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Leon Theremin:

great isnt it :)

id like to  see this covered too, have played some of the other games and found them really enjoyable

BACKROOMS Generator playable in browser now!

ill check it out :)

this is a really cool way to tell a story, i like the atmosphere a lot too.

its a little buggy for me but worked well overall.

the glitch is really cool..

what did you make it with?

Neil Farmstrong

hmm... ill have a think about this

nice idea


A playable prototype for a BACKROOMS Generator project thats been on my mind..

Have just smashed together a backrooms generator in a few hours, its been bothering me to do it all week

Playable in browser:

will probably do more to it...

cool but how do i get past the 2nd dialogue. want to play more :)

in my opinion, its great :) it would definately encourage me to download more than a default template page. nice work

your creator page is looking good.

it would be worth doing similar to each games page.

the theme set up is easy for game pages.  fonts, background etc..

ive been on your games pages a few times, was definately struck by the GFX.  i really like the look but cant put my finger on why, which is why i probably didnt comment. everything has quite an intruiging look.

working on your page themes for each game help get you downloads imo.

they are very bare (which can work nicely as a design choice also of course).

but would like to see some page design personally.

use "EDIT THEME" and the description field in the "edit game" sectionto tweak your page.

using a site like Cooltext you can knock up a banner in seconds also.

good luck!

i like this a lot, have been making some similar stuff myself.

really like the atmosphere you have conjoured up here.

it would make a very nice random seed generator.

nice work :)


nice ,mysterious atmosphere, enjoyed playing

excellent, love this :)


enjoyed playing

great idea :) reminds me of old educational software from my youth. BBC Micro etc.

love this.

Ambient Nebula:


very nice :) enjoyed my time with it. encountered no bugs. nice 

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interesting, i have a few LPs of music i generated using my software i host on ITCH.

as a  side note, Bandcamp embeds LPs really nicely on ITCH if anyone has a use for such a thing. was so excited when it worked :)

can be used on profile page or store page, like here:



nice :)

lovely :)

very nice :)

im charmed by every part of this, the robot design made it special.

felt like a Commodore Amiga game. and a really good one at that.

nicely done :)

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Ditto Amiga games + honorable mention:

really cool experience, the voices are brilliant :)

Been screenshotting my game UPGRADOG INCOMING! for the Google Play Store, Not easy as the game is hard as nails.

It exists someplace between Flappy Bird and R-Type.

You can try to beat my highscore here:


nice :) i lolled (and sipped)

very nice experience all round :)

enjoyed this a lot.

its really nice how you have put it together and it gave me a strange, disorientating feeling. a slightly nightmarish struggle.

would love to see more.