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[FIXED] Can't Open

A topic by outerviolet created Mar 09, 2022 Views: 253 Replies: 2
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Bought with the Bundle for Ukraine. The first one downloaded and opened fine. This one, A Better Place, won't open. Says "Download can't be opened." It's not the usual error where I have to give permission to the app and bypass my firewall. Just plain doesn't wanna open.

I am operating on mac os montery 12.2.1

I had the same thing and you have to unzip the zip file through the Unarchiver than through the automatic one. When you download the zip files it might unzip automatically, but you can find the original .zip file in the bin

moved this topic to Bugs

This is now fixed. You can re-download the game and everything should work as expected.

I thought this was another issue related to signing on macOS, but it was instead the actual binary not having the execute permission set for some reason? Which is quite strange, considering it passed the automatic "does the game start" test. But I guess that just shows how little I know.

If you want to fix the issue without re-downloading the game, you can open Terminal, use cd to switch to the directory you downloaded the game to, and run the following command:

chmod +x

Let me know if anything else pops up.