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Stuck on World 10-8

A topic by ooterness created Jun 15, 2020 Views: 344 Replies: 5
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(Possible spoilers below...)

I'm stuck on World 10-8, at the part where there's a long horizontal laser at just above ice-cube height.  There's several obstacles under the laser, and I can't figure out how to get past without getting hit.  Is there something I'm missing here?

Follow-up: After about 10 minutes of experimentation, I found there's a brief window where you can jump off of the falling ice-cube just as you turn back into cat form.  By repeatedly cube-jumping I was able to bypass the laser obstacle, and a similar one in 10-9.  However, this feels more like an exploit than the intended solution.


The intended way to get past that section, is to just stay as an ice block the entire way through, and to jump over any obstacles on the ground.


It took me forever to figure out that you can jump while holding down (and remaining in the ice block). This was the first (and only) time in the world where this mechanic was actually necessary, as all other times I was able to proceed by jumping out of the block and making a new one.

There will be more tutorial prompts added to W10R8 in the 1.1 update.

That was the only game mechanic I truly disliked; it required me to remap controls to work. It's a shame as the rest of the game is really enjoyable!