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Just fixed an issue with Miko grabbing ledges and it works really well now, it feels good fixing tricky small stuff :D

The platform with the blue object is fixed, the other one is the old version

First look inside Miko Mind Dreamer, the sequel to Miko's Adventures.

Testing Miko and how is feels when controlling him, this is just a testing area, more updates are coming soon!

Miko now can walk, run, dash, grab ledges and more are coming soon with updates, my goal is to make the player take full control of Miko, there will be different ways to jump across platforms, waking? running? dashing? combine? and so on.

Follow CorianderGames:-


What do you think so far ?

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Hey Shireen, thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed Miko's Adventures, enjoyed your videos a lot, keep on following because I started working on the sequel "Miko Mind Dreamer" which is going to be even better, bigger and hopefully easier :D and of course a lot more fun :)

I actually released my first devlog about it here: Miko Mind Dreamer first devlog

I hope you're having a great day and thanks again for your amazing support :)

Thank you so much, glad you liked the game :)

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Hi, this is the first devlog of Miko mind dreamer (The sequel to Miko's Adventures)...

So I decided to just sketch what the world is going to be like, and I think this could be a part of the full map not sure yet, It's still very early and a lot needs to be added, also I don't need the map to be too big because the bigger the harder it gets for a one man developing a game, I want to create a unique experience without stretching too much, Also I'm planning to make places diverse and feel different from each other.

There will be regions called: Greyedge, Deep shadow, Colet (Every name is open to any changes in the future) and every region will have it's own unique story elements, objects, puzzles, feel and so on.

I just decided to start creating the map to get a feel of the world and where things will be, where is the important things, story, exploration, puzzles, enemies and so on...

I hope I can bring what's on my mind (It's a big idea and it's going to be beautiful if I create it the right way)

Everything in this photo is going to change to a lot more detailed photo also more specific, with a lot more information.

See you in the next devlog ...

well I'd say you did great in 48 hours, I'll be waiting for your next projects for sure :)

Takes too much to load, maybe it's on my end.

The game is cute, and would be a lot better with some moves like punching and it needs to be more smooth in the movement.

Anyway had a fun little time with my sister, keep up the good work :)

Nice atmosphere, but in the begin you need to add a wall or something in the left to prevent the player from falling off the map, but overall nice game.

Very cute fun little game, enjoyed it a lot and the music was so good, stay awesome :)

Beat it on Baby difficulty, yup I'm not ashamed, I can't imagine what it's like on hard but Baby for me is Hard :D but I had a blast with this game, played for about 30 mins.

looks awesome, plays awesome, takes a lot from an awesome game like RE4

Keep up the amazing work :)

A checkpoint would be nice, very nice game and very challenging, nice game mechanic and art style (The boy is cute), but needs more work on the jumping (it feels really weird).

Anyway very nice game in three days, keep up the great work :)

played for a bit and I really enjoyed the music and the cool art style is has, I enjoyed trying it out, keep up the great work :)

That was awesome, a bit confusing at first but then it was fun.

It made me feel curious and need to know more about it, I would love if this game can turn into a full game, with more precise controls and more smoothness into it. also art, animations, music were amazing and well made, the text was very nice too.

9/10 would play again if you released a full version in the future.

Keep up the great work :)

A bit glitchy in movement but it was okay, cute letters :D

Nice game, keep it up :)

First of all I don't know why it took about 20 mins to load but maybe it's my internet.

Great concept but here is a thing, The tutorials :  I didn't even know what to do at first, I was like is the game really this dark? and then I thought there must be something else to this and I clicked shift (didn't even know it was a thing) and Boom I loved it, so if the mechanic is new you need to tell the player this in-game not in menu (makes it a lot more fun and clear if it's in-game), when I started I knew about movement because it's normal but then a new mechanic, just need to be more clear.

 I know this is just a concept and I'm pretty sure you have a lot more cool ideas like this.

Anyway awesome game, keep up the great work :)

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That was amazing and challenging, art is very cool and simple, character you play with is so cute and the music is very nice, I reached level 11 I think, great game with a great idea, I might come back later to finish more levels, keep up the awesome work :)

Thank you so much, It's very challenging but that's very cool I hope they have a great time with Miko :)

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So many people were wondering If I actually draw these story slides in Miko's Adventures and yup I did draw them on paper.

I'm a realistic artist .. FB page here: Khaledsali Art (Stopped lately because of college and game development), But It was so fun to create and different from what I usually draw.

So yeah I thought to share this with you guys, some behind the scenes stuff, it's very nice to share it :)

Anyway I may post more behind the scenes in the future.

Have a nice day everyone and I hope you enjoy playing Miko's Adventures.

Well, I'd say you did pretty good for sure :) Thanks a lot for playing Miko's Adventures and your support, had a lot of fun watching your video :)

Have a great day :)

Thank you for playing, glad you liked the game.

Thank you so much, very cool video, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

Thank you so much for your support and feedback, I enjoyed the video a lot .

And that's the point, raccoon cruelty and lot's and lot's of rage lol

Thank you so much for the feedback, this helps a lot, about the click and fire, I believe it's working and fixed in update 1.2.1, in the game you can walk and shoot while holding something all at the same time, also the monsters getting  stuck and the text behind the chocolate tree you encountered is fixed in update 1.2.1 with a lot more fixes :)

but anyway it's really nice to hear your feedback, and I hope to make the next game a lot better with much more precise controls, and much more adventures ...

Have a nice day :)

Thank you so much, really nice video, enjoyed it a lot :)

That's awesome, very helpful, thank you so much for trying it out and letting me know how it performed, glad it's working with no problems .

Hope you have a great time playing :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review like this, I'm glad you liked the game and I really enjoyed the video, you did pretty good in the first 2 levels and I think you can finish it :)  Also make sure to update the game to 1.2.1 (which fixes a lot of stuff specifically in the last two levels) so you can enjoy it even more.

And with these kind of reviews I'm definitely going to create more games in the future for everyone to enjoy :)  Thanks a lot for playing, supporting and giving an awesome review like this, have a nice day Mikey :)


Thanks a lot for your support, really glad you liked the game and sorry for the rage :D 

And thanks for playing, have a nice day :)

Nice work finishing the game, it must have been a real challenge.

I Hope you had a fun time in those 6 hours :)

Thank you so much

Thanks a lot for playing, I really enjoyed the video and the rage :D , I think you're actually doing good, I believe you can do it :)

If you decided to make part 2 , make sure to update your game to 1.2.1 (Has more fixes and optimization)

Thank a lot for your support, and I hope you're not mad at Miko :D

Have a great day.


Hi ChilliTech, really enjoyed your work, looks beautiful :)

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Hi everyone, So I just decided to talk a little about who I'm and how I started creating games and just how it all began for me here.

video :

I hope you enjoy watching and also I hope it helps anyone out there or even inspire anyone to just keep going for what you dream about, you can do it, I'm waiting to play your games :)

Have a great day everyone :)

Thank you so much, I'm really happy that you liked the game, I enjoyed the video a lot :)

Thanks a lot for your support :)


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Thank you so much, really glad you liked the game.

I liked your edits and reactions, they were so fun to watch :D

Thanks a lot for your support :)


Thank you so much for playing the game, I enjoyed the video, and don't worry (Miko's Adventures) is a very challenging game, you did good :D

Thanks a lot for your support :)


Hi again, just wanted to let you know that Miko's Adventures is now available for Linux :)

Have fun!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the game is now available on

Linux, Mac OS and Windows (With all updates)

Thank you so much for your support :)

Have fun!

Miko's Adventures (free) : Miko's Adventures

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I just want to thank everyone who played, enjoyed, and supported my first game "Miko's Adventures" It really means a lot.

It feels really awesome that someone out there is enjoying something I created 🌹

With your support I have a great feeling that (Miko) will make a change in the future ❤️

Thank you,

Coriander Games

Miko's Adventures (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) : Miko's Adventures