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Dima Link Pixel Art theme

A topic by DimaLink created Apr 05, 2022 Views: 14,021 Replies: 329
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Hello! In this thread i will show my pixel art, with some comments! It is like my training in pixel art. Lets start!

Space ships

This is pixel art. With spaceships. This can be good for retro shmup. 

And idea is came from screenshots of Blade Eagle 3D for Sega Master System. It is 8 bit power game system. Well, it is just ok 8 bit console. Like NES. And Blade Eagle 3D is a typical space shmup. Space, aliens, spaceships, lots of shooting. 

First left space ship, i redraw from Blade Eagle 3D main hero spaceship. All other space ships, I draw by myself. Using my inagination, keeping some ideas of Blade Eagle 3D videogame. So, I guess, this art can be good for 8 bit style space shmup or MS DOS retro computer space shmup. 

And this squares are - stars. They are in style of Blade Eagle 3D. Stars like squares - simple and interesting solution for retro graphics. 


Space ships

This is pixel art. With spaceships. This can be good for retro shmup. 

And idea is came from screenshots of Blade Eagle 3D for Sega Master System. It is 8 bit power game system. Well, it is just ok 8 bit console. Like NES. And Blade Eagle 3D is a typical space shmup. Space, aliens, spaceships, lots of shooting. 

First left space ship, i redraw from Blade Eagle 3D main hero spaceship. All other space ships, I draw by myself. Using my inagination, keeping some ideas of Blade Eagle 3D videogame. So, I guess, this art can be good for 8 bit style space shmup or MS DOS retro computer space shmup. 

And this squares are - stars. They are in style of Blade Eagle 3D. Stars like squares - simple and interesting solution for retro graphics. 


very nice pixelart!


Thnx!! Thank you very much!! I do my best!

nice assets, i make now a game with them!

Blade Space by Bardon (

game with your spaceships


Robotized Laboratory

Pixel art. In retro direction. About CGA or Gameboy. Robots lives in theirs underground laboratory and self construction in their in automatic mode. They have all they need. Energy, batteries. Computers and calculation devices. This is whole nation of robots. Robots discover world in theirs laboratories. And they are constructing new robo laboratories and factories.

So, I played one time in Neo-Geo with emulators, in game like RoboArmy. And other games I played also. Metal Slug, for example. Funny combination of humor, science fiction, mystic and action. All of this was point of interest. 

And also MS DOS as Secret Agent, Crystal Caves, Commandeer Keen. In some of games i played a lot. Saying it ok, I played them ok and run games ok. Stories of first Duke Nukem style. Doctor Proton makes conquest of Earth from his laboratory. Alien invasion.


cool robots design! very original 

Great! You love the robots too! Robots are cool!!! Thanks!


Alice4 on planet of wonders

Pixel art about platformer. Original size is 320x200 pixels. Good for MS DOS! MS DOS! This is a power! Or for 8 bit system. Also good enough. And idea is came from videogame Quartet for Sega Master System. 8 bit.

Next is my fantasy about this theme. Here Alice in wonderland, so this is a theme. Big mushrooms. Stars. Evening sky. Night sky. And four girls with blasters and in boots are exploring something. They are explorers, like Star Trek 70s. And this is some strange new planet. With its own mushrooms and mechanisms. But looks like Earth. Planet is full of mushrooms and other different things. And also there are traces of industrialization. Factories, mechanisms and big mushrooms.

It is called as Alice4  because there are 4 of them in a team. Four Alice found themselves on a planet of wonders. Here is going something. Alice 1 is ready! Alice 2 is ready! Alice 3 is ready! Alice 4 is ready! Start! Game Over! Because, right now it is only pixel art! But i hope, one day it will be possible to press start, one day!

Green labyrinth

Pixel art. About MS DOS videogame - Heartless. Maybe, it can be like Bubble Bobble. Someway labyrinth about 1 screen or several. And you go there and collect something. You need to runaway from somebody. Maybe, you can even do something to the enemies - like jump on them or hit with a punch a little. But mainly it is about run and collect. 

Someway Lode Runner, someway Packman. But this is my fantasies about this theme. And there is also videgame Zeliard. It is RPG with side scroll graphics. So this way it can be. Collect circles and they gives something you to the abilities and skills. Items somekind. Sword, bow. But this is more complex.

So, this is picture of some labyrinth. Graphic idea. Concept someway.

And i draw this about videogame Heartless for MS DOS system. I never played it for myself. So i don’t know how to play it. But I am sure, it is interesting game.  


Key find and collect!

Pixel art. So you are staying in a labyrinth. And your eyes, you don’t know what to look at. So many keys everywhere! You even don’t know where to go! Always lots of stairs. And so many keys, so you can go mad. And you are - key collector. Go and collect keys. Who forget them all in this place? This is some paradise for key collector.

And you are still staying on your owns. Collect! All collected keys you will exchange on scores. And what’s your name? Alice? Well, I say - no, maybe. But it is not Alice Cooper, that`s for sure. You are collector of keys. In a tempo of march collect all keys, you can find! ou! Ou! But if you wanna! And go home! This is a long long road in labyrinth that leads to the ocean of keys. oooooooouuuuuuu!!!!!!

Saying the truth, there is danger here. Some labyrinths are light and with no danger. So just go and collect. And some with monsters and lava, traps and spikes. Ou, this is whole adventure! Fire labyrinth, ice caves. Pyramids with mummies. So, looks like, there is a places to nerves. But also there are calm levels. As museum.

This is pixel art. About videogame Lode Runner. So this concrete is about screenshot from videogame przygody krzysia. Strange title. But it looks cool! Game for MS DOS!


Cosmic Wings

Pixel art. With sprites. Simple space shooter. In style of early NES games. Early 8 bit games. Simple space, several dots-stars. And space ships. Mainly they are white. And enemies - are some bubbles. Space theme.

Again and again. Fly and shoot! Of course, I take as a base some 8 bit game from NES. But from this screenshot, that i take as a base, was titled as 115 in 1. So there is no certain title for a certain game. Sorry, I cannot tell the title. But, I draw myself. So I do my own way. But if I find it, than I tell the title name. 

So, retro - is awesome title! Today we can do so many things! In retro! But a title I choose - Cosmic Wings. I get it from thesis early NES games. Star Luster, B Wings.


Pixel art. Made about shmup videogame.

Space. Future. Planet KN-256. Aliens give force feedback to the federation of planets. Planet of Earth kind style is rare, so it has a key value in this solar system. 512 light years from Earth. This is not a joke. Fly to this place was not easy. And here we have aliens that also try to dominate over this planet. 

Planet is huge. There are mountains and water, caves and plains. All necessary things for civilization are here. Except aliens. They are here too. Space ships drops from the orbit to the planet avengers and bombers. For domination over the planet. Forces are growing slowly. And we need to take into the plan every avenger, and make operations very carefully.

You are manage over modified avenger of new space class. It has more weapon, than casual avenger. It is final tech word. And in details, it is new class of flying ships. It has huge power force, like artillery. And has a big speed like avenger. Laser force has big recharge speed. And this monster can make solo fly missions for a big distance and time. Tactics of conquest is based on these space ships. Because forces are very limited.

Planet is huge and take it full - is a very complex task. There are big oceans and big storms. And lots of land with plains and mountains. Like Earth, but forces of nature are stronger here, like hurricanes and storms. There are lots of caves. In the caves it is safe from the storm and we can build forts. Huge plains are full of flowers and forests. Very beautiful place. And also a huge deserts with cactuses. Also huge. Everything is huge here. 

But today it is better to find big caves and have fort into them. Nature is very unpredictable here. We cannot say about forecast very detailed way. There are rains here which can lasts for months, and hurricanes with big force, which can lasts few weeks and big storm waves, which can be for half a year over big region. And then goes calm weather. There are big worms in the desert, who can dig the sand. Plains are enough calm places. But we still need to get to this place. All of these are connected with a network of mountains and caves. Huge structures made by nature here. With tunnels and abysses and some lots of enters and exits from the caves. During the storm some caves are under the water.

There are many enter and exit ways for upper ground. Caves are made of strong stones and are hard for scanning. It is very good for cover and planning the operations.

Enemy unknown. This is some kind of aliens. They are here with us. But with their own space fleet. And they are also exploring this planet. And they are very interesting into this planet. Our first fleet was completely destroyed. Because of we had small amount of avengers. But with the second attempt we can stand the orbit. And tens of kilometers are under our forces at the ground. But it is small. 

Enemy is forced at the other side of the planet. At the orbit also. We are waiting for next forces arrive. Huge transport with avengers and spaceships for orbit. But they are far away. Our aim- is to wait for them.

Enemy is good with tech. And he can start a full-scale war with us. Maybe, he is also waiting for forces to arrive.


Pixel art about arkanoid.

First galactic technolord organized Techoid. Challenge for most engineering creatures all over the universe. Prize is a Dyson sphere around big star. It is almost endless power source for lots of inventions. Point of interest for technogenic lord, is that he can see, what other are creating. Making them deal about this entertainment and a good prize. In order to be taken at the game, you need to show series of your inventions. And if technolord give them a good mark, than you have a pass.

Game is someway dangerous. And you need to play it to construct your own manipulator. And you can use your own techno ball. Platfrom is moving according to gravitation line to the left and right. And techno-ball have magnet and it can be magnetized to the platform-manipulator. After this, lock is automatically makes operation and magnet is deactivated on platform. And ball with kinetically power is flying into the direction of so called techno-blocks.

For crashed techno-blocks you get techno-scores. When ball is far away lock is automatically turns off and magnet is starting to work, which attract the ball. First very slow, and as it goes more close to the platform - it is more higher speed process of ball movement. Platform can hold the ball for certain time into the magnetic field. After - field is turns down. So this is the main rules.

But you can construct your own platforms and balls. Main thing, is that technolord approve them. Who is he? Bo, he is not a conqueror of galaxy, and he is a intergalactic super inventor. So he thinks this way about himself, at least. Nobody sees him. He invent Dyson sphere and intergalactic travel above speed of light. He invents enter to parallel worlds, but he don’t start to explore them by himself.

He invents big ball that destroys the planets. He invents intergalactic communication.  And many other things in small scale. His ideas - is to see what invents by others and to see new ideas. And in exchange he gives a sphere of Dyson  by his own development. And robotized station to service this big megastructure.  

So, saying it, first galactic technolord, he called himself like this. And send this message by channel of intergalactic communication, by his own development. His robots fly to all the galaxy and nearest also. And set transmitters of his signal. So this way you get invitation to Tehoid.

Nuclear aliens

Pixel art. About Alien Storm for Sega MegaDrive II.

But it is my own way. Lets say - nuclear. Like Duke Nukem. It is 2d super action! But only in my dreams. In pixel art. But anyway, looks theoretically i can do it! And it is cool! Cool, man! So i can give it a title already. Nuclear Aliens. Mix of Duke Nukem 1,2 for MS DOS and Alien Storm for Sega MD.

In the city

Pixel art. Simply somekind of city. Maybe something like this you can see in RPG maker games. Houses, grass, water and so on.

Run, run, run!

Pixel art. About Lode Runner.

You have choice - run or stand still! What is your choice? Run or stay? Also you can crawl. In difference to traditional Lode Runner you can crawl. To enter the not high entrance. Also when you get up with ladder, Than you need to jump into the direction. Run, run, run! This is main game idea. I never played in Lode Runner, but I think you need to collect prizes and keys. And runaway from enemies, maybe, there is a way to destroy enemies. All this can be determined. Today it is fantasy in a picture.

Aliens and snails

Pixel art. Eight bit retro fantasy. About videogame Worms.

Snails and aliens throw a pixels into each other. 8 bit competitions have begun! Better say they can start if to make this videogame. This is picture only. Training way. The team that win will become pixel leader.  Game is going until 8 scores. Everybody has by 8 life! Eight bit world is eight bit in everything. To the snails side can be added littler octopus and wormoids. And to the aliens side can be added only different kind techno flying robo robots. 8 bit entertainment! Ura! 

It is necessary to say that this is not war competition. Nobody destroys somebody. And everybody is having fun!

Also it is little like something from Atari2600-7800. Or this style systems, ColecoVision, something else this kind. I am not very familiar with them.

Moto Vision 80

Pixel art. Fantasy about racing game about systems of 80s.


Pixel art. This time about videogame Commando for Atari 7800.

My own drawing. So, let’s say, I take it as a first example, and then do it myself. I never played in Atari 7800. I heard about games this kind - like Ikari Warriors. Three parts, man. Some parts are on NES 8 bit. And I played in some part on NES. But most remember - GunSmoke. Again I played it on NES. I don’t go very far in this game, but I like it a lot. Saying main way they are similar in gameplay and in graphics. 

So this can be my own game. I don’t draw sprites for characters. This depends on certain theme. So this is training drawing.


Raid on robo black moon

Pixel art. About screenshot from videogame Titan Warriors for NES 8 bit.

On one of the moon in the future rebels start to use secret weapon. They discover it during  excavations. Archeologist excavations shows secrets of civilization of the past. Which was based on this moon. Highly developed tech civilization. With big weapon arsenal just buried in sands. In very good condition. Rebel organization capture moon in its own hands. And start conflict with forces of planets federation.

Process is getting more difficult because of robotized army, that’s was buried from sands of moon. Automatized robo army. They can do themselves and controlled by rebels. Also it was discovered some evil, that was raised from pyramids of moon. Some demonic force is magnetize the rebels here, to this place form other planets. And all of them are in the hands of evil. Some figure in black, with no physical body, controls all the process on this moon.

You are the pilot of planets federation. And you have a task. Eliminate reels. Suppress demonic presence. Against you there are three forces. Rebels, rebel’s robots and demonic presence. All is in the name of the future of the moon, solar system and planets federation. 

At first time nobody pays attention to pyramids that are made of black monolith on this moon. Everybody was very busy with familiarization of another planets of this solar system. With resources that planets federation have. But something evil was raised. And chain of things stars to happen. Rebels begin to appear. And they come to this moon form all the other planets.

As soon as this information come to planets federation. It was decided with maximum strong. It all was as shock hit. Very fast was moved to this moon big space forces. And only this way it was successfully done - stop the expansion of demon forces to other moons and planets in the solar system. But it was harder with rebels. They were surrounded on this moon. Most part of their forces. And now it is your turn - pilot. 

Make a maximum raid over this moon, captured by demons, rebels and armies of robots of ancient civilization. Planets federation is counting on you.

Here also can be dinosaurs. Big reptiles from the past. They were raised from the sands of moon and they move against you. This figure in black - it is something like Darth Vader. Or one of the characters from Star Gate with name - Anubis. So this is a mix of science fiction and mystic. In format of shmup videogame like NES 8 bit style. I remember, that it is only pixel art today. 

Also one more cool games - Terra Cresta, Zanac. I played them on NES 8 bit. And, mainly, all this material is under inpression from nostaliga about future science fiction action movies.

Distanced-111 : case at star RSGC2-18

Pixel art. About videogame Sirius for Atari 7800.

Space shooter. My own fantasy about this theme. Around distant placed star RSGC2-18, it is fired a space event. Aliens around this star are also interesting into something. It is begins everything from a probe. Which detected aggressive aliens. Techno-insectoids. 

They don’t forget about it. And they will move to the Earth. We are saved from them now because of big space distance. So it is performing actions in advance in this conflict. But in advantageous terms to Earth.

So that’s why you are in frontier assault team. With most technically advanced space ships. Main forces will come to this star later. Your space ship is depends to type Distanced-111. Type A. There is also type B.

Techno-insectoids destroys biological species. They absolutely burns the planets with any biological life. They can be ok only with electronics and technics. There, several exo planets  were destroyed, just before the eyes of a probe. 

It was about several months of exploration. Probe itself was not destroyed because it was technical device. But techno-insectoids scan and learn it. And start to scan different space sectors. With the aim - to understand the point of start of this probe. Planet Earth was scanned with powerful radio beam about several hours. All the electronics was shut down at this time. Everybody was said that it was sun magnetic storm. But radio signal came from a depth of space. From the way of  star RSGC2-18.

More details it was told by probe`s report. And it is start to be clear that techno-insectoids are aggressive species. And they understand the start point of probe, and they know where is planet Earth. Part of their forces they already sent to Earth. This part of alien’s forces you need to stop at first aim. 

This is my fantasy about space action. This is pixel art drawing.

Magical Travel to 8 towers

Pixel art about Japanese game Jikuu Yuuden - Debias. This is action rpg about genre. Nothing to say about this game. I was instructed only by screenshot for inspiration and training. Publisher is Namcot. Namco, this means. This is it.

My own picture I see next. This is action platformer, like Castlevania. This trees are similiar like start of Castlevania.  But with also elements of adventure and rpg, some minimum elements. I think, figure in hoodie, reminds about Loom. In this game I never played also, but I saw screenshots. So, story will be connected with magic.   

For example, map. You can free to choose levels. Aim is go to the tower. Start in a forest. Next is castle. Tower. There are some magical amulets and keys to collect. And this way with all collected items we move to final level. Final level will be opened as you complete all items. Fantasy mystical adventure.

By the way, I get used to play in china cartridges. So at first time I thought it is also a china videogame. But this is japan. And only lots of cartridges are made in china. I have at home this china cartridges. For nes 8 bit.

Marathon into underground labyrinth

Pixel art about action rpg, isometric view.

As a screenshot for inspiration I look at side of Ultima 6-7, Diablo 1 (PSX and PC), someway hack and slash about dungeons, videogame Loaded. I see it as a simple action rpg, about dungeons. Different visual levels. With items, equipment like swords and magic.

Journey into the dungeons and fantasy world of dragons and dungeons. Somekind necromants, warlocks, warriors. All of them are waiting for you in dungeons!  Newest thing for me - it is my first pixel art isometric format, personally for me. This is someway more simplified first Diablo. With simple pixel art graphics. Or like Ultima for MS DOS. When it was started isometric view. About graphics. I never played in Ultima. This is not exactly action rpg, or hack and slash, as I understand. And this is pure with accent about long time running marathons into dungeons with demons, imps, and fantasy creatures. Battles with warlocks and barbarians. Creature from another planescapes. Armies of the dead. Invaders from parallel world. All of this, can you imagine, is deep underground under casual building. At Earth. Nothing unusual. Casual small house. Near is green grass. And inside there is a path down. And it is starting. From the first level of maze - different monsters are going.

You are learning strange world of dungeons. There are lots of here. Rocks and lava, castles someway, caves, labyrinths from stone, different colors. Magical onyx. Black stone. Every stage has portals. From them from parallel worlds uninvited guests are coming. And you need to close these portals on every level. And by the way learn about this creatures. Also collect some interesting spells into your collection of arsenal. Take some sword and bow. Find required armor. Train your skills - strength and intellect. I almost forget, like isometric doom, some ideas. 

Dungeons very easy train strength and intellect! Slogan!


Quasar 100

Pixel art about fantastic theme. Inspiration comes from side of system ColecoVision, videogame Meteoric Storm.

Quasar - or how it is also called "similar to star radio source", remarkable astronimical object. Quasar - lighthouse of universe. They can be seen from a big distance. But here we have pseudo science retro videogame. Like Star Trek 70s or 80s - manage lasers into antiphase, mode stun. Mode red alert. Prepare photon torpedoes. This key. I like Star Trek 70s and 80s a lot. Good example of science fiction and action.

Quasar 100 - simple 8 bit space shooter. This can be it, but now it is pixel art only. Quasars - attractive lighthouses of universe. Space explorers can navigate by them and make some measures. But not only humans use quasars as object of explore. It happens space clash with aliens. Battle at quasar. Battle for quasar.

Time by time, quasar makes a deadly beam, you need to avoid it. Deadly light is dangerous for everybody. Aliens are named as qusarsiane, nobody knows where they came from. But they were detected near the quasar. And it begins a clash. Now we cannot understand why they try to be connected with the quasars. Maybe theirs ships get energy from quasars. And it is big energy source, valuable galaxy resource. We need to know this secrets of quasar and aliens!

Arrow Enigma

Pixel art. Inspired by 1943 The Battle of Valhalla. Shooter game for NES 8 bit. 

And this is my ideas about this theme. Action is taken place on fantastic planer. In the future.

Planet Earth tries to master another planetary systems with full energy. After inventing of interstar travel, process of master another planets is going very intensive.

This was a big impulse. Private companies and governments and everybody who can afford a spaceship or better a space fleet start to conquer distant stars. At first time it was excellent, it can’t be better. Energy and enthusiasm was for everybody. But soon it was started a chaos. But it was failed to make a process by plan.

Many unknown  no in list fleets start to reach the same planets. Even rule -  who is first - don work. It was required to make a committee about making order. And to make a new list of planets. In emergency way it were created a squads. Every this kind squad is moving to certain space sector ar certain planets. So is is gurantee to pilot to be at different planets. Interplanetary holliday. Every arrow has its own callsigh. You are in arrow Enigma. And set to constellation Pegasus.


looks nice!

Wow! Thx! Yes, i like sci fi, retro! 8 bit videogames tyle, and try to draw and make ideas about future games that i will make later. Thx, man!

Quest to the deep

Pixel art. About videogame Ariel - The Little Mermaid. For 8 bit system Sega Master System.

But this is my fantasy. Quest to the deep. Its own creatures are living in the ocean. Not only fish, but a mermaids also. Fantasy. This is also arcade. About underwater world it can be. If to make this game. By the way, not so many games are about underwater something.

Crystals were lost in underwater fantasy kingdom. Crystals make ocean to be calm. Because of crystals are lost, at the surface of the ocean storms are starting, big storms. Underwater hurricanes are start to happen. It is very necessary to keep oceans in balance using magic at the planet-ocean. And control the weather. This is a job for underwater creatures. Calm ocean - is a good place for everybody. And stormy - is full of danger.

Crystals were stolen by evil sorcerer. And he disappeared somewhere. And you go for a quest to deep of oceans, in search of crystals of calm. Sorcerer droped them in a different corners of the ocean. And they need to be back to their place.


The spaceships are very nice. The modern ships have depth, and the ancient ships have style.


thanks!!!!!!! Yes, i like space and looks ike yopu like space theme too!


Pixel art about videogame Av Soccer for Nes 8 bit.

So, I first time, draw a football! And even more - 8 bit! So fun! So, I don’t know, a lot about how to play it. Imagine to myself, that you need to run after the ball. And hit the gates. But, of course, there are more rules. But, if it is about 8 bit, then it can be that simple. 

Simple football, even more, football arcade. This is pixel art and so sport fantasy for summer day. Sport, of course, is valuable thing. So it is good to pay attention to this thing. For example, as idea for computer game.

And also exists American football. So, you can even fight there. As idea. Dynamic goes higher. But, this is only picture to football game theme.

Spec: future, raises from a shadow

This is pixel art, inspired by screenshot from videogame Last Action Hero for Nes. And also I was influenced by style of games for Atari 2600-5200-7800. But this is again my own author’s pixel art work. Fantasy about them for my game! 

Also it can be added to source of inspiration Double Dragon for system Nes. And Robocop. And also different VHS cassettes with fantastic action movies. But let’s stop with sources. What it is all about, this game can be?

You are secret agent. Just like agent 007. You are intrude inside secret factory of corporation MegaInst. At the factory, there are chemical and computer development. This is a huge city. Also existed a secret base on the Moon. And the main factory, the place you have to start, to explore and investigate what is going on here. What it is about this MegaInst is trying to do? It builds robots, mutants and has its own army of mercenaries.


Space Master 2000

This is pixel art, made with inspiration about videogame Space Invaders 91 for Sega MegaDrive.

One day, of course, it will be a bright future. It will begin a space discovery. Of another planets and another worlds. Tv serial Star Trek will be a reality. And, today, you can be motivated, playing some arcade shooters about space. Like, Space Invaders for Sega.

But, this is again, my drawing, my variation. Let it be somewhere like a clone. But, anyway, it is all done my own vision. I, by the way, have a plan, to make all this games by all my pictures, that I draw. Most of drawing is example of rather simple videogames. Rather. But, it is also need to be done. Don’t have enough skills, work capability. Sometimes motivation. 

But, anyway, this art illustrates already example of graphic design. And you can count on some gameplay process by this picture. All of this you can see by drawing.

So, Space Master 2000. Iron mechanoids fly to the orbit of planet Earth. They swim in space, like small ships in ocean. They are already here.

Tank field

Here we have pixel art about idea for a game. This time experiment. I all the time doing something about space invaders. And what if to move it to earth? And yesterday it was - 22 June. Day of second world war. So I decided to make idea, which can show this theme.  But first, I wanted as a space invaders. Science fiction, more main theme for me. 

So, this is all is on earth. This is some tanks in main idea. They are moving, slower, faster, it depends. They shoot very different - tank gun, machinegun. There are crosses like X, that can stop tank, like walls. 

You are in the down of screen. And here we have elements of realism. For me it is not casual thing. Tank gun you need to load. And there are limits of tank gun bullets in tank. Let’s say 10. After it goes reload process for some time. Also tank has several modes. Mode to move, to rotate tower, mode to shoot. Last mode has parameters like distance of shooting and angle. But in a simple way. Experimental idea.

I have no idea about how it all works, even in a simple way. But it is not very difficult to implement this in simple way, than it can be done. Anyway, it can be arcade type like space invaders. But with some no typical aspects. Will it be so interesting? Who knows! Here we can have dynamical reload, you need to aim. Tank move not so fast, tower rotating not so fast. And everybody in on a game field. Each with its own parameters - speed movement, shooting.

Everybody moves. Everybody is shooting. Everybody with its own speed. Game field here like Desert Strike. So, big battlefield, this is not 1 screen. So, it can be a game like Desert Strike. Some kind interesting thing!

But, in case of Desert Strike videogame style, it will be a better graphics. And for Atari 7800 style 8 bit style, than it can be like this. So we have two ideas here. It is Desert Strike and space invaders. First is on big field, and second on simple way on 1 screen. But most simple way is to do atari 7800 8 bit style 1 screen shooting game. Pretty arcade.

Sarah LC Eden: Hollywood Moon 

This is Sarah Eden - Hollywood rock star and musical singer, with albums , that gives full dive in fantasy.

Crusaders with love has already taken their gold disk, this is music band of Sarah Eden. And now it is turn for her solo albums on Hollywood line. Art of Sarah Eden in solo way - more musicals and beautiful phantasia. With additions in canvas of rock, disco and gothic pieces. Like ornaments in embroidery. Unbelievable dive into music force. Eden, Moon - this albums shows new level in reaching phantasia and of creating art worlds.

So here is the special moment. Hollywood line. But creatures of darkness are striking from television and start invasion, and it is all in such sunny bright day. television horrors wanna take the world. All that Sarah has in her hands - her music, rock, gothic, disco, musicals, phantasia and a bass guitar. Creatures of the night intruder into the day. Will it be forever night?

This is pixel art. Drawing. About a game in genre walking-action. Action game, 2d. This is how it can look if to make it. I see this game as music themed game, but such a beat em up, like streets of rage, for example. In more simple realization. Like first part of the game, or another game this kind. Here it is good to count the powers. As graphic power, what I can to draw, as a programming. Sound and music in final to add. This is separate point. Main in combine difficulty of programming, and certain draw style, in order not to be tired and left it.

Invaders from ocean

Pixel art about Space Invaders. I watched screenshot from videogame for MS DOS  - Space Commanders.

Everybody already have a habbit that Space Invaders are from space. And now from ocean. Most of planet is small explored ocean. And who know what is in there, in depth. So, from there are going crabs and sea bugs. They are huge. They can shoot with plasma clot. And you are on a ship with a big gun. And mainly it is all like you know. But there is some game moment - That all these bugs can fight in melee and can bite or smash with claws. And you will not be destroyed immediately, as they reach you. You can continue give a force feedback. You have lots of life. And enemies are pretty resilient. And all this is going on water.


You've come a long way. Keep practicing but also remember to take breaks!

Hello! Thanks for your support! Of course, some relax time is a valueable thing. You are right! Absolutely! HAve a cool summer time!


Oh yeah, beach day tomorrow. You too. 🏄


Some of the early images remind me of things in the SEUCK - Shoot Em Up Construction Kit (C64/Amiga). I've always loved playing with that! Good stuff.

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Thanks! Thi is maybe a true, in a way that i never have a C64 or not familiar with certain c64 titles. But i am inspired by retro a lot! MS DOS, C64, ZX Spectrum , MSX, NES, 16 bit Sega, and 80s, 90s,70s titles makes a big impression on me a lot. Mainly i search titles with some screenshots that i dig today from internet.

As i understand today C64 is a true american machine. This means it has some its own vision about computer soultions. It has its own graphic style.  So even today i can judge this machine by screenshots.And mainlky it is ok. So retro make on me a big influence. And this C64 screenshots also! So, in someway you are right! Certain title you mentioned - it is a veru new title for me!

But speaking retro, i have a real ZX Spectrum clone, soviet union has lots of 8 bit machines. And i have SINTEZ 2, a real machine. It is 48k version of spectrum. So, maybe i can launch it one day.  For more true retro expirience in free time. And i guess C64 is much expensive machine today. I am a fan also about MSX standard machines. But they cost also a lot.

But anyway,  i use mainly screenshots from internet, so this is my main way to dig retro. And sometimes emulators. And YoutTube gameplay for games i find.

So, in result, i guess, you are right! I like retro! And if you know this games for C64, looks you have your own retro stories, memmories. Nostalgia and today expirience. And thats cool!


Friends in PC

This is pixel art, drawn with impressions from screenshot from Space Invaders Extreme. It is everything funny and colorful there.

Your space friends have come! And it is starting a celebration! Meet them! Everything is bright! If to make this game - than you need to shoot blocks also. So, here we have aliens and blocks. It can be, also a system of bonuses, like a chain can be implemented. But it is when I start to make it. Just now, it is only a fantasy in format of pixel art drawing. Again about theme of Space Invaders.

Also, graphics like MS DOS. Retro nostalgia art.


Pixel art. About screenshot from videogame for system MS DOS with title Galactic Battle. This is game type of Space Invaders.

My art I called galaxsidiks. Robo army of space mosquitoes are going near to frontier of solar system. Bloodsucking creatures of space sсale. This is a serious threat for all hot blooded species. Mosquitoes are not so primitive. They have a whole systems about transformation of blood. At the conquered planets. And they need all the time a new sources of blood. This gave them a motivation for technological process. This is, of course, exotic case. But one time in a million attempts it can happen anything. And this way this space thereat was created.

Invasion begins! Mosquitoes bites with a cosmic scale! This is insects attack! And you cannot to brush aside. It is starting galaxsidiks! Hunt for mosquitos!

This time I decided to train in drawing characters.

This drawing is made in style of sprites from Streets of Rage 1 for Sega Master System. It is Axel Stone, the character which I take as a basic. I never played in Streets of Rage for myself.

And this is my character, which I draw for training.

Pixel art. About characters. This is taken under impression from sprites for Streets of Rage for Sega Master System. But this is my way drawing. Same style, but another. Count, that he moves like Michael Jackson. Joke. Of course, not. Two moves this time.

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looks nice in my opinion you have a original style

Thank you!!! This is like Streets of Rage for SMS. Sega Mastger System. 8 bit. I mean original insopiration. But art i do by myself my own way. So yes it is my own version! By the way check Streets of rage:


nice stuff, I like it

Lunar Cargo

Pixel art about screenshot from Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator. Videogame for Apple 2.

And this is my drawing. My idea. Inspired by screenshot. At scale of Star Trek I will not look. Let’s, say, it can be this kind of game. If to do.

There is some solar system. With some planets. And lots of moons. Let’s say 1 planet, 30 moons. Different asteroids as a small thing.

And you just take at one base a cargo. And transport it to another base. Space truck. You have laser and shields. So this expect some shooting for fun. You need to shoot at Space pirates and to make your way through asteroids with shooting them.

This is like arcade game with some reference to simulator. Parameters are count in percents. And game is about making score. This means - destroyed asteroid - gain score, kill space pirate - gain score, moved a cargo to destination - gain lots of scores again.

Adventure in front line of time

Pixel art drawing. About Digital Devil Monogatari - Megami Tensei II for NES.

Here we have my drawing. This is my view of a game. This is looks like role playing. Maybe, turn based like roguelike. It will be much easier.

You are searcher of adventures. And you are exploring labyrinth at the edge of time. It is a whole dimension with a network of labyrinths in style of castles and corridors. It is like retro role playing. For example, Diablo, Ultima, Wizardry, Might and Magic.

Edge of time is attraction point for adventurers. Its secrets and treasures. But it is a very dangerous place. It has lots of monsters. And lots of strange. Anomalies. It is very easy to get lost in labyrinth of time fortress.

Secondary projects at the stage of sprites, ideas from screenshots

So, I often, like to learn about game screenshots from different old games. So, I watching all the time game screenshots from systems like MS DOS, Nes 8 bit, Sega 16 bit, Sega Master System, computers of 80s –Spectrum, Commodore, and I often get the idea something like this by myself. With such kind of graphics and idea. So, I regularly make drawing in style of pixel art in style of screenshots, I watched. But, I make a decision to move forward in idea of making lots of games in simple way from lots of screenshots, I like from retro games. To make it step by step and simple way. This is very valuable. So, I show what I have in secondary process. So like fun process I am making step forward. So today all these things are in a way of drawing and I am starting to make sprites to games itself.


Shooter type Baltron, sidescroll view

So, I have already finished sprites for some ideas. So, first idea, that I was interesting in, it was game Baltron for Nes 8 bit. It is simple shooter. With rather simple graphics and not with very big diversity. You are flying and shooting the identical by visual enemies. At the bottom there is surface of a planet. It is in main idea with the identical enemies and surface, with not big diversity. So, this way I get this game. So, I have finished drawing sprites for this kind of game. Plot is not done yet. Only sprites are completed for this game. By fun I can add more sprites. 

 Shooter type Volguard PC 6001, sidescroll view

One more interesting title, that I found for myself – it is Volguard for system PC 6001. It is hard to say for myself, what is it PC 6001 as a system, no idea. But game is about spaceship. Again everything is simple. And it has interesting color palette. At the bottom everything is yellow and up is blue. Like CGA graphics. Several colors. And rather bright. So it is interesting. And I have started to draw by myself the same kind of sprites. It is only a beginning of process for this game. So I try to learn the way it is made in original title. And I give myself a try to make my own drawing the same style, like a clone.


Sport theme, runner with obstacles

One more interesting moment. This is game about sport. Or the way I get it. CGA graphics. Only few colors. White, purple, something like blue or green. In my case, I am doing a sprite of skier. This can be a game about skier, which jumps through holes and jumping from hills of snow. Today, modern way, this is called like game about running process, runner. This  game is planned about sport theme. So, I start with a skier. Now in a simple way. Game is like retro, as everything I am doing. Right now, it is a process of making animation for skier.


Shooter top down, with music plot

One more theme, that I start to develop is a top down shooter. Like Ikari Warriors. Or well known to everybody Contra, but with top down point of view. Interesting, that I get this game from a music theme. With a photo of NOFX music band. And some prototype of Duke Nukem. So it was a start point. Sp, I try to keep music aspect, but in idea it will be a shooter. Plot, maybe, will be about music theme. So it will be so square style graphics. Like games for Atari 2600-7800 consoles or like this. So this will be more simple.

And in terms of this idea, this will be a first game with top down shooter. Simple and a probe. In terms of graphics, and gameplay. In plan there is idea to pay attention to them of Afghanistan, in terms of future games like shooter with top down view. So new graphics, new gameplay. Ikari Warriors- Vietnam. And here next is Afghanistan. But this certain game about white human is a shooter in city about music in terms of story.


So here you can ask a question. What the way to make all these small games? For interesting, personal interest. So, for example, doing sprites I can train drawing. When it comes about programming, it will be more complicated, of course. So, that’s why, it is announced as a small games, in order to have a chance to make them complete and to release.


Wind of sorcery

Pixel art about videogame rings of medusa 2 for system amiga. This is some role playing game, about dungeons and turn based movement in labyrinths.

But this is my variation. Retro. Big pixelization. Big pixels, valuable part for graphic style. Maybe, it is even in direction of bard’s tale, or something like Commodore 64 or some 8 bit computer of 80s. If they can run something similar.

It is turn based game about dungeons. And walking the labyrinths. At the right it is a map of opened labyrinth. With pictograms of different colors. Enemies and treasures are shown there. And some valuable elements. At the bottom there is compass and buttons for movement. And also you have four  heroes with life bar and magic strength. I don’t draw a portraits now. And at the left you can see a screen about what you see. First person view. Here we have field and sky.

This is fantasy turn based role playing game. Personally, I am fan of Might and Magic 6. And I also watched a lot Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra. Also add point of interest to the Conan the Barbarian stories. Black magic, ancient world, goblins and orcs. Horsemans from kingdoms, wild barbarians, warlocks, necromants. And I will not add elves. And gnomes.

Game is like walking the labyrinths. 4 heroes. Simple role playing system. Atack with cold weapon, like sword or axe. Atack with magic, with use of selected spell. Menu. All these elements are required. And it will be also a story screens. Story with fantasy type.


Star`s Cluster and Star`s Voyage

Pixel art about videogame Star Warrior for system Zx Spectrum.

And this is my pixel art and fantasy about similar game. Game, of course, is simple. Space shooter. With minimum of colors. Pretty monotonous game for score. For experiment score indicator is at the bottom. Because of, game is on terms retro, that’s why all schematic enemies ships I can draw a lot. They are made at 16 x 16 pixels and in one color for retro effect.

For more interest, I invented bonus system. This means two symbols of the same color as a your ship. They are ammo for shooting and fuel. In this case I need to add indicator for ammo and fuel. They are not endless. And at the screen it will be lots of them as a bonus to get them. You need collect them. This is idea – for modification simple shooter.

In result, this is two games. Just simple retro shooter, action about space. And with modifcator – when you need to collect fuel and ammo. 

BioSectoroid Zet-2

Pixel art motivated by videogame Xenon 2 for Sega MegaDrive. 16 bit shmup. Space shooter. And this is my variant for similar kind of videogame in form of picture.


This is pretty unusual idea. Here we have space. And some insectoids, aliens. In form of plants or somekind like worms creatures. Also, you can say, it is some water ocean creatures in form of  somekind kind seaweed ,worms, which can swim there. But all this set into deep space. From depth of ocean to the deep of endless space. So this means that game is rather bright and colorful. And enemies are unusual for space shooter.

Different mushrooms, plants are growing at the sides. Whole sector of space in growing with them. Plants are shaking. Which add some situations for player. And all the time pay attention to the sides, they can eat a whole ship. Plants are dangerous. Asteroids are flying your direction. And they already contains these aliens form of life. Which is spread fast and can live without atmosphere, just in space. So pretty big dangerous! Danger from world of plants and worms from depth of ocean or from earth but in space. In main, it can be a clone of Xenon 2 videogame. With such direction.



This time just characters. Of course, they are clones. As idea I take role playing game for system MS DOS - Ancients 1 Death Watch. It is typical game style Might and Magic. But it is from another developers. And it is made another way. And this is my characters. That’s are taken from this game. For training in characters. Humans themselves I am not good in drawing. So drawing portraits – it is a standalone theme.


One more impression from screenshots, that I  see from old videogames. I like retro theme. And this time point of motivation was videogames Rastan for system Sega Master System. This game is tells you a story about adventures of warlock Conan Barbaraion in ancient lands. In times of legendary kingdoms, lets it this way. Game is also was released for arcades and another systems. For example, for NES.

And here we have my version. My drawing. My type of videogame. This is pixel art. Concept. So how can it look if I do like this title.

Plot can be serious and about adventures. A can be go another way. And I can suggest this way.

In old time there were lots of kingdoms. It was lots of warlocks. And everything goes its way. Until the day it was landed Ufo sausages with reptiloids inside. Reptiloids are flying Ufo.  So big things. And they start to develop the planet as the others.

 So, in a world it was appeared magic and a technology. Ancient sword can be easy to find with good spell, like fireball or blaster rifle or at least crossbow which can shoot magical crystal bullets. It was appeared lots of miracles! At this legendary age, Ragrarocks was lived. Searcher of adventures and explorer.



Pixel art about walking the dungeons, role playing game Wizardry III Diamond no Kishi. Version for Super Nintendo. Strange, that I see only Japanese version.


And this is my clone. Pixel art drawing for training. So, it is walking the dungeons. Role playing game. It can be made from this picture. System I made it will be simple, if to make it. In Wizardry itself it is very tricky. You need to watch some tables, if they are ever existed.

And it can be made easier. Walking the labyrinth, searching treasures, new items. And train your characters. Of course, eliminating monsters in a big scale. Some big enemies with lots of life. From other hand, why not to invent some analog to role playing Wizardry style.

Different classes. Warrior, paladin, knight, warlock, sorcerer, archer, ranger, basrd, theif, barbarain, spellcaster. And so on. And even to change class by leveling up a character. Knight can be a dark knight or paladin. So this is more interesting. Such changes in class were in Might And Magic. I played a lot in Might And Magic. In part six.  

And even more, that lots of role playing points will be in text form. I remember how I like a doll from Might and Magic 6. So simple model I can make too. And type of weapons. So, sword, long sword, two handed sword, dagger. They can be made its own draw style. Kind of armor – coat, light armor, heavy armor. Hat, helmet.

Here we need to have a typical phrases templates. You have entered the dungeon. Chest is opened. You level up. And so on. Mainly, in a simple way, I see it. As a template, linear move by story. Story screen, city screen. Just like Heroes of Might and Magic 3. In a city there are different locations. Tavern, guild of magic, shops.

Restoration of characteristics is automatic. And than next – only forward into next dungeon. From dungeon you can go back into the city, that is attached to the dungeon. Complete it and move to next city and next dungeon. So you can find new items in the shops, new visual for the new city. And again – into the next dungeon. Dungeons – main part of the game. Labyrinth which  you need to walk and learn. Complete tasks from a city. And than move next.


Hot breeze

Pixel art for today. This is my drawing about screenshot from Burning Force.

But it is my art. I have my own idea. This is a game about shooting and riding these water things. Like water bike, aquabike, jet ski. Some kind device. And a game is about eighties, and vhs records. Maybe in  a part of idea it can be like tv-series Thunder in paradise, Baywatch. Second one I don’t see, by the way. Or rare to see. Somekind Miami Vice, but with jet ski. More this way. This is such a sunny game about water.  

You need to ride the waters with your jet ski and shoot enemies. Bandits, for example. This can be arcade style videogame. In terms of plot, there can be some pictures from a beach. And the game – water levels with shooting with view from back.

Lazer sky

Pixel art for today. Based on the videogame Kyuukyoku Tiger. This is game about helicopter. That is something new.

And this is my pixel art based on the screenshot, let’s say it. Interesting, that it is a helicopter. As a main char. Interesting feature. I can remember tv series Air Wolf from 80s. Often, there are main characters as automobile or airplane or space ship. I also remembered some tv series like Soldiers of Fortune. Let’s say the story will be about some mecenary. In some like real and some little scifi elements world. That’s why heli can have lasers and rockets. And enemies can be rather realistic, but a little scifi also. Tank, that can shoot with lasers, for example. I think, for a start, it will be enough 8 levels. It can be a nice arcade, if to make it. 

Castle Horror 1980

Pixel art based on videogame for MS DOS Wizard`s Doom. But this is my drawing.

I think this way. This is some gothic castle. There are zombies walking inside. And you are collecting keys. And that’s all. So, I was searching long time, what to draw. And some things I try – I failed. So I take some simple game for MS DOS and draw based on it. So I remember interest to the American Horror Story season 9 VHS.

 For fun I can made some funny story screens with some text and a picture. Like skeleton try to tell you something. Or some master of castle, let it be. And game itself can be arcade about collecting keys. And search for exit, for killing zombies you gain score also. So simple. In retro style videogame. 80s and so on. So to add something for stylization in 80s.

Videocassettes maybe to collect. And some screen, which told you that you find some interesting video, some comment about vhs. Some characters tells you this. Vhs about action movie or horror. This is it, some ideas.

So, welcome to the arcade Castle Horror 1980!

Tipster - innovator of galaxy

This is pixel art for today. Based on videogame Deluxe Galaga for Amiga. But I draw my picture.


And this is my picture. About my videogame. Pixel art. Game need to be done. And it is just a fantasy for today. Mainly, it is casual simple space shooter. As it is ok for this kind of games, here we have funny tipster that are flying. And you are flying on your space ship forward somewhere.

Training in pixel art. And I can see this game with such fun aspect. Not hard and groovy for relax. Space, tipsters. What can be better? Space investments in tipster, you know?

Hunters in space

Pixel art based on front cover of videogame Blaster Master for Zx Spectrum. It is such a yellow space ship. Maybe it is loading screen or start game screen.

But this is my variation. Also I watched yesterday some action movie. But don’t finish it. But I today draw this pixel art as idea. This is can be a space shooter. Yellow color for every object, white dots – is a stars, and everything else –is just black.  In style of retro graphics. Just like Spectrum. I say just like, not certain. Story will be like space action. So this is a title`s name going out from.

Curve of infection

 Pixel art for today, based about videogame Operation Carnage. For operation system MS DOS. And some inspiration from Alien Breed. This is such a style top down 2d shooter games. About destruction lots of enemies and walking labyrinth. Search keys, weapons, ammo – also valuable part of title.

And this is my pixel art. So this way it can look in my version. So it is screenthot, let’s call it. Pixel art. Training.

Green line – lives, orange line – ammo. Minimal menu. I`d like to make many explosions. Game is kind of action game. Lots of shooting, lots of enemies. Everything is explode. Visual is about MS DOS games.

And game theme – infection of virus of mutation. That’s why there are lots of zombies and mutants on the base. That’s why title has a name – curve of infection. You are makes decrease mutants population here by the very straight way.  Curve of infection – it is theme for a good action. About location – techno. Industrial factory, base, computer center. By some way, it is 2d top down Doom from 90s. Let’s say this way. Shooting and explosion – this is main part!


I like watching your stuff. You seem to move pretty fast, which is great.

Hello! Thank you very much for kind words! This gives a motivation! Thnaks! Hope you are doing also allright your stuff!! LEts move forward!

Road for sapphire of edem

Pixel art. Characters training. I draw this based on some char from videogame Treasure of Savage Frontier for system MS DOS.

This is role playing game, such a style of dungeons and dragons, just fantasy with battles and magic. The thing you really need, saying shortly.  

I suggest you to make journey into world of kingdoms, wild forests and ocean, that nobody can overtake and far lands. Nobody have seen them. Lands are full of treasures, that’s waits the day when searchers for adventure will open magic lock and take power and gold. In terms of artifacts, magic sword, overpower spell or get lots of gem stones – sapphires and diamonds in your adventure through savage lands of kingdom and beyond.

Princess Alicia suggest for group of adventurers to go to the eastern lands of kingdom. And get through them, to go beyond kingdom`s land, through emerald bridge and ocean of lava. There will be lands of flowers. And you need to get some magic artifacts and gem of east – stone edem`s sapphire. In exchange Alicia is ready to equip your expedition.

And as you return with success you will get your own castle in eastern lands and you can be good living. And as a first step of good will – you will receive 5 thousands gold for your adventures. And a chance to get  equipment in stores of a capital about 10 000 gold in total of prices. By saying that you have a decree for expedition. And pay nothing. Looks very generously. And by the way princess is good looking. And at least it is interesting to see her personally.

And adventures – are the same kind of people. At last, you just can go to nowhere with such a gold. Just get in a shadow somewhere in a borders of kingdom and do really nothing about a quest. Or just make your own decisions. No one princess or kings cannot tell how to live, you are searcher for adventurer. True keepers of kingdom are adventurers. Persons of might and magic.

And no princess or a king. Which can do nothing, just do decisions. So take this quest is definitely is a good idea. And what to do next – wind and road will tell. So this sunny day you can have a real good time. And than go for a quest. In a path of savage lands of a kingdom.

Alicia gives you magical orb. Using it she will speak with you during your quest. And also in some cities by her decision you will receive something.

Sounds – like a good adventure!

Portal to Siber

Pixel art for today. Based on videogame Tower of Myraglen. For system Apple2GS. This is someway 8 bit computer, as I guess.

My pixel art suggests you a classic adventure – role playing game in old fashion. About fantasy and dragons. But today it is only in pixel art. Game consists of several blocks. This is block for walking the labyrinth. Which can be a cave, castle or open terrain – like island, sand, forest. Block with text, which tells you what’s going on. And block of char – which you can see characteristics. But this is only a picture now. Concept.

 Game is like a book. You walk some part, and get a story in way of text screens. Of course, you need to search for new weapons, amulets, armor. Defeat monsters. This is included.

Lazer Blizzard

Pixel art for today. It is based on videogame Battle Storm. For system MS DOS. I have watched screenshots for Aleste for MSX 2 computer with some special mood. I have interested in this MSX 2. And system MS DOS is well known.  But –what the way to say it is well known? It is about thousands of games! Looks like not so well known. So I run into arcade shooter Battle Storm.  And draw by myself. 

Signal of warning. This is a command forward. Get into your space ship. And forward like arrow. You are flying in a places, where maybe you don’t wanna to be, and maybe will never come back. This is start for war conflict. You have a command to perform actions before enemy will move. System of planets Alpha-gamma-12. Moon with number 14. City landscape in square 14-15. In a way of some solution for this uncertain case, you can say that you are last space hero. You are one in a million. Here will move lots of groups. Operation Lazer Blizzard is starting. Command move forward is given.

I always like to check screenshots for different, maybe, unknown for me videogames. Main – it is required something interesting on the screenshot. As a rule, mainly, it is about lots of shooters. And by the way also it is about MS DOS videogames. So you are watching such a screenshot and have some dreams. About what is going on. How cool is designed space ship. Often, it is very interesting to watch planet landscape or space decoration. And space ships by themselves. How magical they can look, how technostyle. There is some MS DOS magic in all of this! And of course about how to make something like this by myself. OF course this idea is also comes into the head. But it is required lots of training for this. 

Sand and sorcery

Pixel art for today is magical. Based on Might And magic 3 Isles of Terra. This is such a role playing videogame for system MS DOS.  I have never played in third part by myself, but I have seen screenshots and watched how another plays in YouTube.

I am a big fan of Might And Magic 6-8. But let’s return to here. It is a magical day today. So I have touched with Might and Magic. In version of part three. I have successfully draw characters in such style. So let’s say they are like clones. But I made them my way. And this means – about a step to draw something else from this magical videogame. This title has a very interesting with fantasy world. And next step – to make something simple in code by myself with such style. But program code – it is another tale.

Meet these ones. You party members. Mage in red hood, warrior barbarian, and your best friend – green orc! Together you will travel by magic lands. Conquer dragons, chase kings and necromancers. Raid tombs of ancients, which are guarded hard by magic jeans. Explore networks of dungeons. Dungeons – is a main thing.

Orc likes dungeons, he told me this! He thinks that rats from dungeons are real delicious. And barbarian is in search for mystery sword of kings, using this sword he will conquer his own kingdom. He does not know how certain it looks. Most clever here – is mage. He is searching for any strong spells, most likely, that nobody has them. He is going into the power with them.

So orc is already loudly speaks to you – Lets go to the dungeon! I can share with you some catched rats! At the evening we will eat them with delicious at the fire!

 If you are decline he will be upset.

Barbarain speaks to you – Maybe in this lands this mystery sword is existed. Sword of kings. I have never seen it. But in my homelands there are legends about this sword. With this sword I become invincible. I am sure that there are many adventures ahead! We need to check every ruins and dungeon, every that we can find!

Barbarian is very curious. And he is already shakes you with all his strength. Decline – it can be dangerous.

Mage speaks – Well, searcher for adventures. I am just a traveler, just like you are. I have certain aim.  But I never tell you about this. You will be enough to know – that we have the same roads, where ever you go. I am going to find most powerful spells, as powerful as possible. I will be a legend.

And so they go for adventure!

Adventures of spell and power

Pixel art for today. It is based by most well-known title – Heroes of Might And Magic 2. So you see pixel art of a simple thing in style of Heroes of Might And Magic. More simple version. So how it can be. So, it can be similar to Kings Bounty, from 90s.

What we see. It is characters at the top. As in role playing game. Down below you see a game field.  Simple drawing of things that’s are around you. Adventurers are travelling the map. So it is desert and a castle and a tower. Objects you can visit. And it will be something interesting inside. Story will be of course about magic and fantasy.


i like it have you been doing pixelart for along time?

yours are very original

Thanks!  I like retro, MS DOS, NES 8 bit and so on. And i ma doing it for 1 year, i guess.. But this is this time. I tryed it many times before. It is one more attempt! Thans for positive!

More characters and players colors

Pixel art for today. Today also based on Heroes of might and magic. More close to first part. Or even to Kings Bounty.

Today, I have drawn plus 6 characters. It was already 5. Now more 6. In total already 11 characters. And also symbols for colors. Players has their own unique color. 4 colors at choice. And elements of desert. It is hill and oasis. This way maybe I can to draw some kind Heroes of Might And Magic as minimum version.  With more simple graphics and much lower objects. This is already motivates me. Might and Magic and Heroes of and Magic – my most fav game series.

In short, you have here some graphical concept of a videogame type Heroes of Might and Magic. But with minimum. You walk heroes the map. Explore the map. There are castles, you build something. Grow your armies. Explore some ruins. Overtake resources. And than goes another players. And all of this is going with fantasy story background. Something like this is drawn here. Kings Bounty also the same kind of game, but even more simple. You have fewer possibilities in KB. So you see concept of this kind of game. This is role playing and strategy game.

In main, I am lucky. Because, if make orientation for Heroes of Might and magic 1, than graphics will be more simple, than in second part. I am about explore map. So I am looking at something in between Heroes of Might And Magic 1 and Kings Bounty. It is everything looks for me very interesting!

In short, I dreamed about my own variation for Heroes of Might and magic. And, so, you see it in a drawing!


Magic lake

So, pixel art for today. Again I continue theme of clone Heroes of Might And Magic 1 and Kings Bounty. Again picture about this fantasy game.

This is strategy and role playing game. So about realization it can have map and strategy component and role playing component. So it is now only in picture. So if, in one moment, we can speak more than a picture. About programming, you need to wait more simple game. All your characters – real characters as in role playing. They have portrait, short description, some characteristics. Every character has its own class. For example warlock or sorcerer.

So, during your adventurers, you are came to lake that is in the middle of the desert. This is amazing! Lake with blue water amongst yellow desert. That’s for sure, this lake is magical. Do you really need to visit this place or not. It is up to you.

During your adventures you need to be carefully – which location you need to visit and which – not to visit. Lake can hide something interesting or be dangerous.

Autumn moon in forest

Pixel art based on screenshot from Wondrous Magic, some Japanese videogame for retro videogame system. So as I find out, it is for 16 bit system Super Nintendo and it is role playing game. As for me, it is reminds me Divine Divinity, but it is already for PC. But this is for Super Nintendo 16 bit.

And now let’s return to my drawing. This is a mage, who is making cast a spell in autumn forest at night. I describe this as fantasy. You are playing as a mage. He can do a casts. For example, fireball, lighting. Something else. There are some monsters in this forest. That’s all. Also, it will be chests with gold. And some support items like healing. And mix it with some fantasy tale.

In autumn forest it is a moon. Full moon. And night is stopped. And there are creatures of the night in the forest. It is a walking mage into the forest. Without any words. Just he goes there. Great amount of night monsters are existed into the bright autumn forest. Leaves are shining with magic, but it is night. There is something in the centre of the forest.  But it is the aim to go.  Some ancient scroll can tell something…

Autumn forest, bright colors. Green trees in big amount. And roads full of leaves. And stones. And just night forest. Trees are here big and high. So it is like action rpg about dungeon. But instead of dungeon here we have a forest. Also a fantasy tale. So just now it is a pixel art for training.

Ride Star

Pixel art for today based on videogame Outrun for Sega Master System. This is 8 bit videogame system, just like NES. Somewhere in the end of 80s- beginning of 90s. Or whole 90s, it is depends on your gaming experience. 

Videogame in genre of racing. But not casual, where you ride to finish line. And it is a ride with the wind. This is not rally, where sport racers have challenge each other, and it is just a ride. Just for fun, and for good vibes. Good weather, good auto, good speed. And you are just riding above the horizon. Just for this feeling. So, at least, personally I understand the game series this way. I have played in Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast.

 And now to my drawing. This is my pixel art. I draw it by myself. For training. This is someway clone-drawing. So we need here to ride with the wind. 8 bit direction riding for positive.

Feel yourself star for the ride. And ride with the wind. So this is idea. You don’t need to overrun opponents. Maximum you can to avoid another cars traffic. And that’s all. Turn on something positive. Rock or electronic. It is exists some positive music. And you are a star of the ride! Flying to the horizon. To overrun 8 bit horizon.

This is pixel art. For training.



very nice pixelart image!

I played outrun first in arcade and then on my c64 if i remember right loved that game back in the time.

the car is very well done in the image.


Thank you!! IT is cool about you have a real machine expirience. You have your C64. Retro computers are very nice thing! Thanks man for positive! I think you have right memories. It should have some port for C64. Why not? It was for Serga MAster System 8 bit, i think for ZX Spectrum machines also. So of course should be for your C64. 

As for me i have played in Outrun 2006 Coasat To Coast. Cool game, lots of fun! And nice arcade to play just for fun!! So try it if you need something cool!

UltraFlight – code Turbo


Pixel art for today. Based on videogame Override – mission code override. Japanese shooter, arcade. For system Turbo Grafx. Yes, it was a superb system. Just like 8 bit, it has a super graphics.  Lots of shmups.

So, I have just remembered, that every time, when I am playing interesting game this kind of space shooter, than I every time wanna to know what is going next. So, you are fly forward all the time. Straight forward. And under you – there are surface. Forest, grass, city or anything else. And every time when you see screen GAME OVER – you watch it all the timer and think about what is next to see. So, this way, every time for me in Zanak.

So about my drawing. This is pixel art. For training. Same arcade genre, space shooter. About space, different planets. So I all the time is dreaming about to making this kind 8-16 bit or MS DOS type space shooters. So you are flying with space ship and shooting everything around you. So arcade fun!

Space is big and it is everytime you can have a some action. Place for action. All the time there are lots of planets, and on theirs surface you can find a things to shoot from lazers, blasters or start a rocket.  So it is interesting question – do this kind of games need a story so deadly? Well, maybe, you can compose some tale, something easy to tell. But, during game series is developing it can became a nig story.

At the terra formed planet Ultran third starts some troubles with aliens ships. Aliens makes a teleport of theirs ships and move fast to borders of planet. And start to smash everything like hurricane. Team Turbo is airing as emergency situation call. Criitical situation. Mission Turbo is beginning!

So for this moment it will be good some synth pop track, about music. And, maybe, I am dreaming about eight levels. In some arcade games I have see 8 levels. Nut every levels is different about graphics. So they are not looks equal. Or more levels – than already some same kind of levels you can meet several times. If something for home gaming system.

Join mission Turbo! Code Turbo!


Red angel

Pixel art for today. Based on videogame Baryon for system MS DOS. This is shooter top down.

So I suggest you to look at my picture. That I make based on some screenshot. It is also arcade, shooter. In grey colors. So, like space base, moon, at earth some bases. Everything is in grey colors. And your character – red plane – red angel. It is burning everything like hurricane. I get understanding, that in shooter there is required dynamic. So as for me I am with a slow mind. And when I do programming, than I also like slow. In order to see everything ok, that is going on a screen.

But for good real action there is required speed and dynamic. That’s why you control red angel, and it can shoot with rockets with both side, and each side with two rockets. So pretty deadly mechanism. So, let it be a secret who is red angel. Some mystery and atmosphere. So it is, of course, about science and technology, there is no place for mystics here. Red Angel – it is you, by the way. Secret mission let it be.

All of these, with music like good synthpop. Dynamic and atmosphere. Synthesizers. But, also, that pulse mode is like rock music. For example, like Toxxify – Cyborg Chase. So, synthpop is also point of motivation for all of these shooters. So, also take a point, that you have megabombs in the left down corner. So it will be super strike. In order to have half of screen in burning flames. So, yes, lots of flames and burns. It is very required part. Grey background and light colors of red angel and lots of bright burnings.

I think, that with such fire power as Red Angel, you have nothing to fear. This is like tv-series from 80s – air wolf. But another way. Or like Knight Rider with its super advanced car. By the way, megabombs, I get from videogame Raptor Call of Shadows! Raptor is a cool game for MS DOS! I and my bro likes to play Raptor in MS DOS system. It is pity, that there is no next games in Raptor. For example 10-20 videogames the same style of actions. Theme is flying out!

Grey pseudo realism everything is under. Like base or surface like moon. Let it be everything in a near future. So it is first. And Soviet Union will exist. This is second. So, I also remember a videogame for NES – Mig 29 Soviet Fighter. I was also very excited, because of mainly it were games about different – F16,F18,F22,F117. But I am far from this theme. But about videogames, I was impressed about how many they are!

And story will be like action future format. So I liked a lot to fly in F22 – Lighting 2. Firm MicroProse from 90s by the way makes lots of them – simulations F16-F18. And later it become a NovaLogic to makes same style of games. So I am having installed for old PC – F22 Lighting 3. But I have never played it yet. So I support idea of this kind of games. In format of shooter or simulation.

So I get in memories. About action and shooters, simulations. And I wanted to tell about my picture, and what the way I try to see my game!

Eighties Wide Screen Racing


Pixel art for today. Based on screenshot from videogame Knight Rider Special. For system Turbo Grafx. This is like some racing videogame with elements of action.


I have made this style of drawing by myself. And I want to tell about it. About idea, that is connected with drawing.  Just now it is only a drawing. This is racing about eighties. Style of eighties. Of course, it is also about a music of eighties – it is Lian Ross, Fancy, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi. And retrowave music, Johnny Ola, Nothern Lights, Night Habit, and many many others. Retrowave, there are lots of  them. Music – is going very good to describe a style. So music- is very important. Game is in genre of racing.  City racing, just like street racing. Night and day. This is 8 bit need for speed in my version. So, you are in a city, and it is a city traffic. Casual drivers. Casual drivers, they ride by theirs own way, while you are in a racing. So, be careful!

One more theme – wide screen picture format. I mean, this black lines top and down. For style. Just like widescreens movies of old times. So, I have seen these in a movies. This is element for style. So in terms of wide screen I mean only these black lines.

I think, that racing will be around the world. This is like globalization, internationalism. Racing will be in Japan, America, Europe, Soviet Union. So this is my 80s. Personally, I am very upset about collapse of Soviet Union. Eighties- it is also unique car style. And some cities, village landscape, nature, big cities.

So we have here a stylization for eighties here. So pink or dark blue texts. Of course, at now, I am not a master of programming, in order to give everything that I draw on format of videogames. But I wish that I will make this jump in intelligence, at one time, someday. Someday this will happen. So just now, I stay more as a drawing. 

Motorcycle Sport

Pixel  art for today based on videogame Gp Rider for Sega Game Gear. It is such portable console from Sega, with power like 8 bit console like Sega Master System , NES. Game itself – it is sport arcade racing. About motorcycle sportsman. Short – racing game about motorcycle.

And this is my drawing. Also, about motorcycle, racing. This is first time, for me to show drawing of such complex thing like motorcycle and a racer. So, it is achievement! So, little wrong curve about circling the road. But, for fast drawing – it is ok, as a demonstration. It is cool to circle the road better for next time. So, just, more time to put into it.

And, so it is racing, time attack. Speed gives score. So, while you are racing fast – you receive more scores, racing with lower speed  - gives less score. This is that, like score speed is transmitting into scores. Racing about checkpoints, as you reach it – you give amount of time. So, also such a simple visual. Track and background. 

Mountain and forest racing competition 90

Pixel art for today, based on Zero 4 Champ for system Super Nintendo. This is youth generation racing, or competition, where you are going on a straight road, as fast as you can.  At the speed of changing transmission. As I understand. I have never played it. But I look at this title for a long time, with a point of view, about it has a cool screenshots. Beautiful screenshots. It was a desire to make something like this.

Let’s return to my drawing. This is one more racing arcade game. By the way, yesterday, I was playing Sega MegaDrive, at the videogame Lotus 2. So, it is something like this, I will make as a game, if I start to make this game. So, right now, it is only a drawing.  Bright day, mountain road. We are riding to the mountains. So track to mountain. Weather is fine. And you are in your car.

So, I need to add some interesting features. Because of, there a lots of racing games. And, even, I have made lots of pixel art about racing. So, let it be about theme about mountains road. And mountains racing. So special competition.

Also, it will be a forest roads. Mountain and forest as main landscapes in this title. Just like a long road to the village. Nature! Cool! And let, it be in 90s! At the car just like some that period of time.

So, just breathe clearest air with mountains air and go fast to finish line!

Police investigation – park and forest

Pixel art for today based on videogame Police Quest 2 for system MS DOS. It is a quest and adventure. It is rather popular game for first half of 90s. It is a time of quests from Sierra. It is Police Quest, Space Quest, Kings Quest.

And this is my pixel art. Here we have a scene in style of videogame Police Quest. It is made in graphic style of first half of 90s. Several colors. Not so many as today. But also interesting.

This is only a drawing. And some ideas about videogame.  What kind of game can it be. I suggest to make a investigation also. In quests, it is very complicated, it is about search items, talk with people.  So it is like this, but more simple. And some little element of action. You are also a policeman, and you are making some investigation.  And a little of shooting for you also. And at first – you are walking here and there, looking at things, collecting items. Items – gives you understanding about what is going on. A little talking – and you have a clear picture. So you have find bandits. And it is start a shooting.

So task is done. And with such sequence all the gameplay. Mainly –like a quest. So very retro one. Small amount of items. Few characters. And several this kind of tasks to solve.

Mainly, all the actions will take place in several places. Several scenes of the city, police station. And main zone – forest, park. Big forest and park. It will have a lake, forest, grass. Bright sun. Good weather. And you are walking the locations. Talking with characters, trying to get what is going on. And searching the items, which can help you understand the situation.

Game will be with a patterns of Police Quest. But a little another way, my way. Sometimes with a jokes. Sometimes like a parody, sometimes just another way. So it can be my own clone. So, at start you search for a lost dog in a park, or something simple. Very fast for solve. Than it goes investigation of something more complex. And with elements of action and shooting. So investigation process in consist of simple things and shooting. So, for example, everything is connected with car thief. At the park. And the game goes on. About a car case, walking the park, about gunplay. So it is right now a picture and fantasy for it.


Fly in space

Pixel art for today. Based on videogame Gyruss for system Nes. This is someway 8 bit shooter.

And this is my drawing. Flying fly. Lots of them. They are flying in space. Flies are making space travels. And this is simple space shooter. Level of Atari 2600 or better – Nes level. One way is clear, it is early and 8 bit in style.

You are here, you are a fly. And other flies, your enemies. And also, there are ruins – white particles. It is a mass of space metal and trash. It is what is remained after some space structures. Somebody made them in the past. It is obstacles, you need to fly them from a side. And also exists dark yellow things – it is space obstacles. Just like crests for tank. But in space. It is also obstacles. Other space flies are flying at you. You are shooting at them. You have two sides shooting, here. But shooting for a big distance is not at once. This is feature. Length of shooting you will rise. And loose. You have 10 lives and game is about scores

And, of course, it is a big space question. All of these space ruins and flies, that can fly in space. Lots of mysterious things are ahead!

Exploration of Orion

Pixel art for today. Based on space theme in style of Master of Orion. Master of Orion – space strategy for MS DOS.

And this is my drawing. So, it is also a theme of turn based strategy like Heroes of Might And Magic, Kings Bounty, but in space. Something is taken from Star Trek. Drawing shows you some global map for adventures of your space ship. You see some parameters. At the bottom – it is speed and your weapons. Weapons are – laser, torpedoes, and bombs. Let it work like scissors, stone and paper. At the top – collected resources. It is technology, it you can exchange for upgrades. Cargo – exchange for credits, and team – it is influence on speed of taking decisions on your ship. Speed of how fast can you make a decision.

At the left it is interesting colored scale. At the bottom – health, at the middle – dark matter, at the top – energy. Energy is going down according your movements, like fuel. You need to search all the space for tanks with fuel. It is element of arcade. And in the middle – dark matter, it is requires for some super actions. Like magic in medieval games. Dark matter – for fast moves or something else.

 At the right – it is information window. And at the map – there are different objects. Objects with 1 point – it is background stars, for beauty. All other objects – for interactions. At the top – blue – sausages of Ufo, they are aggressive aliens. Nobody seen them, but theirs ufo sausages are interfering everybody around.

Two red objects – this is some stones, asteroids. Small planetoids. You can visit them. It can be point of interest or nothing at all. You can find some useful settlement with something interesting, they can give you a quest, or just find a wasteland something interesting. Or it can be a simple stone, that just fly in space.

And this way also other objects. I don’t have full ideas. I don’t make all the objects descriptions yet.

Game can be like simple, something in between strategy like Master of Orion and with some arcades and simple points. About space.

Deep into Space / Space Fire

Pixel art for today. Based on videogame Hellfire for Sega Megadrive. It is 16 bit space shooter.

And this is my drawing. About same theme. It is space. With bright stars. And space ship. It can shoot with red clot. Like laser. And at the top of the screen you can see bonuses. You need to collect them.

You are flying in space in the depth of space, just like to the ocean. How far you can fly, than you go deeper and deeper. And it is dark in space, and only stars gives you a light. So, it is not necessary to make a shooter. Maybe collecting game. Items. And few shooting. Some experiment idea. And also it can be a shooter game. Two ideas are here. With some action science fiction story.

 Deep into Space – collecting games

Space Fire – space shooter


looks nice .. i like the colorful stars

A nice pixelart image to enjoy

Thank you very much!! I am so happy!!! It is cool that someone likes it! Thx!! By the way, you are a STAR here on ITCHIO! With doing so many cool stuff!

your most welcome!.. and thanks for saying that im a star here on itchio! and also for saying that i do cool stuff! i think your games and pixelart is cool also



Pixel art for today based on Super Space Invaders. It is space Invaders for 8 bit system Sega Master System.

And this is my drawing. Also a shooter, clone of space invaders. I think, it can be mix of ideas. So, like usual space shooter, and space invaders. So, somewhere you are flying forward, and some places you are stop.

At the right, in the middle – shield, power, and lives. So, colored indicator, in a future style.

New command initiative

Pixel art for today based on V for Victory. It is wargame for system MS DOS. Looks like, it were several game campaigns. With similar graphics. I recognize this game by graphics. And interface. It is turn based game based on second world war. Where player control the armies. In the screenshot, that I have, it was something about 1941 and a desert landscape.

And this is my drawing about same theme. But by myself. Here we have also a wargame. But it is mine. With schematic armies. I don’t know what kind of armies it should be. So, right now, like a main idea, a schematic. Machinegun set, it is such a defense. Crests – defense from tanks. Pack of machine gunners, and just a pack. And some technique. Like light and medium. I don’t still finish the idea about certain theme.  More like, close to conditional wargame with no details. Maybe to make it as a first world war, or more like, take a second world war. Or even just a certain battle. Or maybe make it just simple, and play like a schematic war with no historic details. So it can be lots of scenarios.

I can remember 90s and it was the same in 80s, it was a firm SSI. Strategic simulations Initiative. Something like this. Wargames a lots of them. And role playing games. It was a series of generals. Panzer General, Fantasy General. So it was lots of generals, you know. By the way, wargame, is interesting theme. But I have never played them. I have in GOG Fantasy generals, and I like this title. 


Junior golf

Pixel art for today based on videogame Naxat Open for PC Engine. This is golf simulator. Pretty unusual kind of sport game. Maybe, even, few people played in it. And here we have – virtual golf. So you can try it out.

And this is my drawing. Also a golf. I even don’t know how to play it. So, that’s why, it will be maximum easy. It is power of impact. And a direction. Two parameters. So I need to add these in elements of interface. And to make a map of navigation.


Racing Dream X16

Pixel art for today based on videogame Moto Roader for system TurboGrafx 16. It is top down racing game.

And this is my drawing. About the same theme. By the way, add to racing top down game. It can be a simple of GTA1. So, it is some territory. Like a city area. And you can drive there with your car. Doing something. Or racing top down. With our ways, 8 bit road.

About theme with top down racing idea it is clear for everybody. Casual racing. From start to finish. Or like racing with circles. You need to road to finish. So, after - goes next race. And so on.

And about GTA1 type of game. It is a city. And you can go with your two legs in there. You can seat in a car. All is top down. And, you solve some tasks. More often, they are connected with cars. There are other citizens. They are walking the city. And they drive their cars. So, there are city traffic. And you need to solve tasks. By storyline. To get into the car and drive to some other point at the map. Get of car and push the button. I see it this way. GTA1 it is about car thief. This is not about my game. I am not a fan of bandits. Just simple arcade. 

Local Racing Super 70

 Pixel art for today based on videogame ESPN SpeedWorld for system Super Nintendo. This is a racing game.

And this is my drawing about theme. This will be a circle kind of racing. With a cars category muscle cars.   This kind. Top at the right. Here we have speed. Manual shifting. Engine rotation speed. And some overheat. I need better to know about parameters. In details – I don’t know how automobiles works. But you need to check all the time these parameters. It is something like Nascar spirit racing. But with less cars on the road.  And I am sure that ESPN SpeedWorld – it is some racing competition. It will be interesting to know about this ESPN.

So, I never was doing some drawing about 8 bit or 16 bits or MS DOS Nascar racing. So it is also an interesting theme.

Saying simple. So I try to show you a certain kind some racing competition with a certain cars. With parameters while you are racing. Just like keep eye on rpm. And some more. It can be some local racings.

So, I need to dig some data. And I suggest muscle cars of 70s. And circle racing. I need to read about 70s cars and suggest some symbols of the age. But sounds interesting! 

Tardyon in Orion

Pixel art for today based on videogame Galactic Battle for system MS DOS. This is a game genre like Space Invaders.

And this is my drawing the same theme. At the real point, this game already was in my inspiration videogame. But here we are again. I use here CGA NTSC palette. And there is a reason why I take this title again. This is some time a celebration. Celebration of Space Invaders!

It is about the event, that I made my own game engine, well I call it a game engine, which in theory helps me to do lots of games! But it is only in theory. For real way, it does not help a lot, but makes a process faster. And it was a long long time, since I wanted to do a lots lots of clones of Space Invaders. This is my dream.

So maybe a can do a series of Space Invaders. This is thing that I wanted so long time! So this is why it is a celebration!

This drawing is made in CGA color scheme. And about aliens. Ufo and so on. Maybe I can invent some features, in idea to make it differ from typical game. And in any other way, it is a very retro game. It can be. Right now it is a drawing. 

Jugular Cube

Pixel art for today. This time I don’t remember I game of inspiration. Because of it is some old drawing. And I finished it today. It was undone.

This is should be some logic game about cubes and colors. I even don’t know how to play it. If to make this game. Maybe, even arcade. In idea to have a simpler gameplay. Someway to collect cubes, maybe like this. This is only a drawing. And as idea it was taken some game from MS DOS era.

Meteor wave

Pixel art for today based on videogame Dead Moon for system TurboGrafx16. It is a game in genre of shooter, 2d action, shmup, shoot them all. Game from 1991. And it is pretty good about shooting.

And here you see my pixel art about this theme. In 2132 year, a meteor was hit the Earth. With unusual properties. It became a source of new energy. Using it, it become possible to build a new techniques. But a year after, aliens came to solar system to get this source of energy. Source of energy – it is extremely valuable thing in space. And birds of prey are right here. Scientists predicts in a 10 year a big wave of meteors in solar system. No one will hit the Earth, but they fly through solar system. Or hit other planets. Mars, Venus, Moon.

And first aliens intruders ships are already here. So, with other meteors to come, aliens will come too. 

X technology aliens

Pixel art for today based on videogame Xevious for system Atari 7800. It is well known title during the 8 bit era. It is a shmup game, so you fly and shoot.

And here we have my drawing about the same theme. So what kind of game it can be if I make it. First, you see, that game field is much bigger. And lots of objects at the screen and how far you can see. It is a feature.

Also I can suggest some simple science fiction story. About self developing aliens. So some base are landing at the earth. And they start to self developing. And build their ships. So this is only mechanical and technological kind of aliens. They have landed and start their building programs. And you cannot to speak with them, you cannot do them anything. And they are building theirs stations and also a war machines. And using it they start to defend their ground. So this is a problem.

By the way, Atari 7800 – it is a game system from 80s. It was released in 1986. So it is also a retro game, if you dong get it. I am about retro theme direction all the time.


Radioactive Burner

Pixel art for today based on videogame Battle Ace for videogame system TurboGrafx16. It is at the same time both simulation and arcade. In 8 bit decade it was ok thing. Game just like After Burner and Top Gun.

And this is my pixel art about the same theme. It is also arcade shooter about same theme. It is some sci fi avenger. And I suggest some sci fi plot. In a future, at planet Earth was a turning moment. It was appeared some electric dark clouds. High density and dark. And with electrical dangerous clouds.  And higher – radiation fields. So that’s why it was created new aircrafts. And you fly in this way. And you are part of a future conflict.

Aircrafts uses radioactive elements of power. And clouds are dirty with radiation. Welcome to the world of future! Radiation – it is a big power and a curse.

Electric clouds makes a damage to aircrafts. When you run into them. And they makes navigation more hard. Magnetic Earth field also changed. All modern aircrafts are equipped with atomic rockets of small power. And machineguns has also radiation bullets.

You are radioactive soldier. And a pilot. And you are playing in radioactive conflicts of future. So you need to count radiation that you have already got.

As idea I have remembered some songs by Black Sabbath. Like Into the void. And something else. Or front cover from one album – Never Say Die. 

Gates to planet ocean

Pixel art for today based on videogame SideWinder for NES. It is a such of a kind 8 bit shooter. It is one more ok arcade for 8 bit format.

And here we have my pixel art. About same theme. It is about what I can do. So we have also simple 8 bit arcade. With simple decoration and colors. And I suggest science fiction theme.

Here we have a water planet. With lots of small stones islands. Lots of big stones. Planet is covered by ocean, but it is not deep. And lots of stones are here. Small stones areas. Ocean is not deep, about 1 meter or 2 meter in depth.

Planet is in influence zone of alien civilization. And they don’t expect you here. And from portals aliens space ships has arrived. And they automatically start to push humans station from this planet. Without any talks.

How much was explorers to surprised? At first, they were lucky to find planet ocean, not deep ocean, and lots of stones. This is rare luck.

And even more surprise about to appearance of aliens from portals. And they don’t speak and don’t have talks. And they immediately to go for active war actions.

They - aliens, have a interesting space ships of yellow color. It is another technological base. Nobody knows what they use to fly. And they shoot with energy. So, right now, having technology of move by portal, this aliens can go to Earth in a few seconds. And it is required to stop them. Until contact will begins.

I am a fan of Star Gate, it is such science fiction tv series. About sand and flying pyramids. So it is also a part of idea. And idea of gates – using them you can travel to distant places in space. Anywhere where they setup, you can go, using a combination, just like a telephone number. 

(1 edit)


Pixel art based on videogame Spiral Wave for game system TurboGrafx16. It is a kind of shooter game. Pseudo three dimensional and space. Game released in 1991 year. And it is in a kinda of After Burner and Galaxy Force.

And this is my pixel art, based on. When I first time to watch the screenshots, I take a decision it is some asteroids. But in three dimensional environment. So we are here in space. And fly around the center. And shoot asteroids. But in a point of difference from well known Asteroids games, here we have something like pseudo 3d style. It is also goes as such 8 bit space simulator even. I need to say clear, 8 bit. So it is the same as arcade, almost.

There are lots of asteroids in space and flying stones. Of course, it is not a deal without aliens. And as minimum ufo sausages. This is a theme of Asteroids. It is a pay of respect.

Atack of Galaxy Emperor

And asteroids, it is only a part of idea. It is possible one more idea. It is such as pseudo 3d action shooter in space. Like Galactic Force. You are flying in space straight forward. And shooting. With blasters. With synthpop music. And it is a part of cinema 80s style. Galactic emperor decides to conquest the Earth. And his imperial space ships are going close to solar system. And you are going to stop him. It is something like Star Wars 80s, in 8 bit vision. You are a pilot of a space ship. And by the story you are going into the depth of imperial fleet. Emperor is also flying in his space ship. And his space ship is the last one. And you need to fly over all the levels and defeat emperor space ship in the end.

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looks nice! you should make this game, with your own style ofcourse so it dont have to be the same game


Hello, Coa! Yes, thats right! Thanks a lot. Of course, i have lots of ideas, and it will not be the copy of Spiral Wave. It will be with my own visual and story and another type of gaming. And initial game is taken as a first step. So story can be placed. So in result it will be another game. YES!! You are right!

Travelling planet from lost solar system

Pixel art for today based on videogame Sinistron for videogame system TurboGrafX. It is arcade, shooter about future. Looks like, some aliens, one more time. And it is ok shooter game for you. Game was released in 1990 year.

And this is my pixel art based on. It is also 2d shooter. At the surface of a sci-fi planet. At the down you see green, and up – you see blue. There are surface and a sky. And strange mechanical and biomechanical aliens.   

Explore process of a single planet, which was thrown away from its solar system, starts not good. Deal is that, scientists get to discover a travelling planet. But, later, it was discovered that it is going by controlled direction towards earth solar system. All the time groups of explorers were lost at this planet. And at the time, when it is about 1 solar year to this planet as a distance, it was decided to send to this planet a group of space ships to discover more. And it is get the information, that planet change its course again. And now planet is runaway from earth solar system.

During the arrival, it get the vision, that planet is full of mechanical and biological forms. Mechanics and biology was a big factor of developing this civilization. And this creatures are not welcome the earthlings at all at this travelling planet.


looks like a fun game! never tried it

TurboGrafx has lots of 2d action games. About space. So you can try in emulator!


Pixel art for todfay based on Galaga 90 for system TurboGrafX16. This is most tyoical kind of game. It th the same Galaga. Left and right and shoot.


And this is my pixel art about this theme.

Green mystical labyrinth

Pixel art for today based on videogame Dai Meiro –Meikyuu no Tatsujin  for videogame system nes. It is japan role playing game about labyrinth.

And this is my drawing based on this. So, it is also labyrinth. Game labyrinth. You know, there is a castle with some big green fence. There is a castle and a big fence with a labyrinth. You are wake up in a middle of the labyrinth. labyrinth from a green big fence. You don’t remember what you were doing yesterday. And you are trying to walk labyrinth to the exit.

While you are trying to walk the maze, you find equipment and fight with monsters. Soon, you get the understanding, that according to the creatures that are around you, you are find yourself in some fantasy world. Unicorns, goblins, skeletons and fairies. The only thing you know, is that the only navigation point is a far away castle, it is the only thing you can see from this green big fence. Big castle. Soon it will get dark. You get the idea that you need to get the exit before it will get night.

You don’t remember how do you find yourself in this place. And goblins skeletons and fairies – strange creature. It is whole adventure ahead. And mystery castle at the rock faraway.

Starflyer Star: interaction with space gremlins at star Djois III

Pixel art for today based on videogame Galactic Conqueror for game computer Atari ST. It is shooter about space. It is what you need! So, game was also released for another computers. For example, Amiga and PC MS DOS.

And this is my drawing based on. Same conception. It is like After Burner for Sega, Maybe little slower, because it is space and a little simulation.

You are a pilot of a starflyer type Star. Fast and ready for far distance fly space craft. Such starflyer has Hyper-D engine. Such space avengers are inside of Space Union forces. Extending borders of Space Union, Space Union always try to coordinate actions with other space nations. If they are exists. As a rule, space is empty. And all the planets are free.

It were found interesting planets for Space Union around the star Djois III. It were several planets, that are very good for colonization. But nobody expects, how space gremlins arrived. They said, that it is planets under their`s own control. So they assert their right to star system Djois III. At first. And little later they assert their right for 50 star systems, which are already inside Space Union. 

For making words more powerfull they blocked movement of all ships from Space Union by perimeter of 50 star systems. Gremlins are roaring and speaks no more by high frequency radio. Plus to this, they move battleships slowly inside territory of Space Union. For making this a solution, it was send a second army of planet Terra 2.

Deleted 1 year ago

Robot and cyborg 500 – future defense

Pixel art for today based on videogame Eswat City under siege for videogame system Sega MegaDrive. 16 bit hurricane shooter about robot-cyborg.  Game released in 1990.

And this is my drawing. Here we have also robot and industrial environment. Year 2500. Robot is saving whole industrial region with big factory from terrorists. Terrorists attack this region. They need resource for their own base. And they take a decision for attack. But robot stops them. And later cyborg 500 has come. Robot and cyborg will clean this region from terrorists. Once and forever.

You have all you need, rockets and blasters, powerful jumps. And impact force. It is such a retro action about retro future. Just like movies about robots and cyborgs from 80s.


They have grown

Pixel art for today based on Galaxian. All of these bugs have already grown and start to fly in space. And they want to play their favorite game! One bug is stand against all other. And starts a fun!

Space Girl 1980

Pixel art for today based on title screen for Phantasy Star for Sega Master System. It is 8 bit game system from late 80s. And game -it is role playing game about space. Space adventures.

And this is my drawing. Here you see, Space Girl 1980. 1980 means, that it is retro theme, 80s. So, it is looks like it is not like Phantasy Star.  But it is ok. It is space girl she is travelling the space with the Ufo. She searches for different planets and explore them.


You have a knack for spaceship design.

YEs, i like space!

Explorer of planets – case at planetoid BRU56

Pixel art for today based on videogame Xenocide for MS DOS. Interesting action. Adventure and explore game. 1990 year release. Science fiction.

And this is my pixel art based on. Science fiction and explore theme. Explore man is landed at planetoid BRU56. At first glance surface is like moon. And here a lot of dust. But there is an underground base. At first glance it is abandoned. And it is time to make explore. There are lots of traps. And underground base is going to the deep of planetoid. Looks like it is a standalone world. World of stone, caves and constructions of metal, mechanisms and laboratory and rooms.

But actually, base is not abandoned. Here there are gronagroids, which are dangerous humanoid aggressive ufoids. They are looks like aggressive mutants with low intelligence. And also, Alkons are here. They have created this secret base. And with a special purpose. They made it to look like abandoned. Or it looks like it is with low intelligence gronagroids. And a real thing – it is a network of bases, you can move by them, by using teleports hall. Through which is going equipment. And that’s why bases can be empty.

Alkons closed the exit from the base and blocked all upper levels. So, you are here closed with gronagroids. And to get into teleport hall there is no access. The only chance – is to get into lower levels to the Alkons and to enter the teleport hall. To enter coordinates and to move into another place. But Alkon have said all these and disappeared from hologram. So now you and your blaster. And around is a strange base.

Galaxy Andromeda secrets

Pixel art for today based on videogame for MS DOS - Frantis mission II. Game was released in 1993. It is side scroller, arcade science fiction action.

And this is my drawing based on. It is also arcade, science fiction. Explorer and inventor, and nobody knows his name, is travelling through galaxy Andromeda. He cannot leave this galaxy. But there are lots of interesting planets inside Andromeda. Asteroid sector is a very interesting place for explorer.  Because of there are lots of interesting construction from ancient civilizations. There are lots of abandoned things left from ancient civilizations. Explorer has a mission to find a super technology of engine, which helps him left galaxy Andromeda. And after Andromeda – there are lots of another galaxies – places for explore.

Ancients left lots of abandoned bases. It happens more than a 1000 years.

As you see base is made of cubes. Cool thing, is that part of this cubes you can destroy , and have a walk, have a passage through this way. 

Ghost control department – after dark 24/7

Pixel art for today based on videogame Cross Wiber - Cyber Combat Police for console Turbo GrafX 16. Game released in 1990. About direction – it is, of course, action and platformer.

And this is my drawing. Policeman from Ghost control department starts patrol as dusk begins every day. And all night is fighting with ghost forces. Ghost alliance attacks planet Earth every night. All ghosts appear from parallel world. They are coming through special astral portals.

Not everybody can go to walk the streets at night. Because there is a chance to be caught by ghosts. They can take everybody to ghost world. Nobody knows what is it looks like. Human cannot exists in worlds of ghosts. Or they can absorb lifeforce. So, that’s why ghost control department exists. Threat is real. And it is existing 24/7. But as dusk is starting, as ghost are more active. And at night – it is easier to be here for them, until the dawn. After dark it is goes action time, killing fields.

Some ghosts can speak and during the day it is goes casual police investigation, but with ghosts.

Fantasy Fantasia

Pixel art for today based on videogame Final Fantasy 2,3 for system Nes. It is role playing game. In a fantasy world.

And this is my drawing based on this title. In a fantasy world there are different creature. They live in this world. Some of them are friendly and some of them are not friendly. I can often remember how interesting it was to discover some fantasy world. For example, in final fantasy. I remember first parts. With a green gras s and blue water in open world. And sometimes something always attack you.


very nice creature design!

Thanks  a lot! Your creatures are also cool! And you creations are 3d!!!!

King of devastation

Pixel art for today based on videogame Dynamite Duke for game system Sega MegaDrive. It is action game. About cool dude. With a big gun.

And this is my pixel art, based on. Overpowered hero. Super hero. He is standalone to the enemy base. And he begins his devastation road. King of devastation, he is. King of shooting, he is. King of big guns. And big explosions. Here we have, I hardly not to say at big screens… in a pixel art so kind of a hero.

Game what kind can it be if it will be done. So, it is so pseudo 3d style. Game is a tier. So, player move a little. And maybe even automatically. But mainly he controls a shooting. Shooting – it is main point. So, there is a screen, full of enemies and you need to destroy everything. So next goes next screen.

Of course, all of these, looks like Duke Nukem, Kind of hero with big muscles instead of brains.

Sorcery and steel

Pixel art for today based on videogame Golden Axe for videogame system Sega Master System. It is very popular videogame in style of action, beat em up. About ancient times. In a times when all questions were solved with steel.

And this is my pixel art same style. So, of course, I am very interesting into creating my own small games and apps. And for this purpose, I need to do different things. In this case - to draw. So, this time it is about to draw.

So, it is also everything is 8 bit. And it is also a clone of Golden Axe. But my own. It is main thing. It is also a fantasy about ancient times. Maybe even about a times about dinosaurs. About ancient castles. And evil sorceress. Sorcery always fright and attract. Especially in times of steel and swords.

In ancient times. It was a great warlocks. And it was a great sorcery powers. With using this you can control a big lands. To stand against, it is only possible with having even more sorcery power or with cold steel weapons. Even it was a whole army to stand against sorcery. So, warlock itself can use sorcery and potions. They can learn how to summon lightings. Or make a potion with stamina or restore power fast. Sorcery and steel stands against each other.

So it is such fantasy world. And it can be a simple fantasy game. 

Legend about mountains and plains

Pixel art for today based on videogame Lord of the Sword for videogame system Sega Master System. It should be adventure game. Action, it is. 2d walk game. Game from 1989. True retro. It is told me, that it is metroidvania.

And here there is my drawing. Adventure. Let’s move to the land of mountains. And plains. It is just over a winter. And started to grow a green grass. And citizens as always can do their casual jobs. King of mountain lands go to meet the people and say about beginning of spring. And start a celebration day. But it is about to appear an evil demon. And he takes a crown of a king and fly away. He will return crown in exchange for a land. He smiled and fly away. So, at this strange event it will not be the end. At the borders appears evil forces, demons and imps. They attack citizens and speaks evil spells.

Row of a well know adventures starts their journey to discover what does it hides behinds these events. Adventure awaits you in a land of mountains, plains, snow and dungeons. 

Cyborg – mechanized drive

Pixel art for today based on videogame Masters of Combat for system Sega Master System. It should be fighting. Such a combat. Game from 1993. It is easy to see, that it is based on action movies wave.

And this is my pixel art, based on. Here we have action. 2d action. Fighting – I have neve done them. So, to start with simple. Karateka for example. And this is a picture of action movie. You are blue cyborg. Everybody cheers the cyborg. And a man with welding machine speaks with him. And later it will be action.

Cyborg starts at the metro station into straight action. Dynamical action movie in pixel art. You are in underground. In metro. And you will crush your enemies. They are cyborgs too. And also, a criminals. Cyborg save the world! Cyborg! With mechanized fists.

So, a man in a welding machine makes last wire works and add some last details and give him a good words. You have a sigh name – mechanized drive. So go to help police. And make order in a metro. Metro – it is whole underground world. World labyrinth. Here there are lots of stations. And lots of dangerous elements. All of these after action movies.



Burner out 2500

Pixel art for today based on videogame Terminator for videogame system Sega Master system. Game from 1992 year. Abd this is action game, dynamic game. Based on super popular in those days movie Terminator.

And this is my art based on. And I have my own story. And it is also action. About same style. Alien robots are doing full burning out of infrastructure at planet Earth. These machines came from space. With one purpose - to destroy. Machines landed from the skies. And start to destroy civilization with fire. It has no chance to stand it. Pistols and machineguns can do a little to them, and they are equipped with lasers and blasters. At the ruins of civilization, it is going a final battle.

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Nice vehicle. I think you should clean it up. I understand that you work quickly and conceptually, but I'd like to see you take your sci/fi vehicles seriously.

OK! Thank you! Yes, i try to do it fast. You are RIGHT! Actually - i do them in 320 x240. And after- i do upscale (pixelated) to 800x600, thats why they look not clean. OK! I take this into account!


I use the open source Pixelorama to save time making pixel graphics. It has  a couple of intermittent issues. However, I'm rarely inconvenienced, and I get the feeling a big update is coming. I especially appreciate the feature to define keyboard shortcuts.

I give myself a try! Thanks! I use PAINT.NET for draw 2d. it is simple and cool functions. And it is free software. And it is all the time updating. Very cool soft for draw 2d! Pixel also!

Pixel art Drawing 2d 1

This is first clip. It contains drawing about January 2023. I show here 2d drawing. Pixel art. Based on different computer games. Paintings are my own. I draw them by myself. And idea is also mine. These painting – also can be named as a clones of another games. Each painting has its own story and idea for computer game.

DimalAga - Aga

Pixel art for today based on videogame Galaga 90 for Turbo Grafx. Console is superior, 8 bit. So, I heard a rumor even two 8 bit processors. But I am not sure. A Galaga – classic shooter for 1 screen. Some bugs are flying, but in space.

And this is my drawing this theme. So, I show you Dimalaga Aga. It is also clone of Galaga. It is about funny bugs. Bugs starts a funny game in space. And they invite you. You will fly in space with a space ship. And get score. For a good shots. Every shot is a bubble! So, this is not dangerous. And this is very funny! Game is funny! And this is only a drawing today. So, I say it clear.

So, at the very beginning, I think about to make only Galaga style of games. And to make them a lot. But all of these was in a state of ideas and dreams. So, today I have, few games. And I thought I can do a lot of them. At the start it was like this. And today, I only draw. It is more simple.

So, I had a thought to make a 100 games a year. So, imagine, I thought like these. And recently I saw  what can do a network MidJourney. So, something like this. So, a lot and at once. Well, maybe not a 100 a year, but a lot. Some less. But I thought like these. So, everything is a much complicated as a real process. So, I share these thoughts also. And one more -it has AGA in title. So, AGA is some retro ancient video adapter. Maybe, I am not sure .Like CGA. Anyway, this is my imagination, and my ideas.

So, it is a funny picture for today!


Spellika - new fantasy world

Pixel art for today based on videogame Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge for system MS DOS. It is role playing game. So, it is pretty advanced about role playing game. You need to explore dungeons. And gain new skills for characters. And you have lots of characters. I take for my picture CGA version.

And this is my drawing. About the same theme. It is a clone, you can say. But only a picture. So, I have a dream for a long time to draw something like this. And I think for a long time, that I cannot to do things like this. But this day has come. Today I get understanding. About a thing, that I can do something similar. And I am very happy.

And this is just a drawing. Programming – it is standalone task. And it is much harder than, drawing.

Here we have CGA colors, and it is few colors in total. And it can be also a game about dungeons and spells. Different swords and armor. So, as it should be in a party role playing game. I am a big fan of Might and Magic for myself. And I had a dream to play Wizardry too. But it is more hardcore game. So, I don’t play it year. 


Pixel art for today based on videogame Catacombs Abyss for MS DOS. It is action game about dungeons. You search keys. And lots of monsters. You are walking the dungeons, graveyards and destroying monsters.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. I dream for a long time to draw this way. And even almost can say that it is almost success. Even more, I dream about to make my own game this style. But it is a drawing only today. And colors are retro.

You are walking in a hood. In a dungeon. And from the hand you are doing a cast of spells. Fire ball, for example. So, this way, you fight with monsters. Collects elixirs and keys. It is darkness around. And lots of monsters. And you are walking by a simple labyrinth. And search for the exit from the level. 

Gladiator of supernatural – tower with competitions

Pixel art for today based on videogame China Warrior for system Turbo GrafX. Action based on different kung fu. Game released in 1989. Hero looks like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. This is one of the first games for this system.

And here we have a drawing made my me. So, I need to say, today it is Friday. Lest start Friday! And this means that in the evening – you can go to see your fav vhs records. Play videogames! Play videogames like kung fu. So, I watched a movie. About Bruce Lee. It was a tower. And actor walks different levels of tower. And fight with different opponents. They are very charismatic. It was such a movie. Also, it was a funny 8 bit fighting game-  Kung Fu. I like to play on NES in this game in old times.

And here you can walk the grass. After the volcano. After – water. After – forest. Swamp. Road. So, I see it as action game. But with different backgrounds. Each level – its unique theme. It is cool to make a different animations for move and hit. It is main feature. With a sounds like 80s action.

And game has a cool feature – it is a very big sprites for characters. It is interesting and attractive. And I select this game for drawing a long time ago. Some mystical monks are attacking. And main hero – action movie hero. Even gladiator, for example. Like some deadly fight. Mortal Kombat. Some supernatural force from other world is presence here.

And maybe- to make like in a movie. Tower. And you are walking every level of the tower. To fight next enemy. It is like beat em up and fighting. So, here we have two ideas. And it is a theme. Tower. And every floor has its own style. And its own defenders, and main enemy. First you are walking the floor and fight with defenders. And than – with the boss of the level. Half fighting – half action. Half fighting game. Such half fighting it was in a videogame Batman Forever for MS DOS, SEGA, Super Nintendo.

So, have a cool week end! Today is new retro Friday!

Robo danger – robots are everywhere!

Pixel art for today based on videogame Cobra for MS DOS. As you can see it is CGA style game and maybe it is action game. Different elements of interface it has at the game screen, so maybe it is something more complex about gameplay.

And this is my drawing same style. So, I think, id like to make something like walking the labyrinth style out of this. In a turn based mode. It is generated labyrinth. Random. And you are walking the labyrinth and collect data. And restore health. And search for new weapons. Game has a simple visual style. Few colors. So, it is a simple idea for a retro title. Story is about a future. So, robots attack the base. And you defend from them and search the data.

Data – it is keyword Z, and little higher – it is health. At the right at the big picture - it is a hero and his gun. At the left – ammo. And there is also at the left top – a windows screen with some information. For example, it is a concept.

So, I have a thought, that simple games – are easy to program. Simple – games with few possibilities about a logic. So, a turn based. 4 steps. Forward, back, left and right. Take object, and fire. It is all. Enemies moving random, like forward- back. Without special idea. And by random placed weapons and data, health. So, it is main to keep low possibilities, and not to make it complex.  

Geese in the sky

Pixel art for today based on videogame Shuang Ying for game console Nes. This game also has another title – Twin Eagle. It is 2d flying action. I am also a fan of this kind of games. But I have never played in certain this game.

And this is my pixel art based on this theme. Take attention to bright colors. It is a bright everything. Colors of the sky. It is kind and peace. You are playing for some kind animal. For example, as flying geese. Geese is flying bird. And it is peaceful bird. So common and go to fly! Fly, Fly! And everybody is taking fun in such kind pseudo 8 bit style game. But it is only a drawing.

Geese is playing in competition with other birds. To fly for the island. And he needs to overtake some levels. Ocean, different sky. You will see flying to you quails. And also, there are other opponents. You are shooting at them with something like paintball weapon. Small circles with no harm at all. This means opponents leave the game. And you need to avoid opponent’s shooting. And everything can go for 8 bit funny music.

Black Sector

Pixel art for today based on videogame Solar Winds Galaxy for system Ms Dos. It is a game about to explore a space. It should be between action and rpg genre.

And this is my pixel art. About this theme. I invite you to see a dark corners of space. In style of 70s and 80s about space tv series – Star Trek. In Farscape and Babylon 5 from 90s.  Space with its own mystery and puzzles. Techno dark fantasy. Empty and black space hides lots of puzzles. Dangerous and technological. Here you can find alien wandering ships of explorers. You will meet alien species. As friendly as aggressive at the beginning.

Space – it is, at first about a big distance. Distance  - that it is very hard to get into the mind. And energy is very valuable thing. Different kind of energy. Using energy, you can perform actions.

Explore different planets. Make a quest. And it can be like this. Right now, in terms of painting! 

Star Tau

Pixel art for today based on videogame Space Miner for MS DOS. Some space shooter. With typical case. But, I am, sure, it is very interesting videogame! MS DOS – power!

And this is my drawing based on this. I am cycled at Galaga, Galaxian and so on. So this is one more picture clone of same kind of theme. Bright graphics. Space shooter. Space. Something that it is bright and kind. Space and MS DOS and 8 bit.

Terra of islands

Pixel art for today based on videogame Neutopia 2 for system TurboGrafX16. It is role playing game. Action and RPG. Style of 80s-beginning 90s. Something like this was in YS. Also, a popular videogame. I also like something like this for system MSX. YS it has.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. All this kind of games – are games  adventure. And I draw even with retro theme. Style of Nes 8 bit or MSX2, or processor 386-486. Bright green grass, mountains, dungeons. Castles, location are between different dimensions. It can be different. It is about what fantasy can tell you.

 In my imaginary game, adventure starts with island. You are fisherman, and in some time all fish gone away. And you are go to ask what is going on. More you go more you get – you get that it is a portals from another dimension. And there are monsters on the island. Three were no such things before. All of these - are deals of evil mage from faraway island. So, this is beginning of your adventure. And dungeons awaits you, of course. Run through different location.

Take attention to the top. Two weapons you can take. It is fun. So, this is a retro drawing! And all the game – it is a pack of islands. At this magic land – everything consists of islands. They are connected with connecting ways. Also, underground. Or you need to cross a sea. All planet - it is islands. Each island – its own theme.

Space funny animals

Hello! It is a new week! It is space funny animals! They are happy and fly in space. Funny animals speak – hello!

This is pixel art. Maybe it looks like wallpaper. About idea for videogame. Videogame in style of kind and not aggressive game. You don’t need to shoot anyone. But how to play – I don’t know yet!

Avaks – magical world

Pixel art for today based on videogame Ultima VII for game system Super Nintendo. So, I can go crazy! Super Nintendo has this role playing game also! It is a big game. Explore in a fantasy world and isometric role playing game – so it is like this.

And this is my drawing same style. I invite you to world of this picture. It can be a fantasy role playing game. About events that take place in the island. It is a medieval and magic.

So, there is a water flow around the castle. So, gates are going up and you are walking into the open world of the island. A big adventure lays ahead. So locals have problems with a big stone that fall from the sky. Into the forest. So, you need to go to the forest. And learn fallen stone. So, evil has come with this stone, right ahead from the stars.

Because of falling rock, black stone - as citizens call it. Gremlins activates. They start to attack locals in the forests. And fields. Often to run into the villages.

Troglodytes – reptile kind creatures with poor eyes. They also went out from their swamp lands. Humans always never walk there. And trogls are like awakened. And they are often to go to roads to the swamps.

So, you are going beyond your castle walls to get what is going on. In underground part of your castle rats are eaten the earth and make a tunnels. And you are frightened. So, you already see a different adventurer. Every with its own motivation. Someone wants to become famous, Someone want to do something good, someone wants to be rich, and someone is dreaming about his own castle. So, they are very interested in what is going on.

Adventure must be big! So, one searcher of adventures told you before the camp fire this evening, that he saw cyclops near the caves. So, someone frights the sheep at the fields. And he has its own castle there. And he starts to looks what is going on. So, no big interesting, but he need to do that. And he detects a cave, that he never knew before. And he saw big three meters high monster with one eye. Cyclops. Cyclops were thrown a stones. He watched them.

But they detected him, and one greenskined, which he never sees before, start to run for him. It was a high ork or ogre. They were in a caves. So, fight with him was not an option, you know. And better run. And today, he thinks about what to do next.

And what is your plans, searcher of adventures? 

Starfall and stones

Pixel art for today based on videogame Columns for game console Sega Master System. It is arcade and logic. Like Tetris.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Also, such cubes. Colored. And you need to collect them in a color lines. It gives a scores. And also, you can see a bigger game field here. And at the top right – you can all the thing that will go next. Also, here it can go not only one thing, and several things can go for a step. Several things can fall down. At the bottom at the left and right – you can see a next step.

At the right – level, scores, and collected blocks. Languages are different so I don’t write it with words. Russian, English. It is a sketch, anyway. I trained cubes.

And such a trick. Starfall. Look at the bottom of the screen. There are some yellow stars. They are appearing. And when they fill the screen it will be a starfall. They will smash everything its color. And add your score. So, arcade thing! To have more difference with Tetris.

And now it is my drawing! I want to do all this games from pictures! And also, Dima has excel table with ideas – there are lots of everything!

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Planet of flowers with mind

Pixel art for today based on videogame Space Quest 2 for system MS DOS. It is a space adventure. Game is in genre quest.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Also, it is a quest. Also, about space adventure. You are landed in terms of explore on a planet. And you have discovered, that it is a planet of flowers with mind and its own civilization. Evolution at this planet goes another way. And flowers can speak, can think and move. And this magnificent discover turns you to stay at this planet more time. And to learn more.

Take in to account. Feature of Dima – context menu. So, in Space Quest 2 there is menu at the top, it a white line. And I - have idea to click on a person and menu ins drawing under the person. And there are actions to perform . Walk, look. So, because of different languages, I don’t write these.

 Planet is look like a forest. With flowers. But some flowers – are special.  They are big, and has a mind. They have their own civilization here. I am also to remember a soviet cartoon movie. Mystery of a third planet. It is also interesting sci fi. Not evil. But interesting. Explore of a space. It was interesting to watch it. It was also Alice there. Like Alice from wonderland. But in space.

Speaking flowers are very surprised with your appearance. They don’t understand how it can be a creature like you, where have you come from. Flowers are walking and spreading the seeds. After that, are growing flowers with mind or casual. So, it is works like this on this phantasy planet.

This planet under the light of a sunnies. They are special creatures - sunnies. They fly all over the planet and gives alight. So strange and interesting planet. It is adventure ahead! And this is a training picture.

Submarine explorer

Pixel art for today based in videogame Cosmo Fighter 2 for ColecoVision. It is a space shooter from 80s. Even before 8 bit age. So, it is pretty simple made.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. But in my case, everything is underwater. I move space to underwater. You are diving in a small submarine. And watched from top to down what is going on. So, you are watching peaks of sand. And more -it is more depth. But you don’t go deeper. And keep this depth.

So, it is a shooter, than you have a torpedoes. They have their own speed. And around every engine – white bubbles.

Funny n cool aliens

Pixel art for today based on videogame Galaxian for ColecoVision. It is one screen shooter about space. Space ship moves left and right and shoot lines of enemies.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. It is also a space arcade. In retro style. Everything is bright. And cool and funny. So, enemy ships are making a lines for shoot at you. So, there are another ship behind them. They are more powerful. And next- it is a cool thing. It is a part like arkanoid. You need to smash bricks. Like walls of bricks. They have colors. For smashed one colored brick you gain more scores. And, also, there are numbers. 1,2,3 they rise your score. And, also, there is a bonus square. And, also, some red lighting are flying. It is space events. Avoid them. Funny and cool aliens. It is up to this.

Retro simulation

Pixel art for today based on videogame Infiltrator for system NES. It is pseudo 3d shooter. It is a simulator of sci fi tank or something flying.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. It is at first – a retro. Simulation of some mechanism. I can suggest several themes. It is a simulation for nascar. With schematic graphics. Nascar with shooting. Simulation of tank or plane of world war 2 era. Well, lots of ideas about what it can be., According to schematic graphics.

It is a cool thing about this graphics. It is that it is easy to make all the picture in your head, using imagination. So, I don’t know now, is it possible to make this in Qbasic or Pascal. So, let’s take, that this languages has a moment about framerate. It is impossible to update screen too many times. It will be a flashing screen. But if more close to turn based way. Then it should be possible. So, this idea is a long time in my head.

But it can be also without Basic or Pascal of course. C++, for example.

Simulation of Nascar with low refreshing screen. Maybe. With shooting,  and to raise dynamic. Simulation of tank. Taking into account, for example, a big territory, field, for example. Maybe it can be a slow game. Simulation of plane world war 2. So also, is a slow thing. Sky, earth. And rare of enemies. Sometimes, you even never see them. Or not.

So, it was along time ago idea to make it retro!


Pixel art got today based on pictures of animals. It is owl, mole, rabbit, chicken, frog, duckling, bird, snail, two insects. And for the first time without videogames. Theme – just animals, insects. So, I had interest for a long time. So, it is not a sprites with a copy style from some game. And it is just pictures of animals. But, of course, they can be send into a videogame.

I want a kind game about these. About animals in the forest. So, I have such ideas. And I get the attention, that lots of games are about shooting. And action all the time. So, it is hard for me to give ideas about game process for a kind game. I think, something about relax, and simple game process.

Space cycles

Pixel art for today based on videogame Silphead for system MS DOS. It is space arcade. My variation is with EGA style of graphics. For MS DOS game released in 1989.

And this is my picture the same style. Also space shooter. And I have made it with few colors. For interest. And for making some serious atmosphere and space darkness. And I have watched movies from 70s Battlestar Galactica and tv series from 70s with the same title – start to watch. And I like a lot how it is made a space and spaceships in this movie.

Space robots cycles explore galaxy for a long time. Cycles they are called because of they never stop their plans. They can do a tactical move forward or backward. It is programmed by someone robots. They are good for some elements of self mind and self progress. Their aim to explore new worlds. At least everybody thinks like that. Nobody knows for sure.

By the idea, they can be some explore mechanisms at the beginning, with some weapons and algorithms for self-defense. But they gone through evolution. Their values is techno evolution, techno progress. Their machine language is not fully understanding.

And they to continue to scan sector by sector of space. They keep their bases, points of presence on a planets. Repair factories and base with building a new robots. Looks like it is all the idea. But now, they have learned to keep their space. And explore new, making them belong to robots. Calculation process in all the power.

But it is luck that their ships are all over the sector with a big distance between each other. All over star`s sky. And it is enough to not to give them a chance to build a base on a planet. And than it is not their land. So it is all the idea. 

Bulb – sunglasses and vinyl

Pixel art for today based on videogame Bomb Jack Sg 1000. For system Sega Master System. It is funny arcade. In style of 8 bit like Bubble Bobble, Bomberman.

And this is my drawing the same theme. I suggest my own realization. This is Egypt, look at it. Sphinx with sunglasses. And you are walking and collecting sunglasses, to be saved from hot weather. And you are collector of vinyl records. And you collect them too! And with you there is owl, and he playing same game too. Owl also wants sunglasses and vinyl records. And you are collecting – who is faster.

Every level is double sided. Just like a vinyl record. Level has side A and side B. It is just two stages for one level.

Every level has its own theme. It will be a level with green grass. And village house. Pond, lake, it 100 percent. And desert theme for fun will be. Camels at the background. And pyramids.

You are walking bulb. And it will be sometimes enemies - zombies. At night! Side A -it is day. Side B -it is night! Night of a living dead! AAAAAAAA! And it is mainly a kind game!

And it is also a game for collecting items. Arcade. Style of 8 bit games like BombJack, Bomberman, Bobble Bubble for MSX, Dendy 8 bit, MS DOS of late 80s-beginning 90s.

It is beginning of spring! It is a good time to play and have fun!

Electro fly

Pixel art for today based on videogame Final Soldier Special for game system PC Engine. It is space shooter.

And this is my drawing same style. Here in space, exists electro fan technology. Electricity and things like a wings of a fly. So, this is a way to fly in this sector for everyone. Electricity gives impulse and wings start to move. Good for maneuvers, gain speed and move.

There are lots of space bases in space. They are being developing every time. Whole big moving slow platforms. There are lots of interesting into them.

Big blocks of wires, concrete and metal constructions. Lots of electronics. And fan tech.

Fly style mechanized electronic space crafts are moving here and there. It is a big population sector, lots of everybody are here.

So, I have remembered good space tv series – FarScape.

Also, lots of space pirates. And you – to destroy them.


Moon of a king necromancer

Pixel art for today based on videogame Curse of azure bonds for system MS DOS. It is role playing game from end of 80s-beginning of 90s. Its own age. Wit hits own decoration of games. Fantasy adventure. With leveling up for heroes.

And this is my drawing the same theme. I take simple colors. Retro. Several colors. Also fantasy adventure about theme. It is a drawing like intro.

Moon castle begins to be dangerous again since this night. Time of defense spell is out. And king necromancer is rising again. He is greatest warlock of dark forces, and so powerful so he cannot be dead or destroyed. Only can go to sleep. For several years.

 Searchers of adventures are come from a coast. To destroy necromancer under full moon. Castle of necromance is full of different creatures. And it is a maze. So this is art for today.

Archon`s revenge

Pixel art for today based on videogame Strider for MS DOS. It is 2d arcade. Action game.

My drawing about the same theme. Planet Archon 23. Planet with big jungle. And plants. But there are lots of techno bases here. With robots. Big jungles – excellent cover for creating of whole network of techno bases, far away from everyone. There are lots of laser guns, and robots, cyborgs.

 Archon – is a leader of star network. Nobody sees him. He is hiding under the hood. Someone said, he is a cyborg.  One eye is lighting in a dark with red. He is fast about taking logic decisions.

Archon makes idea to big techno update of near planets. You are from star system which is near. You are with small group. To get understanding what is going on. To get information. Maybe technology. To go to archon and about near system.

Game is like contra. So 8bit or ms dos shooter. About scifi.

In grass – with first of may! Animals congratulate!

Funny and kind animals. Mole, duckling, chick. All of them are living in a grass. And amongst the flowers. They are water them. They dig beds. And they are living here. In this magical and all-time green place. With a lot of grass and beautiful flowers. It is duckling, chick. Mole and hedgehog. So, this is a mole, he is digging with a shovel a hole. So, hedgehog is watering flowers with watering can.

Duck is sitting and watching you. Goose also. Mole saying to you hello! Hello! Let’s be friends! Come to the field. Green field. It is a magic place! All animals are kind and good. They have intellect. They are not aggressive. And they are self-developing. And also, they are congratulating you with a holiday of work. 1st of may! It is good to work and have free time, to have a good life! Animals are living this way!

Hedgehog is doing something in the grass. And duckling is sleeping in the grass. It is all green and so good. Lots of bugs in the grass. And they are singing their songs. Lots of birds. You cannot see them. But they are exists. 

Plumber Vasyliy – search for wrench and water tube - with first of may!

Pixel for today based on videogame Heist for system Coleco Vision. It should be arcade and run game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Plumber Vasyliy came to fix the faucet in the house. There are many floors in the house. House – it is complicated labyrinth. There are lots of items inside. You need to find keys from doors, and use wrench for tubes, which are broken. There are some moving robots in the house. You need to avoid them.

Plumber is walking here and there and repairing everything. True worker. So here he can repair a faucet. Even in virtual house. Call a plumber Vasyliy when it is required! He repairs everything. So, picture - it is a such an art gallery picture. House is big. There are lots of brokens tubes. Labyrinth. Puzzle. Mystery from tubes and corridors.

Search a place with raining water and repair with wrench. Plumber Vasyliy is congratulating you with first of may! Workers and any workers too!

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Poporg – save pop vinyls

Pixel art for today based on videogame Rockman 3 for game system NES. It is well known game series. About something superman- human. It is some robot. And game is pretty hard, by the way. And with good graphics. With interesting, but hard game solutions. As for me, I don’t play it a lot, because it is too hard.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Also, some fantastic human. Walks laboratory and factory. And now it is only a pixel art. But, as I write, already, I count Rockman – too hard and tricky. I guess, that you cannot complete it without guidebook. I suggest just a platformer. Line way. Jump, shoot. Obstacles, holes, enemies. And that’s all. So, this way, at least, game will be easy to play. And for me personally much more interesting. He collects vinyl records and sounds. In music lab and factory to make vinyl records.

This is my introduction to you – POPORG. Just analogue to ROCKMAN. ROCK in a way rock music. And here is easier. And it is POP. Pop music, you know. And cyborg. It is a pixel art today.

Adventure of frog in swamp

Pixel art for today based on videogame Frog Bog for game system Coleco Vision.

And this is my drawing the same theme. It is start of a spring. And soon it is cool to start go to village. So, it is village theme. Frog is jumping in the swamp. By screens. Main -it is not to fall into water. You can by water lily and reeds.

Iksor – way through labirynth

Pixel art for today based on videogame Dungeon Master for Super Nintendo. Game about 1993 year from Jvc. It is about walk the labyrinth. Just fantasy role playing.

And this is my drawing the same theme. Everything is minimal. Dungeon and navigation and cursor. It is good to add some icon to menu access with characters. Minimalistic dungeon. Fantasy, goblins, sword and several spells. Small travel to dungeon. 

Elimination of Consequences

Pixel art for today based on videogame Operation Logic Bomb for system SNES. It is action. Colorful and sci fi.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Sci-Fi action too. About future. At the space station nearby planet RJ89 has been some error. Someone insert a virus into main computer and calibrate all robots and cyborgs to make a overtake of the base. It is started with magnetic storm. Magnetic storm was powerful and for several seconds makes errors in work of the station. And these storms are in for repeat from time to time. Station is based nearby big sun. And makes science explore. After that new robots makes invasion at the station. They had a big space ship, nobody sees it. And station gives a signal sos.

You have been sent to annihilate all enemy robots. And to restore normal work of station. It is your main goals. Activate again with new firmware all main computers. Restart them. Update firmware. And destroy enemy robots. Save scientists. As you can.

I see this picture as top action movie from VHS age. Or some game like Alien Breed for MS DOS.

Hot season – overtake of satellite

Pixel art for today based on videogame Rolling Thunder 3 for game system Sega MegaDrive. It is typical game of its era, typical action game. There were a lot of colorful action games with explosions and shooting for Megadrive. And all of these games were cool. And they are – games for Megadrive.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Also, action and shooter. In a style of yesterday`s blockbusters. Policeman is playing against mercenaries. In a faraway little town. Mercenaries have a force. And take control over satellite. Next step they try to take some locations in a city. And you will eliminate all of them. In this game. Saying the truth, this is a pixel art only. It is a classic action movie. One building, hero. Lots of enemies. For some reasons bandits take control of some building.  And for diversity of locations, it is a small town. And it is going nonstop action. Shooting. Explosions. All in a sort of Sega Mega Drive games. It is Mega Drive, at last.


nice drawing!


Thanks, man!

Planetary rift – invasion of a swarm

Pixel art for today based on videogame Terra Cresta 2 for PC Engine. It is rather rare console. And lots of games are built for this system. And with so exciting gfx. So, Terra Cresta is one of them. It is high class and with beautiful graphics. I have played in part 1 for Nes. It is also excellent.

And this is my drawing based on this. I also give myself a try to draw colorful shooter. About space ship. And result is not so colorful and beautiful as Terra Cresta. But it looks like a Nes. I think. In terms of this pixel art, I suggest to you to move to distant planet of other solar system.

Planet is similar to Earth style. Lots of water, sand, green. Everything is fine. But there was a ruin of old building. Unknown type. With unknown letters. And while research, it was opened demonic rupture into parallel world. And like a swarm it immediately started to fly out alien’s space ships. Now it is good to save galaxy. From this swarm. And find a key to close portal.

Animals at the meadow

Hello! So soon it is weekend! And to you, at the meadow, all animals came. Kind animals. Soon, you can run here and there with them a little. So, animals had their own deals all the week. They run, play in games, swim, who can, fly who can. Birds fly a lot all the week and they see a lot of everything. And with interesting they tell it to you, while drinking a tea.

Animal has lots lots of kind tales for you. Run for tea and come to the magic meadow. In these places animals are living. They say to you hello!

Let’s go and play! Friday! Animals speaks to you. So, owl has a many things to do. So, owl will drink a tea and fly to the forest at her house. At the tree. Do you know, that owl is living at the tree? And owl has a QBasic and Turbo Pascal. And 486 computer. And owl has her owns computer development. Owl is very busy with it. Owl can do programming. So, owl says wooh and soon to fly at her house at the tree.

Rabbit was eating a carrot. And stop it, to run at the meadow.  To have a good time. Rabbit runs into the rain. And hide from it under the big trees. And in any cost, he run at the meadow. So, bee is here too. Bee was sitting at the big plant. And watched everything around.

So, animals have a celebration day today! Celebration of Friday! All animals are going to go and drink a  tea! And are you going?

Blaster time – dinosaurs and bombers

Pixel art for today based on videogame Aero Fighters for console Super Nintendo. Game itself is from arcade machines. And pretty cool looks at 16 bits super Nintendo. It is typical and cool shmup.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Also, sci-fi action. In a nearest future earth has a power to open portals to another planets. Also, as earth style planets. There are lots of them. And they are connected with a portal network.

There are oceans deserts and forests at these planets often. But there is a feature. Time goes very different at those places. Some place faster and some place slower. So, it happened, that after several years after open the portal event. It was created a standalone civilizations with different level of progression. After that changes in time stopped. Phenomena is unknown. But, it is now, in such portals, at earth style planets a lots of civilizations. And they are standalone. And all portals are connected. And never closed.

Some civilizations can raise to level 20 century, some has a dinosaurs era, and some civilization makes a step forward to blasters. Between some civilization there are unions and with some it is a war.

It is 2d drawing showing picture with a style of shmup. Top down shooter. With sci fi story. And time difference. From dinosaurs to second world war and blasters.

Newcomers – desert and stone

Pixel art for today based on videogame Gods for game console Sega MegaDrive. It is  action. With interesting gfx. And game also was released for another systems. And commuters too. MS Dos, Amiga. I never played it. So hard to say about game. Some strange world. Ancient world like Conan the Barbarian. And unusual char.

 And this is my 2d drawing about this theme. Under star Clonus there is a planet. It is world of deserts. And about 1000 years it is goes explore of ancients things and magic. Magic is near with sword and power. Kingdom Atlusu creates world of stability at the edge of desert. And what is going on in deep desert- no one knows. There are lots of ancient pyramids. And lots of mystery of ancients.

Amongst two deserts there is a place for a big adventure. So, this is my picture is about. 

Pilot of a space city-platform – travel through nebula and planets

Pixel art for today based in videogame Gun Nac for game console Nes. It is a cool arcade with top-down view. I have played it personally. And I have it on cartridge. As a standalone cartridge. And I have played it last time several weeks ago. It is a perfect shooter with top-down view. I recommend this title to everyone!

And this is my drawing based on. And it is also a picture of a shooter game. Cities is building just in open space at the platforms. And these platforms  need to be defended. Defending systems are turrets and blasters. And space fleet from avengers. And such cities-platforms are flying in space. And they all the time needs such pilots for defense. And they are being in a hire all over the space. You are one of these pilots. And you are flying out of one of these cities platform into the space.

Your way is lay through different planets and different nebula. And you can also to see another city platform. As a point of getting fuel and get some upgrades. So, this way you can see all the space!

Dark stones – dungeon and forest

Pixel art for today based on videogame BloodWych for system MS DOS. It is role playing game about dungeons. It was also released for Amiga, for example. So, it is interesting walking dungeon game. At the first part of 90s. Fantasy.

And this is my drawing based on this game. Also, it is a picture about walk the dungeons. In retro style. Interface, I placed my own way. So here we have a medieval castle.

Full of mysteries. And especially nobody knows, what the way leads this long dark dungeon. They are going for many miles into the darkness. It is a very big network of labyrinth. Castle was built straight on an ancient place. And these labyrinths already existed. But nobody was in interest in those times.

It was said, that here were druids. And their magic circles. From the stones. And before them – it was elves. But they are gone. And before elves – titans. Some told that those labyrinths lead to the hell. And there is a sealed door, and you do not need to open them. And mainly it is just a rumor. From those who have a fear of dark places like forest or dungeon. And sometimes, from the forest, and from the dungeons a big rats can come. They are going to the fields from the dungeons too, a big rats. And for those who have no weapons it can be dangerous.

And a formal way to dig it out, were the rats. To make some final answer to question about - from what place are the rats. And they are from dungeons. But it is a huge and nobody knows the way. And what can be there. Some mages thoughts that there are portals to other dimensions. And some thinks that there is pirates base there. Anyway, everyone thinks what they want.

And old book tells that there are golems at one of the floors. You need to check all of this.

And it is a drawing. And it can be a fantasy tyle. If to have a dream.


Steel sand

Pixel art for today based on videogame Thunder Blade for console PC Engine. It is top-down shooter.

And this is my drawing based on. Also, shooter. You are flying at helicopter and shoot at everything. At the down of the screen there a control panel.  It is like simulation. But it is arcade. Of course. Somewhere, in the sands, in a country of sand it is going hot. But, not only because of sun. And from sand. But from the bullets, rockets. So here there is a big pack of enemy vehicles. Situation is going hot, and raise to its limit. And to the air, it is raising a steel bird. And you will lead this steel bird forward. Through all the stages.

Simple drawing about action top down. I remember, I have already made a draw about this videogame. But, it was a long time ago. And I wanted to make games about all the pictures I made. But it is only a drawing now. I need to upgrade my programming skills.

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Planet of swamp, metal and signal

Pixel art for today based on videogame Metal Mutant for system MS DOS. Some sci fi and, I think, cool action or platformer. About some alien. I don’t play it. But it looks cool.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. I was interested in screenshots for this game. And I decide to draw. Swamp planet in star system LG-24B. Planet looks like swamp landscape. Here there are a hunting plants. And it is only looks like Earth.  Because of green plants. Everything else here is different.

Planet was under influence of borg in the past. They use creatures like bio for their transform into borgs. And that’s why plants and animals and mechanism here with computer boards are mixed. So, there are mechanized birds here. And they shoot with lasers. Or bio animals with part from metal. Big quantity of metal is detected in animals and plants here. Big metallization level in anything.

All these creatures can be practically or full, connected with hive. So, hives – it is a control center – they are a lot of them all over the planet. And they are controlled by center hive. And next signal goes to space.

And this signal was caught in space. And it was taken as a signal of hello from aliens. But it is not as it seems. It is very hot at the planet. And lots of creatures. And all of them are big in scale. Fly kind creatures can be half meter or meter in size. For example. And they are fast. And can have some surface with metal. Which can be burned only with laser beam. So, animals and plants have metal cover and are good defense.

As soon as you arrive to the planet you were immediately scanned with powerful emitter. 

Fall of false vacuum square two

Pixel art for today based on videogame Mirage Thunder for MS DOS. It can be a rare top down shooter about space. According to screenshots. In a title there is hieroglyphs and it is or China or Japan.

And this is my drawing about the same theme.  It is also top down shooter. Complex spiral of time and space from another dimension absorb part of matter from this reality. Everything that was in those reality now exists in this new sub reality. And everything that was in this reality is now existing in new sub reality. False vacuum square two raise its density and sub reality absorbing like a black hole both realities. And it is going to be more and more stable. Wind of time catch empire of Three-L, empire of orange dwarfs, super dynasty of blue giant and union of earth planets. All of them now in new reality. And they try to find their star systems.

It is such a pseudo science theme. Like Star Trek. Like set lasers in anti phase. Shields at maximum power.

Funny creatures in a magical forest

Pixel art for today based on Pokemons for gba (GameBoy Advance). I have never played in pokemons for myself. But I am sure it is funny game and interesting gamer. It is such a funny creatures.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. I don’t want to make fantasy about a game this time. It is simple and funny creatures. Just like pokemons. They are living in a grass. And all the time have a fun. There are lots of them. And they are very different. And their main goal – is to have fun! And you can visit magical forest. And have fun with them!

Fantasy Pegasus – chained islands

Pixel art for today based on videogame Phelios for console Sega MegaDrive. 16 bit arcade with top down view. Instead of airplane here a human on a horse is flying. This is unusual. It should be a fantasy theme. I never play this title. But Sega is well known about lots of good action games with colorful graphics.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. It was a clash of continents, that are flying in space. And monsters and creatures from other space islands are going to the plains of Lor. Where lives Pegasus and humans with elves. Now heroes need to push back monsters, back to their islands.

By the way, spies speaks, that king of goblins is trying to go to the islands with his army with flying in space wooden ships. And it is he, who made this clash of continents. By changing course few of them. So, it will be now one big continent. He put chains of islands.

And dark elves are watching through a magic ball. And they are ready to enter this situation. And they already send to new continent a black dragon with several best warriors.

Island of plains is counting on you! Elves and humans are counting on you! Pegasus are also counting on you! That you will find a magic crystal and you can to unchain islands. And stop coming of dark forces.


Swampness and frog – in search of adventures

 Pixel art for today based on Jill of the jungle – jill goes underground for system MS DOS. And I played this game my times. In a different moments of life. Game has several episodes. And there is full version with all episodes. And speaking about retro it can be played today. It is very interesting game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. It is a picture style of Jill of the jungle. About swamp style. It is also a game about walk and jump style. But here you go forward. In original game levels are more tricky. And I make it simple. Jump forward and level done. Jump over holes. And as a weapon you have a throwing knife and big sword. And healing with yourself.

It is a adventures of swampness. From swamp. Searcher of adventures. And keeper of swamp lands and forest. This time adventures leads her to the plains. With her, there is a friend – frog. Big intelligence frog and helper.

Extreme situation - mutants go out of the base

Pixel art for today based on videogame Midnight Resistance for console Sega MegaDrive. Good action game. Like Contra.

And this is my drawing the same theme. At the secret bio laboratory about to making mutants, it happened something unexpected. Extreme situation. Mutants starts to go beyond the secret base. And you are super character like Rambo, the only one who can stop them.

Base is huge and located underground. So, lots of levels are here. And lots of defense systems. And lots of green big mutants. Which can crash walls with their heads. So, it is alarm around the base.

 It is known, that at the last level of base, there is most secret hangar with ufo sausage. And few of aliens.


Hyperspace Season

Pixel art for today based on videogame Darkxide 32X for game console Sega MegaDrive with expansion 32X. Something like space shooter, and even in 3d. That is pretty interesting.

And this is my pixel art based on. It can be a space arcade. With EDM music. It is such boom music like dance music or remixed when they are made with Ace Of Base, Madonna, Cher, this kind. Such style of music was playing in Ridge Racer 1 for PSX. So, under such boom music you need to fly and collect somekind of balls and shoot enemies ships. Because they are shooting at you.

Such retro arcade style of game. With just like 3d space. You are rotating all directions and shoot everything, who is flying near to you, and you try to catch all the balls. Balls gives scores, and bonus, more ammo and speed up.

Tomb of Necromancer and mystery of the old city

Pixel art for today based on videogame Eye of the Beholder for system MS DOS. Legendary role playing game. Walk the maze, train characters and dungeons. Dungeons and dragons. Game gives full feel of dive into dungeons.

And this is my drawing the same theme. It is also a drawing about role playing game. Walk the screens. Fantasy. Of course, dungeons. Old city keeps lots of unsolved mysteries. Walking the old city you find a map. And It leads to the tomb of necromancer. And you are going through a forest. And reach the enter. Door is slowly opening. And you are going inside. It is cold wind inside.

Step by step, you are exploring this labyrinth, as it is by map, it is huge. And someway it is connected with old city. And tomb itself was opened by magic amulet. Which you have find in old city.

And such explore of labyrinth. Different locations. And different enemies. Equipment, weapons and armor. Everything as it should be in such game. I draw something about Eye of The Beholder for the first time.


Pixel art for today based on videogame Super Star Force for game system, NES. Game is cool and with excellent graphics.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Space is huge. And there are lots of things in space. It was found planet with purple plants. And they are giving a purple color to all the planet. And it has mountains with sand stone color. And there are sand stone creatures of huge scale, they are living in this planet. And they are made of stone and sand and they are as big as dinosaurs. Big frogs, with height as mountain. They are most common creatures here. They can throw plasma balls as self-defense. And they have a big constructions and buildings. Every building is huge. So, there, they have a big machines. And space ships. So, mainly they just living here. And one of the entertainments for them – it is to catch a pilots, that fly to this planet.

So, they can speak with pilots and try get some knowledge. About where also exists big stone planets with grass. And then pilot can go. But first they try to catch. So, anyway, they are big frogs. And with intelligence.

Your friend, pilot of spaceship lost in this space sector. And you are flyting to the frogs. To get know, where is he.

Super summer racing

Pixel art for today based on videogame Outrun for system Amiga. It is very funny and summer racing with good mood. Just ride forward and have and enjoy the life!

And this is my drawing based the same theme. Ride forward and think about nothing! You are car fan. And just like to ride with a wind with summer roads. And this is your summer ride. Summer. Beautiful and good. One more time to race. And catch the wind. To watch beautiful landscapes. And watch river and forest.

So, it is time to open racing season in virtual reality! For positive. So, it is such arcade racing. Just like from arcade cabinets of 80s. 

Lap 8

Pixel art for today based on videogame Family Circuit 91 for game console Nes. 8 bit formula 1. Top down.

And this is my drawing the same theme. Simple 8 bit fun. Simple ride with 8 bit sound of motor. And in remember several times I was watching Formula 1 by TV.

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Absolute metall

Pixel art for today based on videogame Madouou Granzort for game console PC Engine

. It is a game about robots. And something Japanese.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. So, I think about this theme. And it is a drawing. And if it was to be a game. Then it will have 4 levels. It is short game. But two sides for select from. Blue robots and red robots. And 4 levels for each of them.

All of these robots. They are exploring the planet. And everyone is making it by its own way. Each has its own story behind. And they also clash with each other. It is like shooter explore. Each type of robots is building its own base on the planet. And make a line of their own explore process. Something like this, was in game Total Annihilation. It was also about red and blue robots. There are lots of metal at the planet, and robots need metal a lot. 

Friends rally for a thousand miles

Pixel art for today based on videogame Deadly Racer for system MS DOS. It should be a racing game. Like rally. With rather interesting graphics. But, it is not clear a point about why deadly racing. It looks like rally.

And this is my drawing the same theme. Racing. Just a racing game. Not deadly. Racing with a friends. Summer ride. While it is summer. And grass is green. Summer – it is best time. Bright sun, a little of rain. And lots of flowers and grass is green. Racing at the rally. It is some local competition about thousands of miles forward. Thousand of miles through forest. It can be around a lake or a river. It can be, simply, such isometrical racing. It is only a drawing.


Pixel art for today based one videogame Star Breaker for MS DOS. I don’t know a lot about this game. But it looks cool. Maybe, I need to play it myself. For interest. To get to know more.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Space theme. Retro graphics. It is main. You are flying in space and explore it. It is lots of unknown ahead and lots of interesting things too. You are flying in a circle ball. And explore everything. It can be modified. And you can go out of it sometimes. And, also, it can be, also like Commander Keen, platformer game. And mainly it is space shooter with retro colors like MS DOS. Space can be compared with underwater part of ocean. It has lots of unexplored too.

F1 long distance

Pixel art for today based on videogame f1 gp circuits for game computer Amiga. It is in genre formula 1. And here you even can change tiers.

And this is my pixel art about the same theme. Hot asphalt. And intense racing. With a great speed. Top down view. If something to happen – it is not you in a cabin. So relax and have a positive from a big speed. So, it is just a computer game. And if you crash – then nothing happened. Several seconds to lose, and that’s all, a little thing. But to be a leader in a race - it is critical lost in time. So, push gas forward. Control speed and make speed lower on turns. And one more - it is patience. Lots of circles ahead! So, it is a long distance.

Summer Sector – intrude from frontier of evil!

Pixel art for today based on videogame Gunhead Taikai for console PC Engine. It should be I good shmup! Flying and shooting! For all fans, who like to play 8 bit direction games at Friday!

And this is my drawing about the same theme. South space sector. Zone of summer. It was detected some robowarlords from frontier of evil. They make intrude under secret shield of invisible. It was designed special for intrude. And their forces rises in power. It is not in time! Cause in sector Summer no one wants it! So, special forces of Summer are directed to that region. Fate of summer is in your hands!

Maybe this plot, is a little like anime Sailor Moon and mixed with action movies. 


You have a lot of interesting designs and concepts that you are bringing to life through your work. That's the biggest plus.

What I am curious about when you say that you are following through with 8-Bit graphics in the vein of NES, are you sure you're not confusing what you are doing with 16-bit in some of these? The reason why I'm bringing this up is because 8-Bit style graphics have a strict set of colors you can use where you'd only be able to use 3 + Transparent pixels. Unless you're trying to Megaman sprites and use two layers per each sprite if you were to use more than 3 colors at that point the work ceases to be 8-bit.

The thing with pixel art is that it's not an easy medium. While it is a subset of digital art the thing is it's also very specific and has a lot of techniques given that it initially worked with with consoles that had limited processing power. Those limitations still remain true concerning the aesthetic of it.

You have the right attitude in going about making work, that's a positive that will serve you going forward. What I would do in your position is to try and find a couple of resources and learn some of the things and strive to push what you can do and achieve a level of mastery, then continue to improve on what you're doing to get to the next level after that. So on and so fourth. I look forward to seeing what you can do in future posts and I would encourage you to keep going with the medium


Hello! Thanks! Thanks for so big reaction! I understand. So you mean retro, you mean 8 bit in a direct way. So with taking into account all resatrictions and limits of the systems. So, MS DOS mean a real VGA or EGA colors, 8 bit mean real NES color sets. I understand. I think i can think about to have also this style. With limits of a real systems. Start for example, with using some color sets. Some CGA EGA color sets for MS DOS. Or some NES colors. 

And as for me, i use word retro, 8 bit and so on a reference to a style. So i really, dont know about real colors and limits of those systems. And i try to ssay some stylization, something like in style of... So, retro, i use as a some old style, so 8 bit as some old style..but , yes today i can do a different resolution, a lots of colors i can use while i draw. And it is connected with ..the point, that i am doing videogames with SDL2.0 library and it is pretty for for retro programming in C. I mean i can use modern powerr and lots of colors, but try to do something like retro... as id ean... but, yes with lots of colors, for example...

So, this is two ways now. OK! I try to check some simple information! Thanks!

Auto tourist – road for two weeks

Pixel art for today based on videogame Turbo Cup for system PC MS DOS. Retro racing. Game from 1988.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Player can have a big road, about a big distance. In style of Need For Speed Run. Long road, with some stop points. By the city roads and forest roads. Backgrounds will be like a lines with colors. And game can go by levels. Maybe, it will be enough of 8 levels. You are, going to be, auto tourist. You are taking part into ride. Aim – to move through finish line. Imagine, you have take a holiday. For two weeks. And go to this road. To ride with a wind. And to watch – what is it around you.

Game is with style of MS DOS. So also a retro note.

Astro-little monsters GGG-111

Pixel art for today based on videogame Mutan Zone for system PC MS DOS. It is a game of walking type and action from 1988 year. It is named as Mutan, not Mutant.

And this is my pixel art about the same theme. Astronaut makes a landing at small planetoid GGG-111. It was unexpected landing cause of problems. It is small and nobody interesting planetoid. It should be a big stone. But there is here atmosphere. Not good for human breath. And even its own plants. And lots of monsters. And it became a home for little monsters, this planetoid is their home. As Spock from Star Trek can say – It is fascinating! I do not have enough data. To describe this.

You space ship is broken. And some little monster takes some details somewhere inside the planetoid. Your scanner shows that details are in a big building at the most opposite part of planetoid. Maybe, he wants to eat it. But he cannot do it. And he takes them.

When you awake, and it was lots of little monsters around you. You need to go though all the planetoid. And maybe become a friend with them. At last, you have nothing, except of shocker and stun phaser. 

Block of robots

Pixel art for today based on videogame Star Dust for system PC MS DOS. It is shooter with top down view about space.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. You are lost in a time error. And find yourself somewhere on another edge of galaxy. Way back is a very long. And there are robots in this part of galaxy. They can help you. But, now, they think that you are enemy. And their mechanisms will attack you.

You need to fly to a center block. One small robot tells you, that all them controlled by central block. And, if you speak with it, then maybe he stop to program mechanism for attack you. And even maybe help you to go back.

And now, you are flying through big mechanical buildings and try to avoid enemies bullets. And shoot at any you can.

Territory and line

Pixel art for today based on videogame D.R.A.G.O.N. force for computer Amiga. It is something like strategy game. About war theme. Vietnam or second world war.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. But, it is as a picture from Amiga computers. And I draw it in style of Vga Dos colors. Game is schematic. And I think about it as a wargame. Or turn based game. Like first game in series Civilization. Or Colonization. It is about a theme, very not detailed, very basic, schematic about them of first or second world war. Details are at the level of. Rifle, machine gun, sub machine gun. Without details. And you play such little humans. They move as in turn based game. And story will be also in pseudo realism style.

Walk in pyramid

Pixel art for today based on videogame Tutankham for game console Coleco Vision. It should be a walk style game in pyramid. About archeology. Egypt.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Very simple walking type. It is just like top down view. It is good to collect treasures. And avoid green snakes. As soon as you collect everything level is completed.

Ancient searcher – castle with skeletons

Pixel art for today based on videogame Dragon Unit for game system NES. Also, game known as Castle of Dragon. Game released in 1990. Looks like, it is something like Castlevania.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Searcher for the adventures and explorer of ancient find some old castle. It was very old and ancient. Looks like, it was empty. But it was found, that it is full of skeletons. Just with the starting guest hall. Explorer decide to finish this adventure and go to the most top of the towers. And to get to know, what is it there. It should be some magical artifact. And by the way, during the way there, to collect chests with treasures. 

Wind and krakens

Pixel art for today based on videogame Hydlide for game console Nes. Game also was released for MSX1,2 in 1984. And in 1986 it was released  for Nes, It is action RPG game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. In magical kingdom it is appears a strong wind. And because of strong wind it is hard to move for a big distance. And wind brings also a cold. It is no way to get into the sea, now. It is a storm all the time. With a big krakens, that raised from a depth to the surface of the sea.

Tree of balance in a castle of a king was broken. It stops to grow. It is magical sorcery tree. And it keeps balance of the wind. And after the wind, and storm it will come later cold. And it is still not happens.  You are going to explore this question. And to find a solution to restore tree balance.

This is a picture based on retro action rpg. Style of Nes, Msx1.

Little bee and little spider

Pixel art for today based on videogame Bee 52 for game console Nes. Game is from year 1992. About bee, that collects honey. It is kind game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Little bee and little spider are playing in the forest. Little spider can be in air with spider web. And little bee can fly. In a magic forest it is all the time summer and everyone has fun.  Forest, field and trees. Grass is green. It is good in a forest. It is good in a field. And  8 bit style videogame, or like MS DOS retro something. And I have remember some kind games about Mario and little monkey Donkey Kong.

Little one eyed and little two eyed and little lots of eyed

Pixel art for today based on videogame Kid Clown for game console Nes. It is a game from 1993 year.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Funny little one eyed, fully little two eyed, and funny little lots of eyed, they are playing in a game. They are jumping with a grass and trees. Jump over clouds. And collect balloons, they are all over the place. And later they see who collects more. And drink a tea every evening. 

Invasion phase 1

Pixel art for today based on videogame Argus for game console Nes. It is a shooter about a plane, with top down view. Science fiction.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Invasion at planet pro-12.78. Lots of starships move down to planet territory, to bring end to the long time running conflict.

Federation raise, at last, huge forces and make a plan of final invasion at the planet. Resistance forces at the planet pro-12.78 at last will be fully annihilated. Destroyed.

And you are taking a part in phase 1 of invasion. It is most hard and very valuable part. Space fleet of resistance is already destroyed. So, deal is for a small thing. Take planet under control. Make this invasion. Be one of the first.

Story of a scout – search for a magical flowers

Pixel art for today based on videogame Bards Tale for game console NES. It is role playing game. Just like early role playing games. Adventure with first person view. Something like Might and Magic. But its own way.

And this is my drawing about same theme. Story of scout. Young explorer and scout is travelling along lands of kingdom if Rokglen. And in one tavern he hears about interesting tale about Scorpion’s flower.  This flower is in full darkness. And it has a magic power. And a community of dark magic fans are very interesting into it. Their house is near the tavern.

Also, you know, that far away from the city, there is a cave with dragon. And if you defeat this dragon, then you will have a great treasure and gold. And lots of things, that are keeps in this place, from other brave adventurers, who cannot defeat dragon.

And also, it was told, that under city, in catacombs there is a underground river. And if you travel by this river – then you se a magic island. It has lots of plants. And it is a point of interesting for a scout. First of all, he is here to explore new flowers and plants. To become a master of flowers, he need to learn a lot of them.

And around this city, there is filed and a forest. And swamp. So, it is a first point of your adventure. So, you get a scouts emblem in community of young scouts. And you try to explore everything around.

It is a rumor that in nearby castle, evil sorcerer kidnap princess. And in another nearby castle, rats are start to disappear. It is very strange event. And it was told by people, that there is a connection with master of thieves called Rattler second. He has a dream to be a new king.

So, flowers and adventures are awaiting for you! Explore flowers and collect. And try to make tasks about adventures. By the way scorpions flower, it is  song of Moonspell. And drawing is also based on Might and Magic.


Funny field with little animals

Pixel art for today based on videogame Arkistas Ring for game console Nes. It is action rpg. Something like Zelda 2. And it has 125 levels.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. In this game you are at the field. At the big field. Summer. With trees. And little grass. All around you are running here and there different little animals. Dogs, dinosaurs. And you need to play with hem. Game field. And with animals. You are running to the animal. You stroke animal. They have fun. This is a game. As soon as all animal are happy you are going to next level.

Programmer 3K

Pixel art for today based on videogame Hacker for game console NES. So, I know almost nothing about this game. I thank, it can be China game, some fanart, like this.

And this is my picture about the same theme. Joke, funny moment. As I get it, in original game, this picture is taken from movie Matrix. And rebuild in 8 bit. And I have this draining. It is super programmer 3000. Programmer 3K. Videogames, at first part, they need to be programmed. So here it is. So, press start!

Enemy sector A1 – persuasion of supercomputer

Pixel art for today based on videogame Die Hard for game console PC Engine. Game is released in 1990 year. And it is written that it is in style of Bloody Wolf, but not so cool.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Enemy is detected, at the territory of sector A1. You are sent straight there, and you will find a super computer B2. You need to persuade super computer to left this zone of combat actions. For this purpose, use as argument a diskette, that you will receive. Insert it in disk place of super computer. If super computer will not agree - then destroy it.

But, before it, you need to enter in deep of enemy zone. There are lots of enemies, lots of machines. You are going alone. For secret purpose. Use weapon, you can find. It will be lots of weapons.  Next your goal – to find a computer base. Enter. And reach supercomputer.

So, recently, I get the news about announcement of new game style Contra from Konami. So, game will be same as 80s game. As idea it will be the same. So, I decide to draw something like this.


Pixel art for today based on videogame Truxton for game console Sega MegaDrive. It is space action.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Space - is like ocean. Big and dark. In depth of space there a conflict between cyborgs. Cyborgs cannot divide solar system with lots of metal. And they start to produce lots of attack techniks. Two sides of cyborgs. And they cannot take control over this solar system. Around red dwarf. It is distant from its star planets. They are rotating around very big orbit. It is very cold in these places. And lots of metal. Cyborgs need metal. Cyborgs eat metal. For them it is as valuable as gold for humanoids. Cyborgs made everything they need out of metal.  They restore powers and do modifications with metal.

Every cyborg lives at its own small factory. And groups of cyborgs are connected into big sector. And two groups of cyborgs cannot divide some planets.

Genetical X

Pixel art for today based on videogame X Men Game Masters Legacy for system Sega Game Gear. According to info, it is a very cool game. With beautiful visual. And even more  - it is about x mens. X modified, as I can say.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Zoliks made modified mutants and he tries to capture un tamed continent at the planet Alt-2. He uses a time shift. And use his lab in another time moment for making a new mutants.

Korig – general secretary of planet Alt-2 sends special team of genetical modified workers of security. To get information about Zoliks and his plans. And to stop him. If it is in need - then using force. 

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Nice work!

Have you ever tried the (standard, not extended) PICO-8 colour palette? It's pretty cool.

Hi there!!!!! I do not know a lot about PICO8. Mainly, i am about... BASIC, PASCAL, VISUAL BASIC, DELPHI and C/C++ programming. So PICO is not in my point of interesting. 

Good policeman – man vs army of ninjas

Pixel art for today based on videogame Bad Dudes for game console NES. 8 bit action. Just like action movies 80s.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Good man, and policeman walks in the local city area to have a walk and look around, have a nice time. He is here for few time only here, he is new. He is moved from another city. And here whole army of ninja attacks him. But he knows how to fight with hands. And that’s why it is not a problem. He is going to pass all the area. And to get to know what is going on here. And why ninjas are in the town. And even at the daytime.

Story in style of action movies 80s. Not very clever. But maybe fun. 

Monsters schoolboys – all starts with a cassette

Pixel art for today based on videogame Monster Party for game console NES. And these are amazing 8 bits!

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Human schoolboy and human duck in other world of twilight zone try to catch aliens mutants from spiral spiritual galaxy. Schoolboy with his friend duck are saving world from invasion of otherworld monsters. They are doing these by nights. And by the day they are going to school. And here are some mystical tape Lady Gaga with album that is not exists – my little monsters. It is also in this deal someway. It is starts after human duck brings to human schoolboy this cassette to listen. And now they need to save the world! And listen to the music!

Second world is dangerous to planet Earth. So, turn on record and go to a strange world. Interaction between monsters and humans can start also in other parts of planet. So, maybe, you are not alone. Of course, you are not alone. With you – cassette – My little monsters and your friend human duck!  He is learning in a duck school. He knows a little about monsters and how to send them back.

Album My Little Monster definitely worth it to listen and it is blowing mind record! It is lots of adventures ahead! And human duck is already running to you with a bag. He just ends school for today. And it is soon evening. So, beautiful red dawn!


Village house days

Pixel art for today based on videogame Bibble Buffet for game console Nes. Maybe, it is or role playing game, or game about farm. In format of 8 bit. Some kind game or adventure.

And this is drawing about same theme. You are at the farm. It is a place for summer. And lots of summer things to do. You need to take cabbage, carrot, clean the grass. To make harvest to grow and collect it. So, at the field lots of things are growing. You can play or for a human or for a robot helper. Together they rule this farm. Every farm – it is little labyrinth. Which you need to go. Between farms there are little doors. And you need to find a key for them. And every farm has a little house, you need to bring everything in a house, everything you collect. When you receive all things – you pass a level.

Sarah Brightman and world of spiders

Drawing at the music theme. Miss Sarah Brightman. From the front cover to the record Symphony. It was, I can say, my favorite album. For some time. It is such pop, rock, musicals, and, of course, a little gothic. So, it has lots of things. And here Sarah Brightman in red. It is a standalone theme. Lots of photos in the internet from tour symphony, where she is in a red dress.

And, this is my drawing about arts to the front cover from album Symphony. Sarah Brightman and world of spiders. It is a world of grey sky, and big constructions. In a view of like gothic cathedrals. They are rising to the sky. And all the world – it is big buildings. From stone. Or big forest. With big trees. And spiders. Different spiders. Not required them to be evil and like hunters. It is just a world of big stones, big buildings, grey sky, and big forest with big trees. Spiders are big and small. Kind and not so kind.

Album from Sarah Brightman, it is in someway gothic, but not evil. So, it is a such a fantasy.

So, I remember I had some point of interest into fantasy literature. A long time ago. And I still do not read world of spiders and chronicles of sink world. So, now, I make my own tale. And, also, I remember in a movie Mortal Kombat, it was a scene when Johnny Cage from the forest appears into world of scorpion. And it has lots of grey buildings from wood, dust. Web.

If to fantasy more. So, it can be a quest about such world. Gothic. A little grey. But not evil. Pixel quest from first part of 90s. Or arcade like afterburner, where Sarah Brightman runs at the big spider. And someway control other some spiders. Fight with other spiders. Spiders in this world – instead of horses and machines, cars. So, I can imagine like this.

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Your art reminds me of flickgame games (because of your screen resolution and colour amount).

Maybe have a look at It's probably the most simple game engine out there. Also free, exports to HTML5, and runs in your browser. I had some fun with it a while ago:

dwarven fort

gross up

camp fire

HI!! Wow! Ok, i think i need to check this. So u have fun with it. OK, isee. It is some fixed colors. And low resolution. Ok, yes, i like this. Something like MS DOS, or NES. 8 bit, for example. And i see - u like something like this, but do it your own way. 

 Sarah Brightman in red

Pixel art about music theme. Miss Sarah Brightman. From a cover of album Symphony. So, it is now starting autumn. It is age of rains, gloomy weather. And colorful leaves. So, I think, this album is suit good for autumn. It has such songs as Running, Fleurs Du Mal. There is a song with a singer from Kiss Paul Stanley. Album it is pop music, and gothic and, as it is a rule, for miss Brightman in style of musicals and classic too.

And, I am, also, like a lot visual look for this tour, in red dress. So, it catches me a lot. It is very colorful and beautiful. Some kind, Alice in wonderland. But, I can also say the same about another albums. But this time with elements, of some gothic. Gargoyles there are a the cover.

And this is my picture the theme. So, I redraw cover, just like this.  But in my style. In style of MS DOS, retro, 16 bits, 8 bits. So, I can say, it is first pictures of this kind. I start from this interesting artist.

So, this art can be a part of some text story. Text quest. But it requires to draw a lot and write a lot. And, also, I can remember someway intro to Prince of Persia 2 for system PC MS DOS. It has a very interesting intro at the start. Like a story. It I something like this, but style is another. Alice in Wonderland, of course, also. But, a little more gothic. It a world of big mushrooms. And dusty abandoned places. Maybe, a little of gothic architecture and surrealism someway. Or at some sci fi planet of a strange civilization. In a videogame Torment Tides Of Numenera there is something like this. 

Little dinosaur in a huge forest - search for a friends

Pixel art for today based on videogame Lost World the Jurassic Park for game system Game Gear. It is arcade game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Kind little dinosaur is searching a friends. In a laboratory scientist give him a mind. And he became clever. He begins to go to school. And now he is searching for a friends. He is running all over the forest.  And he looks what is here and there. And forest is so strange. Little dinosaur never seen such a forest before. Here we have a wooden houses with scientists. There is some stones. Some passages are blocked. There is a trees - with levels of ground. And all this is open to discover. And search a friends.

It is such a game explore style. Run and jump.


Pixel art for today based on videogame Ys for game console Nes. It is role playing game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. In the kingdoms of Kseolargla it is all calm. In one night of this silent nights, it happened. Sky was shining with fires. And from the sky it was a fall of stones. Big stones. They came from another worlds. Big fired stones were new islands. From stone and metal. With them also came a new creatures. Later they were named as monsters. And now there are places where monsters can live. It is dark forests. And whole stone islands.

And soon it was appeared on an iron islands an evil sorcerer Woreks Warpeks. He set some lighthouse. And he collects monsters. Some of them are intelligence. General army of monsters also appeared on some iron stone from sky. His stone more looks like a castle. And it is in the air. Just in the sky of kingdoms. General army of monsters even do not tell his name.

A near sea land it is already under lighting strikes attack. And some dark creatures are falling from the sky. No one see them before.  They are try to hide in a forest.

Strange forces can create from falling stones a big continents in the sea. And in the sky too. Some lots of time ago it was something like that in the kingdoms. And everyone already forgets that. It was a towers of defense a long time ago. Which works by them own and defense from some aliens from the sky. But these towers are already in ruins. And everyone even forgets where they are. It was also a books, using them you can to create a spheres of defense over kingdoms and create new storms and lightings, and control them. But everyone forgets about those books.

And it is time for a big distance travel.

Zuks Voks

Pixel art for today based on videogame Xexyz for game console Nes. It is arcade and platformer. Drawing is interest for me because of buildings with stones and big heads.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Lots of stones buildings. Big heads from stone. And some small robots. With a strange look. They are walking and shoot with small balls. They are self controlled. You are in a special costume with triangle helmet. Walking and explore what it is.

Planet was discovered using parallel portal. Archeologist dig ancient stone head. And open a portal. Archeologist take his defense suit on and jump into portal! 

Cyber medic – task in space

Pixel art for today based on videogame Cyber Knight 2 for console Super Nintendo. It is role playing game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Cyber medic is sending at special task. Space base was under attack of pirates. And everyone already forgets about them. But they appeared again. It was a message that they moved into another space sector. But they do attack again.

Now you need to heal all survivors and repair all robot helpers. And start base in auto mode again.

Cyber action in space. About medic.

Pinguin at the funny space station

Pixel art for today based on videogame Knightmare for 8 bit computer MSX.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. You are – a kind pinguin with antenna. You are walking by colorful blocks. And you need to put all the eggs as in Tetris by colors. In a corner. What way it should be played – I do not know. It is just an idea.

Little pinguin is walking all over the space station. He lives here. He has lots of friends. Another kind animals. Everyone is busy with his own thing. At the funny space station.

Pixel art Drawing 2d 8

My 2dimensional drawing during august 2023. Making pictures based on different videogames, but by own way.

Visit my website for videogames, programes, modifications, and some music.

Dima is doing small games, programs. Retro theme.

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Dima Link - is a developer of videogames, programes, modifications and music.







Pixel art Drawing 2d 9

My 2dimensional drawing during september 2023. Making pictures based on different videogames, but by own way.

Visit my website for videogames, programes, modifications, and some music.

Dima is doing small games, programs. Retro theme.

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Dima Link - is a developer of videogames, programes, modifications and music.







Planeks12 – new bugs and cryogenic octopuses from space

Pixel art for today based one videogame Paranoia for console PC Engine. It is 2d shooter.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Cryogenic flying octopuses are awaken from great sleep. They are awaken after gig octopus. But for a thousand years at the planet appeared new life forms. You are new bug. And you are flying at the space ship to solve a conflict with octopuses.

Bugs for whole thousand years learn how to build a space ships. And fly to space. It is now, that on planet Planeks12 now lives bugs and octopuses. So, a lot of sand and water are here. Lots of green and grass. It is very interesting planet.

Cryogenic octopuses are flying in these galaxy. But at this planet, it is a home for a new bugs now. And octopuses are sleeps in sands of the planet. And in forests too. And also, they are awaken from some space, and fly here too. 

Space cargo and taxi – though all solar system

Pixel art today based on videogame Major Stryker for system PC MS DOS. Drawing is based on intro screen. Game itself is top down shooter. About space. And also, for MS DOS. I have played this title a little!

And this is my drawing about the same theme. You are space carrier of cargo. You are fly about different planets. Listen music. From different planets. Rock from Mars, Disco from Earth. And you have a cool life!  Insert cargo – and let’s fly.

 At Venus, start to live intelligence giant flies and insects. One day big dragonfly invites you as a guest to drink some Venus tea with krotkidloglonom. It is local thing, instead of sugar. And at Mars, at some science lab, scientists has made big smart mouses. And they become a rockers as a fun point. So, they are become bikers mice from Mars. So, this is a things going on. And you are transporting a new bike from planet Earth. And there is no such thing at Mars today.


By the way you are also a space taxi too. And you are delivering to Fobo and Demo – Satellites of Mars, two friends,  intelligent scientist mole and several humans scientists for science conference. And smart robot dust cleaner needs a firm batteries from Jupiter. He does not want another. So, you need to put in a plan also this planet. So, there lives different scientists and some humans too. They have lots of big cities. By the way, your friend from Jupiter asks you to bring him a vinyl from Earth with Pesnari. You just take this vinyl.

In a last moment, some passenger asks you to take him on board. He asks you to take him to space station MIR12. It is not far away. It is most close point on a way. And you agree. Intelligence plants from other side of Venus suggests you some delicious fruits and vegetables for transport thing though a galaxy. Well, I can think!

Funny style game style of space carrier or space taxi. With cool, art style like games for Sega MegaDrive like Earthworm Jim or Comics Zone. Or funny themes from PC MS DOS like Commandeer Keen or some other cool games for MS DOS. Like Cosmo Cosmic.

Destiny and adventures in a world of fire and ice.

Sprites for today based on videogame Fire King for PC MS DOS. It is role playing game. And idea of picture is taken from screen with select characters.

My picture about same theme. It is characters for role playing game. Style of explore dungeon, or something like Might and Magic.

 Searchers for the adventures. There are lots of them in the kingdom. Everyone wants to be an adventurer. And explore most different things. Old castles, towers of sorcerers, ruins with dungeons. Deep forests and wide deserts, cities, there are thousands of them. Thousands of cities and settlements. A whole territory for explore.

Somewhere in a distance, a star fall. Someone say it is a good sign, someone say it is bad sign. You are selecting your destiny. And you are going for big adventure. You are suggested to transport a message to another side of the world. And if you do this, then you receive a castle.

And you will need to build a lots of things in the castle. And for this point - you will need to solve more stories. And have a battle with a dragon. Explore ruins of necromants, visit village with a ghosts in winter. To speak with giant bees to not to attack citizens. It is a second list, you receive from king. It has lots of tasks, that you can solve during your adventure. And you can to add in this list all the quests you find as a new quests during adventure time.

And as you left city, you start to see a forest people, and they ask you about help. They do not have enough of arrows. They need them to defense from bandits. Arrows you can take from the city, the city you have just left.

You have seen a raven that fly after you. People speaks, that some druid or necromancer are watching you. Maybe they can suggest you some adventures. But anyway, you are in a list of adventurers. And in every tavern you receive apples, and you can sleep.

Weekend at the island

Pixel art for today based on videogame Adventure Island for game console Nes. It is rather well known and kind 8 bit game about walking. And jumping. Arcade.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. In your weekend you are going to island with little kind animals. They are your old friends. Ant is flying at the cloud. Sun is kind and smiling. Sun can speak. And birds and parrots are running after you as a whole pack of birds. Tree is running after you.

And you are riding with skate. And you have endless number of eggs in your hands. And you can throw them. In a little evilis-zluks. They are also are living in this island.

So, at the sky dinosaurs are flying and some smaller birds. So, it is cool place here. And you are playing with ant, which is flying at the cloud, who is faster to get to house of ant. And as a prize – tea with leaves. In a circle of a friends. Kind little animals. Little parrots can sing you a song, it is their new funny song.

Colorful sweater – a man in a colorful sweater

Pixel art for today based on videogame Spider Man vs Kingpin for game console Sega Master System. It is arcade about a spiderman! Sing a song Spiderman, spiderman! Something is doing. I do not remember what is next.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Man in a colorful sweater. He saves you from the bandits of the streets. If you are in a trouble – then make a call to a man in a colorful sweater. He, of course, is not a batman or superman, but he can do something. By nights he runs at the streets and make put everything in order, clean the streets from the bandits. He has a website in the internet. And all the citizens give him a requests.

 Some bandit hires lots of mercenaries to get colorful sweater out of game. And now colorful sweater has lots of things to do by nights.  First of all it is good to punish all the bandits at the streets. And get who is main bandit here. And beat him. Like Michael Jackson does. So, this is a plan for a colorful sweater.

He can moves a little like Michael Jackson. He can do a disco. Firm kick in style of disco. And he has a tube with him. And with it he can do a heavy metal to the enemies. Everyone knows that colorful sweater all the time is listening g to the music. Every night – a new record. He is also a blogger and talks about music new releases.

Big start- all crazy racers are included

Pixel art for today based on videogame Breakthrough for game console NES. It is 8 bit arcade. It should to be.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Racing game about rally. But not unusual. And different formats. All in one. Like 8 bit cartridge 100 in 1. So here can take a place - automobiles of different classes. Jeeps, sport, rally. And also, a helicopters. Buggy. And most different vehicles about transport land and air. All are taking place in one competition. Something like this it was in a videogame Big Red Racing for PC MS DOS. I liked it a lot. To race.

I also can remember Micro Machines, Rock and Roll Racing. So funny isometrical racing game. So do not seat at one place – select  what you will drive or fly. And forward! It is crazy racing. So, you can start a race any time! And racing is goes 365 days in a year. So, you can go to start line any time. And race! So, see, someone is fly at some light helicopter with air bag. One seat helicopter. And someone is riding slow at car retro 80s.  

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Messages and adventures – a message from 10 kings

Pixel art for today based on videogame Ax Battle a Legend of Golden Axe for game console Sega Game Gear.


And this is my drawing about the same theme. As idea itself it can be another. It is some 2d adventure with elements of role-playing game. It can be something like early games of YS for console Super Nintendo.  Or like Zeliard for PC MS DOS. So, it is 2d action adventure. A little role playing.


Your way is lay through forests and mountains. You have passed mountains. And have passed deep forests. To enter defensed lands of sorcerer Arglik. It is last magical lands. There are lots of ruins here. And somewhere it is even snow. Arglik is living in the castle. It is a rumor that Arglick – it is a lord vampire. And nobody sees him during the day. He all the time in a dark cloak and can fly. That’s for sure he is not a typical human. Your way is lay to his castle. To bring him a message from ten kings. To invite to evergreen castle.

And next your way will lay though rivers and swamps. There are living gremlins, goblins, rattlings. And strange little forest people, they are like little humans. You are also need to give them an invitation. In a place where it is a one big swamp, there are living a frogs, big intelligence frogs. There is invitation for them too.

And for last time, in a sands, near the sea, there are sands lands, where lives a jeans, that can control fire. And people who travel to this place using ships. They came from no one know places. Now they live there. Near the sea at the sands lands. There is a castle of stone council. Nobody knows why it has such a name. There are rumors that it is controlled by 16 mages. Mages of a stone castle. There is invitation for them too.

And next your way is to go near the mountains. And forest again. And plains. With invitation to elves and people of bright green grass. People of bright green grass. They call themselves like this. There are living big bees there. They are doing a delicious honey. And foxes and bears. And also, there are living there a lepricorns at the corner of the plains.

At your way you will find lots of adventures.

Robotized Police 2100 - case at New Earth IV

Pixel art for today based on videogame Metal Mech - Man & Machine for game console Nes 8 bit. It is a game about a robot. Shooter. About sci fi theme. Sci fi action. You can also to get out of a robot.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Year 2100. Artificial satellite of Mars. New Earth – IV. It is going to the end last clashes with pirates and outsiders of galaxy. Pirate fleet is broken. There is no more smuggling.  And pirates has no income. Powers of outsiders are defeated. And they are pushed to the most distant asteroids of Kuiper belt.

All that powers of federation are required – it is to enter a robotized police. And eliminate rest of pirates and bandits. You are a pilot of a robot police. And you have landed at New Earth 4.  You are came here from Mars.

Main aim – it is to search for leaders of pirates in every sector of a city. And eliminate. Also, to find the main from powers of outsiders. And eliminate too. It should be some cyborg.

Good news are came just about your arrival. Pirate fleet is run into mine field ahead of Mars. And was destroyed. Powers of outsiders are partially shadowed in Kuiper belt. As it was expected. But they have no resources.

At the New Earth IV it is still exists big syndicates and cartels from pirates and outsiders. So, with them you will have a thing. You are allowed to use rockets, machineguns, blasters. And everything you can to use.



Mutational asteroids – mutation growth is expanding at asteroid belt and planets of colonies

Pixel art for today based on videogame Metal Fighter for game console Nes. It is space shooter.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Somewhere in a depth of space. At asteroid belt. It was a critical case. It was a laboratory which was exploring something unknown. And it was a crash of asteroid at that place. Laboratory was destroyed. And after ten years, it was starting to grow a mutation growth. And they are rather life capable and aggressive. Now all this bio growth are rather independent and they defend their territory. They expanse a lot.

After incident at the lab. It was decided to forget about this case. But now it is becoming a reality. Mutation process are starting to be more intense. And now about a half of asteroids are under influence after mutation growth. And far colonies already run into this mutation growth. Someway mutation was transported to their place too. And it is in case of that nearest planet is about whole light year.

All these mutation growth are rather standalone, autonomous and they are also doing everything like a collective. And this is a making a problem.

You space fighter need to put it to the end. 

Dragon master -  a movie star at tournament

Pixel art for today based on videogame Fighting Hero for game console Nes. It is fighting. From MegaSoft. Game from 1991 year.


And this is my drawing at the same theme. Movie star of action movies are invited to make a new movie. About them – intertime competition about fighting. In a scenario it is written that it will be a ancient China, Egypt. And a space ship. As you arrived, you were attacked by some fighters. It seems, that they do not take into account, that it is only a movie. And decorations are very natural.

As soon as your helicopter landed – so you have just notice you are in an unbelievable decoration. Ancient China. Asia. Something like that. And you are under attack all the time with some ninja and kung fu fighters. Maybe, it is made for more natural camera recording. But this was not in a scenario. Effect of unexpected action. As it can be.


There was a scroll at the floor. It was a papyrus. You can read it. It is written something strange.

You are invited to a tournament, which is going every 50 years. Tournament about to a name master dragon. Go to a temple of a dragon and defeat master. Later explore sands and pyramid and defeat pharaoh. And next at the space station have a fight with alien cyborgs. And you will become a master dragon. At the space station it will be resurrection point in case of you lose. And you will be sent back to your world.

Young ranger and prince in search of dragons and necromancers

Pixel art for today based on videogame Indora no Hikari for game console Nes. As I can see it is role playing game.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. I can to remember a tactic role playing game Shining Force for Sega 16 bit. I can suggest drawing about tactics.

You are young ranger. You are living in a village Karila. All of your life you are dreaming about a big adventure and to see a red and blue dragons. Your friend swordsman Rog is very interesting in adventures. He is very interesting about explore mystical lands Argnalaksa. It is a land of necromancers and ghosts. Prince has come to your place and ask you to take him into adventure. He can do a healing and use a short dagger. Thing is next, that king do not let him to go into adventure. And he dreams about adventures.

And it is everywhere a kings defenders knights. They will not fight with you but they will try to stun you. And to return prince to castle. King get to know about prince and try to find him. And he comes to you. And speaks. Let’s go to adventure. Help to avoid kings knights. As soon as we left city walls. He gives you a map of a kingdom. Behind a castle walls – there are forest people, friends Bu and Du. And they are training all the time with little axes, to throw them. And they can do a useful potions. And friend,  girl with name Ju Ju can do a spells. Green magic. Very rare thing.

With such a team you can expect a big success. That’s for sure you will see dragons and necromants. Weather is nice. And it is feeling you need to go.

Pixel art Drawing 2d 10

My 2dimensional drawing during october 2023. Making pictures based on different videogames, but by own way.

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Dima is doing small games, programs. Retro theme.

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Dima Link - is a developer of videogames, programes, modifications and music.







Cyber invasion – invasion army of cyborgs from future

Pixel art for today based on videogame TimeLord for game console Nes 8 bit. Game from 1990 year. It is 2d action videogame. Just like action movie.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Cybernetical league break intertime balance of power in galactic structure B2-9-1-3-6-AG. And that’s why cyber league is now about million light years from theirs place. And in another time interval. It is planet Earth 21 century. Rather primitive place for cyborgs. But cyborgs find a source of atomic energy here.  And this is valuable for them. And they, cyborgs, make a decision to build a bases in planet Earth of 21st century. And to set here a intertime and interspace portals. For easy to move. At their maps they mark planet Earth as Source of Atomic energy 21st century.

You are a policeman who was in a patrol that night. And discover army of cyborgs. And call for support. But until support forces to appear, you take a decision to move first and enter the enemy base. And try to stop them. Now, by radio you know that army is on the way. But it will arrive in 24 hours. For full start of operations, and start to attack cyborgs. You have 24 hours. In a critical case it will be atomic strike.


Dima Link is making retro videogames, apps, a little of music, write stories, and some retro more.


Small green house – little door to another world

Pixel art for today based on videogame Otaku no Seiza - An Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy for game console Nes. It is role playing game from 1991.

And this is my drawing about the same theme. Good boy walks in the field. And he finds a special enter to a little house, some small little house. He never sees such house at this place before. House with green rooftop. And it is about one meter at one meter size. He walks inside. And he finds nothing interesting there. And when he left the house – he finds himself in another world.

There are lots of summer here, field, forest. Mountains, volcanos. Whole country for explore and adventure. And a little door to a little house with a green rooftop, there is not such a house anymore. There are lots of little animals, they are running here and there. They can speak. They are smiling.  And play. And they say that little boy needs to find another such little house with a green rooftop. To return back. But where to find – they do not know. They suggest to play a ball. And after go to drink a tea.

Little boy go to a town. It is main there - it was a rabbit with a hat. And rabbit tells that gives a green key from a such little door. But key it is one deal. And to find a little door – it is another task. And he needs to find it somewhere else. And in everything else, rabbit invites everyone to a tea. All little animals are going to a tea.


Dima Link is making retro videogames, apps, a little of music, write stories, and some retro more.


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