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Dima Link Pixel Art theme

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Hello! In this thread i will show my pixel art, with some comments! It is like my training in pixel art. Lets start!

Space ships

This is pixel art. With spaceships. This can be good for retro shmup. 

And idea is came from screenshots of Blade Eagle 3D for Sega Master System. It is 8 bit power game system. Well, it is just ok 8 bit console. Like NES. And Blade Eagle 3D is a typical space shmup. Space, aliens, spaceships, lots of shooting. 

First left space ship, i redraw from Blade Eagle 3D main hero spaceship. All other space ships, I draw by myself. Using my inagination, keeping some ideas of Blade Eagle 3D videogame. So, I guess, this art can be good for 8 bit style space shmup or MS DOS retro computer space shmup. 

And this squares are - stars. They are in style of Blade Eagle 3D. Stars like squares - simple and interesting solution for retro graphics. 

Space ships

This is pixel art. With spaceships. This can be good for retro shmup. 

And idea is came from screenshots of Blade Eagle 3D for Sega Master System. It is 8 bit power game system. Well, it is just ok 8 bit console. Like NES. And Blade Eagle 3D is a typical space shmup. Space, aliens, spaceships, lots of shooting. 

First left space ship, i redraw from Blade Eagle 3D main hero spaceship. All other space ships, I draw by myself. Using my inagination, keeping some ideas of Blade Eagle 3D videogame. So, I guess, this art can be good for 8 bit style space shmup or MS DOS retro computer space shmup. 

And this squares are - stars. They are in style of Blade Eagle 3D. Stars like squares - simple and interesting solution for retro graphics. 

Robotized Laboratory

Pixel art. In retro direction. About CGA or Gameboy. Robots lives in theirs underground laboratory and self construction in their in automatic mode. They have all they need. Energy, batteries. Computers and calculation devices. This is whole nation of robots. Robots discover world in theirs laboratories. And they are constructing new robo laboratories and factories.

So, I played one time in Neo-Geo with emulators, in game like RoboArmy. And other games I played also. Metal Slug, for example. Funny combination of humor, science fiction, mystic and action. All of this was point of interest. 

And also MS DOS as Secret Agent, Crystal Caves, Commandeer Keen. In some of games i played a lot. Saying it ok, I played them ok and run games ok. Stories of first Duke Nukem style. Doctor Proton makes conquest of Earth from his laboratory. Alien invasion.

Alice4 on planet of wonders

Pixel art about platformer. Original size is 320x200 pixels. Good for MS DOS! MS DOS! This is a power! Or for 8 bit system. Also good enough. And idea is came from videogame Quartet for Sega Master System. 8 bit.

Next is my fantasy about this theme. Here Alice in wonderland, so this is a theme. Big mushrooms. Stars. Evening sky. Night sky. And four girls with blasters and in boots are exploring something. They are explorers, like Star Trek 70s. And this is some strange new planet. With its own mushrooms and mechanisms. But looks like Earth. Planet is full of mushrooms and other different things. And also there are traces of industrialization. Factories, mechanisms and big mushrooms.

It is called as Alice4  because there are 4 of them in a team. Four Alice found themselves on a planet of wonders. Here is going something. Alice 1 is ready! Alice 2 is ready! Alice 3 is ready! Alice 4 is ready! Start! Game Over! Because, right now it is only pixel art! But i hope, one day it will be possible to press start, one day!

Green labyrinth

Pixel art. About MS DOS videogame - Heartless. Maybe, it can be like Bubble Bobble. Someway labyrinth about 1 screen or several. And you go there and collect something. You need to runaway from somebody. Maybe, you can even do something to the enemies - like jump on them or hit with a punch a little. But mainly it is about run and collect. 

Someway Lode Runner, someway Packman. But this is my fantasies about this theme. And there is also videgame Zeliard. It is RPG with side scroll graphics. So this way it can be. Collect circles and they gives something you to the abilities and skills. Items somekind. Sword, bow. But this is more complex.

So, this is picture of some labyrinth. Graphic idea. Concept someway.

And i draw this about videogame Heartless for MS DOS system. I never played it for myself. So i don’t know how to play it. But I am sure, it is interesting game.  

Key find and collect!

Pixel art. So you are staying in a labyrinth. And your eyes, you don’t know what to look at. So many keys everywhere! You even don’t know where to go! Always lots of stairs. And so many keys, so you can go mad. And you are - key collector. Go and collect keys. Who forget them all in this place? This is some paradise for key collector.

And you are still staying on your owns. Collect! All collected keys you will exchange on scores. And what’s your name? Alice? Well, I say - no, maybe. But it is not Alice Cooper, that`s for sure. You are collector of keys. In a tempo of march collect all keys, you can find! ou! Ou! But if you wanna! And go home! This is a long long road in labyrinth that leads to the ocean of keys. oooooooouuuuuuu!!!!!!

Saying the truth, there is danger here. Some labyrinths are light and with no danger. So just go and collect. And some with monsters and lava, traps and spikes. Ou, this is whole adventure! Fire labyrinth, ice caves. Pyramids with mummies. So, looks like, there is a places to nerves. But also there are calm levels. As museum.

This is pixel art. About videogame Lode Runner. So this concrete is about screenshot from videogame przygody krzysia. Strange title. But it looks cool! Game for MS DOS!

Cosmic Wings

Pixel art. With sprites. Simple space shooter. In style of early NES games. Early 8 bit games. Simple space, several dots-stars. And space ships. Mainly they are white. And enemies - are some bubbles. Space theme.

Again and again. Fly and shoot! Of course, I take as a base some 8 bit game from NES. But from this screenshot, that i take as a base, was titled as 115 in 1. So there is no certain title for a certain game. Sorry, I cannot tell the title. But, I draw myself. So I do my own way. But if I find it, than I tell the title name. 

So, retro - is awesome title! Today we can do so many things! In retro! But a title I choose - Cosmic Wings. I get it from thesis early NES games. Star Luster, B Wings.

Pixel art. Made about shmup videogame.

Space. Future. Planet KN-256. Aliens give force feedback to the federation of planets. Planet of Earth kind style is rare, so it has a key value in this solar system. 512 light years from Earth. This is not a joke. Fly to this place was not easy. And here we have aliens that also try to dominate over this planet. 

Planet is huge. There are mountains and water, caves and plains. All necessary things for civilization are here. Except aliens. They are here too. Space ships drops from the orbit to the planet avengers and bombers. For domination over the planet. Forces are growing slowly. And we need to take into the plan every avenger, and make operations very carefully.

You are manage over modified avenger of new space class. It has more weapon, than casual avenger. It is final tech word. And in details, it is new class of flying ships. It has huge power force, like artillery. And has a big speed like avenger. Laser force has big recharge speed. And this monster can make solo fly missions for a big distance and time. Tactics of conquest is based on these space ships. Because forces are very limited.

Planet is huge and take it full - is a very complex task. There are big oceans and big storms. And lots of land with plains and mountains. Like Earth, but forces of nature are stronger here, like hurricanes and storms. There are lots of caves. In the caves it is safe from the storm and we can build forts. Huge plains are full of flowers and forests. Very beautiful place. And also a huge deserts with cactuses. Also huge. Everything is huge here. 

But today it is better to find big caves and have fort into them. Nature is very unpredictable here. We cannot say about forecast very detailed way. There are rains here which can lasts for months, and hurricanes with big force, which can lasts few weeks and big storm waves, which can be for half a year over big region. And then goes calm weather. There are big worms in the desert, who can dig the sand. Plains are enough calm places. But we still need to get to this place. All of these are connected with a network of mountains and caves. Huge structures made by nature here. With tunnels and abysses and some lots of enters and exits from the caves. During the storm some caves are under the water.

There are many enter and exit ways for upper ground. Caves are made of strong stones and are hard for scanning. It is very good for cover and planning the operations.

Enemy unknown. This is some kind of aliens. They are here with us. But with their own space fleet. And they are also exploring this planet. And they are very interesting into this planet. Our first fleet was completely destroyed. Because of we had small amount of avengers. But with the second attempt we can stand the orbit. And tens of kilometers are under our forces at the ground. But it is small. 

Enemy is forced at the other side of the planet. At the orbit also. We are waiting for next forces arrive. Huge transport with avengers and spaceships for orbit. But they are far away. Our aim- is to wait for them.

Enemy is good with tech. And he can start a full-scale war with us. Maybe, he is also waiting for forces to arrive.


Pixel art about arkanoid.

First galactic technolord organized Techoid. Challenge for most engineering creatures all over the universe. Prize is a Dyson sphere around big star. It is almost endless power source for lots of inventions. Point of interest for technogenic lord, is that he can see, what other are creating. Making them deal about this entertainment and a good prize. In order to be taken at the game, you need to show series of your inventions. And if technolord give them a good mark, than you have a pass.

Game is someway dangerous. And you need to play it to construct your own manipulator. And you can use your own techno ball. Platfrom is moving according to gravitation line to the left and right. And techno-ball have magnet and it can be magnetized to the platform-manipulator. After this, lock is automatically makes operation and magnet is deactivated on platform. And ball with kinetically power is flying into the direction of so called techno-blocks.

For crashed techno-blocks you get techno-scores. When ball is far away lock is automatically turns off and magnet is starting to work, which attract the ball. First very slow, and as it goes more close to the platform - it is more higher speed process of ball movement. Platform can hold the ball for certain time into the magnetic field. After - field is turns down. So this is the main rules.

But you can construct your own platforms and balls. Main thing, is that technolord approve them. Who is he? Bo, he is not a conqueror of galaxy, and he is a intergalactic super inventor. So he thinks this way about himself, at least. Nobody sees him. He invent Dyson sphere and intergalactic travel above speed of light. He invents enter to parallel worlds, but he don’t start to explore them by himself.

He invents big ball that destroys the planets. He invents intergalactic communication.  And many other things in small scale. His ideas - is to see what invents by others and to see new ideas. And in exchange he gives a sphere of Dyson  by his own development. And robotized station to service this big megastructure.  

So, saying it, first galactic technolord, he called himself like this. And send this message by channel of intergalactic communication, by his own development. His robots fly to all the galaxy and nearest also. And set transmitters of his signal. So this way you get invitation to Tehoid.

Nuclear aliens

Pixel art. About Alien Storm for Sega MegaDrive II.

But it is my own way. Lets say - nuclear. Like Duke Nukem. It is 2d super action! But only in my dreams. In pixel art. But anyway, looks theoretically i can do it! And it is cool! Cool, man! So i can give it a title already. Nuclear Aliens. Mix of Duke Nukem 1,2 for MS DOS and Alien Storm for Sega MD.

In the city

Pixel art. Simply somekind of city. Maybe something like this you can see in RPG maker games. Houses, grass, water and so on.

Run, run, run!

Pixel art. About Lode Runner.

You have choice - run or stand still! What is your choice? Run or stay? Also you can crawl. In difference to traditional Lode Runner you can crawl. To enter the not high entrance. Also when you get up with ladder, Than you need to jump into the direction. Run, run, run! This is main game idea. I never played in Lode Runner, but I think you need to collect prizes and keys. And runaway from enemies, maybe, there is a way to destroy enemies. All this can be determined. Today it is fantasy in a picture.

Aliens and snails

Pixel art. Eight bit retro fantasy. About videogame Worms.

Snails and aliens throw a pixels into each other. 8 bit competitions have begun! Better say they can start if to make this videogame. This is picture only. Training way. The team that win will become pixel leader.  Game is going until 8 scores. Everybody has by 8 life! Eight bit world is eight bit in everything. To the snails side can be added littler octopus and wormoids. And to the aliens side can be added only different kind techno flying robo robots. 8 bit entertainment! Ura! 

It is necessary to say that this is not war competition. Nobody destroys somebody. And everybody is having fun!

Also it is little like something from Atari2600-7800. Or this style systems, ColecoVision, something else this kind. I am not very familiar with them.

Moto Vision 80

Pixel art. Fantasy about racing game about systems of 80s.


Pixel art. This time about videogame Commando for Atari 7800.

My own drawing. So, let’s say, I take it as a first example, and then do it myself. I never played in Atari 7800. I heard about games this kind - like Ikari Warriors. Three parts, man. Some parts are on NES 8 bit. And I played in some part on NES. But most remember - GunSmoke. Again I played it on NES. I don’t go very far in this game, but I like it a lot. Saying main way they are similar in gameplay and in graphics. 

So this can be my own game. I don’t draw sprites for characters. This depends on certain theme. So this is training drawing.

Raid on robo black moon

Pixel art. About screenshot from videogame Titan Warriors for NES 8 bit.

On one of the moon in the future rebels start to use secret weapon. They discover it during  excavations. Archeologist excavations shows secrets of civilization of the past. Which was based on this moon. Highly developed tech civilization. With big weapon arsenal just buried in sands. In very good condition. Rebel organization capture moon in its own hands. And start conflict with forces of planets federation.

Process is getting more difficult because of robotized army, that’s was buried from sands of moon. Automatized robo army. They can do themselves and controlled by rebels. Also it was discovered some evil, that was raised from pyramids of moon. Some demonic force is magnetize the rebels here, to this place form other planets. And all of them are in the hands of evil. Some figure in black, with no physical body, controls all the process on this moon.

You are the pilot of planets federation. And you have a task. Eliminate reels. Suppress demonic presence. Against you there are three forces. Rebels, rebel’s robots and demonic presence. All is in the name of the future of the moon, solar system and planets federation. 

At first time nobody pays attention to pyramids that are made of black monolith on this moon. Everybody was very busy with familiarization of another planets of this solar system. With resources that planets federation have. But something evil was raised. And chain of things stars to happen. Rebels begin to appear. And they come to this moon form all the other planets.

As soon as this information come to planets federation. It was decided with maximum strong. It all was as shock hit. Very fast was moved to this moon big space forces. And only this way it was successfully done - stop the expansion of demon forces to other moons and planets in the solar system. But it was harder with rebels. They were surrounded on this moon. Most part of their forces. And now it is your turn - pilot. 

Make a maximum raid over this moon, captured by demons, rebels and armies of robots of ancient civilization. Planets federation is counting on you.

Here also can be dinosaurs. Big reptiles from the past. They were raised from the sands of moon and they move against you. This figure in black - it is something like Darth Vader. Or one of the characters from Star Gate with name - Anubis. So this is a mix of science fiction and mystic. In format of shmup videogame like NES 8 bit style. I remember, that it is only pixel art today. 

Also one more cool games - Terra Cresta, Zanac. I played them on NES 8 bit. And, mainly, all this material is under inpression from nostaliga about future science fiction action movies.

Distanced-111 : case at star RSGC2-18

Pixel art. About videogame Sirius for Atari 7800.

Space shooter. My own fantasy about this theme. Around distant placed star RSGC2-18, it is fired a space event. Aliens around this star are also interesting into something. It is begins everything from a probe. Which detected aggressive aliens. Techno-insectoids. 

They don’t forget about it. And they will move to the Earth. We are saved from them now because of big space distance. So it is performing actions in advance in this conflict. But in advantageous terms to Earth.

So that’s why you are in frontier assault team. With most technically advanced space ships. Main forces will come to this star later. Your space ship is depends to type Distanced-111. Type A. There is also type B.

Techno-insectoids destroys biological species. They absolutely burns the planets with any biological life. They can be ok only with electronics and technics. There, several exo planets  were destroyed, just before the eyes of a probe. 

It was about several months of exploration. Probe itself was not destroyed because it was technical device. But techno-insectoids scan and learn it. And start to scan different space sectors. With the aim - to understand the point of start of this probe. Planet Earth was scanned with powerful radio beam about several hours. All the electronics was shut down at this time. Everybody was said that it was sun magnetic storm. But radio signal came from a depth of space. From the way of  star RSGC2-18.

More details it was told by probe`s report. And it is start to be clear that techno-insectoids are aggressive species. And they understand the start point of probe, and they know where is planet Earth. Part of their forces they already sent to Earth. This part of alien’s forces you need to stop at first aim. 

This is my fantasy about space action. This is pixel art drawing.

Magical Travel to 8 towers

Pixel art about Japanese game Jikuu Yuuden - Debias. This is action rpg about genre. Nothing to say about this game. I was instructed only by screenshot for inspiration and training. Publisher is Namcot. Namco, this means. This is it.

My own picture I see next. This is action platformer, like Castlevania. This trees are similiar like start of Castlevania.  But with also elements of adventure and rpg, some minimum elements. I think, figure in hoodie, reminds about Loom. In this game I never played also, but I saw screenshots. So, story will be connected with magic.   

For example, map. You can free to choose levels. Aim is go to the tower. Start in a forest. Next is castle. Tower. There are some magical amulets and keys to collect. And this way with all collected items we move to final level. Final level will be opened as you complete all items. Fantasy mystical adventure.

By the way, I get used to play in china cartridges. So at first time I thought it is also a china videogame. But this is japan. And only lots of cartridges are made in china. I have at home this china cartridges. For nes 8 bit.

Marathon into underground labyrinth

Pixel art about action rpg, isometric view.

As a screenshot for inspiration I look at side of Ultima 6-7, Diablo 1 (PSX and PC), someway hack and slash about dungeons, videogame Loaded. I see it as a simple action rpg, about dungeons. Different visual levels. With items, equipment like swords and magic.

Journey into the dungeons and fantasy world of dragons and dungeons. Somekind necromants, warlocks, warriors. All of them are waiting for you in dungeons!  Newest thing for me - it is my first pixel art isometric format, personally for me. This is someway more simplified first Diablo. With simple pixel art graphics. Or like Ultima for MS DOS. When it was started isometric view. About graphics. I never played in Ultima. This is not exactly action rpg, or hack and slash, as I understand. And this is pure with accent about long time running marathons into dungeons with demons, imps, and fantasy creatures. Battles with warlocks and barbarians. Creature from another planescapes. Armies of the dead. Invaders from parallel world. All of this, can you imagine, is deep underground under casual building. At Earth. Nothing unusual. Casual small house. Near is green grass. And inside there is a path down. And it is starting. From the first level of maze - different monsters are going.

You are learning strange world of dungeons. There are lots of here. Rocks and lava, castles someway, caves, labyrinths from stone, different colors. Magical onyx. Black stone. Every stage has portals. From them from parallel worlds uninvited guests are coming. And you need to close these portals on every level. And by the way learn about this creatures. Also collect some interesting spells into your collection of arsenal. Take some sword and bow. Find required armor. Train your skills - strength and intellect. I almost forget, like isometric doom, some ideas. 

Dungeons very easy train strength and intellect! Slogan!


Quasar 100

Pixel art about fantastic theme. Inspiration comes from side of system ColecoVision, videogame Meteoric Storm.

Quasar - or how it is also called "similar to star radio source", remarkable astronimical object. Quasar - lighthouse of universe. They can be seen from a big distance. But here we have pseudo science retro videogame. Like Star Trek 70s or 80s - manage lasers into antiphase, mode stun. Mode red alert. Prepare photon torpedoes. This key. I like Star Trek 70s and 80s a lot. Good example of science fiction and action.

Quasar 100 - simple 8 bit space shooter. This can be it, but now it is pixel art only. Quasars - attractive lighthouses of universe. Space explorers can navigate by them and make some measures. But not only humans use quasars as object of explore. It happens space clash with aliens. Battle at quasar. Battle for quasar.

Time by time, quasar makes a deadly beam, you need to avoid it. Deadly light is dangerous for everybody. Aliens are named as qusarsiane, nobody knows where they came from. But they were detected near the quasar. And it begins a clash. Now we cannot understand why they try to be connected with the quasars. Maybe theirs ships get energy from quasars. And it is big energy source, valuable galaxy resource. We need to know this secrets of quasar and aliens!

Arrow Enigma

Pixel art. Inspired by 1943 The Battle of Valhalla. Shooter game for NES 8 bit. 

And this is my ideas about this theme. Action is taken place on fantastic planer. In the future.

Planet Earth tries to master another planetary systems with full energy. After inventing of interstar travel, process of master another planets is going very intensive.

This was a big impulse. Private companies and governments and everybody who can afford a spaceship or better a space fleet start to conquer distant stars. At first time it was excellent, it can’t be better. Energy and enthusiasm was for everybody. But soon it was started a chaos. But it was failed to make a process by plan.

Many unknown  no in list fleets start to reach the same planets. Even rule -  who is first - don work. It was required to make a committee about making order. And to make a new list of planets. In emergency way it were created a squads. Every this kind squad is moving to certain space sector ar certain planets. So is is gurantee to pilot to be at different planets. Interplanetary holliday. Every arrow has its own callsigh. You are in arrow Enigma. And set to constellation Pegasus.


looks nice!

Wow! Thx! Yes, i like sci fi, retro! 8 bit videogames tyle, and try to draw and make ideas about future games that i will make later. Thx, man!

Quest to the deep

Pixel art. About videogame Ariel - The Little Mermaid. For 8 bit system Sega Master System.

But this is my fantasy. Quest to the deep. Its own creatures are living in the ocean. Not only fish, but a mermaids also. Fantasy. This is also arcade. About underwater world it can be. If to make this game. By the way, not so many games are about underwater something.

Crystals were lost in underwater fantasy kingdom. Crystals make ocean to be calm. Because of crystals are lost, at the surface of the ocean storms are starting, big storms. Underwater hurricanes are start to happen. It is very necessary to keep oceans in balance using magic at the planet-ocean. And control the weather. This is a job for underwater creatures. Calm ocean - is a good place for everybody. And stormy - is full of danger.

Crystals were stolen by evil sorcerer. And he disappeared somewhere. And you go for a quest to deep of oceans, in search of crystals of calm. Sorcerer droped them in a different corners of the ocean. And they need to be back to their place.


The spaceships are very nice. The modern ships have depth, and the ancient ships have style.


thanks!!!!!!! Yes, i like space and looks ike yopu like space theme too!


Pixel art about videogame Av Soccer for Nes 8 bit.

So, I first time, draw a football! And even more - 8 bit! So fun! So, I don’t know, a lot about how to play it. Imagine to myself, that you need to run after the ball. And hit the gates. But, of course, there are more rules. But, if it is about 8 bit, then it can be that simple. 

Simple football, even more, football arcade. This is pixel art and so sport fantasy for summer day. Sport, of course, is valuable thing. So it is good to pay attention to this thing. For example, as idea for computer game.

And also exists American football. So, you can even fight there. As idea. Dynamic goes higher. But, this is only picture to football game theme.

Spec: future, raises from a shadow

This is pixel art, inspired by screenshot from videogame Last Action Hero for Nes. And also I was influenced by style of games for Atari 2600-5200-7800. But this is again my own author’s pixel art work. Fantasy about them for my game! 

Also it can be added to source of inspiration Double Dragon for system Nes. And Robocop. And also different VHS cassettes with fantastic action movies. But let’s stop with sources. What it is all about, this game can be?

You are secret agent. Just like agent 007. You are intrude inside secret factory of corporation MegaInst. At the factory, there are chemical and computer development. This is a huge city. Also existed a secret base on the Moon. And the main factory, the place you have to start, to explore and investigate what is going on here. What it is about this MegaInst is trying to do? It builds robots, mutants and has its own army of mercenaries.


Space Master 2000

This is pixel art, made with inspiration about videogame Space Invaders 91 for Sega MegaDrive.

One day, of course, it will be a bright future. It will begin a space discovery. Of another planets and another worlds. Tv serial Star Trek will be a reality. And, today, you can be motivated, playing some arcade shooters about space. Like, Space Invaders for Sega.

But, this is again, my drawing, my variation. Let it be somewhere like a clone. But, anyway, it is all done my own vision. I, by the way, have a plan, to make all this games by all my pictures, that I draw. Most of drawing is example of rather simple videogames. Rather. But, it is also need to be done. Don’t have enough skills, work capability. Sometimes motivation. 

But, anyway, this art illustrates already example of graphic design. And you can count on some gameplay process by this picture. All of this you can see by drawing.

So, Space Master 2000. Iron mechanoids fly to the orbit of planet Earth. They swim in space, like small ships in ocean. They are already here.

Tank field

Here we have pixel art about idea for a game. This time experiment. I all the time doing something about space invaders. And what if to move it to earth? And yesterday it was - 22 June. Day of second world war. So I decided to make idea, which can show this theme.  But first, I wanted as a space invaders. Science fiction, more main theme for me. 

So, this is all is on earth. This is some tanks in main idea. They are moving, slower, faster, it depends. They shoot very different - tank gun, machinegun. There are crosses like X, that can stop tank, like walls. 

You are in the down of screen. And here we have elements of realism. For me it is not casual thing. Tank gun you need to load. And there are limits of tank gun bullets in tank. Let’s say 10. After it goes reload process for some time. Also tank has several modes. Mode to move, to rotate tower, mode to shoot. Last mode has parameters like distance of shooting and angle. But in a simple way. Experimental idea.

I have no idea about how it all works, even in a simple way. But it is not very difficult to implement this in simple way, than it can be done. Anyway, it can be arcade type like space invaders. But with some no typical aspects. Will it be so interesting? Who knows! Here we can have dynamical reload, you need to aim. Tank move not so fast, tower rotating not so fast. And everybody in on a game field. Each with its own parameters - speed movement, shooting.

Everybody moves. Everybody is shooting. Everybody with its own speed. Game field here like Desert Strike. So, big battlefield, this is not 1 screen. So, it can be a game like Desert Strike. Some kind interesting thing!

But, in case of Desert Strike videogame style, it will be a better graphics. And for Atari 7800 style 8 bit style, than it can be like this. So we have two ideas here. It is Desert Strike and space invaders. First is on big field, and second on simple way on 1 screen. But most simple way is to do atari 7800 8 bit style 1 screen shooting game. Pretty arcade.

Sarah LC Eden: Hollywood Moon 

This is Sarah Eden - Hollywood rock star and musical singer, with albums , that gives full dive in fantasy.

Crusaders with love has already taken their gold disk, this is music band of Sarah Eden. And now it is turn for her solo albums on Hollywood line. Art of Sarah Eden in solo way - more musicals and beautiful phantasia. With additions in canvas of rock, disco and gothic pieces. Like ornaments in embroidery. Unbelievable dive into music force. Eden, Moon - this albums shows new level in reaching phantasia and of creating art worlds.

So here is the special moment. Hollywood line. But creatures of darkness are striking from television and start invasion, and it is all in such sunny bright day. television horrors wanna take the world. All that Sarah has in her hands - her music, rock, gothic, disco, musicals, phantasia and a bass guitar. Creatures of the night intruder into the day. Will it be forever night?

This is pixel art. Drawing. About a game in genre walking-action. Action game, 2d. This is how it can look if to make it. I see this game as music themed game, but such a beat em up, like streets of rage, for example. In more simple realization. Like first part of the game, or another game this kind. Here it is good to count the powers. As graphic power, what I can to draw, as a programming. Sound and music in final to add. This is separate point. Main in combine difficulty of programming, and certain draw style, in order not to be tired and left it.

Invaders from ocean

Pixel art about Space Invaders. I watched screenshot from videogame for MS DOS  - Space Commanders.

Everybody already have a habbit that Space Invaders are from space. And now from ocean. Most of planet is small explored ocean. And who know what is in there, in depth. So, from there are going crabs and sea bugs. They are huge. They can shoot with plasma clot. And you are on a ship with a big gun. And mainly it is all like you know. But there is some game moment - That all these bugs can fight in melee and can bite or smash with claws. And you will not be destroyed immediately, as they reach you. You can continue give a force feedback. You have lots of life. And enemies are pretty resilient. And all this is going on water.