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[FIXED] Game freezes on world 6-10

A topic by Milo Steier created Jun 22, 2022 Views: 264 Replies: 9
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The game freezes on world 6-10. It's fairly consistent, at least for me. It occurs in the square pipe section after the "They would understand" line. As far as I can tell, the graphics freeze, though weirdly the game is still running and I can hear damage sounds but all I can see is this image.

Image is where it freezes: 

Edit: Just in case this helps, I'm running Windows 10 on a Framework Laptop (11th gen i5 with Intel Iris XE integrated graphics) and 16 GB of RAM (albeit single channel, though that will be corrected soon while boosting it up to 32 GB)

Hi there,

Are you able to post a screen recording of everything leading up to the freeze? That should help with figuring out what's happening.

I booted up the game and tried stuff like just going down the pipe, going back and forth between the junction and the pipe, taking damage while going down the junction, etc, and none of those caused the freeze. Can you clarify what you meant by "fairly consistent"? Does the freeze happen when you try to go down the pipe or are you trying to go back up, or something else?

I've also received a similar report over on Discord, and I'm waiting for a recording of that. Having two different recordings would be ideal since then I can compare the similarities/differences, which would hasten the bug finding process.

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This has been happening a lot to me as well. It happened erratically usually in sections with a lot of moving parts, often in the same spot. The audio works fine, and when it freezes I can still hear cat being hurt, so I'm pretty sure the game is still running even as the visuals are frozen. 

Hey there,

Can you provide a screen recording of everything leading up to the freeze?

Sure. World 6 level 8 froze at least 6 times in a row, all in the same spot. Possibly more before I started counting.

The game had trouble loading in the beginning. That was the second time that happened. The warning screen takes a variable amount of time to pass. I'm not sure if it is related. The level starts at around 1:20

Here is my next attempt.

I remembered that world 3 froze for me too.  I played until it froze then went back to take a video of that level; unfortunately I miscounted.

The level starts at 1:30. The warning screen took a long time. I attempted a third time but it didn't freeze.

I just played until it froze; in level 8. The level starts around 4:00. At this point I realized double-tapping space is the most consistent way of passing the warning screen. It didn't freeze the second time I played that level. 

If you want any more feel free to ask.

Thank you very much for the videos! These will help figure out what's causing the bug.

The third link ( doesn't seem to work, so I couldn't take a look at that.

Can you make the game freeze in World 8, immediately close the game using the X button on the window (or using Task Manager to force close it if the X doesn't work), and then copy everything in the "output_log.txt" file stored in "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Last Quarter Studios\Cats are Liquid - A Better Place\" to a site like, and then posting the link here? The log file should have additional information about the freeze that could be useful.

To go to said folder, you can just copy the path I wrote above (without the quotes), press Win+R, paste it to the text box, and press enter. You should then see a folder with the "output_log.txt" file in it.

It should work now.

And here is what you asked for.

Thank you! This should help out a lot.

It seems like if you, instead of going into the pipe, fall to the left side of the pipe, and be very careful not to hit the pipe or the orange wall, you can sometimes avoid the graphics freeze.

From here, you can hop over to the checkpoint before the spikes you land on kill you, and then resume the game as normal.

This should be fixed in the latest patch (1.2.10). Let me know if it still happens so that I can take another look.