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Dima Link 3d theme

A topic by DimaLink created Jul 27, 2022 Views: 338 Replies: 6
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So, this is new begining! A new raising sun day. New step. This is about 3d models in blender training art. 3d models i have made. With some description and comment! Lets GO!

First 3d

First time, in life, I give myself a try program Blender. And I have created row of a simple low polygonal objects. For example, table, chair, sword. Everything is consisting of several elements. This is first probe. I understand nothing about 3 dimensional objects. And all the time, I was thinking, it is hard, even in terms of simple things. But, doing it simple, in result is also easy. Right now, all objects are simple connected together different geometry figures. Plane, rectangles, cones.

Of course, I even not start to learn this program properly. So, now, it is without textures. Like Nintendo 64. But, objects filled with color, not texture – personally for me, looks interesting. In terms of lowpoly retro graphics. So, this is first attempt.

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nice model.  have fun learning blender its a very nice program in my opinion


Thx!!!! Yes, learning should be fun! If you really need a result!!! Yes, it is very good program. 


i said it because i had much fun learning it and im still learning

You are right!!


Simple regions

So, I start to learn 3-dimensional graphics in program blender. It is most simple landscapes. It is for training. Most simple landscapes with grass or Mars, everything red, you know.

Three-dimensional graphics very differs from 2d drawing. Like pixel art. Here at frits goes objects. Some change to this object. Very complicated interface for program. It is good to learn, hot keys.

And in main, here we have grass, to walk in the grass, it is cool, because it is summer soon. And to travel to Mars.

It is like a region. So, in some, three-dimensional strategy games. Total Annihilation. With, for example, different landscapes. Heights. In idea, it can be very interesting. Idea is that landscape makes a big affect on physics. And landscape is very different. Water, mountains, plains.

Yes, I like to dream! And now it is only a pictures from blender.

Reach the base

So, you have here a transport vehicle and a tank. For some imaginary strategy game. It is 3d scene without animation. In blender. 3d scene for training.

So here is the story. Tank and transport vehicle are moving through the forest. It is 2 units. They are moving through the forest. Base is waiting for them. They are sent to go all the forest. They are carefully exploring landscape and need to reach base point. So, enemies can be around. Very different. And while you have a tank, it is not ultimate force. There are engineers and builders inside the transport. They are required to build a base. Base you are moving to, it is a few buildings not developed base. And you need to reach it. And start full scale build process.

So, if it will be a strategy game. It is a mission to explore and carefully to move. To avoid enemies. But you will have a fight. And you need a tank for this purpose. So, you need a find a way through a forest.

So, I all the time dream about a game like Total Annihilation or Red Alert. But my way, of course. And now it is most simple 3d scene in blender.