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In this case, I am unable to view any such button to download the game. I can unlock plenty of other games from the bundle, just not this one.

This lovingly created underwater flight simulator could use a fullscreen option!

Yeah I know of those. It's a shame about the WinGet guy.

But how are we to cleanly remove DLLs installed long ago by games? Many MSI's are not tracked by Chocolatey, many installers aren't even MSI's.


The home page presents a mobile view, in Firefox Android for example. But when you search for games, then the view reverts to desktop mode.

A lot of games make you install separate libraries, which end up taking up valuable storage space. When the game uninstalls, these junk libraries stay on disk. Do you use Windows restore points or something better do deal with the bloat?

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Update: Added 'nother tile. Unfortunately imgur does not allow album editing anymore, so this is posted at a new URL. I'll probably switch to a better host for future tiles.

Update 2: is the way to go! Even more tiles!

The asset is named dream sewage, not dream sewer. *OCD FLARES*

When I try to launch the itchio launcher, I get an error. Fortunately, the GOG Galaxy launcher is able to run 90% of these games, and even has some pretty art tiles for browsing your itchio games. The rest show up as blank tiles, so I started making some really basic art tiles for these games! Here's the growing collection:

Uh, could you help me get this game to add to the GOG Galaxy library? The manual option doesn't seem to pick it up for some reason.

Some of the games on don't display a community board for reporting bugs or feature requests.

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Some artists are uploading games that lack a way to quit. Escape, Q, Control+Q, Alt+F4, and the macOS equivalents, do nothing. Please make sure that a basic, functioning game menu is present in game releases and demos.

What a cute idea! This entry would do well with some sound effects and background music :)

The description for this item says it is included in the equality bundle. But only the other Cats are Liquid game is showing up as bought.

There are many free / name your price games available, but these are not indexed as such. Can we aggregate items by price, to make them easier for users to find and enjoy?

Could the default mouse sensitivity be reduced? Out of the box, this game's cursor jumps to ludicrous speed compared with other games.

Aw, this Half Life / Doom retro creation is a joy to play! Too bad the frame rate hits the fan as soon as ya step out into the sunlight :/

Paths too long to extract in Windows :(

Can we get Unicode support and font for international frogs?

Well, that is a preference for some portable users. But I'm asking for an installer that includes all updates.

Game seemed to quit/crash on its own. Or maybe ESC-ESC-ESC triggers quit? Which is too bad, because this entry is a gem.

Something's wrong with the server response for ATCHAFALAYA ARCADE downloads. My browser just shows these as ".part" files and never moves them to the regular filenames.

Would have placed this notice in the specific game maker's area but their page doesn't appear to have a feedback form.

...'s MySpace-inspired design leads to a lot of broken content.

Hi, I received this game through a bundle but the standard Download button does not appear at the top of this page :/

Hey, I appreciate that you are continuing to maintain this project! Could we get a v1.6 standalone installer, to make it easier for newbies to access the latest content?

Unlike other games, the main "Download" button on the page doesn't work. It's not even a clickable element.

Firefox / Windows 10.