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which assets can we use?

SIAG Game Jam community · Created a new topic Platform

Can I make a game for the NES?

Wolves Jam community · Created a new topic Platform

Can I make a game for Android?

I am from Germany. Can I submit a game?

DGS Second Jam community · Created a new topic Assets

Can I use sprites from

Can I make a game for Android?

I make  a game with the player-sprite of the classic "Barbarian". I make it in javascript/jquery.  I work now in this night further on it. And after my work I make it on.

hello, I am making for this jam a racer-game with Unity. And I need a song. Preferred mp3

i have uploaded now the right version!

screenshots often don't say the truth how the game is. But maybe someday I add screenshots to my games.

the reason is: I am too lazy to make screenshots! :) But today you have downloaded fast a game, and many games of mine have only 6-8 MB.

I am making a little game with the graphics from "Mario 64" from the N64. The game is named "Yoshis Dungeon". I never had a N64, but my best friend and we played before 20 years every day on his console. The graphics for my game I take from

you can use an Android-Emulator (Bluestacks for example)

Ohh, I have last week started with a game for Android. Should I make it further on, or export it to Desktop-Game or Browser-Game?

I am making a Browser-Game with winter-backgrounds. I try now javascript/jquery, I have not much experience with that. My other browser-games are made with Monkey X (framework). But now I try jquery, I hate on Monkey X, that it's dead. Nobody use it and I don't find any answers when I have with it a problem.

I make an adventure. There are buttons like open, take etc. Moving is with cursor-keys. I have found great music for the game on

thank you for your mail. I have taken the false exe-file. The right one is at work and now I have holidays. On 3.1.22 I make it new!

Curdle Jam #21 community · Created a new topic platform

Can I make a game for Android?

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I am grown up with C64 and jump up was always joy-up....Why spacebar? with the cursor-up it is much easier. And pressing escape-key you can leave the game.

It is not the best jump'n'run I made, it was not enough time to make a really good game. Well, I had must the jump making high only when you still press the up-key. I have made some jump'n'run game where you only jump so high how long you press the cursor-up. Sorry, I forgot!

I have made the game in holidays, I coded it in the hotel and in the train.

I am making a game about a commune in Africa. This village is independet and they have their own religion. It is a little unexplored world. I make it for Android. I love sci-fi/fantasy games, too.

Toast 2021 community · Created a new topic theme

how is the theme?

yes, very good music! He makes his songs on an Amiga!!!

better late than never.....thx

you can sollect extras which makes you faster

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I have made a little "Enemy Generator" Tool for table RPG this year. For this jam I would take this prog and advance it to "Enemy Generator II" (I have made only pics and the main abilities. For this jam I would increase it with skills, languages and other things). Is this allowed?

It is like a labyrinth. You must find the shrine of shub-niggurath.

you must go under the temple and then cursor up. i have now tested it, it works.

Wolf Pack 2021 community · Created a new topic wolfes

should in the game the wolfes be friends or the enemies? should be the player the wolf?

you enter the temple when you getting down and then up to the entry. then comes a riddle.

Thank you very much for your help!! I have fixed it.

You must collect the diamonds. They are spread over the whole forest. When you have collected all you have won.

you need a C64-Emulator

SHMUP JAM 2- Neon community · Created a new topic Platform

Can I make a C64-Game?

make "L)ook doormat"

my game i making now is horror and haunted but not halloween....must it be all three?

sorry, you need a good computer for this game.

what is the theme?

Ludwig Jam community · Created a new topic theme

what's the theme?

is there a limit?

GameJamPlus 21/22 community · Created a new topic theme

is there a theme?

ja umim jenom malenko cesky. mui babicka byla czech, sto slovi ja umim. divaku znamena "theater", nebo? prosim vas to rikat to in anglicki. co je to thema a jsou vsechni eninges allowed? co je ta teamsize? which assets i can use?