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I made the mistake of playing this without looking at the instructions first time... :-D This is a really fun game, especially with 4 players. The parkour level is extremely challenging.

Great little game! My kids enjoyed it and definitely a game competitive adults could get a lot of fun out of too. Nice one!

I'm happy to announce that this game has been nominated for two categories of the AGS Awards 202:

- Best Non-Adventure Game Created With AGS 

- Best Programming categories.

Made for a game jam, this is a 1 or 2 player arcade game where you gather as many fish to your shoal as possible whilst avoiding predators and other pitfalls.  Also who can resist such a corny joke title?  Eh?  EH??!

Very impressive! 

Features planned for the full version:

- 4 difficulty levels (affects how many enemies appear)

- Score multiplier based on difficulty level

- Fish density (how quickly and how many fish appear)

- Endless mode (just keep swimming!)

- Virtual aquarium (want to just watch the fish go by without playing?  You can!  Cheaper than both keeping a real aquarium or deep sea diving)

- Will make the sea gradients look a bit more fancy

Toying with the idea of another creature or two to help or hinder you, or simply as background scenery.

Okay guys what's your highest score?  I just reached 680458 which is the highest I've ever got in 1-player mode.

Yes exactly, you could easily have managed a few more long words.

Okay now you're getting silly with the title lengths of your games!! :-D

Drat, you seem to have taken the "game with the most ridiculously lengthy title" award here!!! :-D

But two whole colours man... I feel it's simply too much.

Hi, just completed it.  My thoughts:

- more than anything else, congratulations on your first release! :-)

- aesthetic presentation was very nice

- nice plot twist at the end

- the game was VERY grindy, mainly because enemy HP was massively over-powered, while enemy attack / abilities were extremely underpowered.

- Obviously not much in the way of storyline

- Would have liked to see more puzzle elements, but the few it had were nicely implemented

- Battles had very little real strategy to them, but I liked the fact that each new ability brought a genuine advantage.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Oh definitely keep the low res! It adds to the charm no end.

I am NOT Senna, that's for sure!!

Fun little game, very challenging and pretty addictive. Nice one!

Fantastic!  Apart from the great name and the fact that it looks like it was created by a Liverpool legend, this was obviously heavily inspired by Super Sprint and gave me pretty much the same vibes as playing that game on the Atari ST did about 3 decades ago.  Very nice job indeed!!

Anyone who bought the game can now claim a Steam key, and should have received an email with this information.

Please note that if you own the game in your Itch library because you got it free in a giveaway, this will not entitle you to a free Steam key, as per Itch's policy.

Now released on Steam!

Please bear with me while I get some Steam keys attached to Itch so those who have  bought the game on Itch can get it, won't be able to do this straight away.  I'll post again when they're available.

This game is also available on Steam - only difference is Steam Achievements, for which old save games will not work I'm afraid. 

You can find it here:

I don't rule out the possibility of further tweaking in the future of course! :)

I see what you mean though I wanted it to be as accessible as possible while offering a good (or brutal!) challenge if you want it to. The easier the game the slower your score increases btw. So the score you could achieve by beating the same level will vary drastically depending on your settings. 

Yay a worthy adversary at last! 

It's so BLUE! 


Oh hey, nice! Congrats on the release, looks cool.

I know this is possibly the most delayed answer ever, but... finally the game IS coming to Steam!

If someone buys / bought it on Itch they should be able to get a Steam key via the Itch page once it's released (29th May 2020) and I've set up the distribution. 

Haven't had time to play the demo yet but LOVING those screens!

Will it have an EXTRA EASY mode for those of us who aren't particularly good at shmups? :-D

Unity certainly has its advantages.  I guess I'm just used to AGS :-)

Though I often use it for making non-adventure games, I use AGS (Adventure Game Studio):

I saw a mention of this game on Twitter and it looked like a really cool and novel idea - thanks for the recommendation! :-)

They've had hours of crazy fun with it, it's perfect for the age group that wants to be able to experiment without game over possibilities. :-)

Yup... I was right.  Thanks for this!

I can definitely see this being something my kids will love! :-)

Just destroyed my high score! 61450

I'm sure someone can beat it though...

v1.41 with alternate control method now available for Windows users (will include it in a later update for Linux).

My daughters have enjoyed playing this game too! 

What new level of chaos is this?!?!

Superb stuff.  I found myself shouting at my mice A LOT! :-D

Looking forward to giving this a try, I love the concept!

Yay it only took 2 years for someone to post a reply!! :-D

Thanks for your comments.  I can't remember at what stage I decided to make our alien trader friends give out some useful hints - originally I had planned for talking to Zero-Bit to be essentially a hint system, but because the voice actor was unavailable during production decided to make it impossible to communicate with him whilst on the planet's surface, so I needed to add some extra pointing.

About the final puzzle, I had in mind that you had to send the chair out of control without triggering its automatic safety mechanisms, I had a lot of trouble communicating this to my co-dev so it was probably only clear in my own mind :-o

My highest score is 47500 - can anyone beat that?  Post your high scores

I do not. 

Your superpower is to think of awesomely pointless superpowers that unbeknownst to you someone else has already thought of! :) 

The ability to witness every eigenstate simultaneously?  Hmm... yes that would be an impressively useless ability if you could not direct events in any of them!