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discord not working on my computer.have you facebook or cocuun?

hello, I am searching for a musician. Your music sounds great!

thank you!

where are the results?

thank you, the theme of the jam was great. the models are from

no, there are no results

there is a timer running!

in the begin you must press space-bar

you must sometimes wait a few seconds

thank you. yes, some buying options would be nice

yes, that is for my next shootemup: Increase the firerate of the player. but then you should need more than one hit per enemy (I love the pc-engine games, where you hold the button and you have massive autofire) for my next game i make it

yes, i am full-time-game-developer. Yes, I will maybe participate on your basic jam, then I make a game with my lovely Blitzbasic

ohh, that i didnt know

yes, maybe that could be better

thank you! 

yes, you have won!

i have tested it now, the monsters below me doesn't die when I shoot and I am above. Maybe that happens only in one case of enemy, when the collide-box of it is maybe too big. The graphics of the player is i think inspired by the game "Turrican" of 1990

yes, there is not much difference between the levels. when you come to the next level you get extra-points. I made the hitboxes a little bit smaller, so it's easier. ok, no pause-menue

not the theme! the limitation!!

thank you for you mail, yes, some sound fx would be nice. The jump attack is like in other games like Mario. Yes, the enemies could be on the platfroms, too. I had to make some birds flying above.

you can cheat? Ohh, that I haven't checked, I made this game in only few hours. Yes, the music is great, it is by the best musician of

ok, that is what you mean. I like the jump, when it is little bit slower, so you can good control during the jumping. I make the jump in most games so. When it is too fast, it is much hectic.

what you mean is wrong with the jump? the music is by the best musician of

i have made, that the enemies can fly, because when they only walk it's too easy.

thank you! the music is by zhelanov, the best musician of

yes, the aliens look weird

thank you! It's only a little game...

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try emulator

LDPlayer4 is the best

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we should use 6 assets from

But I have found an asset-pack there, that is enough for one game!


yeah, its by one of my favourite musician

the ghost says that he likes all sweet things

it's okay, I have made only a little game. no ranking is ok.

that you don't expect of the mighty Lord Chaos (of 'Dungeon Master')

i have fixed it now

thank you! the game has no end, you can play it how long you want. the graphics are from and for a mobile game.

thank you for playing! ok, the foes could be better, but I ran out of time

thank you! I make now Unity three years

the music is very dark and heavy. As I heard it first time the singer I was shocked but I let the song in, it fits to Lord Chaos.

thank you!

framework of "Monkey X"