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Will definitely be downloading this when I get a few minutes free!  Congrats on the release.

Created a new topic Reviews

Going to list all the reviews I find of the game.

  • NeoRetro Go! "if  you are in the mood for a good old school point and click this is a hard game to pass up"
Created a new topic Favourite puzzle(s)

As a game designer it's always tough to judge how a particular puzzle will be received.  (I must add that some puzzles in the game were partly / entirely designed by my co-dev, but you can blame me for most of them.)  The final puzzle of the game in particular seems in retrospect to have been rather poorly conceived - it made (and still makes) perfect sense to me, but not to other people!

I think the puzzle I'm most proud of is the RoboMusic puzzle (encompassing all the samples you have to collect and how to make them sound right).  It seems to have been quite popular with testers too.  But what about you?  Let me know what puzzles you liked (or didn't, I guess - I will try to take everything into account when designing the next Captain Disaster game!

I'd be interested to know which character(s) players liked most in the game.

As a writer, the Captain himself has transitioned quite a bit from the original short stories - he's a bit more sensible and less stupid.  I think the characters I had most fun writing are probably The General and the Customs Official.  Would love to know which characters our players liked!

Always interested in this, it's notoriously difficult to gauge with adventure games!

I only had direct feedback on this from one person so far, he said 8-10 hours.  Yes I know, the other problem with this is that most people don't actually take much notice about how long they are playing! :-D

Created a new topic A little info about this game
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I made this game along with my co-dev for this particular project, AGS forum member Hernald,  as both a proof of concept to myself (I had never designed a complete game solo before) and as a bit of marketing hype for the commercial game in progress, Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (now released and available on Itch).

The marketing side of things bombed a bit since it took much longer to develop Stomping Boots than I originally realised (in hindsight, I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING but fortunately enough I was stubborn enough to keep going until I did, and of course received a lot of help along the way from different ones, particularly my co-dev TheBitPriest).  It's more a case of Stomping Boots' release generating interest in Dark Side!

So anyway, this game stands up pretty well I think as a freebie pointandclick, it's fully voiced (I voice every character) and there's quite a bit to do in it, with lots of puzzles, inventory items, and even achievements.   As with the other Captain Disaster game there are references aplenty to different sci-fi TV shows, movies and books, and classic adventure games.  The main plot was inspired by the 20th Anniversary Edition of Dr Who called "The Five Doctors".

It was a really fun game to make (took the two of us about three months of sustained effort) and contains some my best writing (IMHO - much of which can be missed if you don't go back and talk to Floyd after looking at things - game design lesson learned!).  It also inspired an ebook, which is a fun read if you like comedy sci-fi (based on the game but with some extra characters / features).   Available for Amazon Kindle.

So if you wanted to know any of that, now you do!

Created a new topic Hints thread

Anyone stuck?  Need a hint?  Ask away and hopefully I'll remember the answer! :-D  (It's been a looooooong time since I designed hte puzzles in this game...)

Created a new topic Walkthrough

If anyone needs a walkthough for this game, you can find it on the devlog.

Posted in Walkthrough

Act III Walkthrough is now available

Posted in Walkthrough

Act II Walkthrough now available.

We have updated the installer package to v1.01 due to a few bug reports from players.  There are mostly very small bugs that our test team missed, but there is one bug that could crash the game (albeit the chances of you actually encountering this bug are remote).  

If you are already using v1.00 we do not recommend updating as we cannot guarantee saved games will work between versions.  If anyone does find it necessary to update and loses their progress as a result please post in the game's forum and I'll get a new save game file to you ASAP.

Created a new topic Livestream

Silverspook is doing a livestream of the game right now - I assume the link will take you to the video once the stream has finished too.

Posted in Let's Play

There are two visible pathaways - one at each side.  The fact the the map of the marketplace is described as "doughnut-shaped" is also supposed to be a clue.  You can see the left-hand one at 24;49 - you see the break in the thick black line at the bottom?  You just didn't happen to put your mouse cursor down far enough for the description to come up!

Also, you can go to the map from anywhere by using the leaflet, you don't have to exit the location (of course you can if you want to!)

Posted in Let's Play

Thanks for the video!  Sorry you didn't see that the marketplace is divided into 2 parts - you never travelled down to the other bit. :-D

Give me a shout if you need any more hints!  Hope you're enjoying the game.

Created a new topic Walkthrough

For those that want it, the Act I walkthrough is now available.

Acts II and III are in progress.  I will post links when they are ready.

Please note the walkthrough only covers what is necessary to complete the game - there is still a lot to explore and experiment with in addition to this.

Posted in Hints Thread

Okay... I don't want to be too obvious here but...

There's something you can pick up outside the RoboBar.

There's something you can do to that object to change its appearance.

There's someone who will be afraid of this changed appearance who has an item you might find useful...  

As for the mystic, he's just there for comic relief and giving hints.  

Hi there!

Don't worry about the meteorite - it's a red herring. You can only buy the jacket after you've been to the Rubbish Dump.  I'm not quite sure where you are in the game - have you got the speeder and been to the Rubbish Dump yet?  Have you got the Contraband Detector?

I'll check back to see if you need more hints ASAP, I'm also posting a walkthrough soon and will put a link to it on the game's message board here.  

Woot!!  Glad to have had a small hand in this.

Maybe, just maybe, this will help push you towards making the full game...?? 

(Forgive me for I have publicly mentioned the idea of the full game!) :-D

Lovely to see ALD get some recogtion as one PC Gamer's Best Free Games of the Year 2017!

Thanks silverspook - I really appreciate that, especially as I know how much hard work and passion was poured into Neofeud.

Created a new topic The Captain Disaster Universe

This game is just one part of a universe that's being built up around the disastrous captain.   Below is everything that has been released - in chronological order of release - however each story / game is self-contained so you do not need to necessarily read / play them in order.

First there was the Short Story Collection 

Then the game Dark Side of the Moon

After that I wrote the short story of Dark Side of the Moon - which contained the essential plot and characters of the game, while adding some more)

Then I wrote the short story The Damaris Touch

The next thing to be released was - you guessed it! - Death Has A Million Stomping Boots!

Currently I'm working on the short story The Wilder Gene, and we have planned at some point the game There's A Hole In My Galaxy!

After that... who knows? :-)

Created a new topic Hints Thread

Anyone stuck and need a hint!  Ask away!

It can't have been that bad, it did with the AGS Award for Best Demo that year!

But... if you haven't already played it you may wish to hold on for a bit, we're putting together an updated demo which is essentially the same part of the game as the existing demo, but with the newer assets.

Ah.  Well... we've been having a bit of trouble deciding what to do about the demo.  You see, we've got a demo but it's rather old - and it doesn't reflect the final quality of the game.  

It's still available, feel free to grab a copy - http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/1598/

Just be aware that we have made several improvements to what you see in this demo.

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Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in the game.    :)

We are currently looking to port it to other platforms

Stay tuned!

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Captain Disaster takes a job delivering a package from Acturus-1 to Proboscis Major - not realising that he is actually transporting something that will put the entire galaxy in danger!  Though just getting the package in the first place is quite a challenge in itself...

Our intrepid nitwit investigates interesting peculiar people, puzzling places and panicky problems along the way to saving the day, once he finally realises that something is wrong.  Expect lots of laughs and head-scratching dilemmas before you reach the shocking conclusion and find out what all this "Million Stomping Boots" business is actually about!


This game has been a long time coming so I hope people find it was worth the wait!

New to Itch, this is a fully-voiced freeware sci-fi retro point and click adventure game featuring the gormless Captain.  He finds out that sleepwalking near an open StarGate whilst Pink Floyd is playing can have catastrophic consequences!  But, as he is both a Disaster and a Hero, sort of, he must find a way to not only leave the moon he ends up stranded on (the Dark Side of it, obviously) but also stop an ancient evil from returning.

This is a game that should probably take 2-3 hours to complete, has lots of puzzles of varying difficulty, rewards experimentation with your inventory items and has an achievements system.


Every few years I seem to end up making a new game based on Light Cycles...

Anyway, this one was created with AGS (Adventure Game Studio), hence the name "AGS Cycles" - it's very simple of course but does have some nice features including a randomised course and start location / direction for the players each game, meaning you'll never have quite the same game twice and you have to stay on your toes as you might start off close to an obstacle.

Currently 2-player only but if it proves popular I might create an AI opponent.

Gere it here - https://captaind.itch.io/ags-cycles

Do you mean true multiplayer? That would be awesome! (Though I would absolultely have to get a proper gamepad before facing anyone, playing on the keyboard is not the best :-D)

This is an awesome remake / update of an all-time classic, fantastic job guys!