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Cool! Glad you had fun with it, also sorry about the bug at the end! 


Studio Name: TheOtherGuy Indie Game Development

Name Of Game: Into The Mist 2: The Cult https://evilrick.itch.io/into-the-mist-2-the-cult

Quick Bio of Game: A short [40 Minute] 3d horror game set in a town surround my mist. Try and escape the clutches of the crazed cult .

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: The game is complete but getting updates for bugs/glitches. There also might be bonus mode added, a rougelike/roughlite section, where the player survives until they game over.

Why you became a game developer in the first place: I don't know. Its something that I'm good at and its fun to do.

Also, here is a small clip from the game.

The game is free until monday!

Thanks! Also E/Enter can also be used to interact with items.

Thanks you for the feedback.


Thank you for reporting the bug, I will try to have a fix for it soon.

Posted in Virus Error

Its not a virus. Has anyone else been having this problem?

Also duracell2211 can you post what it actually said rather than just typing VIRUS in all caps?


Hey, its me the developer! If you have any feedback, bugs, or suggestions, feel free to comment or make a post!

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Hey, its me,  TheOtherGuy, with a pixel art horror game!

Into The Mist 2 is a horror fps set in an abandoned town covered in
mist. After being captured by the cult, you must try and escape!

The game is about 40 minutes long, but also includes the original
Into The Mist, with added features.

This game is free for the weekend, a 100% off sale until Monday at


I can make one to run in browser, but not a mac version. The browser one should be able to run on mac, but I have no way to test it.

Anyway, I'll try to upload it this weekend.

Thanks for the feedback and reporting that bug!

(Sorry about the bug, menus can be weird sometimes!)

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for playing the game. Also did you find the island past the mower? It to the north east edge of the map. It has a ufo that takes you to the ending.

Thanks! I was kinda worried they weren't spooky enough, so that is great to hear.


One of my ideas was to lead the player through some of my ideas for games/games I already released. 

Would it be ok to use some of my older assets from the games to be in game sets? (Kinda like a stage.)

The assets would not be used for anything else. They would only be found in their respective areas.

Also, the code for the door in Chapter 3 is 1587, so if your here from the game in the future, have fun!

Thanks! I have started work on fixing the hitboxes and will upload a fixed version in a day or two. 

I just realised when I uploaded the screen shots, they all are a bit too dark.

The game does have stuff in it. Its not just a blank screen.

Sorry about that...


Yeah, I just posted some more stuff.

I was going to post it earlier but this game jam has kept me busy

Thank you for the feedback!

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Something I have been working on for a jam.  It still needs a lot of work though, so any feedback is appreciated.

Link for jam bellow.


Random Update:

Character portrait and walk cycle. I'm still trying to make the walking look a little less goofy .

Battle scene/Dungeon, still kinda strange looking.

How about a strange Rpg? Its got aliens, evil mutant corn, clown robots, and some other good stuff.

I could really use the feedback.


Yes, and thanks.

I was trying to go for earthbound style.

I made a game for a gam jam! Its a short rpg inspired by earthbound.

It has 4 dungeons, 3 secret bosses, and a secret ending!


Ok, thanks. I will be improving the engine for my next game.

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I will have all the bugs worked out for my next game.

Also what version of the game were you running? 1.0 or 1.1?


Thanks! I was kinda trying to go as far out with puzzles as possible, like the old Monkey Island games.

Hint: Click on the blue couch until you find a dollar.

New boss, in engine.

Testing pic of the new boss! Tried to get the light looking spooky!
Golem Sprite, people for scale.
Here is one of the bosses I've been working on.

Hi, this is TheOtherGuy!
I am here to announce my new game, in development, Project MIST. [The name is in development too.]

This is a [sequel?] to my game Into The Mist.

Plot: You arrive at an outer planet, at a colony settlement. The residents, mutated by a toxic mist, give you an apartment and a job at the local factory. You start each day, talk to folks, and work at the factory. Then you can explore the town and collect gear, loot abandoned buildings, run away from cultists and horrors!

Actual gameplay will be a fps adventure game heavily influenced by silent hill [atmosphere], fallout [gear collection and leveling], dark souls [looping areas, branching paths], and strangely enough harvest moon [Scheduled events and npc interactions.]
There will also be 4 main bosses, each using different tactics, and effecting the player in different ways.

I am still working on some of the mechanics, like item storage, but the prototype is looking good.
Once I get something playable, I'll add a demo project and link it here!

Well that's all I got. Thanks for reading!

Into The Mist, short horror game.


Its free until august 15th 12:00 PM.

Hi, I am  TheOtherGuy, and my game "Into The Mist" is now available! [It was yesterday, But i didn't think to post this.]

Its a fps horror game that is about 20-30 minutes long.

It is currently free until 12:00 tomorrow, then it will be $0.50.

Let me know what you think of it!


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The game should be free for the next 24 hours!

Update: The sale is over! Thanks to all who checked it out! [Although the sale thing is being buggy, so it might be on sale past 12:00 for a bit.]

Update 2:  So Itch.io decided to not disable the sale, it seems to be bugging out... So its going on until 2:00 am.

There are three endings! One joke one and two real ones!

Good Luck!