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thank you for playing

sorry, we have seen now your jam, not earlier. can you make the deadline to 29th february, please?

thank you! but when i would make it like you say, it would be a little bit to difficult for the player

thank you!

for attack i switch only the sword about 90 degrees

thank you for playing

it was only for fun

in start-screen you must press space-bar

i want to make a game for this jam. can i take your song "nostalgia" for it?

thank you!

i hated always Valentine's Day, but this year not: I made this year four V-Day-games

yes, i have not made gravity. there was no time left (3 hours only)

thank you!

thank you!

thank you for playing! i never made valentines-games, but this year is different: i start now my fourth Valentines-Game (although I havent a girlfriend)

thank you ! It's everytime a challenge to make a game in such a short time

thank you!

thank you, i find the graphics on

thank you! I made the range of the enemies range(0,800) over the whole screen, so it can happens that they appear on the border of the screen

yes, it is an old-school-game

thank you!

thank you! yes, maybe the player should have a lighting aura or so

thank you!

thank you! ok, there are no sound effects, sorry, but i chosed a nice music track

this is the most beautiful women of them. The other three are created with AI. Martina I don't know, I found her picture on facebook.

Thank you! Larissa is made with Lexica AI

in the start-screen you must press space-bar

thank you!

Byliff by Bardon (

i release now the demo of byliff in some minutes

hello, are you Professor Maple? Discord isnt working in my computer anymore. Are you it?

you need to install python on your handy

thank you! yes, the overview could be greater, it could go over some screens

thank you!

thank you

thank you very much for your mail!! I have fixed it. Ok, it's not a real Yu-Gi-Oh-game. Sorry, I dont know this game. I only found the models of this game and decided to make a game with them.Maybe I had to give the game another name

thank you! ok, the hitboxes could be more precise

thank you for playing! ok, it could be little bit faster, yes

thank you for playing!

thank you!