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Peculiar. Reminds me of the Neverhood for some reason.

I love the concept, but it gets punishingly difficult very quickly.

Heh, this is definitely like 98% of MUCKs today too. Mostly deserted, only one or two interesting people online who are stuck in their endless clique, and one person who's really neat and then you do something and then they disconnect because it's bedtime.

omg eevee thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

I'll definitely let you know when I've posted a technical writeup. It's pretty simple under-the-hood but maybe some parts of it aren't obvious.

This was very sweet, and had some cute humor that works perfectly for what I want in a VN. I definitely want to see more of this! Also, I like the weird straddling it does of whether the monstergirl space is metaphorical or literal, like is it a MUCK-like thing or is it a real physical space that involves casting off one's human exterior or the like.

@KrinnDNZ: That's a thing I'd heard from my various playtesters as well. I wanted to strike a balance between discoverability and making things too obvious though. I wonder what I could do to make the process of discovery more fun... I had a few ideas like maybe having cues to try drawing in different areas or exposing the inner behavior graph a little more in some way (like maybe a progress indicator showing how much graph coverage has occurred) but that felt like it would ruin the feel I was going for. I'd welcome any suggestions for specific ideas to try, though!

... frog fractions 3?

I have a hard time seeing how this actually fits the jam theme, which means it's probably really meaningful to the maker. :) Very cute in any case, and looks like it'd be fun to play! I'll have to try it at some point.

haha uh the one I'm thinking of I released as DOS shareware in like 1992

Oh gosh there were so many games I made as a kid that I can't remember at all. I think I'll remake the first game that I completed and released. (Fortunately it is very simple!)

A physical cart wouldn't help either since I don't have a Sega Master System. :) Oh well. I'll try it on a Windows machine or something, I guess.

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This doesn't want to run in either SMS emulator available to OpenEMU (CrabEmu or TwoMbit). And KegaFusion's macOS build won't launch at all (looks like it's only built for PPC). :(

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Ah, good point. Thanks, in any case!

Hey, could you mark your .exe download as a Windows download? That way it will work right in the itch.io app. Thanks!

You should probably mark the LOVE bundle version as also being macOS and Android compatible.

Thanks for running it! It was nice to have an excuse to be a bit self-indulgent on my first solo game in a long time. :)

No matter how small or trivial, at least you made more than someone who didn't make anything, and that took effort and putting yourself out there.

hey, getting anything done at all is a big deal! You can always expand it later.

Hey, I just noticed a Mac version exists! Woo! A shame about the music desync though. I wonder if it's just not starting the music until it has a non-zero volume... maybe loading the B track at like 1% volume at startup would help.

My main guitar is an Ovation acoustic-electric hybrid. I love it because it has great tone for acoustic stuff, and the built-in pickup is decent and works well as an electric. The action is great, and it really gets the sound I want.

When I want a more explicitly electric sound I go with my Epiphone semi-hollowbody. Its action is similar and its pickups are amazing. But I usually prefer the acoustic sound as I feel like it has a very nice contrast with my otherwise electronic production style.

Both guitars were reasonably inexpensive - I think they were $600 each when I bought them (years ago).

In general, everything that you draw should be responsible for setting its own global state - shaders, colors, filter modes, etc.

I've noticed that if I download a game from itch.io directly, it'll usually be locked out because of GateKeeper or the Windows equivalent. However, if it's downloaded via the itch app, it launches no problem. What fancy mojo makes this happen?

And, because most people download the game directly from the site rather than via the app, all my friends get warnings about the game being unsigned, and many of them aren't tech-savvy enough to get past this (because of course the warnings are scary and hard to bypass). So I feel that it's necessary to get a macOS and Windows signing key, both of which seem to be fairly onerous (and expensive!) processes. How do other developers generally handle this?

I'm getting pretty ramped-up on my own game right now and don't think I'll have time to work on music after all (between that and going to GDC), so feel free to take over for me!

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recovering from surgery has taken longer than I was expecting and now my fallback idea is a virtual pet of a crotch that you have to keep stroking and soothing to keep happy (it is called Tamacrotchi)

Replied to eevee in Game Ideas

I'll add it to the list of games I'm planning on making someday. It is long.

Replied to JustKay in Music

Sure, let me know what sorts of styles and inspiration and such. I'm still recovering from a medical procedure, though, so my attention/time/energy are pretty limited right now.

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I'm hoping that I'll be able to work on a puzzle-platformer involving being captured by aliens and forcibly turned into living latex goo. (But I am currently recovering from major surgery so I might be overly optimistic about my ability to actually do this.)

Don't forget LÖVE (http://love2d.org). It's what I'll probably be using if I can manage to get off the couch enough to do any dev this month. It's more a framework than an engine (which is also the case for PICO-8/TIC) but it's pretty easy to learn and has a lot of great packages available for it.

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I'm on discord yes, fluffy#8097

Please be aware that I am currently recovering from surgery so I'm kind of out of it a lot.

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Ooh, I've never done music for a Twine game before. That seems like it'd be interesting!

I'd just want credit. Let me know what sort of genre you want and I'll start to think about it. :)

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As always, allow me to offer my services as a musician to others who want it. :)

That was nice.

I don't know about Python text adventures but I assume you considered one of the classic platforms like Inform et all?

Many years ago I wrote a MUCKlike engine that used Tcl. Sometimes I consider dusting it off, until I remember that Tcl is pretty horrible. :)

Progress so far: on Tuesday I finally learned enough Lua to decide that my wrists are still hurting too much to get back into game dev just yet. I have a bunch of sketches of music to make if people want it though.

Well, that sure went off the rails quickly.

I guess I should ask for a bit more information though. :) What sort of style are you going for? Seems like something lush and chiptuney would be appropriate. And maybe have two different mixes, one for when gravity is downward and one for when it's upward (similar to what I did for Elevate) or something. The art style makes me think it should be lush and full of arpeggios and whatnot, maybe different motifs for different areas - are there different tile sets or is it all going to be in one sort of environment?

Also, what existing games do you have in mind, stylistically?

Oh and what engine/platform are you doing this in, and does that have any specific audio restrictions? (format, length, etc.)

Oh heck yeah!

Created a new topic Anyone want music?

I'm planning on using this as an excuse to finally learn LÖVE but in the meantime I'd love to make music done quick too. It's sort of my specialty for game jams. :) see my three most recent releases at http://music.sockpuppet.us for examples.

Created a new topic Let's form a team!

Hi, I make music and art and can do some game design. I also program but I'm not up to speed on any of the modern engines so I probably won't be very helpful there (and I'd mostly like to work on music these days anyway).