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I’m not usually in a situation where I can work on a game myself but I love making music for other peoples games. Let me know if you’re interested. You can see a bunch of my music on my itch page and there’s even more on my bandcamp.

I think it’s totally affine. 

This isn't normally what 'transformation fetish' means but I'll accept it.

This game is cute and fun although the QTE mechanic for escaping the monsters' mouths is way too punishing, especially for folks with accessibility issues. A wider timing window and letting folks press the wrong direction without penalty would be nice.

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Hi, I'm fluffy, and I've been composing for a long heckin' time. I've also recently been uploading more of my albums to Itch, after building some tools to make it a lot easier to publish here, but for now most of my music is over on Bandcamp.

Oh, and I've made music for a lot of games (and also worked on music and sound on some commercial releases back in the day).

Yeah, I need to fix that. In my fork of blamscamp I ended up changing it to use an onload event handler instead, but I haven't gotten around to fixing things since I haven't gotten album art working just yet. Guess I could fix just this player using the 'defer' method.

How about some comics:

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This story goes places, oh wow. Also I love the music and the art.

I kind of wish I could disable the text building effect though, so I could read it at my own pace like a comic instead of being slowed down, but that's VNs for you.

EDIT: Oh, you can, by pressing Esc and increasing the text speed. Yay!

yeah this jam is just about getting something made

It isn't that kind of jam.

As I have on pretty much every one of these, I'd like to make music for other peoples' games.

My bandcamp is at where you can get ideas of the sorts of stuff I make.

All I ask is that if I make music for you, actually get something playable posted to the jam page.

This looks pretty amazing! Is there any possibility for a Mac or Linux version? I realize that's probably a huge amount of work so I can understand if the answer is "no."

Ah, yeah, the control is pretty janky at times. Glad you enjoyed it anyway!

Hm, I haven't had any trouble with that, but unfortunately I don't think I have access to the source code anymore (it was actually developed by someone else but he insisted that I put it on my itch page for some reason). And yeah it was a half-baked jam game, not really something that's had a lot of polish done.

I recognize the TransVoiceLessons reference. Nice.


Looks amazing! I see that on the Steam version, Mac is supported too - any plans to bring the Mac version to itch?


There we go, should be fixed! And I added a better check to prevent this same issue from happening again in the future.

Ah, weird, looks like the build got messed up. Whoops! Should be pretty easy to fix.

Ah, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it although I'm not really actively working on this game right now.

So today I found out that the music doesn't work at all inside the itch app for some reason. Which is probably why it got such a low score for music (when really the music was the only reason I even bothered to submit). Frustrating.

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the music is new too and that’s the main reason I submitted. I’m a bit disappointed that it got such a low rating in that category. Oh well. 

I am open! The easiest way to communicate would be to DM me via the jam Discord. 

You’re welcome to use any of my past music as long as it’s under a compatible license (I release most of it under Creative Commons), and yes I do commissions.

In the case of jams I mostly just want to make a bunch of music for folks instead of making my own games, so generally there’s no exchange of money involved, if that’s what you’re asking. 

Love what I can play of the game and the ambience, but unfortunately I can't get it to launch on my Mac desktop, and on my Windows laptop the system insists on freezing the touchpad while I'm pressing the spacebar, making it very difficult to proceed fairly early on, and for some reason my HP laptop doesn't let me disable that "feature."

It'd be nice if the up arrow would jump as well as spacebar, since that doesn't seem to freeze the touchpad on HP laptops. Assuming the up arrow isn't used for something else later in the game, anyway.

That is absolutely fine, yes! For that matter, anything on my bandcamp is fair game as long as it’s under a CC license (and that’s most of it).

Crediting me as “fluffy” with a link to my website and/or the respective album page would be preferred.

Strawberry Jam 5 community · Created a new topic Musician!

Hi, as usual I don't think I'll have the bandwidth/energy to make a game on my own, but I love making music for other peoples' horny games.

representative portfolio stuff:

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Although it really does feel like mouse smoothing. Maybe it’s something that Unity does by default?

I didn't see any way to adjust the mouse sensitivity.

There's a few issues I'm running into on the Mac:

  • The game's scaling looks REALLY wonky on screens where there's already a scale factor in place (e.g. retina screens) and it makes the text pretty hard to read
  • F-keys aren't commonly used in Mac apps, so those are used by the system; for example, F10-12 are commonly set up as window manager things. It would be nice if there were alternate keys for those in-game actions
  • The mouse smoothing makes this incredibly unergonomic to play and happens to be a weird pain trigger for me (not Mac-specific but a lot of games cause this); it'd be nice if the mouse smoothing could be turned off

This was absolutely amazing. I'd love to see the overall narrative graph just to see what sorts of possibilities there are; I don't really want to replay it because I feel like that would cheapen the experience.

CATharsis community · Created a new topic Mac version?

Any chance you could release a Mac version? This looks like it was done in so exporting for Mac should be pretty straightforward.


The game was definitely not signed either - I got the warning that it “could not be scanned for malicious software.”

I’ve never seen putting something into a disk image be a fix for an issue like this. Is there perhaps a hard coded path or something? I was just running from my downloads folder. 

I'm unable to launch the Mac version. After I go through the usual rigamarole to open an unsigned game, I just get an error dialog "Unable to find game!!:" with no explanation.

As usual I don't think I'll have time/energy to work on a game but I like making optionally-pleasing melodic/harmonic things to happen in the background to keep players' ears engaged.

My bandcamp:

Games I've made music for:

Collection of music from a prior jam:

Possibly a change to Unity, yeah. I've noticed a lot of newer indie games having this problem on itch lately.

The macOS version doesn't want to launch, because there's a permissions problem with the executable file; the `Contents/MacOS/Rain on Your Parade Demo` file should be chmod 755 but it's 644. Fixing it is easy for people who know how, at least, but the zip needs to be created with a compression tool that knows how to preserve file permissions for macOS.

Lately a lot of games I download on Itch don't work when I launch them directly for some reason, but they run just fine when launched from the itch app. So if you're having trouble running it on Mac, try using that instead.

There's probably some annoying thing you can do with permissions from the command line to fix it but this works well enough.