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Thanks so much for the offer. I've decided that this game needs a classical soundtrack but I love synth music and will definitely look up your work / keep you in mind for future projects.

Thanks :)

Dude, please! Language. But really glad you enjoyed the updated demo. I may release one final iteration as I've cleared up an annoying bug.

Certainly I didn't want any levels that were too difficult in the demo, not that it's exactly following a linear difficulty progression throughout the levels, but generally I want to put the toughest ones last. What each player finds difficult is quite variable too, but will you hate me for the design of some of the later levels?

Yes... yes you will. :-D

Thanks man! I have a feeling the Alt-Tab thing in Fullscreen is linked to it being 8-bit colour, which I may have to ditch so I can speed up the gameplay (sadly might mean a big load of coding for me but nevermind!). Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game! I have already made a couple of changes that make the game slightly easier, may well release an updated demo at some point.

Level 8 is (deliberately) pretty tricky! I didn't want players to just breeze through every level of the demo ;-) Might make a couple of changes to ease things up just a touch in the full game. I hope people don't play it and think "if 8 is so tough then later levels will be impossible..." The difficulty won't go up every single level.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play the demo and make a video :-)


Although it MIGHT make you cry. You never know.

Oh this looks right up my street! Thanks for releasing it :-)

Yes, as long as they have a Twitter account you can tag them.

Yeah another devlog and tweet tomorrow saying beta testing has officially started would be good. Don't forget to tag me in the tweet! :-)

But it has maybe become, in my mind, the most important line in the game.

I will try to find the item described and a hole to throw it into, IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Awesome stuff!

One can only ponder the meaning of that voice line...

This looks really interesting. Will definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Thanks mate, much appreciated! Hope you enjoy it.

Second review!

Update released which addresses many of these issues. I was able to find a way to get some of the things to work that previously I was unable to. Hope you enjoy the update!

Thought I'd clicked everything but clearly not!! Will give it another look... :-) Thanks.

I used a couple of these tracks in my latest game ( and sent you a donation in appreciation. Thanks for the music! :-)

Hey this is a really cute game, but I just can't for the life of me find the black paint...

Gonna give this a try! Hoping to do a MAGS game this year sometime... love the slightly wonky isometric viewpoint. (Apologies if it's not actually slightly wonky, I blame my eyesight and age! :-D)

Ugh my idea for having a marker for how far away raids are isn't working as I'd hoped so I may need to drop it. If I can't work it out soon I may have to just release the game with the other tweaks I've mentioned above, and possibly think of creating an expanded version of the game on Steam where I don't need to worry about breaking the savegame functionality with this version. We'll see...

I'm also slightly refactoring the difficulty and improving game flow:

- Next turn processes faster

- Mission-specific events 10% less likely

- Random events 20% less likely

- Food consumption reduced slightly

- Threshold at which your rats stop producing reduced slightly

The following should be in the next update, I will upload the build when I am satisfied that I have tested thoroughly.

- Escape key for bringing up menu AS WELL AS F1

- Indication of when next Raid available

- Indication of when next you can next ask King Rat for help

Just thought I'd make a list of features people have asked for and, hopefully, implementation date of some of them...

- Ability to save missions midway

- Escape key for bringing up menu rather than F1

- Indicators for completing levels at different difficulty modes 

- Indication of amount in Treasury

- Indication of when next Raid available

- Animation in places

Ooh very nice. I don't remember this from the MAGS version! (Then again I don't remember much about the MAGS version other than the pink socks and the joke in the last line of dialogue, and our vague idea to make a deluxe version at some stage - didn't realise it would be 8 years later!! :-D

Anyone tried the Boss Levels yet? :-)

The main problem is that I've been lazy and not created my own save function for all the achievements, unlocks etc. So whatever I do needs to be able to work without upsetting the rather notoriously prickly AGS savegame system.

However that said, it may be possible... watch this space!

Thanks to NekoJonez the rats have their first review! 


It's quite a detailed review outlining both what he did like about the game (gameplay, difficulty curve, challenge, music) and what he wasn't so keen on (mainly certain aspects of the AI design). 

 "It’s a great game with some minor flaws. "  Score: 70/100

I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement this but I will have a look. The only way I can think of that would work is if you save, when you next launch the game it will take you straight to that level  at the point you saved - if that were possible would it be an acceptable option? If you did that and then quit the level you would lose the progress. 

I don't want to promise but it might be doable (at worst I'll put it on the "sequel wishlist" for if I ever do a follow-up!).

Hi Vincent. Thanks so much for getting the game and leaving some feedback!

Unfortunately there is no endless mode at the moment, it was in fact part of my original idea for this game but when the rest of it broadened in scope considerably I decided I wouldn't be able to include it.

However... I'm wondering if I can find a way to add an endless mode, or even to create a separate game using the same base code purely for endless (if so I'd put it here free for existing owners). I'll have to think about it.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game. It certainly gets more involved after you get past the first few levels :) I tried to make the levels feel reasonably different with specific challenges even though obviously the main thrust of the game is the same throughout.

Hope you continue to reboot the game!

Thanks again,


Thanks! :) I know there's an international Day for just about everything these days but this one struck me as a really nice idea.

It isn't easy, being a rat.

The Rat Pack is a text-based, turn-based strategy game. As a young rat trying to make your way in the world, you start off with a small commission from King Rat.  By setting up colonies in different locations, completing mission objectives and rising up the ratty echelons  you can eventually hit the big time - but it won't be easy!


Features 15 missions across 3 chapters, with 100 achievements to obtain.


If you quit the game directly from a Chapter screen then new unlocked missions etc won't be saved, please go back to the Menu Screen and quit through there, as it's on the Menu Screen that the autosave kicks in.

Releasing in 3 days, pre-order available now! :-)

If you took part in the open beta some time ago, you will need to delete your savegame data before playing the game. This can be found at the following location: 

C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\Saved Games\The Rat Pack

Oh actually that reminds me, if you have any saved games from the open beta, you will need to delete them before running the game.

You can find them in:

C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\Saved Games\The Rat Pack

I will put a note on the discussion board but since you've actually been kind enough to pre-order I thought I'd let you know now! :-)

:) I hope the game doesn't disappoint!

Your continued support (and patience!) is massively appreciated mate. :-)

Okay I tricked myself into continually thinking "I'll just update this or add this before releasing"... the game has been essentially ready for a year. I'm going to release it soon before the fact that I still haven't released it drives me completely mad. I'm so sorry to anyone who was waiting for this game.

Then it seems about right, taking the rain into account :)