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Item not showing up as bought

A topic by mcandre created Jun 16, 2020 Views: 203 Replies: 4
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The description for this item says it is included in the equality bundle. But only the other Cats are Liquid game is showing up as bought.


This seems to be an issue with

I bought the bundle on my personal account, and can confirm that while the game shows up in the bundle search and can be downloaded using the link included in the search results, it doesn't show the "You own this game" banner at the top of the game page.

I've contacted support about this. Meanwhile, you can download the game from the bundle download page.

I got a reply from and they have confirmed that this is intended behavior. The game will only show up as bought once you've clicked the download button from the bundle's download page.

In this case, I am unable to view any such button to download the game. I can unlock plenty of other games from the bundle, just not this one.

In that case I suggest you contact's support and explain the issue.

Here's the link to their support page:

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