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Very cute game.  Great Katamari reference near the end, this game definitely has the right vibe to be in the same goofy setting.  ;)

I really liked this one.  Innovative genre twist, and surprisingly tricky to "win" given Evil-land's huge numerical advantage.  Lots of mechanics packed into a few levels makes for a steep learning curve, I would love to see those introduced more graudally / thoroughly if you revisit this after the jam.

Really great theming!  Everything in this game helps reinforce the claustrophobic feeling of the prison cell.  The changing views of the same room and even the gradual, pixel-by-pixel exploration really forces you to experience every part of this tiny space.

I was also confused by the frog's drone minigame.  It went much better once I realized you need to hold down the action button to fly; otherwise you can barely move at all but you still get blown around by the wind.  With that realization it's still challenging but at least possible to complete.

Such a cute game! Great cozy vibes.

Is there any way to enable invert-mouse? This looks neat but I can't play. :(

Any way to enable invert-mouse?

One thought: On later levels, I found myself dying a lot due to accidental overshoot.  I knew what I needed to do, but my character would end up moving 2 pixels too far and hit a spike.  Playability would benefit from some fudging of hit-boxes, time-slowdowns, and other leniency of small errors when the player intent is clear.

Follow-up: After about 10 minutes of experimentation, I found there's a brief window where you can jump off of the falling ice-cube just as you turn back into cat form.  By repeatedly cube-jumping I was able to bypass the laser obstacle, and a similar one in 10-9.  However, this feels more like an exploit than the intended solution.

(Possible spoilers below...)

I'm stuck on World 10-8, at the part where there's a long horizontal laser at just above ice-cube height.  There's several obstacles under the laser, and I can't figure out how to get past without getting hit.  Is there something I'm missing here?