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UFO sausage over rooftop of your house!

Sing a little funny song. UFO sausage over rooftop of your house! It is remade of this style of pop artist USSR and bard – Yuri Antonov. Over rooftop of your house, UFO sausage! Over rooftop of your house, it is UFO in the air! Over rooftop of your house, it is UFO hanging in the air!

And UFO was fly and fly and reach the someone’s house. And it is hanging in the air over your house. It is masked with sky color. But anyway, that it is easy to see, that it is UFO. It is there, and it waits for something. And It is do not go away.

So, so, and wait that someone will land down. And it will be at your garden!

UFO sausage!! UFO sausage! Over mountains!

3d scene about UFO sausage. UFO sausage – it is my favorite theme. So, it is ended magnetic storm. Sun makes some emitting with big intense. Very intense. It can be some troubles with techniks, radio. And it is attention! It is already flying UFO sausage! UFO sausage!


Big UFO sausage is flying around city. I watched in 90s some tv series. There was some big UFO sausage over city. Very big round circle UFO sausage. I remember it a lot. I do not remember how this tv series is titled. It was some sci fi like Star Wars.

UFO sausage is flying. And it is flying over mountains. 


Pixel art for today based on videogame Truxton for game console Sega MegaDrive. It is space action.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Space - is like ocean. Big and dark. In depth of space there a conflict between cyborgs. Cyborgs cannot divide solar system with lots of metal. And they start to produce lots of attack techniks. Two sides of cyborgs. And they cannot take control over this solar system. Around red dwarf. It is distant from its star planets. They are rotating around very big orbit. It is very cold in these places. And lots of metal. Cyborgs need metal. Cyborgs eat metal. For them it is as valuable as gold for humanoids. Cyborgs made everything they need out of metal.  They restore powers and do modifications with metal.

Every cyborg lives at its own small factory. And groups of cyborgs are connected into big sector. And two groups of cyborgs cannot divide some planets.

Enemy sector A1 – persuasion of supercomputer

Pixel art for today based on videogame Die Hard for game console PC Engine. Game is released in 1990 year. And it is written that it is in style of Bloody Wolf, but not so cool.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Enemy is detected, at the territory of sector A1. You are sent straight there, and you will find a super computer B2. You need to persuade super computer to left this zone of combat actions. For this purpose, use as argument a diskette, that you will receive. Insert it in disk place of super computer. If super computer will not agree - then destroy it.

But, before it, you need to enter in deep of enemy zone. There are lots of enemies, lots of machines. You are going alone. For secret purpose. Use weapon, you can find. It will be lots of weapons.  Next your goal – to find a computer base. Enter. And reach supercomputer.

So, recently, I get the news about announcement of new game style Contra from Konami. So, game will be same as 80s game. As idea it will be the same. So, I decide to draw something like this.

Programmer 3K

Pixel art for today based on videogame Hacker for game console NES. So, I know almost nothing about this game. I thank, it can be China game, some fanart, like this.

And this is my picture about the same theme. Joke, funny moment. As I get it, in original game, this picture is taken from movie Matrix. And rebuild in 8 bit. And I have this draining. It is super programmer 3000. Programmer 3K. Videogames, at first part, they need to be programmed. So here it is. So, press start!

Funny field with little animals

Pixel art for today based on videogame Arkistas Ring for game console Nes. It is action rpg. Something like Zelda 2. And it has 125 levels.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. In this game you are at the field. At the big field. Summer. With trees. And little grass. All around you are running here and there different little animals. Dogs, dinosaurs. And you need to play with hem. Game field. And with animals. You are running to the animal. You stroke animal. They have fun. This is a game. As soon as all animal are happy you are going to next level.

Story of a scout – search for a magical flowers

Pixel art for today based on videogame Bards Tale for game console NES. It is role playing game. Just like early role playing games. Adventure with first person view. Something like Might and Magic. But its own way.

And this is my drawing about same theme. Story of scout. Young explorer and scout is travelling along lands of kingdom if Rokglen. And in one tavern he hears about interesting tale about Scorpion’s flower.  This flower is in full darkness. And it has a magic power. And a community of dark magic fans are very interesting into it. Their house is near the tavern.

Also, you know, that far away from the city, there is a cave with dragon. And if you defeat this dragon, then you will have a great treasure and gold. And lots of things, that are keeps in this place, from other brave adventurers, who cannot defeat dragon.

And also, it was told, that under city, in catacombs there is a underground river. And if you travel by this river – then you se a magic island. It has lots of plants. And it is a point of interesting for a scout. First of all, he is here to explore new flowers and plants. To become a master of flowers, he need to learn a lot of them.

And around this city, there is filed and a forest. And swamp. So, it is a first point of your adventure. So, you get a scouts emblem in community of young scouts. And you try to explore everything around.

It is a rumor that in nearby castle, evil sorcerer kidnap princess. And in another nearby castle, rats are start to disappear. It is very strange event. And it was told by people, that there is a connection with master of thieves called Rattler second. He has a dream to be a new king.

So, flowers and adventures are awaiting for you! Explore flowers and collect. And try to make tasks about adventures. By the way scorpions flower, it is  song of Moonspell. And drawing is also based on Might and Magic.


Invasion phase 1

Pixel art for today based on videogame Argus for game console Nes. It is a shooter about a plane, with top down view. Science fiction.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Invasion at planet pro-12.78. Lots of starships move down to planet territory, to bring end to the long time running conflict.

Federation raise, at last, huge forces and make a plan of final invasion at the planet. Resistance forces at the planet pro-12.78 at last will be fully annihilated. Destroyed.

And you are taking a part in phase 1 of invasion. It is most hard and very valuable part. Space fleet of resistance is already destroyed. So, deal is for a small thing. Take planet under control. Make this invasion. Be one of the first.

Little one eyed and little two eyed and little lots of eyed

Pixel art for today based on videogame Kid Clown for game console Nes. It is a game from 1993 year.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Funny little one eyed, fully little two eyed, and funny little lots of eyed, they are playing in a game. They are jumping with a grass and trees. Jump over clouds. And collect balloons, they are all over the place. And later they see who collects more. And drink a tea every evening. 

Little bee and little spider

Pixel art for today based on videogame Bee 52 for game console Nes. Game is from year 1992. About bee, that collects honey. It is kind game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Little bee and little spider are playing in the forest. Little spider can be in air with spider web. And little bee can fly. In a magic forest it is all the time summer and everyone has fun.  Forest, field and trees. Grass is green. It is good in a forest. It is good in a field. And  8 bit style videogame, or like MS DOS retro something. And I have remember some kind games about Mario and little monkey Donkey Kong.

Wind and krakens

Pixel art for today based on videogame Hydlide for game console Nes. Game also was released for MSX1,2 in 1984. And in 1986 it was released  for Nes, It is action RPG game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. In magical kingdom it is appears a strong wind. And because of strong wind it is hard to move for a big distance. And wind brings also a cold. It is no way to get into the sea, now. It is a storm all the time. With a big krakens, that raised from a depth to the surface of the sea.

Tree of balance in a castle of a king was broken. It stops to grow. It is magical sorcery tree. And it keeps balance of the wind. And after the wind, and storm it will come later cold. And it is still not happens.  You are going to explore this question. And to find a solution to restore tree balance.

This is a picture based on retro action rpg. Style of Nes, Msx1.

Ancient searcher – castle with skeletons

Pixel art for today based on videogame Dragon Unit for game system NES. Also, game known as Castle of Dragon. Game released in 1990. Looks like, it is something like Castlevania.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Searcher for the adventures and explorer of ancient find some old castle. It was very old and ancient. Looks like, it was empty. But it was found, that it is full of skeletons. Just with the starting guest hall. Explorer decide to finish this adventure and go to the most top of the towers. And to get to know, what is it there. It should be some magical artifact. And by the way, during the way there, to collect chests with treasures. 

Walk in pyramid

Pixel art for today based on videogame Tutankham for game console Coleco Vision. It should be a walk style game in pyramid. About archeology. Egypt.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Very simple walking type. It is just like top down view. It is good to collect treasures. And avoid green snakes. As soon as you collect everything level is completed.

Territory and line

Pixel art for today based on videogame D.R.A.G.O.N. force for computer Amiga. It is something like strategy game. About war theme. Vietnam or second world war.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. But, it is as a picture from Amiga computers. And I draw it in style of Vga Dos colors. Game is schematic. And I think about it as a wargame. Or turn based game. Like first game in series Civilization. Or Colonization. It is about a theme, very not detailed, very basic, schematic about them of first or second world war. Details are at the level of. Rifle, machine gun, sub machine gun. Without details. And you play such little humans. They move as in turn based game. And story will be also in pseudo realism style.

Block of robots

Pixel art for today based on videogame Star Dust for system PC MS DOS. It is shooter with top down view about space.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. You are lost in a time error. And find yourself somewhere on another edge of galaxy. Way back is a very long. And there are robots in this part of galaxy. They can help you. But, now, they think that you are enemy. And their mechanisms will attack you.

You need to fly to a center block. One small robot tells you, that all them controlled by central block. And, if you speak with it, then maybe he stop to program mechanism for attack you. And even maybe help you to go back.

And now, you are flying through big mechanical buildings and try to avoid enemies bullets. And shoot at any you can.

Astro-little monsters GGG-111

Pixel art for today based on videogame Mutan Zone for system PC MS DOS. It is a game of walking type and action from 1988 year. It is named as Mutan, not Mutant.

And this is my pixel art about the same theme. Astronaut makes a landing at small planetoid GGG-111. It was unexpected landing cause of problems. It is small and nobody interesting planetoid. It should be a big stone. But there is here atmosphere. Not good for human breath. And even its own plants. And lots of monsters. And it became a home for little monsters, this planetoid is their home. As Spock from Star Trek can say – It is fascinating! I do not have enough data. To describe this.

You space ship is broken. And some little monster takes some details somewhere inside the planetoid. Your scanner shows that details are in a big building at the most opposite part of planetoid. Maybe, he wants to eat it. But he cannot do it. And he takes them.

When you awake, and it was lots of little monsters around you. You need to go though all the planetoid. And maybe become a friend with them. At last, you have nothing, except of shocker and stun phaser. 

Auto tourist – road for two weeks

Pixel art for today based on videogame Turbo Cup for system PC MS DOS. Retro racing. Game from 1988.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Player can have a big road, about a big distance. In style of Need For Speed Run. Long road, with some stop points. By the city roads and forest roads. Backgrounds will be like a lines with colors. And game can go by levels. Maybe, it will be enough of 8 levels. You are, going to be, auto tourist. You are taking part into ride. Aim – to move through finish line. Imagine, you have take a holiday. For two weeks. And go to this road. To ride with a wind. And to watch – what is it around you.

Game is with style of MS DOS. So also a retro note.

This is very close to early Final Fantasy games. So, do you use RPG MAKER for making this game? Aesteticks of old RPG is very great. It is like something for NES, or Super Nintendo. 

I like it! 100 percents!

It writes - it cannot find a page. Hope soon page will be created. So you suggest some assets for a CHESS games? 

Spider invaders makes me feel so retro! Space invaders..but... is time for SPIDERS INVADERS!!!!

WOW! This is cool purple colored art! It is a little crazy and cool!

Very nice nature assets! It can used in a games like retro, or Nintendo 64 graphic style.

So your game has a two vies. FPS and third person. This is a cool feature to have to views. Funny and strange - that nice combination 

It is hard to believe it is already strikes 18! Very long living jam! Incredible. And for me i am not expirienced in GameMaker. But i heard it is good for jrpg like Final Fantasy 5,6. And for making stories.

Hello! Thanks! Thanks for so big reaction! I understand. So you mean retro, you mean 8 bit in a direct way. So with taking into account all resatrictions and limits of the systems. So, MS DOS mean a real VGA or EGA colors, 8 bit mean real NES color sets. I understand. I think i can think about to have also this style. With limits of a real systems. Start for example, with using some color sets. Some CGA EGA color sets for MS DOS. Or some NES colors. 

And as for me, i use word retro, 8 bit and so on a reference to a style. So i really, dont know about real colors and limits of those systems. And i try to ssay some stylization, something like in style of... So, retro, i use as a some old style, so 8 bit as some old style..but , yes today i can do a different resolution, a lots of colors i can use while i draw. And it is connected with ..the point, that i am doing videogames with SDL2.0 library and it is pretty for for retro programming in C. I mean i can use modern powerr and lots of colors, but try to do something like retro... as id ean... but, yes with lots of colors, for example...

So, this is two ways now. OK! I try to check some simple information! Thanks!

This is very nice announcment! So palm is a go back in time... into the 90s portable computer...Palm computers. I have never seen any of them. But i heard about Palm Heroes. So, it is nice to see this again. So, now this game is for PC. And as i see it has very nice graphics. And very good for Heroes clone. I like to play in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 4 in old times. 

It can be funnt game for relax. With a nice graphics!

Basic Pascal

Summer Sector – intrude from frontier of evil!

Pixel art for today based on videogame Gunhead Taikai for console PC Engine. It should be I good shmup! Flying and shooting! For all fans, who like to play 8 bit direction games at Friday!

And this is my drawing about the same theme. South space sector. Zone of summer. It was detected some robowarlords from frontier of evil. They make intrude under secret shield of invisible. It was designed special for intrude. And their forces rises in power. It is not in time! Cause in sector Summer no one wants it! So, special forces of Summer are directed to that region. Fate of summer is in your hands!

Maybe this plot, is a little like anime Sailor Moon and mixed with action movies. 

Looks like areal horror. Cool! So whar tools do you use to create this gfx? 

So this is a training courses for GODOT 4. Cool, reecently i start to think about to try Godot 4. For some game. 

Stars Intruder

Sci fi weapons

So, I continue to gain knowledge in basic of 3d modeling. So, I can say, to make a simple lowpoly 3d models. If to have a dream, so this time, I can take a already complete example based in Godot4 engine with 3d shooter. And insert these models into it. Shooter like retro, of course.

And, now, it is a pack of weapons with black color. All texture - is one black color. A 1 grenade is white.

Training models. So, I slow to stop to have a fear about 3d graphics. It starts like – it is very hard to understand interface of program. Lots of buttons, functions inside. Different tricks.

F1 long distance

Pixel art for today based on videogame f1 gp circuits for game computer Amiga. It is in genre formula 1. And here you even can change tiers.

And this is my pixel art about the same theme. Hot asphalt. And intense racing. With a great speed. Top down view. If something to happen – it is not you in a cabin. So relax and have a positive from a big speed. So, it is just a computer game. And if you crash – then nothing happened. Several seconds to lose, and that’s all, a little thing. But to be a leader in a race - it is critical lost in time. So, push gas forward. Control speed and make speed lower on turns. And one more - it is patience. Lots of circles ahead! So, it is a long distance.


It is a lot of time before New Year. It is summer now. And I have a dream to develop a game about a New Year.

I want to make a continue for game Gala for a long time. And about a New Year`s theme.

Gala – it is simple in style of 8 bit and 80s space shooter.

And now it is in developing a Gala New Year. Funny game about New Year and space shooter.

Instead of enemies – it will be different presents and new year`s things. Socks, for example.

New Year – it is a good celebration.

And here, it will be a New Year in space! In a cosmic scale!

Text screens with funny text will be in game.

It is a story and jokes. For a mood.

And game itself – it is shooter in style of 8 bit, in style of MS DOS, in style of 80s.

In space and about a New Year!

Holiday space!

Game about space and a New Year!

So here you see a main menu. And few starting intros.

But a lot of things are done.

Game process -exist, levels – exist, options – exist, text and graphics – exist.

All of these need to check. And to make some more things.



Pixel art for today based one videogame Star Breaker for MS DOS. I don’t know a lot about this game. But it looks cool. Maybe, I need to play it myself. For interest. To get to know more.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Space theme. Retro graphics. It is main. You are flying in space and explore it. It is lots of unknown ahead and lots of interesting things too. You are flying in a circle ball. And explore everything. It can be modified. And you can go out of it sometimes. And, also, it can be, also like Commander Keen, platformer game. And mainly it is space shooter with retro colors like MS DOS. Space can be compared with underwater part of ocean. It has lots of unexplored too.

Friends rally for a thousand miles

Pixel art for today based on videogame Deadly Racer for system MS DOS. It should be a racing game. Like rally. With rather interesting graphics. But, it is not clear a point about why deadly racing. It looks like rally.

And this is my drawing the same theme. Racing. Just a racing game. Not deadly. Racing with a friends. Summer ride. While it is summer. And grass is green. Summer – it is best time. Bright sun, a little of rain. And lots of flowers and grass is green. Racing at the rally. It is some local competition about thousands of miles forward. Thousand of miles through forest. It can be around a lake or a river. It can be, simply, such isometrical racing. It is only a drawing.

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Absolute metall

Pixel art for today based on videogame Madouou Granzort for game console PC Engine

. It is a game about robots. And something Japanese.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. So, I think about this theme. And it is a drawing. And if it was to be a game. Then it will have 4 levels. It is short game. But two sides for select from. Blue robots and red robots. And 4 levels for each of them.

All of these robots. They are exploring the planet. And everyone is making it by its own way. Each has its own story behind. And they also clash with each other. It is like shooter explore. Each type of robots is building its own base on the planet. And make a line of their own explore process. Something like this, was in game Total Annihilation. It was also about red and blue robots. There are lots of metal at the planet, and robots need metal a lot.