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Multiplayer could be a neat addition, but the game wasn't designed with that in mind. Adding it in properly in a way that actually makes the experience fun and the time investment worthwhile isn't a trivial task. There aren't any plans right now to add multiplayer.

Unfortunately there's not enough resources available right now to support two separate Android versions of the game.
This should be fixed in the latest patch (1.2.10). Let me know if it still happens so that I can take another look.

This should be fixed in the latest patch (1.2.10). Let me know if it still happens so that I can take another look.

Hi there,

I have a similar sounding bug already on the list about the cat spawn position sometimes being off when the ice block is destroyed.

Just to be sure that this isn't a separate bug: are you able to share a screen recording of what you've experienced? I think I got a pretty good grasp of what happens just based on your description, but I'd like to be sure.

Thank you! This should help out a lot.

Thank you very much for the videos! These will help figure out what's causing the bug.

The third link ( doesn't seem to work, so I couldn't take a look at that.

Can you make the game freeze in World 8, immediately close the game using the X button on the window (or using Task Manager to force close it if the X doesn't work), and then copy everything in the "output_log.txt" file stored in "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Last Quarter Studios\Cats are Liquid - A Better Place\" to a site like, and then posting the link here? The log file should have additional information about the freeze that could be useful.

To go to said folder, you can just copy the path I wrote above (without the quotes), press Win+R, paste it to the text box, and press enter. You should then see a folder with the "output_log.txt" file in it.

Hey there,

Can you provide a screen recording of everything leading up to the freeze?

Hi there,

Are you able to post a screen recording of everything leading up to the freeze? That should help with figuring out what's happening.

I booted up the game and tried stuff like just going down the pipe, going back and forth between the junction and the pipe, taking damage while going down the junction, etc, and none of those caused the freeze. Can you clarify what you meant by "fairly consistent"? Does the freeze happen when you try to go down the pipe or are you trying to go back up, or something else?

I've also received a similar report over on Discord, and I'm waiting for a recording of that. Having two different recordings would be ideal since then I can compare the similarities/differences, which would hasten the bug finding process.

A Steam key is not included if you got the game from the Bundle for Ukraine.

As stated on the bundle's page

Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the page.

The text you're referring to is not a part of the game's description, but instead a part of's automatically generated purchase description which only applies if you buy the game separately.

Thank you for the report! I've added it to the to-do list.

This topic is now hidden due to not receiving a reply for a long time. It'll be un-hidden if the discussion continues.

This is now fixed. You can re-download the game and everything should work as expected.

I thought this was another issue related to signing on macOS, but it was instead the actual binary not having the execute permission set for some reason? Which is quite strange, considering it passed the automatic "does the game start" test. But I guess that just shows how little I know.

If you want to fix the issue without re-downloading the game, you can open Terminal, use cd to switch to the directory you downloaded the game to, and run the following command:

chmod +x

Let me know if anything else pops up.

Alright, thank you!

I'm gonna be taking a closer look at that for the next patch (1.2.7).

Do note that your processor does not meet the minimum requirements listed on the store page. It shouldn't be the cause of the run-away memory usage, but just something to keep in mind.

I'll take another look at that then.

Can you post the log file of the crash to something like Pastebin? Should be in: "C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\Last Quarter Studios\Cats are Liquid - A Better Place". If you've played the game since the crash, it has most likely been replaced with a newer file that doesn't contain information about the crash. Best way to make sure the file has the wanted information is to just let the game crash again and then check the contents of the file.

If you could also provide me with the output of the "systeminfo" command, it would be much appreciated. The quickest way to get the output of that into a file is to open up command prompt and run "systeminfo > info.txt" (without the quotes), which would then place the output of the "systeminfo" command into a file called "info.txt". Pastebin would be ideal for that too.

This completely flew under my radar. Sorry about that.

A couple of the latest (1.2) updates should've fixed this. If similar behaviour still occurs, let me know and I'll investigate it.

Sorry about that. It was an issue with the upload. Everything should work now.

Should be fixed now! I had accidentally marked the soundtrack as an executable and that's why it wasn't showing up.

Try looking for a possible graphics driver update. If that doesn't work my best guess would be that your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements, in which case there's little I can do.

There will be more tutorial prompts added to W10R8 in the 1.1 update.

In that case I suggest you contact's support and explain the issue.

Here's the link to their support page:

I got a reply from and they have confirmed that this is intended behavior. The game will only show up as bought once you've clicked the download button from the bundle's download page.

The game has indeed been released. That was a mistake on my part, it's been fixed now.

Clipping into the environment with the float ability will be fixed in 1.1.

This seems to be an issue with

I bought the bundle on my personal account, and can confirm that while the game shows up in the bundle search and can be downloaded using the link included in the search results, it doesn't show the "You own this game" banner at the top of the game page.

I've contacted support about this. Meanwhile, you can download the game from the bundle download page.

The intended way to get past that section, is to just stay as an ice block the entire way through, and to jump over any obstacles on the ground.