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I'll have to look into what caused that, thank for reporting the bug.

That is bizarre, is there any way you can post a screenshot of that error?

Cool idea, it was fun. Checkpoints would be nice!

Cool idea, that was neat!

Looked neat!

Try putting it into windowed mode, under video settings. If it persists, let me know.

Awesome! Thanks again for playing it!

Neat game, but the physics are a little buggy (kept flinging the dude into orbit if I clipped him with a box.) But considering 48 hours, great job!

That was neat! It kinda plays like a mobile game (not sure if that was intentional)

That was a lot of fun, the horde was cool to control. Random suggestion, maybe make enemy types turn to zombie versions? (The humans with guns were a pain to deal with, so maybe a ranged zombie?)

It was neat, but the controls were a bit off (Like the player would slide just further than you'd expect it to). The jumping every so often was a cool idea!

The unfinished sprinting was meant to be disabled, yeah. I had to cut a section with a monster (where the player would need it), so I forgot about it! Thanks for letting me know about it!

Maybe! We will see!

Read the read me. You have to run the Redist001.exe if that happens

I think I might know what could be causing it. (Except for the music, which is strange.) Also, sorry about the bugs!

I'll look into fixing it, if it is what I'm guessing it is.  Let me know if you run into any other issues.

That is bizarre. Any other changes when reloading a save? Also, I'm assuming the base game story mode?

The 1.6 "Update" is a the full (updated) game, not just the update. That is just how I labeled them.

Do you mean a standard EXE? (No installer?)

I have considered releasing an asset pack, but its still a work in progress.

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Like you can't move or the interface won't go away? Is the computer interface still visible?

Edit: Never mind, I found the bug. Thank you for reporting it, it will be fixed in the next update

The "charity fps 2" name on the installer came from the original game name when I started the jam, I forgot to change that. Sorry about that. [I literally came up with the game name at the last minute.

As for the installer, I can release an exe, but there is no guarantee it will work. [I use 001 Game Creator, it can be weird]
Let me know if you want the base exe, and I'll release a exe version with the next update. [It might not work, but it's an option.]

I don't know. You could install it to a desktop folder, the game doesn't really need to install to programs. [That might not require admin access] I could also release the exe/non-installer version, but it only works on some computers and could crash. [The engine is weird.]

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Tried compatibility and admin, Windows 7 64 bit, 12gb of ram.

Edit: it's working now. I don't know why.

The game crashes on startup, with a default NoPlayersOnline.exe has stopped working.

Also, the crash doesn't seem constant, with different things loading before it crashes. Sometimes the border shows up, other times a unity error bar thing appears before the crash. Hopefully this gets fixed, the game looks cool.

Thanks! Backgrounds for flight is an excellent idea, and I'll edit the page to show the controls.

Also I do intend to finish this game.

The game was great! The cop scene wasn't to bad, realised I could fail if I did it wrong [or I assumed I could fail]

Comedy was good, and the angry detective jumpscare was weird/funny.

Also, is it possible to refuse the toaster?

Thanks! Also, I posted to your Design Discussion post before I got the notification for this.

Hi, I am looking for feedback on my horror Platformer, The NOVA Project.

First, how is the game in general? [Fair warning, it doesn't have any music, I ran out of time.]

Second, the time mechanic, how does it feel, is it good or bad, did it matter? Would it have changed the game for you if it was removed?

Finally, I do intend on finishing the game for a commercial release.

Thanks for reading, and I'll post feedback on your game in a bit.

Feedback would be great!

My game is a horror platformer, and I know it needs music. [Ran out of time before I could add any!]

I made a turn based horror platformer in rpgmaker for this jam, so here it is!

Horror platformer made in rpgmaker. Thanks! I've only got 3 rating so far.

I made a small game as part of an ARG [alternate reality game]. It's a short horror experience, and leads to the hunt.

Join The Hunt, Solve The Mystery, Open The Door.

I made a small game as part of an ARG [alternate reality game]. It's a short horror experience, and leads to the hunt.

Join The Hunt, Solve The Mystery, Open The Door.

I made a small game as part of an ARG [alternate reality game]. It's a short horror experience, and leads to the hunt.

Join The Hunt, Solve The Mystery, Open The Door.

Hello, if your reading this, you are on the trail to join the ATLAS Hunt. The link below is a short horror game that will lead you to the hunt.

Join The Hunt, Solve The Mystery, Open The Door.

Ok great, thanks!

Just a quick question, are assets made before the jam useable? Or is it all from scratch?

Unfortunately the engine I use cannot export a mac version.

Although, if they ever add support, I'll release a Mac version.