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Thanks! I've let my co-dev for the game know since he did the vast majority of the artwork (believe me, if I'd done the art, you wouldn't love it! :-D)

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for the game at the AGS Awards - it won "Best Non-Adventure Game Made With AGS"!! :-)

Great, thanks! Turns out I had been there, but hadn't completed the dungeon for some reason (think I was a bit brain-dead on the sliding blocks puzzle to reach a chest in one location). No bugs! :-)

I picked this game up when it was on a free and was amazed by the quality - didn't actually realise if was on a special promotion at the time, so I have now sent a donation which you thoroughly deserve. This is an excellent game and I've really enjoyed it, the difficulty is so well balanced - I almost always felt like I was making progress of some sort, very little grinding but some good puzzles and challenging areas.

I thought I was on the cusp of completing it but it appears I don't have the third crystal - I was sure I'd completed ever dungeon but apparently not. I don't suppose you could give me a clue as to which dungeon the third crystal is in as I can't seem to find it!

As a suggestion if you are planning an update and if it's feasible, is to make the crystal-containing dungeons you've already visited show on the main map with an icon to show if you've already got the crystal from that location. But anyway, it's a great game, very nicely done!

Captain Disaster and the Two Worlds of Riskara

No eyeballs - increased difficulty? An alternative play mode where you have to rely solely on the power of smell? Oh the possibilities!

Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 

Very nice work! Although my pink socks from the MAGS game were pretty impressive too. :-D

Just played it, being able to identify your dog and seeing how many sheep there are / the identifier icons are great additions. You also seem to have fixed the randomly exploding sheep bug (/feature) although they do now appear to be able to jump sometimes, including once over the fence and out of the playing area!

Is there are way to restart a level other than rebooting the game?

Great stuff! :-)

Sounds great! Will give it a try soon. :)

We both thought maybe the dogs should be a bit quicker compared to the sheep. Also having the different dogs be identifiable in some way would be nice, we got a bit confused at times (but obviously appreciate this is early in development and you may well have planned both already). Knowing the number of sheep left (I didn't understand why they occasionally blew up in the coop sometimes?!) would be good as well as knowing how many each pen needed.

Again, you may well already have these things in mind. Nice work so far! :-)

Just had great fun playing through the available levels with my young daughter. Really good game concept. All the best with development!

Many thanks! :)

Great! Hope you're enjoying the game :-)

Oh these are great, brings back a lot of memories! Thanks for the recommendation :-)

Fun little game! Well done Dave and Tom :-)

I was upset with how many Turdmelons I managed to make in this game though!! :-O

Looks great! I love parent-child game collaborations :-)

Very cool indeed! Like the old fractal generators I loved as a kid on steroids.

Quick question - is there any way to change the default screenshot save location? 

Currently C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\anomalies\Anomalies

Definitely looks well worth checking out! I've enjoyed Dave's previous games (DuzzQuest and its sequel), added this one to the "need to check out" pile.

If you'd like to shape the full game to some extent, I'm trying an experiment - please fill in this (very short) feedback form to help us know what we need to focus on:

Congrats, you're the first person I know of to have beaten all 100 levels!! :)

The Steam version is now out! If you bought the game on Itch you will be able to also get a Steam key for the game.

If I've set things up correctly, Patrons will also be able to claim a Steam key via the Itch page as well.

Thanks mate! :)

It's a nice start to developing your game, I would suggest adding some variety to the sound effects to give it an immediate boost. Hearing the same sound over and over again got old very quickly, maybe have a set of 5 or more that play randomly when you manage to catch the faller.

This game was created for the MAGS August 2022 gamejam.

A short but somewhat challenging point-and-click game with a fantasy setting, based on the theme of "Healing". You play the apprentice of a potion master who is near death after an experimental potion causes catastrophic results. (There may be the odd bug since we didn't have time to do much testing.)

We are looking at possibly expanding this into a much larger game in the future.

Fair enough. Not sure how long the app has been around, but quite a while now. I hope it doesn't prevent people from playing your games too much!

This is a nice game with a lot of effort put into it. It's perfect for when you're in the mood for a relatively simple and straight-forward RPG that sometimes has depths you didn't notice at first, with a bit of challenge but generally quite forgiving game mechanics, and a nice bit of humour thrown into the mix. Well done mate, very nicely done!

The problem I had with it, which I assume others have too which might explain the lack of activity in the comments, is that the Itch App when you Launch only runs the installer again, not the game itself. I could only play the game by finding it in \AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\dry-fate\Dry and running Game.exe. I don't know how you could resolve this (I've uploaded multiple games to Itch but games made with AGS don't have this issue), or possibly advise players to download directly via a browser. It would be a shame for people to miss out on what I've found to be a really nice little game. Anyway I thought I should let you know.

Hi, just wanted to let you know in case you're unaware that it doesn't seem to be possible to install this game via the Itch App. I've tried several times now, not entirely sure what the issue is. I have successfully downloaded it via a browser however so look forward to playing it. :-)

Not so much that I should change the game's name though, right? Anyway wait till you see the later levels in the full game 😁

Ooh this is VERY nice. I think I know which font I'm going to pick up when I start my next big project! :)

Thanks so much for the offer. I've decided that this game needs a classical soundtrack but I love synth music and will definitely look up your work / keep you in mind for future projects.

Thanks :)

Dude, please! Language. But really glad you enjoyed the updated demo. I may release one final iteration as I've cleared up an annoying bug.

Certainly I didn't want any levels that were too difficult in the demo, not that it's exactly following a linear difficulty progression throughout the levels, but generally I want to put the toughest ones last. What each player finds difficult is quite variable too, but will you hate me for the design of some of the later levels?

Yes... yes you will. :-D

Thanks man! I have a feeling the Alt-Tab thing in Fullscreen is linked to it being 8-bit colour, which I may have to ditch so I can speed up the gameplay (sadly might mean a big load of coding for me but nevermind!). Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game! I have already made a couple of changes that make the game slightly easier, may well release an updated demo at some point.

Level 8 is (deliberately) pretty tricky! I didn't want players to just breeze through every level of the demo ;-) Might make a couple of changes to ease things up just a touch in the full game. I hope people don't play it and think "if 8 is so tough then later levels will be impossible..." The difficulty won't go up every single level.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play the demo and make a video :-)


Although it MIGHT make you cry. You never know.

Oh this looks right up my street! Thanks for releasing it :-)

Yes, as long as they have a Twitter account you can tag them.