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thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 

Created a new topic Congratulations on releasing!

The game is cute and fun, lots of good platforming action. Good music too. I've only gotten to world 1-2 so far, and I'll have to give it some time with a proper controller.

this is amazing

Well, that certainly went in a different direction.

I’d considered it but I don’t really use the mouse much in the first place. I generally use a trackball (CST Laser) for big motions that I can’t do with keyboard shortcuts, and a Wacom tablet for anything that requires precision. And my ergonomic setup wouldn’t really accommodate a foot mouse either. 

Ugh, I ended up having too much wrist pain this week to do anything. :/

oh yeah I love gamedev and obviously I can't get away from it

it is



but i love it :)

I'm planning on working on a library rather than a game but if anyone is interested in music please check out my stuff: http://sockpuppet.us/ http://soundcloud.com/plaidfluff/ and let me know if you're interested in anything from me

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The rules don't specify and it seems like some of the games are using existing music, so as long as you have the rights to use it, it should be okay!

Literally anything can be horny to someone. (I'd think someone who makes horny games about eating ice cream would understand that!)

A "couple of levels?" So things DO change eventually. Guess I gotta get better at it. :)

Ah, good to know! That probably makes the normal gameplay easier too. :) I managed to get her out of The Pong's well by jumping up on top of The Pong and then continuously jumping until they were high enough to get out. (Or just waiting for the match to end.)

This is incredibly cute! The gameplay is pretty lopsided though, since Olivia has difficulty with the spaces between the platforms, and also it's possible for her to jump over into The Pong's area and if that happens it's kind of hard for her to get back out (not impossible though). Is there something that happens if you manage to win?

ah okay. I’ll have to look into that one.

Vuforia is bundled in with unity now and I think they’re tolerant of folks releasing side load APKs without paying the $500, especially for silly freebies like this. But alternatives are good to know about!

I work in all sorts of styles. Check out my soundcloud and bandcamp, both linked to from sockpuppet.us. 

Back when I was a graduate student my field of study was on spatial partitioning and visibility determination. I developed a data structure that made for pretty efficient querying of large sets of objects (using AABBs clustered with a fairly simple heuristic). I'm thinking that for this jam it might be worth revisiting that research and reimplementing it in a modernized way, probably with implementations in C++ and Lua. Would anyone be interested in such a thing?

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I get the same error, on an 8" Kindle Fire.

Vuforia certainly is a wonderful technology.

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Yep, that’s definitely in my plans! Actually most of that is coded up, it’s just that I never got a chance to implement item spawning so it’s just a pile of random (good) food at the beginning. :)

I can't get this to work, on a Mac running High Sierra. I don't have any specific firewall stuff enabled, but 'launch browser' does nothing and if I try manually connecting to localhost:9622 I get 'connection refused.'

I gotta say, the music in this game is phenomenal.

Yeah, that would probably work.

Also, weird to see people still making games in Flash in the year 2018. :) But then again, someone else in the jam made an Atari 2600 ROM... (but then again, the Atari 2600 ROM was easier to get running!)

Created a new topic Anyone need music?

I'm planning on doing one of my own games for this but I love also making music for others. Please let me know if you'd like me to help out!

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I would assume that any platform supported by itch would be fine, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or "play in browser." In my experience a lot of people prefer "play in browser" games so if you're using Unity or the like you should probably plan on exporting to WebGL. Really it's a good idea to support as many platforms as you can!

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Safari on macOS isn't letting me play it either. Any chance you could mark the game downloadable for all platforms so we can download it in the itch app? (weird that the itch app also isn't letting it work...)

It does work in Firefox though.

Yeah, I had similar problems with it. The whole "adding to wagon" thing was really weird and it wasn't clear to me what would cause me to not have to kill my wrists through manual clicking anymore.

Oh by the way the graphics stuff in Colorful Critter was actually quite a bit more complicated. :)

Haha, thanks! It's really just a combination of a bunch of old demoscene techniques, applied using shaders. (Also there's refractions!)

My actual plan for the game is that there would only be a few items on the table at a time and they would spawn slowly (like Magikarp Jump), and different drag interactions would cause the slime to react in different ways. And also a bit of a dialog tree. I hope to get to all that stuff eventually.

And I'm glad you were there! It was great meeting you and seeing this game. Looking forward to it coming out!

oh, I mean, I knew what I was getting into by playing your game, I just had no idea how deep the well was. :)

You've managed to make a game so horny that I had to nope out of the sex scenes.

Okay wow this game is a lot of fun. The puzzles are sufficiently inscrutable that I feel like I need to rewire my brain to play it well, and the music is amazing. Love it.

Posted in music?

If anyone needs music, I am available as a musician to throw together some quick ditties.

100% agreement. I'd also love to see more design methodologies that don't involve aggravating use of fiddly mouse-driven UIs. Kill Twine, death to UE4 Blueprints, the Unity editor is not very good, etc.etc..

But it's not doing what quarantine normally does; quarantine says that the app cannot be opened because it was an unidentified developer, and you can work around that by ctrl-clicking the package and selecting "open." This was a completely different error message, about the app being damaged.

The really weird thing is that when I download it through the app vs the web and do a byte-for-byte comparison between the resulting .app bundles, though, it finds no differences.

Huh, yeah, it works fine from the itch app, and also the .app that it downloads launches fine on its own as well. Weird!

Hm, the Mac build of 1.0.2 won't open. I just get a "this application is damaged and should be moved to the trash" error.

Nice! Thanks for the update, and for fixing the game. :)

Okay, thanks for the more detailed response. Mouse control and basic settings are already on the table for the greater project; the others do not actually fit in with what I'm going for here, but thank you for your feedback.

could you be more specific about what needs more work? I’m not sure what’s so “of course” about it.