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This pack looks amazing!

No problem.

I did an unfinished prototype once of a game with ball physics. It made me realize that ball physics can't always be perfect without ruining the physics. So I added a "Restart level" button to the prototype, which seemed to fix it.

That might be a simpler solution if a more direct patch isn't possible. Though, it can still have its downsides, such as people utilizing it at the last second when a ball is about ready to go out screen, to fun the game.

The ball got stuck between the two sides of white bricks on level 2 for me, bouncing back and forth in a pattern but never going back down.

That being said, this game is still amazing.

Looks cool. I like the shadow effects and the overall atmosphere.

Sounds interesting! Interesting concept.

I'll make sure to check out the game page as well.

I think the art is okay, and fine for this type of game, however making the game an Android .APK, with no other options or platform options, may limit your audience a bit.

Though, I understand that deploying an Android game in a way that is accessible has its challenges, too.

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1. By marketing the game on third-party websites like Reddit, and by being patient to let more people discover you, which will usually result in your list of followers building. Also, using accurate and relevant tags on the game page can also be pretty important.

2. That's a good question. One way is by having an active presence on itch forums and seeing who likes rhythm games, who doesn't. Possibly making some friends along the way as you participate in both related and unrelated discussions, etc.

3. If I'm understanding your question right, one way of gaining followers and interest, is by trying other people's games and leaving good feedback on them. I realize that not everyone is a game developer, but I feel there's no shortage of them on Itch, either. And I feel that sometimes, they'll return the favor - trying the games of other people who have tried their game and commented on it.

Looks fun!

And it's good to see Vector graphics getting some more representation.

I see it as a transition.

And, well, transitions tend to add to games (in my opinion at least).

I've used all four lately, except maybe "fresh".

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Games like this can be a little hard to program, so massive respect there.

If you continue working on the game, my suggestions are to expand the tutorial more, and make it so the trees don't overlap the UI.


I haven't played too much yet, but I can already tell... this is going to be really cool!

I like the graphics as well.

Hi, here are my observations:

1. This game not only worked well on Windows, but it worked on my MSI handheld PC as well - with only the occasional slight performance hiccup.

2. The graphics and music are pretty amazing! And I really like this game.

3. The movement of the ball while rolling appears a little too "slick" for me, making it difficult to cut tight corners while navigating.

This looks really fun!

I like the animations, and the overhead perspective.


I played through a few levels so far. This is such a wonderful game. Thanks so much for making it!

I plan to play it some more later.


Looks great!

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Looks cool! Great visuals and fast action.

This is great!

And given that it's low-poly, I'm thinking it might look great in Mobile games too.


I feel this is an exceptional game with charming music, good graphics, and good replay value. I really like it. It may even be among my favorite indie games.

The only thing I'm unsure on is the speed of the enemies. They seem a tiny bit fast relative to your own walking speed.

Another, more cosmetic thing you might consider is whether you should put the .exe in a .zip folder. I know this game isn't a virus but sometimes, Windows can be a bit temperamental when downloading straight .exe files that aren't massively known, but for some reason is less so with zipped .exes. Anyway, this is just a suggestion for discussion or consideration. It may be good to consult others besides myself on whether to zip a .exe or not - I just know that with my Windows, there's a process of basically saying "Yes, I'm sure." multiple times when downloading any straight .exe that isn't a common household name.


Looks awesome! Another good detail to the game is the large crowd.


Thanks for playing, though!

This Dream Is Good But I Don't Like It

Clever idea!

Sounds interesting.

Looks good!

I doubt I have a powerful enough phone to play it, but I enjoyed the video.

Cool. Congrats!

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Hello. 5 days ago, I released a Visual Novel on the subject of being an indie game developer:

This Visual Novel is now on its third chapter, and covers subjects such as starting as an indie, getting feedback from playtesters, being unsure of yourself and the game you want to create, and competing in a Game Jam. While this Visual Novel may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, and may sometimes make light of certain situations, overall the plan is to eventually end the Visual Novel with an encouraging message. And to try to end most chapters on a high note as well.

I hope you like it!

Link: You Are An Indie Dev... by TheMetalCarrotDev (

Looks great!!


Great game!

Hi, pleasure to meet you all.

I'm an indie game dev who started making games as a hobby in 2022, but didn't start to pick up speed with game development until 2023 or after.

I've hit a few of my personal milestones so far, including releasing a game. As well as a few not-so-milestones, such as starting a Real-Time Strategy Game as my first coding endeavor, then being unable to finish it.

Well, that's me.

No problem. And thanks!

I updated just now. It's not a huge update, but there's a bit more content added in later sections.

Thank you!

And sure... I check out a lot of game pages and read a lot of comments. So if I see someone making useful comments on a game page (even someone else's), I might give them a follow. I do that sometimes. I also tend to play other's games too.

Looks good! Nice, sharp-looking art.

Hi, this looks good and I just love the idea!! Really cool!

Unfortunately, I ran into some difficulties, as well. For some reason, there was about a 20 second delay from when I said something into microphone, to when it registered the command. I'm not really sure why. Although, this was on a MSI Claw handheld PC - these handheld PCs can be known for not having as refined of drivers as desktops PCs. I feel it's no huge deal for me either way, I just like the concept of voice command gameplay.

Looks good! Especially for a first game.

I like the art.

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I respectfully disagree about some of the points in the OP - about the internet being less hostile at a certain point, about fun being the main consideration of games (though it can be).

The rest, I see the point, though. I can understand that game development can become taxing. And I may not always agree with everything said, but I respect your right to say it, especially coming from a veteran game developer like the OP. If anything, I was happy to read an open, candid take on things.

If I may make a suggestion (without asserting my opinion as fact), it's that I'm starting to see yet another shift in the state of the industry, though it might still be too soon to tell. If I'm right, well, I'll just say that such a shift could end up good or bad, but either way, any shift of course could change current assessments, even if it might not erase the problems of the past.

To be honest, I see an "Are you sure?" button as a good idea.

More so with there being some powerful tools on pages, such as a "Ban" button.

I haven't tested any of this myself though, so I'm kind of going off assumptions here.