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please avenge me

Oh, it looks like the problem was actually with my computer, all your games are launching fine now and I never had to redownload them.

Awesome, thank you so much!

I've gone back and forth between games being a career and games being a hobby. I even wrote a notGDC presentation about this last year, one year into my attempt to make indie development a full-time career. (It didn't work out.)

But I still love making games, when I'm able to (and I'm not too busy or overwhelmed with my chronic pain disability). I prefer to keep things simple and small, like CATcher, or experimental, like Colorful Critter. My most ambitious project (which I really wish I could work on more) was Refactor, an album of games set to an album of music I'd released a few years prior. So far I've made three of the musical game experiences; there are ten more to go.

These days I'm working a full-time job at a non-profit laboratory and also working on open source software in my free time, and still sometimes finding time to work on comics and music. Games will have to wait for now. But I hope to get back to it someday.

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Yeah it’s weird, vsync used to work but the latest version broke it. I suspect it’s a bug but I haven’t gotten around to investigating. 

Turns out you can just skip right to "deliver mail"

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On the Mac version it runs waaaaaay fast, animation-wise, because LÖVE 11 for whatever reason doesn't actually do vsync. The (dt) parameter sent to love.update is important. Here's a quick-and-dirty fix.

Cute though!

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When I try to launch it on the Mac, I get an error:

The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 99999.)

I haven't run into this problem on Unity games before but apparently this is a problem with older Unity engine games running on Mojave. Looks like I'm having this problem with Imperishable Memories now too (which I haven't tried running since the Mojave upgrade). From what I'm finding online, Unity 2018.2.9 fixes the problem, although you might consider going all the way to 2018.2.20 which has a bunch of other bug fixes too (while still maintaining compatibility).

This is pretty great, but is there a way to make it not be fullscreen? (on Mac)

I’m finding myself once again way more enthusiastic about making music than making my own game. Let me know if you would be interested. is my least bad portfolio at the moment. 

This is great! Makes some really good aleatoric jams with a whole bunch of different moods.

Yes, thanks!

I was wondering if itch keeps any stats on what platforms people are using (at least on the app), and in particular if there's any insight as to how many itch users are still running 32-bit Windows.

I don't have the spoons to make a game of my own this time around but I can probably rustle up enough to make some music for folks, if they're interested.

Examples of my work at and

This was so great, probably the most depth I've ever seen in a Bitsy game too. Very funny and charming too.


I can play it now! It's fun, if simple. Although I didn't mean for you to remove arrow keys... any way you could support both, for those who want arrow keys as well?

Ah, yes, I have a utility for macOS that can do the joy2key thing which I always forget about. :) Thanks, I'll try that out!

I don't generally run Windows, unfortunately, and mostly I just wanted to play it in-browser on my weird ergonomic setup. :)

Any chance this could have WASD added as a movement option? That would make control a lot easier for a lot of setups. Thanks!

Oh, hm, looks like it's "not available on the US store" on iTunes just yet. Is it still waiting to pass certification?

Good to know, thanks! I'll wait for the APK, or maybe get it on iOS.

What about a Wacom tablet or a surface?

Is there a build available here on itch?

I saw this game profiled on Cliqist and I'm really looking forward to it! Is it still on track for a... um... February 2017 release?

(More seriously I hope it's still under active development, it looks great and I love the concept)

or is it DOG's work

A bit over a decade ago there was Sprung (Ubisoft, 2004), which was intended to be a "western dating sim." It was a huge commercial failure, but it did at least get some people interested in the genre who otherwise wouldn't have been.

This was, incidentally, the first commercial game I worked on, so while I have very mixed feelings about it as a game, it holds a soft spot in my heart.

Yeah LÖVE isn't compatible across versions. You'll need to install and use LÖVE 0.10.2, as the error screen suggests, or use one of the pre-built standalone versions.

Also version 11 changed a lot of fundamental stuff, and converting a game from 0.10 to 11 is a straightforward but nontrivial process.

This is cute and the music is great.

That seems to have fixed it! Thanks so much.

Hmm, well, terrain appears, but it changes every frame, and it runs at about 1FPS.

On the OSX version I just seem to be stuck in a pink void where there's a pearly bubble above me and the borderline logo off in the distance. I'm on a 2017 iMac with an R580 running the latest version of macOS, build downloaded just a few minutes ago. Also it complains about being a 32-bit app at startup.

but I forgot and bought it on Steam instead. Sorry, I hope Steam doesn't take too huge of a cut!

Okay, so I finished it just now and I am having a good cathartic cry.

This game was amazing, and not just because I was in Alex's exact situation at around the same time in history (although in the late 90s I was in college, not high school, and it was my mother, not my father, who behaved - and still behaves - in that way towards me).

I wish I had this game - and those friends, and those communities - available when I was a young girl-in-waiting, but I am so glad that the world is improving in general for people like us today.

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Yep it was the app sandbox that was causing it, phew!

Might be nice to add a note to the game page that the app sandbox doesn't work with this game, at least on macOS - it was a very bizarre and frustrating game-breaking behavior (and one which would be difficult to fix).

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Right, I was typing it in all caps, but the problem is that it's just not letting me press enter at all. But I think I know what's going on, I was running the game from the app and that probably screwed up unity's file permissions. Going to try running the .app directly to see if that fixes it.

[spoilers] I'm having trouble with the bit where you need to enter the blocker password - I'm pretty sure I've found the correct password but when I type it in, the Terminal doesn't accept the command when I press enter; sometimes it'll highlight the line of entry text instead. Any other thing I enter just tells me the password is incorrect.

I'm on macOS, if it makes any difference.

This has been allowed in previous iterations of this jam so I don't see why not in this one as well.

I’m on too much chronic pain to make a game of my own this week but I should be capable of making a few songs for others. 

I have samples on my itch page as well as on the music section of my website

thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.