two turn up at once!

Here's another and I'm happy to say the reviewer REALLY love it :-)


Posted in Reviews

New review - from someone who I think is not a total Adventure Game nut like many of us!

"Captain Disaster turned out to be an incredibly in-depth adventure with a world more vivid than we imagined from first impressions. It is difficult, harking back to a similar era of games, but you’ll find yourself motivated to carry on by the sheer litany of puns and references. If you’re looking for a challenge and a quirky story to boot, this may be worth checking out." 


Still not a bad review though.  I know others with reviews in progress have had to ask for hints or consult the walkthrough, maybe the game is more difficult than I realised! :-D

Haven't had a time to watch all of this yet but just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for featuring our game! :-)

(Edited 1 time)

Sorry it's taken so long!!

Here it is!

Created a new topic AGS Awards 2017

The nominations phase is currently open, please head over and give Captain Disaster a nomination in any categories you feel it deserves to be nominated for.


All the best for the AGS Awards buddy - hope both our games manage a few nominations :)

Having played it a bit... I have to say, it's awesome.  Very funny and good puzzles so far.  Waiting for the moment I get to actually use the "looking through the eyes of a painting in the gallery" thing... I just KNOW it will come in handy at some stage! :-D

Posted in Reviews

Not reviews exactly but several comments about the game on the AGS Game Page

Overall rating after 5 ratings (the minimum needed to get an overall rating)

Visual: 76%
Immersion: 96%
Puzzles & Pacing: 88%
Overall Enjoyment: 88%

Will definitely be downloading this when I get a few minutes free!  Congrats on the release.

Created a new topic Reviews
(Edited 2 times)

Going to list all the reviews I find of the game.

  • NeoRetro Go! "if  you are in the mood for a good old school point and click this is a hard game to pass up"
  • BigBossBattle "Captain Disaster turned out to be an incredibly in-depth adventure with a world more vivid than we imagined"
  • Wraithkal "an absolutely bonkers, dangerous, grand adventure!"
Created a new topic Favourite puzzle(s)

As a game designer it's always tough to judge how a particular puzzle will be received.  (I must add that some puzzles in the game were partly / entirely designed by my co-dev, but you can blame me for most of them.)  The final puzzle of the game in particular seems in retrospect to have been rather poorly conceived - it made (and still makes) perfect sense to me, but not to other people!

I think the puzzle I'm most proud of is the RoboMusic puzzle (encompassing all the samples you have to collect and how to make them sound right).  It seems to have been quite popular with testers too.  But what about you?  Let me know what puzzles you liked (or didn't, I guess - I will try to take everything into account when designing the next Captain Disaster game!

I'd be interested to know which character(s) players liked most in the game.

As a writer, the Captain himself has transitioned quite a bit from the original short stories - he's a bit more sensible and less stupid.  I think the characters I had most fun writing are probably The General and the Customs Official.  Would love to know which characters our players liked!