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Retro LCD Games

A topic by retrogal created Feb 19, 2023 Views: 1,532 Replies: 24
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Play some of the best ever simulations of retro handheld games at

I'm a huge fan of retro games, mostly from the 80s and 90s, and these are the most interactive and accurate handheld game simulations I've ever played. 

Currently there are over 50 games available to play online  with new ones being added all the time.

Oh these are great, brings back a lot of memories! Thanks for the recommendation :-)

You're so welcome :) I stumbled across this collection a few weeks ago and was absolutely blown away. enjoy the memories!

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very nice game site i played donkey kong and donkey kong jr alot as a child

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i got it to work :)

oh wonderful :) enjoy!

so cool. thanks!

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you're welcome :)

ooh, there are cheat codes too! too cool :)

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A thousand Thanks for this link !!

You're so welcome :) 

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Thanks!! I am so glad someone posted about this website :-) It really is a hidden gem that more people need to know about, especially retro fans like myself.

You're so right!! Let's spread the word :)

Apparently the developer is planning to add all 60 of the Game & Watch games. That's going to be EPIC! 

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Totally!! It's already my favorite way to play these games, but once all the g&w titles are added I won't need Mame or RetroArch to play them anymore :) i just hope there will be a downloadable version so they can be played offline.

Yeah.. I hope so too! 

this is too cool! thanks!!

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you're so welcome :)  enjoy!!

I like retro. 80s... Cool! NES 8 bit, or MSX computer version... or MS DOS... Yes...386SX... Just i going into memmory cycle


Thank you for posting about this amazing collection!!
I've been following it for a few weeks now and  it  hasn't disappointed yet :-D

You're so welcome! I've played almost all of them now and each one is made with so much love you can't help but be a fan.

I don't know how I missed it but I've only just realized the alarm function on each game works! Amazing!!! What great attention to detail.

Some of the games on RetroFab were featured in this video on YouTube :)

Another video featuring retrofab on YouTube :)