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Sorry about that. It was an issue with the upload. Everything should work now.

The reason your post was deleted is because I considered it spam.

I remembered seeing a post similar to the one you posted earlier in the day, so I checked your profile, and saw the same thing copy-pasted a million times, with only the names and links to the games being changed.

Because of that I just reported it and deleted the thread.


Are you sure your PC meets the minimum requirements listed on the store page?

Should be fixed now! I had accidentally marked the soundtrack as an executable and that's why it wasn't showing up.

Try looking for a possible graphics driver update. If that doesn't work my best guess would be that your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements, in which case there's little I can do.

Are you using a controller or the keyboard?

There will be more tutorial prompts added to W10R8 in the 1.1 update.

In that case I suggest you contact's support and explain the issue.

Here's the link to their support page:

I got a reply from and they have confirmed that this is intended behavior. The game will only show up as bought once you've clicked the download button from the bundle's download page.

The game has indeed been released. That was a mistake on my part, it's been fixed now.

Clipping into the environment with the float ability will be fixed in 1.1.

This seems to be an issue with

I bought the bundle on my personal account, and can confirm that while the game shows up in the bundle search and can be downloaded using the link included in the search results, it doesn't show the "You own this game" banner at the top of the game page.

I've contacted support about this. Meanwhile, you can download the game from the bundle download page.

The intended way to get past that section, is to just stay as an ice block the entire way through, and to jump over any obstacles on the ground.

The reason the soundtrack for A Better Place is only on Steam right now is because itch would currently require me to make a brand new project page for it. I'd much rather have it as a DLC-style-thing like with Steam. There seems to be a sub-product system being developed ( and I'd like to wait for that to come out and see how it works, and make the decision of how to get the soundtrack here after that.

The reason ALitS has the soundtrack on Steam and itch is because it just comes free with the game.

In the mean time you can listen to the ABP soundtrack on YouTube:


I sent a reply to your email.

The reason the macOS build wasn't launching was due to an error in a script I had set up to automatically sign builds.

The issue is fixed now, so you can just download the new macOS build and you'll be good to go!

Thank you very much!


Right now, you need to create a map before you can play the game. There aren't any maps shipped with the game. Yeah, I know it's pretty dumb. The 0.2.0 version will come with a pre-made map though.

I just published a patch to fix the bug. Just update the game and you'll be good to go. I've also credited you in the changelog.

Let me know if you have any other issues with the game!

Thanks for the bug report. I'm working on a fix for it right now.