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Feedback, Bugs, and Suggestions Sticky

A topic by TheOtherGuy created May 18, 2018 Views: 205 Replies: 7
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Hey, its me the developer! If you have any feedback, bugs, or suggestions, feel free to comment or make a post!


Thanks for the game!


I encountered a bug after collecting keycard A... walked through a door while backtracking just after where the police chief was, and instead of loading the area normally I became a single point looking down on the area, with free mouse rotation but no movement possible. Also the one save I created wasn't loadable.


Thank you for reporting the bug, I will try to have a fix for it soon.


Cool. I'll check back. 

I didn't play enough to get a complete feel for the game, but I like the look and the sound is pretty spooky. My one encounter with a cultist was scary, and kiting him while trying to unlock the door was a good moment. I was a little perturbed that disarming the bear traps apparently damaged me. I'm also not a fan of so many totally non-functioning doors (not the locked ones, the ones that aren't really doors, as far as I can tell). All in all though, intriguingly weird story and an interesting experience.



I didn't play it all the way through but the atmosphere feels good.

The gun seems to shoot even when I try to activate things like doors and stuff. I think there should be a different button for activating and shooting. Another thing that would be nice is the ability to move and look at my health simultaneously.


Thanks! Also E/Enter can also be used to interact with items.

Thanks you for the feedback.