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yes, look forward to hearing from you :)

stunning tbh

yeh in mot convinced either ;)  some of the other VR remakes look of more modern mario games look good tho

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well. despite there not really being any reason to i removed my comment, its wasnt meant to mean anything. but if it somehow offends you id rather it wasnt there.

what you posted is interesting, i hope you find something good here.

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if you have not seen this, have a look at this software for  making zines to be hosted on here in a book page style: 

Electric Zine Maker:


might be useful. 

ive got some audio sample packs up.

i think is great for music sharing, love that i can embed bandcamp albums neatly OR even make a custom player as webGL to run on the project page. couldnt ask for more power for sharing the content.

If anyone wants to try the bandcamp thing, just get the embed code for your album then paste it into the description field when you edit project page. it looks great. you can center it if it suits you better.

as a side note, theres a good amount of audio/zine/other based jams to take part in.

will check out your zines, good luck :)

its hard to reconcile the focussed intensity of creativity with the next part, which is way more ominous,abstract and full of possibilities.. releasing something into the world.

You probably feel the way you do just because you care about what you do. its a good thing to feel.

Dont forget, a great part of software is that you can kinda keep something AND give it away.

as opposed to, for example painting art, where if you have to sell it in an unadulterated form, it cant be fully duplicated and you literally have to part with it forever.

I used to make some one off electronic devices and sell them. killed me every time i had to say goodbye to one :(

game devs have it easy in comparision IMO. its great to being able to share something and keep it, to work on some more, at the same time.

bit of a rant there hope it makes sense :p i dunno its late.

hope everything goes well for you.

i simply dont have time to care about any of this

these graphics kinda remind me of the atari lynx.

i love the look of it, very comforting :)

im surprised you are short of ideas, your games look PACKED with original ideas :)

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nice ideas thanks for sharing.

i havent really attempted any marketing beyond reddit posts. i dont have social media either.

having one of my games included in the excellent indiepocalypse anthology helped me out in the beginning.

I just keep making stuff somehow im getting between 50 and 100 visits per day.

however, when im ready i will consider marketing and always interested to read peoples experiences.

for anyone starting out, i recommend Reddit. solid, easy & free way to share your work. great community too (opinions may differ on this). You can make some nice overlaps in the subreddits. i.e. i share some of my music apps to r/ambientmusic etc

If im completely honest, ITCH.IO in itself has been the best thing for me. great site with nice tools for sharing your projects. It has become the heart of my operations. I LOVE IT. the site and the people.  oh and of course the jams... thats a nice way to make something and have fun with a like minded community. I would be lost without this site.

it works, try refreshing. may take a little while depending on your machine/connection.

"your an opening" LMAO

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great that you enjoyed it, loved the video a lot. ive not been making software for very long. so nice to see happy people playing. I can send you some download keys for other stuff on my page if you want to give me an email address or similar. either way thanks for having a go :)

its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll

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im pretty sure you can search games by "average play time" here.  might be a decent method for working out which games have the potential for getting engrossed in.

think its fixed now let me know if you encounter it again :)

hi, yes ive been trying to eliminate that. its an issue when 2 identical walls overlap.

Ill be taking care of it asap.

super annoying lol. thanks for reminding me of it.

for now... just pretend the entire place is haunted ;)

Enter My Entity Showroom From Your Browser..

Enter My Entity Showroom From Your Browser..

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Pro Fireball Causeway Training Simulator

I made it for android but you can play in the broswer.

Its crap lol.

have made some text adventures before and a bit of really amatuer stuff on commodore computers a long time ago but that was my first attempt at a game using professional standard development software.  in this case Unity.

SCP 8322 - The Bread Inquisitor


it is now procedurally drawn. check da update


do you know if i can import this straight into unity?

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love the concept, look and atmosphere of this. played a few rounds and will definately return for more.

great little minigame, particuarly enjoyed the sense of chaos and the smooth performance in broswer. the theme was nice too. thanks for sharing :)

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usually by thinking hmmmmm... will that work? could i manage it?

then next thing ya know its 4 in the morning and ive got Unity on, 30 tabs open on chrome and all fans at 150%

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can relate

just been prescribed spectacles.

may hold off making psychadelic games for a bit.

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so old i really wouldnt like to say lol

ill add that this week, its definately on the to-do list

cool :)

Leon Theremin:

great isnt it :)

id like to  see this covered too, have played some of the other games and found them really enjoyable