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Yeah, I figured it out eventually. I just had to be careful to not get transformed.

oh wait I... I think i get it, heh, I'll have to try this again

This game is pretty deep.

I feel like there's supposed to be a way to progress beyond the bottom floor, but none of the things I can turn into can go very high.

Fun, silly little game.  Great music for it too. Surprisingly, using a Wacom tablet with it doesn't end up feeling like cheating.

Fun little space shooter. Wish there were sound, or difficulty that increased rather than decreased as you progress, but a good start for a game. It took me a few tries to realize that the bar over the enemies were health bars and not landing platforms.

Make it black, maybe?

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Cute music on this! I also like the art style. I seem to have gotten pretty stuck at where Sitman sits though.

This is a classic psychology experiment, and always fun and challenging to do. It'd be nice if there were a countdown clock to show how much time you have left (to add urgency in particular) and maybe some statistics at the end to say how long your average selection took per level, maybe also categorizing clicks for same color-word and different color-word. But I'm a data junkie like that.

Created a new topic Down to the wire!

I'll be excited to play all the games that I can tomorrow morning. I sure had fun making mine!

Just as a reminder, if your downloads are for a specific platform, you should mark them for such so that people know (and also so that the itch.io app can automatically download/update them).

Thanks! I'm not really planning on browser-based support for a number of reasons (mostly to do with my long-term plans for this game album, but also web APIs for audio synchronization are pretty terrible) but I figure it being on all the major plaforms is good enough. At some point I'm going to also support Android and maybe even iOS, so hopefully that keeps people happy. :)

This is a lot of fun (especially now that self-collision is in), although I wish the rats wouldn't always spawn so close to the edge of the plane.

When I was a kid I had this one magnet maze puzzle where you had to guide a ball bearing (a "bee") from start to finish using a magnet, without letting the bee get close enough to the magnet that it snaps to it (getting "stung"). This reminds me of that, in game form.

Oh definitely, physics and collision are way harder than people realize. Circle-circle is just about the easiest case possible and even then it's fraught with all sorts of unexpected things to worry about.

What I like to do is separate the physics out into three passes - setup, generate impulses, apply impulses. This way the order of interactions doesn't matter. And then the impulses themselves just act as if everything's an elastic rigid body.

Nice! Swarming/flocking behavior is a lot of fun to mess with. My main website http://beesbuzz.biz/ has a custom 403 error page that you might enjoy. :)

That looks cute!

Created a new topic So how's everyone progressing?

Just over two days left!

I'm surprised about how far along I've gotten so far. I was expecting to just have a vertical slice of the game with placeholder graphics but instead I've got something... fairly polished? It helps that I ended up liking my placeholder art style so much that I decided to just make the whole game around it though.

Also, I'm really liking itch.io's new devlog feature. It lets you write a blog post about every new build you post. Combine that with a build system that makes posting builds dead-simple and you have a nice easy way to share progress. itch's "butler" system makes it really easy to build; I have a build system for my LÖVE games that lets me just type "make publish" and it does all the work for me. Anyone else is free to use/adapt that as they see fit! (Be aware that it's a Makefile and as such will probably only work for UNIXy folks. I've tried running it on a Windows machine and had no luck. It also assumes use of git for version control.)

Anyway. Really looking forward to playing everyone's games!

It's a bit more obvious when playing the game yourself. My oBS encoder settings are making things look fuzzier than they are in reality - I should experiment with those a bit.

Could you mark your download as being for Windows? That'll help people who use the itch.io client, as well as people who don't use Windows.


Okay, now I can actually get far enough for it to get funny and interesting.

It is literally the stuff of my nightmares. Reminds me of http://achewood.com/index.php?... and http://achewood.com/index.php?...

This would be a lot easier to play if the field were a little narrower, and if there were a drop shadow or at least some sort of grid indication.

Created a new topic Need sound and/or music?

I guess I don't have the energy to work on my own game after all, but I'd love to make some dinky dooty little music for someone at the last minute.

Examples of my work here:




Peculiar. Reminds me of the Neverhood for some reason.

I love the concept, but it gets punishingly difficult very quickly.

Heh, this is definitely like 98% of MUCKs today too. Mostly deserted, only one or two interesting people online who are stuck in their endless clique, and one person who's really neat and then you do something and then they disconnect because it's bedtime.

omg eevee thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

I'll definitely let you know when I've posted a technical writeup. It's pretty simple under-the-hood but maybe some parts of it aren't obvious.

This was very sweet, and had some cute humor that works perfectly for what I want in a VN. I definitely want to see more of this! Also, I like the weird straddling it does of whether the monstergirl space is metaphorical or literal, like is it a MUCK-like thing or is it a real physical space that involves casting off one's human exterior or the like.

@KrinnDNZ: That's a thing I'd heard from my various playtesters as well. I wanted to strike a balance between discoverability and making things too obvious though. I wonder what I could do to make the process of discovery more fun... I had a few ideas like maybe having cues to try drawing in different areas or exposing the inner behavior graph a little more in some way (like maybe a progress indicator showing how much graph coverage has occurred) but that felt like it would ruin the feel I was going for. I'd welcome any suggestions for specific ideas to try, though!

... frog fractions 3?

I have a hard time seeing how this actually fits the jam theme, which means it's probably really meaningful to the maker. :) Very cute in any case, and looks like it'd be fun to play! I'll have to try it at some point.

haha uh the one I'm thinking of I released as DOS shareware in like 1992

Oh gosh there were so many games I made as a kid that I can't remember at all. I think I'll remake the first game that I completed and released. (Fortunately it is very simple!)

A physical cart wouldn't help either since I don't have a Sega Master System. :) Oh well. I'll try it on a Windows machine or something, I guess.

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This doesn't want to run in either SMS emulator available to OpenEMU (CrabEmu or TwoMbit). And KegaFusion's macOS build won't launch at all (looks like it's only built for PPC). :(

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Ah, good point. Thanks, in any case!

Hey, could you mark your .exe download as a Windows download? That way it will work right in the itch.io app. Thanks!

You should probably mark the LOVE bundle version as also being macOS and Android compatible.

Thanks for running it! It was nice to have an excuse to be a bit self-indulgent on my first solo game in a long time. :)

No matter how small or trivial, at least you made more than someone who didn't make anything, and that took effort and putting yourself out there.